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File: 1368931738086.jpg (358.1 KB, 1200x686, San_Diego_Zoo_entrance_elephan…)

The Zoo Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392135

#Open #-25% on tickets

>There is now a Zoo on the edge of town. Fill….because a zoo with ponies and other random animals around makes sense!

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392136

File: 1368931819161.png (520.42 KB, 2357x2880, All my want.png)

I will never know how to work these tags.


But who needs to read the rules

Nightfall (Shadowbolts) 392150

File: 1368932125677.png (149.14 KB, 1280x725, You woke me up, for this.png)

>Opens her eyes groggily, slowly raising her head off the dusty ground.

Uuuuugh, how much did I-…
What is this place?

>Twisting her head from side to side, Night takes in her surroundings, a large cage complete with grass, trees, and even a small pond. The grass looked ok to eat, the water was relatively clean but closer inspection would reveal a strange scent that reminded her of the stuff ponies would clean bathrooms with. Looking up, the cage was actually much taller then it was around, enough so that a few clouds hung lazily in its upper reaches until the cold steel bars cut off her prison from the rest of the blue sky. Outside, a sign read:

NEW! pegasus equs pegasus pony! Watch it fly and make faces!

>Nightfall made a face.

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392155

File: 1368932301580.png (91.62 KB, 805x992, I smile at your lameness.png)

>Dom was now staring at the new edition to the zoo sitting on a bench near by chewing on some popcorn as he does so

Hmm…..I might know that pony….but that's silly.

>Munch munch munch

Nightfall (Shadowbolts) 392158

File: 1368932487562.png (119.8 KB, 864x886, come at me bro.png)

>Stands up, a bit shakily, walks over, and stares at the stranger with a curious gaze. Slowly, she lifts a rock, and ever so gently, hurls it at your popcorn!

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392162

File: 1368932739870.png (370.61 KB, 1600x1791, Anger .png)

>His bag of popcorn explodes as it is hit by the rock, popcorn going all over his mane and the floor. Dom throws his hooves up into the air

Hey! Not cool! This popcorn cost a lot here and now all the birds are going t-

>Suddenly a swarm of birds come down from the sky and start to eat every bit of popcorn form the floor and Doms mane, Dom waves his hooves around trying to bat away the birds


>He then gets away with a few bite marks from the beaks and a few scratches. He is now up against the cage the bird mare is in

….See that's why you don't drop popcorn here.

Nightfall (Shadowbolts) 392177

File: 1368932943073.png (207.18 KB, 965x994, 42197 - SO_AWESOME artist-dotr…)

>Idly picks up a piece of popcorn that exploded into her cage, throwing it with surprising accuracy into Doms mane. One of the birds dive bombs out of nowhere, straight for the delicious snack on the large pony's head.

>The result causes Night to roll over clutching her sides in a fit of laughter.

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392182

File: 1368933063841.png (77.85 KB, 500x764, I don't dude, this is amazing.…)


>This causes Dom to go to the floor and try to fight the bird out of his face once more….needless to say. the bird wins. The large colt turns to the caged bird with a scowl

…..I could leave you in there you know.

Nightfall (Shadowbolts) 392190

File: 1368933260505.png (32.06 KB, 370x360, are you kidding me.png)

>At the prospect that the pony would consider not leaving her in there at all, Night stands back up, throwing another rock at the attacking bird to scare it away. Satisfied, Night gives the pony a questioning look.

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392194

File: 1368933398399.png (67.46 KB, 600x660, NOGUTSTA.png)

>Dom slowly stroked his chin as he stared at the mare
…..So like……did they shoot a dart into your bum and throw you in here or something….?….Do I sue someone to get you out or…Metal gear solid it….?….Oooooooor I smash a truck into it?

Nightfall (Shadowbolts) 392198

File: 1368933539902.png (160.07 KB, 1740x1938, Frown.png)

>Night shifts her eyes from left to right, then returns her stare back to the brown pony. Tilting her head slightly, she taps the bars with her hoof a few times impatiently.

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392203

File: 1368933862392.png (895.02 KB, 2357x2880, MFW they took my face.png)

…..I'll take that as do something already.

>Dom slowly nods then sloooooowly back away

Be right….back….

>He then did a 180 and ran away. He was gone for about 15 minutes. But from the distance there was the sound of an engine roaring and the sound of ponies screaming to get out the way. Finally the source of the chaos came from a blue truck raised up with big tires drove by a pony in a hookey mask….just a hookey mask. It's Dom with a bad disguise. The colt hoped out the truck, wrapped a chain to a few bars, then hooked it to the back of the truck

Now don't get hurt or something!

>He quickly hopped into the truck and with out so much as a warning he floored it again!

Nightfall (Shadowbolts) 392206

File: 1368934147804.png (41.01 KB, 945x945, Shrug.png)

>Gives the pony a confused look as he wraps the chain around the bars, moving over to investigate but jumping back once she hears the roar of the engine.

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392208

File: 1368934292891.jpg (48.89 KB, 500x500, Just another day at the bar - …)

>With a loud boom, the bars fly off the cage leaving a nice hole in it to let any pony walk in or out of the cage. Dom quickly jumped out the car into a nice pile of leaves and took off the mask. Now no one will ever find out who drove the car O.o

Nightfall (Shadowbolts) 392210

File: 1368934372610.png (159.77 KB, 1024x629, female_shadowbolt_02_by_zuthes…)

>And then Nightfall flies out of the cage into the sunset where she is free to throw up rainbows on unsuspecting passerby's!

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw 392212

File: 1368934514755.png (276.64 KB, 900x1243, Plushies!.png)

>Dom calls out at her as he sees her fly away, shaking a hoof at her in the air

You owe me a bag of popcorn!!!!

Bliv!qyZAOBLIV. 392378

File: 1368940633624.png (154.63 KB, 700x700, HOLY SHIT! We have hands!.png)

>In a random fat guy russian voice
>Curses at the heavens and randomly kicks a puppy

Anonymous 770055

File: 1400313173096.jpg (839.52 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

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