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Pony Quest 1.0 TirelessUnicorn!qUQpfQ1lEE 319656

#Dark #Violence #Normal #Shipping

Welcome to Pony Quest! This is an interactive story-game, designed and administered by me, but controlled by you! It will be primarily textual, with certain key occurrences being illustrated! The tags above reflect possible content; depending on which commands are accepted, one or both of those tags might become applicable - or might not!

For those of you who are not familiar with Quests, here's the basic format: I will post the surroundings of the viewpoint character, describing the scenery, other visible individuals, and anything else relevant. Then you, the players, suggest actions for the viewpoint character!

Commands will be filtered based on three criteria: popularity, possibility, and personality. For example, let's assume that the command "Go visit Rarity's boutique" is given to Fluttershy by four people, while "Go visit Rainbow Dash's cloudhouse" is given by two. The more popular order - "Go visit Rarity's boutique" - is the one that Fluttershy will attempt to follow.

Possibility determines what orders are obeyed, as well - if the most popular order given to Applejack is "Fly around the apple farm", then that order will not be obeyed, since Applejack cannot fly!

Finally, the personalities of the ponies in question play a role in what orders are obeyed. Ordering Applejack to do violence to Big Mac for no readily apparent reason will fail, as Applejack has no desire to hurt her brother.

Now that the basic rules of the game have been explained, let's play Pony Quest!

First up, we have a choice to make about which character we start play with!

Available characters are:
Rainbow Dash

Note that all of the Mane Six, as well as various other ponies, are unlockable as playable characters through gameplay; so whichever character is chosen first is simply the first one available.

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Anonymous 762853

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Anonymous 774764

+1 Fluttershy. Where is she right now, and what's up?

Anonymous 776436

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Visiting Zecora for herbs to cure an animal.

Anonymous 779894

Onna search for da herb mon … er … meep.

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