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File: 1364246577793.jpg (3.84 MB, 2560x1600, Bio-hazard.jgg.jpg)

Experiment-E (sign up thread) Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 276494

#open #sci-fi-ish #signup

Deep in the equestian mountains (of no discernable location) lies a secret labratory where you, yes YOU, are a bio experiment, you choose what is is, put your desc of said character you want to be an 'experiment' as people sign up you will be given a 'serial number' and you will sleep and stay in your given cell, you go through day to day activities such as exersizeing (dont care if i spelt that wrong), eating, etc, such as like a prison, but your monitored of what you do, eating workout etc, depending on what your characters bio-enhancements are you are put into certain areas of the facility, dangerous experiments are put in more secure zones and so on and so forth, i dont know if this canon will have an end to it, it may just be an open canon and ill decide what to do with it as time goes on.

It should be clear that no godmodding and no OP characters are not allowed.

You will be contantly watched by a team of observers, jotting down notes while you do your day to day activities, and if anything gets out of hand, a drone called GOLIATH M.k.II, it is a robotic security drone designed to break up fights and so forth, more details later.

There are no stats or stat changes unless notified, it is a 1d20 roll system.

im looking forward to having you join, and this is a relitively new canon i just thought up on the fly, just so you know.

To sign up please describe the bio-enhancements, changes, and mutations your character has, as well as physical looks, age, and name. and you can use a pic if you want.
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Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 276509

File: 1364247067295.png (Spoiler Image,118.85 KB, 900x1246, Midnight_is_Plotting.png)

Name: Midnight Sparkle
Age: 16
Bio-Enhancements: Artificially Inserted Shape Shifting Gene, Allows him to shift into any Form, But is only as strong as he normally is.
Mutations: gene causes his eyes to glow a hazy blue.

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 276512

accepted. serial number E-001. remember that

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 276516


Ace_noir 277280

File: 1364263392378.jpg (73.03 KB, 600x811, robot-artworks-12.jpg)

Name: ? (refers to itself as "Leonard")
Age: ?

Bio-Enhancements: A compilation of surgery and chemical adjustments has made "Leonard's" brain capable of thinking processes, recalling memory, reaction time, and sensory awareness that would overload the brain and kill the average person. Can manipulate the five senses of organic creatures (This ability is rendered useless against inorganic creatures) and is capable of minor telepathy within three meters.

Mutations: Since its brain consumes most of its energy, "Leonard" has become physically weak and has lost most of it's muscle mass and other bodily functions to the point of cybernetic implants just to keep it alive and allow it to maintain a level of mobility. Whether it's body is adapting or by surgical processes the mouth has been removed and the eyes (which are now sunken into the head and are very keen) glow a different hue of green depending on emotion.

Blank 278011

accepted, your serial number is E-002 remember that.

Ace_noir 278014


Tripwire 278043

File: 1364312792559.png (585.91 KB, 925x863, Worgen_render_by_Nanahari.png)

Name: Shredder
Species: Crossbred Diamond Dog-wolf
Augs: Minor brain enhancements so he thinks like a pony/human would, strength modifiers increase his strength

blank 278045

hm…good, but maybe a little more? is that all there is to him?

Tripwire 278046

More backstory or augs?

Blank 278048

bit of backstory, and desc his look, i appreciate a pic, but what about minor details?

Tripwire 278055

I planned on making it up as I go, I just made this guy up when I was reading the thread description
Black fur, some scars on his face, the fur around his implants is slightly discolored, very muscular
That's all I got for now
Oh, forgot age
Age: 20

Anonymous 278059

Alright, good enough, serial number E-003

Tripwire 278060

Ok, thanks Blanky :D

Yin!Yang/EpwUU 278077

File: 1364314508654.png (25.2 KB, 830x650, Caduceus.png)

>So blank told me to put this here even though this character is supposed to be one of the researchers…

Name: Caduceus Medicium
Age: 34
Bio-Enhanements: Being a researcher working with dangerous experiments and artifacts, he was given some mandatory enhancements, such as strength and intelligence boosts (if this doesn't fit it's not necessary) He, however, self enhanced himself to give himself control over unicorn magic despite being an earth pony.
Mutations: None that can easily be detected on the outside, his brain has been slightly mutated to allow his magic manipulation experiment to work, this causes him to go a bit mad at times.

Blank 278080

accepted, hes a worker, and his serial number is E-004

Yin!Yang/EpwUU 278084

Just a suggestion feel free to shrug this off, but shouldn't the scientists be given separate serial numbers from the experiments?

Blank Flank (Guardian of ponyville) 278166

hm..very true…

serial number: SE-001

Anonmare Moon!Moon/055o2 278445

File: 1364326296012.png (25.13 KB, 830x650, Standard image.png)

>Aight, first Proper Oc, dis gon be gud

Name: Rough Luck
Age: 20
Augmentics: Unusual hardiness thanks to having his earth pony side enhanced; results in high stamina and endurance. Though of particular note is an unusual amount of luck (I' assuming magic has a hand in determining luck) resulting in a suspicious amount of serendipity… However, this has caused him to become fate's chew toy more often than not; having him barrel head-first into one danger after another ( In other terms,probability is biased towards pushing him through the meat grinder.)

>Nothing major really, he's just gonna basically be a crash test dummy and a guinea pig for me to try other characters

Ace_noir 278527

I just realized something.
If "Leonard" has no mouth how would he eat and sustain himself?
>I was thinking of something like absorbing nutrients threw his skin? If I go with this idea would it be possible to have a nutrient bath as a way of feeding?
>If anyone can think of a better idea I'm open to suggestions.

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278536

File: 1364328946486.png (91.6 KB, 359x373, 131698600965.png)

>Should I complain about the similarities with The Machine?

Tripwire 278539

>These aren't criminals though, these are science experiments

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278546

File: 1364329100840.png (448.24 KB, 600x700, 131698375281.png)

And what do you think Zero and Two are?
'Nyways, I want to join, I've been obsessed with a character that would fit if it wasn't my most OP char in and out of /RP/

Ace_noir 278553

Similar or not it is hopefully going to be fun.
And beside, mimicry is a sure sign of flattery.
>I hope I'm quoting that correctly…

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278557

File: 1364329303833.png (156.27 KB, 459x405, 131698330711.png)

>I hope it is. I shall start building my char, first, drawing his two forms.

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278560

>This'll be
Quite fun

Ace_noir 278565

>Sorry you had to miss "Ace" showing up. I got a bit impatient and exploited the head wound he sustained on the stairs as a way of getting him out.

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278569

File: 1364329534307.png (448.24 KB, 600x700, 131698375281.png)

>That is alright. With my participation lately I can't complain.
>In retrospect, I really shouldn't have started this in the worst time of my life so far.

Ace_noir 278579

>That's a shame.
>Take your time, I've got plenty of it and I plan to stick with this to the end!And maybe later…

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278585

File: 1364329796513.png (116.62 KB, 362x389, 131608884947.png)

>I do have another canon idea to do after The Machine, called Just a Dream, in a more open world, but following a more straight line storyline.

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278587

>Hello, Jack Noir

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278590

>lol the cutiemark.
accepted, serial number E-004

Ace_noir 278593

>I'll keep my eye out for it.
>I can't wait!
>Hello… Are you part of the machine?

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278595

Hai, We gun start now?

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278596

if crash wants to join this imma wait for a few mins

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278598

>I'm part of this Canon, Not the machine

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278601

File: 1364330105471.png (572.36 KB, 500x662, 131938111733.png)

>Well, I'm drawing my char… Twice.

Ace_noir 278602

>Either way, Hello! A pleasure to meet you.

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278604

well im starting it soon, today soon.

Tripwire 278605

>So far you're the only one here that isn't in OE :/

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278608

>Pleased to meet you too

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278613

File: 1364330262586.jpg (295.08 KB, 850x1100, 132618382494.jpg)

Oh, okay, then main question.
Do the characters where born inside this place, or they can be normal humans that where forced/decided on their own to be messed with?

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278616

Either or.

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278617

File: 1364330328917.png (23.15 KB, 442x497, 131327469693.png)


Ace_noir 278619

>Makes sense. I'm fairly new to mlpchan in general. Unfortunately I spent some time on /mlp/ before coming here for more "Socially Mature" conversation and Role Playing.

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278620

File: 1364330384837.gif (8.34 KB, 125x120, 1363743382248.gif)

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278634

File: 1364330601038.gif (593.9 KB, 209x200, 1363743382248-1.gif)

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278641

soon as crash is done signing up im starting

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278643

Okie Dokie

Ace_noir 278646

Tripwire 278650

>Metro <3

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278651

File: 1364331104254.jpg (850.14 KB, 1536x2048, 2013-03-13 22.28.01.jpg)

>Okay,I'm only going to draw him once
>Going to use the beta drawing for his normal form. Since I think I didn't had any visible changes.

Name: M (Real name Mathews Steel)
Age: 45 (looks 20-ish)
Bio-Enhancements: He has enhance strength and speed that can be considered ridiculously bizarre for a human being.
Mutations: He changes forms from a small normal looking human to a tall muscular man, though his strength doesn't change much.
>It should be noted that the muscular form is his actual form, though he normally uses his petit one.

Midnight Sparkle (Anthro)!ju8COLT/.g 278652

File: 1364331164233.gif (593.9 KB, 209x200, 1363743382248-1.gif)


Ace_noir 278653

>Metro based brohoof?
> /)?

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278657

File: 1364331190038.jpg (846.9 KB, 1536x2048, 2013-03-26 20.45.04.jpg)

Large form

Tripwire 278660

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278661

File: 1364331245171.jpg (43.52 KB, 225x350, 79555.jpg)

>Also, note that his showing eye changes.

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278663

accepted, serial E-005

>now to put the thread up…

Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings!craSHZX48U 278666

File: 1364331327804.jpg (31.22 KB, 225x350, 127197.jpg)

I may have to go to dinner soonish, very soonish.

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278676

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 278681

>threads up

Tripwire 283191

File: 1364483837557.png (120.75 KB, 3320x2600, Firebomb-first try.png)

Name: Firebomb
Race: Earth pony
Augments: Fireproof
Description: An expert in pretty much everything fire, she actually has a gentle personality and is very likable. Her only problem is that she is constantly late in turning in reports and other documents.
>Tell me if you need more description

blank 283216

need rank ex: S3-9756
1-4 for rank.
other than that its good.

Tripwire 283222

>How is the rank scaled? 1 is highest rank or is 4 highest rank?

Blank 283228

one is lowest 4 is highest, also you need to decide what area your char is into, artifacts, or experiments?

Tripwire 283236

I'm thinking experiments, and level 2 ranking?

Blank 283243

Level two being able to sparsely interact with experiments.

Tripwire 283255

Rank 3 then?

Blank 283257

Rank three being able to interact with experiments, and run tests. and able to go into more secure parts of the facility.
Also your character need a lab coat.

Tripwire 283258

I know, that pic is just a test run

Blank 283262

So your character is:
S3-(insert your own serial here) ?

Tripwire 283265

And just give her a random serial number

Blank 283267


Tripwire 283272

Good, it's easy to remember too :D

Thousand Words !qUoTen2DnA 287358

File: 1364612093667.png (83.77 KB, 386x405, annoyed.png)

I think a character I made for another canon would be a perfect fit here.

Name: Fossil Rim
Age: early-to-mid twenties (or pony equivalent)
Species: Earth Pony
Occupation: Cryptozoologist
Mutations / Augmentations: none

Notes: versed in sign language, technically Illuminati (mostly due to connections through a friend) though she is not active and does not consider herself a member

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 288229

interesting, and what class is she in? scientist? guard? f class?

Thousand Words !qUoTen2DnA 290237

She's a scientist. I also found an E-class I would like to play in this canon. Behold the glory of Doctor Dinosaur!


Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 290902

LOL! both accepted!
Dr.Dinosaur is E-007

Fossil Rim is S3-444

Ace_noir 291321

File: 1364755948064.png (136.42 KB, 300x300, 30bk4r5.png)

Name: Sidus
Age: (Claims to be older then recorded history.)
Bio-Enhancements: None (All instruments have been absorbed into his body and disappeared similar to the effect of a black hole)
Mutations: Headless (yet appears to have average vision in all directions around him.)
Natural ability's:
- Body is made of dark matter and because of this has a gravitational field. E.g. small objects will orbit him if not held down.
- Has control over strong gravitational forces

- Has a strong attachment to his lantern (Which he refers to as "Polaris") and is highly aggressive in it's defense but is docile and very cooperative under regular circumstances.
- If the lantern is touched by a living being, other then "Sidus", they are disintegrated into a fine glowing amber powder which then flows into the lantern causing it to glow brighter then normal for approximately 2.5 hours.
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Yin!Yang/EpwUU 291799

As the so called "admin" of the canon I approve this character, but if blank pulls the plug on it, then that's what's gonna happen…

Yin!Yang/EpwUU 291810

>Orite forgot… He'll be E-007

Blank Flank (Guardian of Ponyville)!Flank5Lyq. 293129

Sounds guud.

Ace_noir 293183

Oh Goody!

[email protected] 773205

File: 1400716217626.png (Spoiler Image,291.14 KB, 1280x1317, Princesa Luna.png)


Ace_noir 773322

File: 1400726229446.jpg (10.02 KB, 225x225, 1377241199157.jpg)

…Holy shit.
Didn't expect to see this thing again.
Not complaining mind you.

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