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File: 1362442957200.jpg (18.17 KB, 250x179, wytgr.JPG)

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231442[Last 50 Posts]

>In the middle of absolutely nowhere in particular, stands an arena.
>This, is its story

#Closed#Time to slam now

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231468

File: 1362443430244.jpg (62.04 KB, 1440x1080, The Side Of Mah Face.jpg)

>Also in the middle of nowhere in particular, is a young man.
>Approaches the arena, with a bored look in his face.


>Looks around the area, wondering why it may be here

!AKarlx0RXA 231499

File: 1362444290881.png (588.28 KB, 1280x1024, Karl_And_You're_Dead.png)


>A man walks in from one of the entrances of the arena, a raven sitting on his shoulder, one eye closed

>He looks at the man across from him amused, swearing he's seen this guy from somewhere else
>Even more amused, he looks at the arena around him

I swear this was made for shooting hoops not faces…

>He holds out his hand in front of him, the raven floating and sitting on his finger

Well well… What do we have here?

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231579

File: 1362445789449.png (17.85 KB, 100x100, Amused.png)

>Feels the same, he's had to have seen this guy before.

I'd ask you the same thing.

>Looks around him at the arena once more, before looking back at Karl.

You seem strong.

>Smirks slightly, sensing something.. different about this guy.

!AKarlx0RXA 231604

File: 1362446318653.png (350.21 KB, 568x651, Karl_Come_Here_Kids_And_Give_M…)

Strong is an understatement.

>He shrugs, throwing the bird up, it flying around in the air, floating to his other hand.

I dunno, I don't think both of us would meet here if we weren't "strong".

>He grins, his teeth shining when he does so

Lets see what fate has in store, shall we?

>He spreads out his arm, as if waiting for Hibari's first move, the Raven now on his shoulder

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231625

File: 1362446731201.jpg (14.16 KB, 400x225, Attack.jpg)

Oh? Impatient, aren't we?

>But he immediately dashes right at Karl, throwing a tonfa at his face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 119

>If hit, he immediately jumps back, hiding his tonfa back underneath his jacket, and says:

You better watch who you pick fights with.

!AKarlx0RXA 231657

File: 1362447405281.png (354.5 KB, 644x706, Karl_I_See_You're_A_Fine_Gentl…)

>Grabs the tonfa right when it approaches his face, smiling

Well, that and the fact I really wasn't looking for a conversation to being with.

>Odds, swings him up in the air then slams him down on the ground, Roll 1d1000 = 761

>Evens, Hibari can break from the grab before he can do so

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231741

File: 1362449037782.png (73.27 KB, 334x314, Hoh....png)

>Is slammed into the ground, and just glares up at Karl.
>But then he smirks.

I guess you're not as bad as I thought.

>kicks both legs at his stomach as an attempt to get him off. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 84

>If successful, gets up, and opens a purple colored box, letting out a small, purple hedgehog.


File: 1362450849934.png (658.53 KB, 1276x706, Karl_And_That's_When_I_Found_O…)

>Kicked right in the stomach, he flies back, landing then sliding back, clenching both his fists.

Ah well, can't say it was too much.

>Odds, Hibari suddenly feels a sharp stabbing pain in his back, Roll 1d1000 = 945

>Either way, after inspection, there's a dark black sword stuck in his back (Or the ground if evens), the black the exact same as his raven.
>If it hit, Hibari can only see a orange and brown blur fly above him, as Karl goes to rip out the sword, at the same time kicking Hibari in the back, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 642, evens, complete failure on Sas's discretion.

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231887

File: 1362451129509.jpg (13.68 KB, 400x225, Chaaaaaarge.jpg)

>Falls down to one knee from the sword sticking out of his back, but is able to shake it off before Karl has a chance to attack again.
>Ducks right under Karl as he flies over him, then, ignoring the pain from the sword in his back, runs at Karl, going for another swing to the face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 89


File: 1362451298282.png (545.67 KB, 1272x714, Karl_I_Should_Have_Taken_That_…)

>Brings his head back back to dodge the swing
>Then swings his fist at his stomach, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 794
>If successful, the force should be enough to knock the wind out of him. He then follows up with a roundhouse kick to the side of his head, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 63

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231932

File: 1362451867662.jpg (53.98 KB, 500x600, Get Wrecked.jpg)

>Jumps to the side, dodging Karls attack, quickly spinning around.
>Sends the backside of his tonfa flying right at the back of Karls head. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 726
>>If successful, the purple hedgehog he released earlier then flies at Karl from the front, trying to send him flying back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 880


File: 1362452227762.png (487.81 KB, 1270x724, Karl_Coming_At_You!.png)


>The tonfa hits the back of his head, a cracking noise being made, but not one of bone.

>Then the hedgehog smacks right into him, sending him flying backwards, landing on his back and sliding against the ground, multiple small cracks in him now.
>He sits up, rubbing his head

Owww, that hurt.

>He slowly stands up, dusting himself off, a scimitar suddenly flying at Karl

>He jumps at Hibari, grabbing it midair, and going to stab Hibari, the force of the lunge giving him more power. Odds, Roll 1d1000 = 128

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 231980

File: 1362452765495.jpg (14.16 KB, 400x225, Attack.jpg)

>Runs forward, and underneath Karl before he is able to hit him, before turning around.
>Throws a punch at the back of Karls head. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 184
>>If successful, goes for another simply punch, only to his back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 438


File: 1362453127596.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1024, Karl_And_A_Slash.png)


>The punch connects with the back of his head, his head being knocked forward

>Only to be punched in the back, stumbling forward

God damn you're annoying!

>He spins around, going for a slash to the chest, oddsRoll 1d1000 = 939

>If successful, throws the scimitar in the air, reeling his fist back, going for a series of punches soon after, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 321, Roll 1d10 = 1 for how many
>If both successful, finishes up by the Scimitar coming down, grabbing it, and stabbing Hibari, Roll 1d1000 = 34 odds

Hibari Kyoya!daStoRmSRg 232073

File: 1362454246286.jpg (180 KB, 1440x1080, image.jpg)

>Gets slashed in the chest, stumbling back, and isn't able to recover before Karl goes for a barrage if punches.
>However, he only gets hit by one before jumping back, avoiding the rest.
>Then has his hedgehog, which is now 5x original size, charge from behind at Karl. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 541
>If successful, Hibari then runs up to Karl, and punches him in the gut. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 121
>If both successful:

You're the one who won't shut up.


File: 1362454630689.png (764.14 KB, 1280x1024, Karl_Time_To_Die!.png)

>The scimitar turns into a harpoon, as he jumps high into the air to dodge the hedgehog, then going to stab down on Hibari, Roll 1d1000 = 164

Hibari Kyoya!daStoRmSRg 232107

File: 1362454781019.jpg (136.33 KB, 1440x1080, image.jpg)

>Moves slightly to the right, making te attack slip right by him.
>Then spins around, and backhands Karl in the back of the head. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 375


File: 1362454939978.png (639.09 KB, 1280x1024, Karl_Time_To_Smash!.png)

>Jumps slightly to the side to dodge, spinning and slashing with the spear as he does so, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 143
>If successful, follows up with a stab, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 840

Hibari Kyoya!daStoRmSRg 232166

File: 1362455730990.jpg (25.18 KB, 288x216, image.jpg)

>Is slashed, once again stumbling a bit.
>Lets out a "Tch", before turning to face Karl.

You are strong..

>His Tonfas light with purple flames, and he smirks.

>Dashes at Karl, moving faster than before, and goes for a swing to the gut. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 476
>>If successful, spins around, ducking low and going to trip Karl onto his stomach. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 266
>>>If also successful, drops himself down, bringing his elbow onto his back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 273
>If at least first two successful:

..But not strong enough.


File: 1362456101073.png (74.55 KB, 249x176, Karl_Surprised.png)

>Gets smacked right in the gut, leaning forward a bit.
>Only to do an amazing faceplant by being tripped, leaving a crack between his forehead, the spear also dropping beside him
>Swings his legs around to avoid the elbow to the back, swinging them around to kick Hibari, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 587
>If successful, grabs the spear beside him, jumps up and stabs down on Hibari, Roll 1d1000 = 360 odds.


>If both successful; keeps the spear stabbed in him and twists and grins.

>Many cracks are already around his body, one of his eyes slightly twitching

I wouldn't be so sure. As you see, we both have one weakness;

Our egos.

Hibari Kyoya!daStoRmSRg 232215

File: 1362456630180.jpg (94.25 KB, 1440x1080, image.jpg)

>Slides back from the kick, actually almost falling over.
>Looks to be at least in a little bit of pain, his ability to hide it growing weak.
>Shows no sign of stopping though, as he runs straight at Karl, going for a series of punches. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 163 How many Roll 1d10 = 2


File: 1362456836208.png (551.76 KB, 1280x1024, Karl_Cross_Pathes_With_Me_Agai…)

>See's him getting weaker, along with his attacks slowing down.
>In truth, his attacks are also slowing down.
>Steps from side to side to avoid the punches
>Catches the last one and goes to twist his wrist, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 993 evens, Hibari can break the hold before he can do so
>If successful, the Harpoon turns back into a scimitar, and he lets go of Hibari, and follows up with a stab, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 329

Hibari Kyoya!daStoRmSRg 232241

File: 1362457159261.jpg (6.9 KB, 160x90, image.jpg)

>Lets out a small sound of pain at the twist, and actually falls over at the stab.

..Well, you're proving to be a lot more of a challenge then I first thought..

>His hedgehog then flies at Karl from the side. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 386

>Regardless, he uses this time to slowly make it to his feet.
>Looks at Karl, smirking, though weakly.

It'll make it all the more better when I bite you to death.

>Charges at him, swinging a tongs at his face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 263

>Regardless, it's clear his attacks are getting more sloppy.


File: 1362457412351.png (684.17 KB, 1266x718, Karl_Yeah_That_Was_Intentional…)

>His eyes widen when the Hedgehog comes into contact with his side, sending him flying, landing on the ground, sliding a bit more, still holding onto his scimitar
>Rubs his head, standing back up, a hole now in his side, more cracks along his body.

You might want to watch how you say that.

>He drops the scimitar, and kicks the handle, sending it flying at Hibari, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 688

>Fail or success;

Someone might take that the wrong way.

Hibari Kyoya!daStoRmSRg 232265

File: 1362457741216.jpg (7.81 KB, 256x192, image.jpg)

>Stares at Karl when he sees the hole in his side
>But just smirks as he kicks the scimitar at him.

I mean it quite literally.

>Spikes then appear in the outside of his Tonfas, as he then focuses offensive flames onto his right one.

>Pulls his arm back and swings it right at the scimitar, sending it flying back at Karl. Evens, max damage Roll 1d2 = 2
>He then dashes at Karl once again, going for an uppercut to his chin. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 531


File: 1362458060248.png (369.18 KB, 1280x1024, Karl_Stabbed_To_The_Ground.png)

Now that's quite-!

>Interrupted by a sword going right through his face

… Well that was rude.

>Brings his head back to dodge the uppercut.

>Sweeps a leg under his, going to trip him, Roll 1d1000 = 109 odds
>If successful, pulls out the scimitar from his face, jumps up and does a front flips, and lands on Hibari, stabbing him through the chest, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 424

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233153

File: 1362516985205.jpg (57.85 KB, 1440x1080, Attackin.jpg)

>Falls to the ground from the trip, but rolls out of the way before he can get stabbed.
>Spins himself on the ground, going to kick Karl. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 259
>If successful, gets up, and runs at Karl, going to smash him in the chest, sending him flying. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 334

!AKarlx0RXA 233246

File: 1362519625367.png (295.79 KB, 720x648, Karl_Hammer_Time!.png)

>Jumps back from the kick, glaring at Hibari
>Lets out a deep breath, and grabs his scimitar handle with both hands
>It turns into a hammer, as Karl runs at Hibari and swings it at him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 663
>If successful, spins around with the momentum, going to hit Hibari while spinning, Roll 1d1000 = 267 odds, how many hits, Roll 1d5 = 2

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233280

File: 1362520752933.gif (617.09 KB, 480x240, Flames vs My Tonfas... Flames …)

>Is hit a total a 3 times, stumbling back from the hits.
>Actually looks quite angry now, his flames getting more intense.
>Runs at Karl, and goes for a series of punches. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 132 How many Roll 1d10 = 9
>>If successful, and at least 7 hit, spins around to backhand him across the side of the face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 458
>>>If also successful, follows up with his other arm, punching him with enough force to send him flying. Odds Roll 1d1000 = 420
>>>>If all of the above are successful, Hibari's hedgehog comes from the opposite direction, and slams into Karl. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 730

!AKarlx0RXA 233313

File: 1362521934366.png (38.62 KB, 107x185, Karl_He_Said_What.png)

>Gets punched a total of nine times, then back handed in the face, a piece of stone coming off of his collar
>Growls then ducks under the punch, keeping hold of the hammer.
>Swings it upwards towards his chin, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 830
>If hits, lets go of the hammer after wards, sending it flying in the air
>Puts both fists together, and slams then back down on Hibari's head, odds. Roll 1d1000 = 148
>Regardless of that one hitting, the hammer comes down.
>Odds, the hammer lands on Hibari, evens, lands on the ground beside them, Roll 1d1000 = 617

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233383

File: 1362523584578.jpg (53.98 KB, 500x600, Get Wrecked.jpg)

>Moves his head back, out of the way of the hammer.
>Quickly brings both his arms together, and smashes both tonfas down onto Karls head. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 709
>>If successful, jumps back, allow the 15x size hedgehog to head straight at Karl from above. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 59

!AKarlx0RXA 233396

File: 1362523824413.png (493.39 KB, 1280x1024, Karl_I_See_You_Like_This.png)

>Ducks under the tonfas, the Hammer turning into his scimitar
>Lunges forward going to stab him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 873

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233431

File: 1362524520434.jpg (11.08 KB, 320x240, Alaudes Handcuff.jpg)

>Is stabbed, his eyes widening slightly.
>Glares down at Karl, going for a knee to the gut. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 687
>>If successful, then launches a punch to his face, with enough force to send him flying back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 891
>>>If both successful:

Cambio Forma

>His hedgehog floats down to his tonfa, envoloping it in a bright purple light, soon revealing it to have turned into handcuffs.


I'll bite you to death for sure this time.

!AKarlx0RXA 233470

File: 1362525267173.png (431.91 KB, 978x646, Karl_Here's_Johnny!.png)

>Simply tanks the knee to the gut, it making a "clinking" noise
>Takes the scimitar out, then goes for a series of stabs, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 475, Roll 1d10 = 10 for how many

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233479

File: 1362525446334.jpg (57.85 KB, 1440x1080, Attackin.jpg)

>Blinks, and falls back after taking the 10 stabs.

>His hedgehog then goes to ram Karl from behind. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 33

>Regardless, take the time to get up.

Just what are you?

>But doesn't give him enough time to answer, charging back at Karl.

>Goes for a powerful punch to the face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 95

!AKarlx0RXA 233493

File: 1362525703377.jpg (943.39 KB, 700x852, karl_and_arma_by_bakura_tilas_…)

>Jumps up in the air to dodge the hedgehog and punch
>Only to land on Hibari, slamming him down on the ground, odds, creates a crater from impact, evens, normal damage, Roll 1d1000 = 80
>Regardless, he "answers" his question

Good question! Going to have to do better if you want to find out.

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233569

File: 1362527315880.jpg (14.15 KB, 400x225, Hng.jpg)

>Is smashed into the ground.
>But smirks at what he says.

If you say so.

>Simply throws a punch right up at Karls face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 231

!AKarlx0RXA 233577

File: 1362527485294.png (59.27 KB, 226x162, Karl_Just_Think_About_How_To_K…)

>Brings his head back to dodge the punch
>Then holds his scimitar up, grabbing the handle with both hands
>Stabs down on him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 173

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233592

File: 1362527831686.jpg (14.65 KB, 400x225, Iiimma Swingin.jpg)

>Is stabbed once again, it clearly getting too much for him.
>His hedgehog, which has returned to its original size, then flies from the side at Karl, in a attempt to knock him off. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 684
>>If failed, uses the hedgehog as a distraction instead, going to punch him off. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 38

!AKarlx0RXA 233602

File: 1362528043580.png (716.56 KB, 1280x1024, Karl_Getting_Back_Up.png)


>Gets slammed right in his side, flying off of Hibari, sliding against the ground once again

>This time has trouble getting up, more cracks in his side
>Before doing so, throws the scimitar at him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 341

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233609

File: 1362528311412.png (491.93 KB, 1220x916, Lookin Up.png)

>And just as he gets up, he's knocked back down.

>Tries to get up, evens, he's able to right away.

>Odds, lays there, but is still conscious.
>Roll 1d1000 = 503

!AKarlx0RXA 233610

File: 1362528386456.png (75.57 KB, 150x363, How amusing.png)

>Gets up finally, slowly walking over to him
>Grabs his scimitar and grins down at him
>Lightly prods him with his foot

Well, done yet? We can end now, if you'd like.

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233627

File: 1362528632738.png (1021.08 KB, 1430x753, You.. Are... Dead....png)

>Looks downright pissed now, trying his best to get up.
>Very slowly does so, but whether Karl lets him or not is up to you.
>If allowed, he stands there for a moment, hair covering his eyes, before running blindly at Karl, swinging one tonfa. Evens, it connects Roll 1d1000 = 320

!AKarlx0RXA 233635

File: 1362528854540.png (368.74 KB, 618x648, Karl_Blocking.png)

>WHAM! Right in his face
>Steps back, grabbing it in pain.
>See's that he's on his last legs, not giving up quite yet
>Throws the scimitar up into the air, it turning into a raven
>Reels his fist back

Palm, strike!

>Does a palm strike right to his stomach, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 923

Hibari!SDKyoyaCNg 233641

File: 1362528962058.jpg (14.47 KB, 400x225, I R Ded.jpg)

>Is hit right in the stomach, and flies back.
>Slides across the ground on his back, coming to a stop.
>lays there motionless.

!AKarlx0RXA 233652

File: 1362529190073.png (48.61 KB, 138x190, Karl_So_You_Think_You_Know_It_…)

>Grins after doing so

Haha! Now that was fun!

>Spins around, walking away

Maybe I'll get into anoth-

>Suddenly falls over, though still very concious

>The raven flies down to him, sitting on his shoulder

Maybe that took a little more energy then I thought… Oh well!

>Seems to be waiting for something, though it should only take a moment


Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 255980

File: 1363410300533.gif (553.58 KB, 500x238, I'm Bored.gif)

>Meanwhile, somewhere completely different.
>Is laying on his back in the middle of a random field, looking up to the sky.

..I'm bored..

>Yawns, closing his eyes.

..If I could sell my boredom, I'm confident I could make a living..

>Just continues to lay there.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256017

File: 1363410969768.jpg (526.78 KB, 800x800, b03a1b221cba02d8b4565ba399348c…)

You know, what if boredom was a currency?

>Somehow, she listened in on that, and it seems like she came out of nowhere

>She raises a finger to her lips in question

What would be it's exchange rate? How do you measure boredom? The metric system? 1 meter of boredom gives you one dollar? Quite an interesting theory you have there.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256024

File: 1363411113505.png (101.87 KB, 500x279, Game On.png)

>Opens one eye, looking up to Elizabeth.


>Sits up, looking over to get a better look.

>Smiles, now going to stand up fully

Seems I've found an interesting one.

>Gives a short bow.

What might your name be?
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Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256035

File: 1363411477770.jpg (126.35 KB, 512x512, 4094c0ec5718d636f426792dbe19dc…)


>She bows back with a smile

I guess you're rather… "Interesting", as well.

>She slightly giggles to herself

Well, isn't there something a boy could do on a wonderful, sunny day, rather then waste his time laying around?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256055

File: 1363411816725.jpg (150.5 KB, 1024x576, Like I Give A Shit.jpg)


If I had the chance, I guess a quick spar with someone wouldn't hurt. But I don't think someone such as you would want to be bothered with such a thing.

>Smiles once again, turning his back.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256060

File: 1363412022431.jpg (12.4 KB, 300x403, 524680elizabeth_2_large.jpg)


>Raises an eyebrow

If it were my say, I think we're both equally as interested in a "spar", your reason being boredom, my reason… Something else.

>She hums to herself, flips through a few pages of the book she's holding, before returning her attention to Izayoi

Your name is?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256072

File: 1363412254551.jpg (27.75 KB, 225x350, Come On, Really.jpg)


>Stares at her for a moment.

Izayoi Sakamaki, a pleasure to meet you.

>Looks down, spotting a rock.

>Crouches down, and picks it up.
>Looks back to Liz.

Well then, if you're as interested as you say, you wouldn't mind having one right now?

>Tosses the rock up and down in one hand.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256088

File: 1363412519325.gif (112.63 KB, 229x381, Elizabeth_Idle_Stance_(P4A).gi…)

Well then, if you're so eager. Why not?

>Backs up, also opening her book

>"I shouldn't play around too much… This one seems powerful."

Anytime you're ready.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256111

File: 1363412864554.jpg (9.14 KB, 256x144, Rock = Thrown, You = Dead.jpg)


Well, if you insist.


>He then hurls the rock at Elizabeth, creating a shockwave around Izayoi as it's thrown. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 564

>It moves so fast, it's near impossible for a normal person to see
>If missed, it impacts the ground far behind her, creating a huge explosion.
>If also missed, he laughs, smirking, and goes to say something.

Sorry! I almost forgot I should let the ladies go first!

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256124

File: 1363413089211.jpg (155.95 KB, 750x530, Thanatos.jpg)

>BAM! The rock hits her square in the stomach, also sending her flying, landing in the tall grass, then disappearing.

>Silence sets in, seeming like the match was already over.

>Until something comes from behind Izayoi, going to slash at him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 120

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256134

File: 1363413390994.gif (749.3 KB, 500x281, Here We Go!.gif)

>Smirks as she flies back, standing there, waiting for her to return.
>But before Thanatos can strike, Izayoi senses its presence, and jumps up into the air.
>Backflip high over Thanatos.


>Then flies down at it, going to throw a punch, it having enough force to even crack the earth. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 113

>If missed, that's exactly what he does. The punch creates a small crack in the earths surface.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256151

File: 1363413743362.jpg (180.8 KB, 600x375, lizandthanatos.jpg)

>The Persona instantly flies back, seemingly knowing it just couldn't of taken that hard of a hit.
>It flies at him and goes to grab him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 767
>If successful, headbutts him and then throws him, the headbutt making a skull shattering "CRAAACK"
>Izayoi can instantly see where he's headed, as there's Elizabeth grinning madly, bringing back her fist, and goes to punch him with a force much stronger then should be possible for a lady her build, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 55

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256165

File: 1363414184334.png (439.76 KB, 1500x843, How Interesting.png)

What the-


>Doesn't seem all too hurt by the headbutt, but he did not expect the force of that punch after the throw.
>Is sent flying back, smashing through a few trees that came out of nowhere, then lying on his back.


>Sits up, rubbing his head from the headbutt, but doesn't seem to be addressing the punch at all.

>Is also smirking.

..An interesting one indeed.

>Disappears, reappearing directly behind Elizabeth.

>Brings his hand right up to the back of her head, and flicks it. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 122
>If successful, it's actually enough to send her flying, or at least cause her to skid forward a bit.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256176

File: 1363414607546.png (642.58 KB, 621x599, 621px-P4Arena_Elizabeth_Maziod…)

>Gets flicked right in the back of the head, doing a spectacular faceplant, the force actually making her bounce onto her back
>Blinks, having a bloody nose, looking up at Izayoi curiously, but then a smirk comes to her face

…Yes, I suppose I could say the same about you.

>She plants both hands on the ground, jumping up in the air, Thanatos then meeting her in the air and catching her.

>Snaps her fingers, a gigantic beam of electricity shooting down at Izayoi, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 27
>If successful, a gust of wind appears below him, then erupting like a geyser, the wind piercing and ripping through him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 971
>If both successful, she floats back down to the ground, Elizabeth jumping out of Thanatos's hands

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256202

File: 1363415526395.gif (993.14 KB, 500x270, He's Dead, Jim.gif)

>Looks up at Liz, and smirks as she fires the beam of electricity.


>Just stands there as it nears him, and goes to punch it.

>Spoiler: It doesn't work
>The blast is a direct hit, shocking him senseless, making him almost unable to move.
>And when he thinks it's finally over, he gets pierced by intense wind, flying high up into the air.


>Backflips, and lands on the ground away from Elizabeth.

>Rubs his arm, and is breathing slightly heavier than before.
>But still, he's smirking.
>Then dashes at Elizabeth, jumping up, doing a frontflip, and aiming for a punch to her forehead. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 321
>If successful, gif

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256209

File: 1363415821920.png (256.39 KB, 800x487, 800px-P4Arena_Elizabeth_5C.png)

>Grabs his arm right before it hits her face, tilting it to the side to avoid it.
>Then turns around and slams him on the ground, the impact enough to create a crack in the earth beneath him, odds,Roll 1d1000 = 120, if evens, Izayoi can break the grab before she can do so.
>If successful, the force is also enough to actually bounce him off the ground, before not too long he meets face to face with Thanatos's sword, going to slash him and send him back towards the ground again, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 44

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256219

File: 1363416165079.jpg (221.72 KB, 484x750, Exploding Rocks Are Fun Aren't…)

>Blinks as his attack is redirected, and can already see where it's going.
>Smirks, quickly jumping away, it actually allowing him to break free from her grip.
>Lands, and slides across the ground, picking up a rock as he does.
>Then launches it, but isn't aiming for Elizabeth.
>It flies right at Thanatos, going to hit it right in the face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 677
>If hit, he picks up another rock, and shoves a hand in his pocket.

Haha! This is entertaining!

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256231

File: 1363416521789.jpg (150.74 KB, 1024x768, Persona-3-5-L1FIEBXFOK-1024x76…)

>As the rock flies at Thanatos, right at the split second before it hits him, a burst of energy sends it flying back at him at…
>Odds, the same speed, evens, a slightly slower speed, not as powerful Roll 1d1000 = 285

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256244

File: 1363417046729.jpg (80.54 KB, 500x281, Just Looking At Me Is Epic.jpg)



>Is hit right in the stomach, and flies back, skidding across the ground for a good few seconds.

..So that's what those feel like.

>Sits up, rubbing the back of his head.

..That actually kinda hurt a bit!

>Laughs, standing up.

>Starts walking towards Elizabeth.

Man, you're pretty strong! Even I'm having trouble with you!

>Seems to disappear, reappearing closer to Elizabeth, but still quite a ways away.

If this keeps up, I might not last much longer! But.. I do have a question..

>Disappears again, this time reappearing right in front of Elizabeth, their faces almost touching.

..Where did you get this power?

>Brings his head back, smirking, and hurls it forward, going for a headbutt. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 733

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256257

File: 1363417455774.png (1.31 MB, 900x1200, a67b3cc4bcb93506802892632ba070…)

>Holds her hand forward in front of his head:
>Odds, a gigantic burst of energy coming from her hands, evens, a large, less powerful one, Roll 1d1000 = 349
>Regardless, the burst erupts right before he hits her, having the force to send him flying, Elizabeth standing there with Thanatos floating behind her
>Goes to say the reason, then stops, blinking curiously.

Lets just say… Being an elevator attendant has its perks.

>She pauses

Though, this is just a fun spar… We don't have to go any further if you'd like.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256275

File: 1363418062860.jpg (27.75 KB, 225x350, Come On, Really.jpg)


>Is sent flying back, flipping across the ground as he goes.

>Finally catches his footing, still sliding back.
>Picks up a rock before he stops, and goes to throw it, but not before hearing Liz's last statement.


>Stands up straight, tossing the rock behind him.

>It takes out a tree.

I suppose I've had enough fun for today

>Walks up to her, and holds out a hand, offering a shake.

And an elevator attendant? Maybe you should hook me up sometime.

>He laughs at his own comment, acting as if this fight never even happened.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256284

File: 1363418353854.jpg (133.02 KB, 600x739, 599292bff76bddc613cb39074530b7…)

>Raises her eyebrow at his sudden change of attitude
>Wipes off the blood under her nose, finally catching a break
>Thanatos disappears in a blue light, along with Elizabeth closing her book

Well, if only I could…

>Frowns for a moment, before perking back up.

You're awfully strong, and as someone of my position, I must ask, where did you get your powers?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256301

File: 1363418890477.jpg (29.84 KB, 540x303, Come on Guys.jpg)


I was born with em, and I keep getting new ones as I get older. Not sure why, but I do.

>Then looks to her.

And that's too bad.. I'm sure life as an elevator attendant is incredibly exciting.

>Smirks, letting out a small chuckle

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256315

File: 1363419184457.png (359.18 KB, 900x1842, persona_3_elizabeth_by_izanagi…)

You'd be… Quite wrong, actually. I'm currently abstaining duties, on a journey of some sorts. If you really want to find out, I suppose you can talk with my sister, and then my employer but…

Right now I don't think they'd be all too happy to see me.

Anyways, shall I leave you to your day of laying in the fields?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256323

File: 1363419404288.jpg (29.33 KB, 225x350, You're Interesting.jpg)


>Flips his hair, then shrugs again.

I suppose. And I'd love to talk to this sister of yours. Maybe she can provide me with some entertainment as well?

>Smirks, sitting down, and leaning back.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256328

File: 1363419663739.jpg (337.42 KB, 600x600, a124b9d33cd04dc2127cfa00b8956e…)

Well, yes, moreso, I suppose.

>Hums to herself, looking conflicted while standing there, raising a finger to her lips again

>Before she finally speaks again, looking Izayoi in the eye

… Say, would you mind if I sat with you, maybe looked at the clouds, describe them, and try to alleviate your boredom? I haven't much else to do, and it would be awfully nice…

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 256337

File: 1363419981203.gif (881.4 KB, 325x183, This Is Really Boring.gif)

>His smile widens a bit at this.
>For some reason, me moves over a bit, as if to make room for her.

I wouldn't mind at all.

>Lays back, putting his hands behind his head, looking back up at the sky.

Elizabeth!VELVET37DM 256341

>Smiles one of the most genuine smiles she's showed today, purposely falling over in the most animated of ways, spread her arms apart and looking at the sky
>Looks for clouds that look like something
>…And by something, I mean anything, the rest of the day could be her making sense of every single cloud there was, and getting excited over every one, telling this all to Izayoi.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258709

File: 1363496261237.jpg (35.01 KB, 130x200, And The Rules Of This Game Are…)

>Standing on the roof of a random building.

..How do I keep getting myself into these weird places?

>Opens the door inside the building, and starts wandering around the halls, hands in his pockets.

..I'm bored

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258736

File: 1363496823632.jpg (190.14 KB, 1000x1375, 348235b05bd53054d6640de88b73d9…)

>A voice echoes through the halls, obviously directed at Izayoi

The one who put up a fight with my sister, one powerful enough to kill gods…

>She reveals herself, stepping out from behind a wall

Still willing to sell that boredness of yours?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258751

File: 1363497022999.jpg (27.75 KB, 225x350, Come On, Really.jpg)


>Looks over, spotting Margaret, and smirks.

>Turns to face her completely, both hands in his pockets.

Depends, how much you plan on spending?

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258768

File: 1363497313656.jpg (147.68 KB, 600x849, 4d2968a35c5a271fceee725d52afa5…)

Maybe not the currency you're looking for, but at least something to cure your current bored mood.

>Slightly chuckles at her last remark

Don't get the wrong idea…

>Pauses, letting silence sit in, examining her surroundings and this boy in front of her

You were the one to fight my sister, Elizabeth, correct?

>Izayoi could also notice she's holding a book much like Elizabeth was.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258792

File: 1363497787761.jpg (44.22 KB, 400x400, Let's Get Started Then!.jpg)

>Doesn't really seem to care much for the book, just smirking at Margaret.

Yep, that's me. I suppose that means she told you about me?

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258813

File: 1363498277973.jpg (152.2 KB, 850x944, sample_442ff269b9cfececf9fbbca…)

Well, no. My sister and I don't talk much anymore. I just heard about it.

>She pauses, walking closer to Izayoi

My name is Margaret, you are?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258821

File: 1363498388643.jpg (34.64 KB, 400x226, No Problem.jpg)

>Gives her a short bow.

Izayoi Sakamaki. It's a pleasure to meet you.

>Sits up, and looks at her curiously.

Another interesting one..

So, what did you have in mind to 'cure' my boredom?

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258847

File: 1363498761433.jpg (221.53 KB, 600x810, tumblr_mhzsje6vWA1r0rt6no6_128…)

Since you were capable of even putting up a fight with my sister, and she wasn't holding back, I'd like to request a battle between us. I will use my full capabilities as the one who governs power for you to test your strength against.

Keep in mind, I am much more powerful then my sister. However this time, I will not request for the match to end.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258864

File: 1363499061111.jpg (90.55 KB, 1024x576, You'll Have To Try Harder Than…)

Oh? Sounds like fun!

>He smirks, obviously seeming interested.

I'll accept your request, but I guess that means I don't have to hold back this time either.

>Smirks, making it out as if he wasn't fighting at full strength when he went against Elizabeth.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258880

File: 1363499299789.jpg (149.24 KB, 500x375, 7fee1bca996642293b7bd6064e0159…)

Of course.

Now, would you like to have our match here? Or somewhere else?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258889

File: 1363499470186.png (101.87 KB, 500x279, Game On.png)

>Punches the wall beside him, causing a few pieces to break off.
>Crouches down and picks up a bunch of them.
>Puts all the smaller ones in his pockets, and holds the biggest one in his hand.

I think having it here would make things a little interesting. What do you think?

>Gives her a smile.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258900

File: 1363499732923.jpg (367.27 KB, 769x1060, f72160301b1231544db925150e8d99…)

>Slightly smirks at him punching the wall, but doesn't seem too intimidated

If you say so.

>Walks back away from him, then turns towards him

Whenever you are ready.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258945

File: 1363500670662.gif (1021.45 KB, 500x190, Oh Shit Not The Rocks.gif)

Then, I suppose this is where we begin.

>Then throws the rock at Margaret, creating an even bigger shockwave then when he threw it at Elizabeth. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 411

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258954

File: 1363500846319.jpg (183.21 KB, 550x650, b5a1d81c6d340110fdd73090c51d3c…)

>In a blink of an eye, a large burst of energy comes off of Margaret's being, the rock being sent flying right back at Izayoi, odds, at a much faster rate, evens, the same speed, Roll 1d1000 = 752
>She stands there, not even raising an eyebrow, not saying a word, just waiting for he outcome

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258960

File: 1363500985949.png (238.64 KB, 900x723, That Was Boring.png)

>Smirks as it's hit back, and takes hit like a man.
>Flies back against the wall behind him, and falls down on his behind.
>His hair is covering his eyes, and it his smirk has left his face.
>Just sits there, looking defeated

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258965

File: 1363501095720.jpg (147.68 KB, 600x849, 4d2968a35c5a271fceee725d52afa5…)

>She then raises an eyebrow and blinks, wondering if he's down already

Well? Is that all?

>She hardly seems impressed

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 258972

File: 1363501276529.jpg (80.54 KB, 500x281, Just Looking At Me Is Epic.jpg)

>Doesn't respond, just sitting there.
>But then, he smirks.
>Looks up to her, and laughs.

Haha! Man, This IS going to be fun!

>The ceiling above Margaret then starts to rumble.

>If Margaret would look, there would be three small pieces of the wall Izayoi broke in it.
>The ceiling above her then collapses, falling right on top of her. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 899
>Regardless, he stands up, and rushes down a side hallway, smirking the entire way.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 258985

File: 1363501622899.jpg (567.29 KB, 807x1100, 29b903fee5eb620ffe64aaeb2fa717…)

>She disappears from underneath the collapsing ceiling, only to reappearing in front of Izayoi, floating in front of him and going for a kick to the face while he's not expecting it, odds, max damage, evens, min Roll 1d1000 = 545

I expected a fair a decent fight, rather then meaningless and annoying tricks.

>By this point, actually sounding like she's starting to get annoyed

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259004

File: 1363502032714.jpg (102.01 KB, 400x150, The Force Of A Thousand Suns.j…)


>Flies back from the kick, crashing through a wall.

>Sits up, rubbing his head.

Half of a battle is outsmarting your opponent and hitting them where they least expect it.

>Then disappears, reappearing right behind Margaret.

>Brings a fist back, and throws it right at the back of her head, it holding the force of a speeding truck. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 173
>If successful;

I think I'm doing pretty good in that part of it.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259021

File: 1363502327291.jpg (152.2 KB, 850x944, sample_442ff269b9cfececf9fbbca…)

>Not even turning to face him, she grabs his fist.

You are right on that part. However, you seem to lack finesse, your power being raw strength. Impressive. I wonder how you got it. Or who gave it to you.

>And then chucks him at a wall with great force, evens, Izayoi can break the grab before she does so, Roll 1d1000 = 945

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259040

File: 1363502789934.png (60.17 KB, 300x197, If You See This, You're Fucked…)

>Crashes through the wall, smacking into another one on the opposite side of the room he crashed into.


>Desks surround him; it seems they're fighting in an old school.

>Kicks a desk sitting in front of him, it flying right at Margaret. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 859
>Regardless, when Margaret looks back at Izayoi, he's gone
>If first roll missed, Izayoi then speeds at Margaret from the side, going to grab her face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 44
>>If successful, he slams, and drags Margaret along the wall as he runs, before hurling her forward at a wall. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 206

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259054

>Simply ducks under the desk, then looks for her opponent
>Only to get a steel tight grab on her face, getting dragged across the wall, and being hurled through a quite a few walls.


>It's obvious she's gone, but soon after geyser of flames erupts under him, hopefully nothing flammable is near, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 234

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259061

File: 1363503285066.png (101.87 KB, 500x279, Game On.png)

>Senses the geyser long before it erupts, calmly jumping back and out of the way.
>Watches the geyser for a moment.


>Turns and runs away, turning down a hallway.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259071

File: 1363503587040.png (31.44 KB, 293x512, Cpia_de_Seigfried.png)

>Right as he turns, there's a being much like the one Elizabeth summoned standing before him
>He stabs the ground, unleashing a torrent of flames on Izayoi, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 949

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259101

File: 1363504509524.gif (749.3 KB, 500x281, Here We Go!.gif)

>Is caught on fire.
>Blinks, and looks down at himself.

..This is kinda hot.

>Brings back a fist, and throws it at this beings face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 173

>Regardless, tries to run past it.

Seriously, this is hot!

>Starts running faster, fast enough to put out the flames.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259112

File: 1363504889588.png (30.3 KB, 512x512, Loki.png)

>The being disappears in a blue light as he goes for a punch, shortly after reappearing as a different being
>He can faintly hear through the halls

If you're in a rush and in need of cooling, I can gladly help.

>A spear of ice forms from the ground, getting bigger and bigger, growing to the size of a small iceberg

>It goes to stab him, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 905
>If hit, and if this roll odds, inflicts a freezing effect, enough to severely slow him down for Roll 1d4 = 1 turns, Roll 1d1000 = 636

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259120

File: 1363505169203.gif (1021.45 KB, 500x190, Oh Shit Not The Rocks.gif)

>Is stabbed, and barrels forward, sliding across the ground.

..Well, you're a lot better than a god, that's for sure.

>Jumps to his feet, taking out a rock from his pocket, and throwing it at Loki. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 399

>Regardless, jumps inside a room close to him, and slams the door shut.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259132

File: 1363505785043.jpg (25.36 KB, 180x438, 180px-Okuninushi2.jpg)

>Right as he enters the room, the floor suddenly bursts, rubble flying everywhere. Odds, lots barrel into him, evens, only some, Roll 1d1000 = 38
>Regardless, it's clear it was Margaret's doing, as she's floating in the middle of the room, above the hole in the floor

I advise you to not attempt running away. As I will know your presence wherever you are. Your own soul gives it away.

>She opens her book, a card floating down to it, as she closes the book and crushes it.

>Another being is summoned in front of her, and not before long, a gigantic bolt of electricity comes from the sky, crashing through the school ceiling and aiming for Izayoi, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 276
>If hit, it shocks him for Roll 1d5 = 5 seconds, and ending with an explosion of electricity.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259135

File: 1363506096503.png (439.76 KB, 1500x843, How Interesting.png)

>Gets hit by some rubble, but it still doesn't really affect him.

My soul, eh? I can fix that.

>Runs forward, as if expecting the bolt of lightning, getting out of its way.

>Then kicks a large rock right at Margaret, and flying almost as fast as the ones he throws. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 58
>Regardless, he snaps his fingers, and all of a sudden, any presence Margaret felt from him before, is gone.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259147

File: 1363506638126.jpg (61.57 KB, 250x320, tumblr_mhzsje6vWA1r0rt6no7_250…)

>The rock collides with Margaret, sending her flying and smashing through a wall. It didn't quite knock the wind out of her, but it did knock her to the ground
>She gets up expecting to sense his soul, but can't for some odd reason.


>Floats through the hole she went through, looking for him

Now where did you go?

>The Persona disappears in a blue light, as Margaret doesn't have a use for him at the moment.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259149

File: 1363506884204.jpg (143.44 KB, 500x364, Let Us Begin!.jpg)

I wonder?

>Is nowhere to be seen, but he can definitely be heard.

Like I said, hitting people where they least expect it is one of the best way to win a fight

>Suddenly, the ground below her explodes, Izayoi flying straight up at her, going to punch her in the chin. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 675

>If successful, quickly runs and hides again.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259160

File: 1363507349081.jpg (183.21 KB, 550x650, b5a1d81c6d340110fdd73090c51d3c…)

>Brings her head back to avoid the punch, grabbing his arm

Yes, but throwing aimless punches and projectiles is not a way to win.

>Sends a bone breaking shockwave throughout his body using a burst of energy, evens, he can break the hold before she does so, Roll 1d1000 = 517.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259164

File: 1363507502753.png (56.38 KB, 254x142, Hanging From A Wall.png)


>Is hit by the shockwave, actually showing a bit of tiredness at this point.

Maybe I should shake things up a bit then.

>Swing back, then throws a knee right at Margarets gut. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 287

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259169

File: 1363507672695.jpg (179.44 KB, 827x1170, c677cf8e5a8504b74d5007c17a9941…)

>Stops the knee with her other hand, the raises him and smashes him against a wall, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 360. Evens, he can break the grab before she does so.
>If successful, she still hasn't let go, having full intent of not letting him run away.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259171

File: 1363507870207.gif (589.71 KB, 245x223, Falling, But Don't Care.gif)

>Breaks the grab, spinning mid-air, sending a kick at her face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 601
>If successful;

Time to get started!

>Brings back a fist, and punches the ground full force, causing it to instantly shatter, causing the entire building around them to start crumbling.

>Evens, Margaret gets hit by some falling pieces of building. Roll 1d1000 = 386

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259182

File: 1363508592446.jpg (152.2 KB, 850x944, sample_442ff269b9cfececf9fbbca…)

>Grabs his leg, then swings him towards the wall, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 542, evens, he can break the grab.
>If successful, evens, it sends him through only a few walls before he stops, odds, it sends him through however many walls it's needed before he's outside, Roll 1d1000 = 683
>If odds, there's a being waiting for him already, swinging his spear down on him, sending him towards the ground, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 363

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259188

File: 1363508821577.gif (749.3 KB, 500x281, Here We Go!.gif)

>Spins in the air again, going to once again kick her in the face. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 344

Jeez, this is too fun!

>If successful, jumps after her, going for a punch to launch her even further. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 980

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259195

File: 1363509159551.jpg (282.01 KB, 640x595, 2c2e0d248af1f2000b572fc6ca1913…)

>The kick sends her flying through even more walls, also leaving a mark on her face, along with the punch sending her through even more walls, sending her outside
>By now, the buildings beginning to collapse from the amount of it's structures being destroyed
>In order to seal the deal, a Persona summons behind her.
>She holds her hand up, the Persona following suit, a gigantic sphere of purple atoms forming above her.
>She sends it at the building, engulfing at least a third of it, destroying it instantly. Roll to escape.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259198

>Evens Roll 1d2 = 1

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259201

File: 1363509372780.gif (589.71 KB, 245x223, Falling, But Don't Care.gif)


..Well, wasn't expecting that-

>Is then hit by the Megidolaon, as the building collapses on him.

>There's no movement, only silence.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259206

File: 1363509581222.jpg (190.14 KB, 1000x1375, 348235b05bd53054d6640de88b73d9…)

>Lands on the ground, letting out a deep breath
>Looks at the destruction they caused and sighs

Luckily it was abandoned

>The being she summoned disappears, and then she stands there, as if waiting for something to happen

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259211

File: 1363509833734.png (101.87 KB, 500x279, Game On.png)

>Suddenly, she hears a rumbling coming from the destroyed building.
>A moment later, chunks of the building fly in all directions, a large piece heading straight for Margaret. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 866

Oi, oi, what'd the building ever do to you?

>He says as he smirks, rubbing his shoulder.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259219

File: 1363510187408.jpg (61.57 KB, 250x320, tumblr_mhzsje6vWA1r0rt6no7_250…)

>One gigantic piece hits Margaret, sending her flying backwards
>Eventually she's left skidding through the ground, left laying very far away from Izayoi
>She groggily stands up, rubbing her head

I let my guard down…

>She starts hovering again soon after

>One last attack. This will end it.
>She closes her eyes, slowly floating higher and higher

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259222

File: 1363510382731.gif (1021.45 KB, 500x190, Oh Shit Not The Rocks.gif)


>Stomps the ground, causing a large rock to bounce up.

>He catches it, before launching it at the floating Margaret. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 674

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259225

File: 1363510743210.jpg (9.67 KB, 225x225, helel.jpg)

>As the rock hits her, it'd be expected that it would knock her straight out of the air. But, in fact, Izayoi can see wings behind her, the rock hitting her, even a large burst of air showing the impact, but she barely slides back.
>An angelic being floats behind Margaret, revealing itself, and presumably making it so Margaret didn't go flying out of the air, in fact stopping her from doing so.

This is it! Morning Star!

>A large beam of piercing light rains down on Izayoi, soon after exploding into even more light, odds, Roll 1d1000 = 357

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259228

File: 1363511236278.gif (749.3 KB, 500x281, Here We Go!.gif)

>Looks at it as it nears him.
>Smirks, and shrugs.

Well, this was definitely fun.

>Jumps straight at it, and goes to punch it.

>Of course, it doesn't work, the explosions sending him flying back, landing in the remains of the building.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259232

File: 1363511431815.jpg (152.2 KB, 850x944, sample_442ff269b9cfececf9fbbca…)

>She falls back down to the ground, landing along with the being disappearing.

That should be enough.

>She slowly walks towards the remains of the building, her book at her side

Continuing to fight would be useless. You have proven yourself.

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259234

File: 1363511760104.png (101.87 KB, 500x279, Game On.png)

>He slowly sits up, wearing the same smirk as he always does.
>Looks up at Margaret, wiping some blood off his face.

You're definitely stronger than your sister. If we were both aiming to kill, I'm not sure who would win!

>Laughs, despite the huge beating he's taken.

>Stands up, and dusts off his clothes.

And can I assume you got your powers the same way your sister did?

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259235

File: 1363511997965.jpg (147.68 KB, 600x849, 4d2968a35c5a271fceee725d52afa5…)

>Looks at him questioningly, unsure of what he means at he moment

How did she explain it?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259239

File: 1363512939000.png (270.96 KB, 704x396, Entertain Me.png)

Hmm.. I believe she worded it like.. "Being an elevator attendant has its perks"

>Chuckles slightly, looking at Margaret.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259242

File: 1363513757671.jpg (221.53 KB, 600x810, tumblr_mhzsje6vWA1r0rt6no6_128…)

>Raises an eyebrow, giving a slight chuckle

That's quite vague for an explanation. The attendants of the Velvet Room are all quite powerful. That is where she is formally from, as am I.

>She doesn't go further into the subject

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259245

File: 1363513960976.jpg (44.22 KB, 400x400, Let's Get Started Then!.jpg)

>Crosses his arms, looking quite interested.

"Velvet Room"? Sounds like an interesting place. I don't suppose you'd want to tell me a bit about it?

>Smiles at her.

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259252

File: 1363514403895.jpg (190.14 KB, 1000x1375, 348235b05bd53054d6640de88b73d9…)

>Thinks to herself, trying to give an accurate yet small description.

The Velvet Room is a place between reality and the subconscious. All those on a journey in life and are looking for guidance are suitable guests for the Velvet room, often being powerful individuals themselves.

Is that a good explanation?

Izayoi Sakamaki!GIFTCOmEiM 259257

File: 1363514903884.png (902.6 KB, 1358x768, Now That That's Cleared Up.png)

A place between reality and the subconscious? Sounds interesting. If possible, I think I'd like to pay a visit!

>Turns his back, waving behind him.

Don't think this is over. I'm coming back for round two someday!

Margaret!VELVET37DM 259259

File: 1363514998191.jpg (183.21 KB, 550x650, b5a1d81c6d340110fdd73090c51d3c…)

I look forward to it.

>She states, turning around also.

>Opens up her book, a magic circle appearing beneath her, then disappearing in a blue light.

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292365

File: 1364779868412.jpg (681.13 KB, 850x805, Getting Ready.jpg)

>In the middle of a field, bored out of her mind.
>Stands on the hilt of her long sword, which is sticking out of the ground, with her short sword still in its sheathe.
>Seems to have perfect balance, her eyes closed, seemingly trying to meditate

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292396

File: 1364780358667.png (511.56 KB, 500x676, tumblr_mjrug0e01c1rtmxico3_500…)

>a challenger approaches.
>he's a… rather dandy overdressed man at that. His most prominent features are his hat with the word DIO on it and the bandage across his face.

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292440

File: 1364781102294.jpg (553.31 KB, 900x1088, Boring.JPG)

>Hears the man approach, and faster than you can blink, she flips over her longsword, draws her shortsword, and makes a "+" with her swords in a defensive position.
>Just kinda stares at him, not saying anything.

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292452

File: 1364781309155.png (221.28 KB, 344x347, 3-31-2013 6-33-37 PM.png)

>busy sipping coffee, if you look closely, at the right side of his face… There is something a bit off…
>finished his drink
Ah… Right then… Nothing like a good cup of coffee.
>stares at his opponent.
Young girls like you shouldn't be here…

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292472

File: 1364781642132.jpg (143.38 KB, 850x1189, Not A Chance.jpg)

>Her eyes narrow as she spots the side of his face.
>Crouches down even further, still staring at him.

And what do you mean by "girls like me"?

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292485

File: 1364781956478.jpg (243.26 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mkcs0cBNwn1qfuscmo1_500…)

No offense, but-
>smiles, making the "blemish" on his face more obvious.
You look like a child to me.

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292492

File: 1364782104313.jpg (158.81 KB, 582x800, Dual Blades.JPG)

>Stands up, quickly flipping her swords around, pointing them both at Diego.

And there's a problem with a "child" sitting in a field?

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292507

File: 1364782508583.png (305.2 KB, 480x640, tumblr_miofcvNEV21rn92vzo1_500…)

I thought this was an arena.. Isn't it?

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292536

File: 1364783170823.png (297.74 KB, 857x900, Gettin Real Tired.png)

>Looks around her, and now that he mentions it, she can see white markings outlining a large rectangle in the field.
>There also seems to be a severe lack of plants and trees, as if they were purposely cut down for this place.

>Looks back at the man, swords still pointing at him.


My mistake then, but since I'm already here, I might as well have some fun.

>Stands up straight, and flips her swords around, sheathing both of them.

If you want, you can have first attack.

>Stands there with her arms spread out, just begging him to attack her.

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292558

File: 1364783720118.jpg (171.67 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mk8rjf0cwn1r07tmxo1_500…)


>grins, soon the bandage on his face comes off, along with it his mouth splits open wide; like a glasgow smile. His skin takes on the texture and look of scales and a large tail sprouts from his lower bac.
Scary Monster!

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292580

File: 1364784084325.png (229.2 KB, 500x354, Dead Now Bitch.png)

>Smirks a little.


>She then disappears, nowhere to be seen.

>The sound of swift footsteps is then heard behind him, and she runs in from behind, going for a stab with her longsword right through his back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 164
>>If successful, she spins around, dragging him along with her sword, and tries to fling him away. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 381
>>>If also successful, her shortsword is sticking out of the ground where he is about to land. If Evens, he is unable to react in time. Roll 1d1000 = 636

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292612

File: 1364784738440.png (246.93 KB, 418x1122, SCD4C.png)

>the first strike manges to hit, but when she attempts to fling him, he remains on his feet.
>runs after her.
Hand to Hand!
>swings a fist at her chest.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 748

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292623

File: 1364784952954.jpg (65.29 KB, 700x489, Getting Intense.JPG)


>Is punched right in the chest, bending over from the force.

>But uses this chance to run right underneath him.
>Then immediately jumps and spins around, going to slash at his back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 564
>>If successful, throws her short sword down at him, going to stab him in the back again. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 214
>>>If also successful, lands, and runs at him, going to stab him in the back with her longsword. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 345
>>>>If all successful, grabs hold of both of her swords, which are both still in his back, and slashes them out of his back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 568

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292647

File: 1364785365711.jpg (171.96 KB, 600x630, tumblr_mjsuwvl9RB1rpv933o2_128…)

>although his skin makes it really hard to cut him, Yuuki actually manages to, until the third strike.
>gets some distance between him and her.
>pics up a rock
>in a flash of light, the rock becomes a trio of knives
>throws them
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 681
>how many Roll 1d3 = 1

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292669

File: 1364785711835.jpg (749.57 KB, 1600x1200, How's That.jpg)

>Swings her longsword, deflecting all three knives.


>Runs towards him, rapidly jumping from side to side.

>Is jumping so fast, it even looks like there's to of her running at him. Whether or not he knows its only one is up to you.
>However, when she goes to attack, it feels like both are attacking, as both Yuuki's swing at him. Evens for both. Roll 1d1000 = 268 Roll 1d1000 = 66

Diego Brando!MEOWKdWFcQ 292681

File: 1364786051505.jpg (236.79 KB, 469x750, tumblr_mjdkzwa2P41qe4gp7o1_500…)

>grimaces in pain, the second hit cutting deep
Back off!
>head butt
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 272
>recardless, swings at her with her claws.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 932

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 292828

File: 1364789444572.png (875.62 KB, 996x1200, Kritical Kombo Komplete.png)

>Gets hit by the headbutt, sliding back a bit.
>Only to get send back even further from the claws.


>Quickly goes back on the attack though, going for a quick stab with her longsword. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 150

>>If successful, rushes forward, along the blade of her longsword, and goes to stab with her shortsword. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 575
>>>If both successful, double Climhazzard! Jumps straight up into the air, going to rip both swords right out of Diego. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 929

Stephie!SsssfgJzTk 301797

File: 1365115733467.jpg (243.26 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mkcs0cBNwn1qfuscmo1_500…)

>Is nicked by the first attack, but manages to avoid the last attacks.
>Attempts to punch her with both fists.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 176
>if successful, lets out a loud inhuman battlecry, similar to one used by another one with his last name.

Yuuki Hiragi!euRUSHnXfM 324564

File: 1365976325227.jpg (444.04 KB, 1000x1412, Here We Go!.jpg)

>Is punched back, skidding across the ground.
>And doesn't even flinch at the sudden battlecry.
>Rushes forward at Diego.

Here we go!

>Suddenly glows white, with blue sparks of energy surrounding her hands.

>Goes for slash after slash after slash after slash after slash after slash. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 127 How many [30]
>>If successful, ends it by kicking him in the stomach, her white glow and energy sparks fading away. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 477

Reboot !Genosv7So6 894016

File: 1427665423948.png (197.95 KB, 500x689, tumblr_nlxz9llPcK1tqbrbro1_500…)

Hearing mention of an arena, not many would find the gall to take to the task. Power wasn't something everyone had, and the young man who ventured this far to find the rumored honored battle arena was more then capable of dealing with not only foes of his own world, but others as well.

The cyborg entered the arena, and to his surprise he was greeted with nothing. No spectacles, no fights to watch, no crowd to see him in action. Not that that was his reason for coming here. It wasn't honor or glory; it was merely for the sake of testing himself.

Alas, all he was greeted with was a... Basketball court? Why one out in the middle of no where? And in this good of condition? He stares in befuddlement, taking in the sight before letting out a sigh and speaking to what he thinks is himself, "I should of known better then to believe a hoax from some website.", before turning away, unbeknownst to who or what could be near him...

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894017

>Floating nearby is the playful little trickster, Tet.
>Lowers himself behind the man, floating upside down as he begins to leave.
>The being grins.

You're quick to give up, aren't ya?

>If the man would turn around to face the voice, it's source would be nowhere to be seen.

>Tet reappears again behind the man, keeping himself hidden from him that way.

Should've look around at least a little harder!

>Again, if he turns around, Tet is gone, and back on the other side of him.

You might find something!

!Genosv7So6 894018

File: 1427666268703.jpg (33.58 KB, 303x465, tumblr_inline_nlwhtlcsCY1raagj…)

The cyborg lets out a slight breath of surprise at the trickster suddenly appearing, making himself known in a mystery way. The cyborg on instinct takes a step back, stopping in his tracks thanks to the small one.

Once he disappears again, his sensors are quick to catch on where the person is behind him, only to be deceived. Though it was obvious where he reappeared, the cyborg doubted his censors for a moment. In this case, he merely crosses his arms and turns his head ever so slightly, expressing little amusement at the turn of events. "I'm assuming you're not hear to play ball?" He doesn't mimic match the other's enthusiasm, only responding with that simple question.
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Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894019

File: 1427666492942.png (596.52 KB, 960x640, IMG_0507.PNG)

>Tet finally stops bouncing around, and stays in one place to the man can get a view of him.
>He floats there upside down, looking right at him.

That one's up to you, now isn't it?

>He grins.

>He holds his two hands upright, even though he's upside down, and an object appears in each one.
>In one hand, a basketball appears, and in the other, a sword.

Take your pick. Which kind of game will we play?

!Genosv7So6 894020

File: 1427666961771.png (49.02 KB, 165x300, tumblr_nls472rtEL1r6q7tio2_250…)

Still he gives an unamused expression towards Tet's constant playfulness, his arms crossed as he taps his foot. He eyes the two objects in both hands, before eyeing just how young this person was.

"I was told if I wanted a powerful opponent to come here." He told the boy before him, "You're just a kid. What are you doing here?" He got straight to the point, even with the stranger before him. Though a kid with the powers to form and teleport around... Just who was this guy?

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894021

File: 1427667662158.jpg (14.7 KB, 250x141, No Game No Life - 04 - 41.jpg)


> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojL5Y5HvOlE

>Tet flips around, the two objects in his hands disappearing.
>Now floating upright, Tet raises an eyebrow and smirks.

I think we have a bit of a misunderstanding here.

>He holds his arms once again, this time, the entire arena behind him glows a very bright, and light blue.

>The light seems to be coming from the lines on the basketball court, as the entire arena begins to become victim to an earthquake.
>It shifts and changes, and it starts to change its shape.
>Everything from the floor, to the walls around it shit and detach from one another, forming a very odd and interesting looking design.
>The entire arena continues to rumble and small pieces of debris fall from wherever it moves.
>As the earthquake begins to calm down, the arena slows down it's shifting too.
>There are now slopes everywhere, walls where there shouldn't be walls, platforms that seem to serve no purpose, being placed randomly, and facing random directions.
>The design of this place makes no logical sense, and there they stand in the middle of it.
>Where they stand is a square arena like area, completely normal compared to everything else around them.
>They can no longer see the sky, and anything outside of this mess is obstructed by walls and platforms.
>Through all of this, Tet just stares right at the man with a smirk.

So, you wanted a powerful opponent?

!Genosv7So6 894022

File: 1427668169699.gif (324.35 KB, 499x281, tumblr_nlnh8sCAdx1tlrptwo9_500…)

That answered his question. All of a sudden the setting around them shifted and quaked, the cyborg standing his ground as the area around him begins to crumble and reform. Eyeing the kid before him, his mouth slightly opens in surprised,
confused at this turn of events. Does he own the place?

His worry about this being a child is overtaken as he thinks over the situation. No ordinary kid could do this, and suddenly Genos realized he'd have to take this guy seriously. With his arms uncrossing, the cyborg takes in a deep breath and watches as everything changes, his eyes only shifting to Tet once it's all over.

Still expressionless as ever, his metallic fingers twitch as he readies himself, almost expecting an attack by now. Now was the time for questions, and to see if it would even be wise to challenge this guy. He asked for a formidable opponent; and he might of just got him.

"Yeah, and was that you? You own this arena? That must make you pretty powerful, right? Is that what you've been hinting at?" He asked, answering the kids question at first, though still doubting his powers even through all that.
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Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894023

File: 1427668719538.jpg (77.5 KB, 1280x720, 264j5s5.jpg)


I might own it. I might not.

>He crosses his arms, and looks straight at the man.

Tell you what. I challenge you to a game.

>The magic words.

>The entire area begins to glow again, but other than that, nothing changes.

If you can make me admit defeat in a fight, I will answer any question you may have, and give you a reward of your choosing for winning.

>He smirks, a huge piece of paper materializing and floating behind Tet. All it has on it is exactly what he just said, along with the following: "Participants: Tet, _____ "

!Genosv7So6 894028

File: 1427670603636.png (28.94 KB, 165x300, tumblr_nls472rtEL1r6q7tio3_250…)

Narrowing his eyes, he had no ideas of the capabilities of this kid. His scowl stays consistent, but it's clear he's thinking it over. Nobody else was here, does that mean he's defeated everyone who's come by? Possibly killed them? There was a lot running through his mind, and he only referred to this all as a game. With another sigh a twitch of his eye, he gives his response.

"What happens if I lose? I'm afraid I can't possibly match what you're offering." He asks, hoping to get the meaning behind this kids intentions. He eyes the name on the paper, only going to give his once he's sure of the consequences if he loses. He doubted he would, but just in case...

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894031

File: 1427671773122.jpg (46.83 KB, 1047x585, no-game-no-life-epiosde-5-1.jp…)

If you lose?

>He crosses both his arms and his legs, floating there in thought.

How aboouuut..

>he brings his hand to his chin, thinking this one over hard.

You answer any questions I may have? That should about do it for me.

>What he said was then magically written on the piece of paper, as it still floats behind Tet.

!Genosv7So6 894032

File: 1427672325030.png (129.6 KB, 368x316, tumblr_nlrtmymswl1scclxgo1_400…)

Genos prepared for the dire answer after he repeated his question, straightening up and ready for whatever consequence could come of this. He wanted a fight. But nothing too deadly, as it would be a waste of his life.

The cost of if he lost? Was... Underwhelming, least to say. He could almost feel his system pick up in nervousness, only letting out a breath of relief. "... Yeah, sure. That's sounds fair enough, actually. Don't know what else I expected."

He punches a fist to his palm, the metal of his hands clinking as his expression actually changes to content rather then a scowl. "Then lets fight. Whoever admits defeat first loses. Loser answers a question of the winners choosing. Sounds like a deal." He nods to himself. "Name's Genos, by the way." He tells him, before rubbing a hand behind his neck and mimicking a stretch. He already had in his mind he wasn't going to go too hard on the kid. After all, he looked young. Wouldn't want to kill him.

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894049

File: 1427673877333.png (868.45 KB, 1280x720, Vlcsnap-2014-04-26-04h45m45s46…)

>Tet smiles.

And I'm Tet, nice to meet you!

>The blank on the sheet of paper is then replaced with "Genos", and it folds up, shrinks down to regular size, and falls into Tets hand.

Then let the games, begin!

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgS2wY3H7fE

>He crushes the piece of paper in his hand, it shattering into little shards of blue light.
>The light disperses, and surrounds both Tet and Genos, before teleporting them both further away from each other.
>Now each of them stand on their own small platform, surrounded by the mess that is the area around them. In between the two is the small arena they were just in, but it would take a lot of work to get there fast enough.
>Loud words are then heard throughout the area.


>Tet then books it from his platform, jumping from platform to platform, and leaping off wals to find his way close to Genos, and in an advantageous position.

!Genosv7So6 894050

Roll 1d2 = 2 1 = Tet finds Genos first, 2 = vice versa

!Genosv7So6 894051

File: 1427674532442.png (994.17 KB, 1280x920, tumblr_nlwx3fjmhN1s45274o3_r1_…)

With the kid merely crushing the paper, Genos blinks and waits until the light disperses, eyeing the small platform he's on. He readies himself, looking around for his new opponent. Jeez this place was big, and from there with his swift speed he begins jumping from platform to platform, his fists curled.

He had the intention of holding back for now, but still he had to put the hurt on to make this kid regret their deal. If Tet saw just how swift the cyborg could move, it was intimidating in itself as he jumped around as almost a black blur, the red pupils of his sensors trailing behind him as he also looks for a good position.

And he finds it, Tet jumping around and he manages to find him without the trickster doing the same. Right in between the child jumping between a wall, a platform, anything, he's interrupted as the cyborg jumps towards him and intends on slamming his metallic fist right against his cheek, the power of his punch enough to knock him back significantly. That, and metal hurts. Both combined obviously made getting not too optimal. Odds, Roll 1d1000 = 951

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894052

File: 1427674932352.png (2.5 MB, 1872x1040, Screenshot_1.png)

>Right in the face!
>Tet takes the hit unexpectedly, and is sent flying at one of the platforms, snapping it in two and landing on one on the other side.

..Jeez, that hurt!

>He pushes himself up up his feet, and looks over to Genos.

You sure didn't waste any time!

>He holds his hand out in front of him, a circle surrounding his hand as he makes a fist.

Tell me how you like this one!

>He swings his fist behind him, opening his palm.

>Behind him he summons a circle of 12 balls of light.


>He then swings his hand back in front of him, as the balls of energy fire off, flying after Genos. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 706 How many hit. Roll 1d12 = 2

>If successful, Tet is already in front of Genos, jumping up and grabbing his shoulder.
>Using Genos as a stand, he spins and flips his way over to the other side of him, before launching an energy fueled fist into his back. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 142

!Genosv7So6 894055

File: 1427675550988.jpg (67.95 KB, 540x369, tumblr_nlp2js8ate1tyyglgo1_540…)


His eyes widen at the sight of him even standing again. That could of knocked out any normal human being. That, and he had magic at his disposal? For whatever reason never did he see this coming, and before he realizes it there's multiple projectiles flying at him, which he doesn't have the time to dodge, Holding up his cybernetic arms in a cross formation in front of him, only 2 connect and the rest blast against the ground he stood on, causing him to take a step back and leave a slight singe in his metallic armor.

What really took him by surprise was Tet appearing in front of him, and being incredibly acrobatic and merely jumped over him using Genos as the vault, and blasting him with a charged fist of his own. The hit connects, sending Geno's flying forward and crashing into the ground face first, the cyborg skidding slightly and nearly falling off a platform.

He doesn't take too long to force his palms on the ground, actually letting out a chuckle at his attempt at banter, making good of his words.

"Didn't expect that from you, kid. Though I wouldn't expect to get lucky again." He tells him, before realizing he'd need to get serious in order to win. The earth beneath him cracks as he launches himself upwards, also causing him to spin numerable amount of times and fall towards Tet, again going for a punch, using the momentum of his spins and even more of his strength in this one in order to counter attack. Odds, Roll 1d1000 = 3

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894057

File: 1427675955186.jpg (303.49 KB, 1280x720, mirlo-no-game-no-life-04-720p-…)

>Another solid hit, sending Tet off the platform they were currently on and crashing down to another one.
>He sits up, and looks at Genos.

Luck had nothing to do with it. You were just foolish enough to underestimate me!

>He spins around to his feet, and leaps up, bouncing off sideways platforms to gain height.

>He jumps up from below Genos in an attempt to SHORYUKEN. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 281
>If successful, grabs Genos by the leg as he's sent flying up, and Luigi back throws' him towards the ground. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 10

!Genosv7So6 894058

File: 1427676361148.png (317.82 KB, 540x371, tumblr_nlj9b58HWj1scclxgo1_540…)

Eyeing the trickster as he crashes into the platform, he winces, an eye squinting at just how casually he sits up. His scowl returns as a low growl's let out from his throat, before once again Tet's in his face, attempting a move that looked like it was a video game. Now was his time to shine.

Leaning back from the punch, he rises with him, glaring at him as he brings his elbow to his stomach and knocking him towards the ground. Evens hit, Roll 1d1000 = 382

If successful, he he follows up, not giving him time to recover and hoping to end it with another elbow drop to the chest. The first hit should of left him winded, he hoped, as this wouldn't be too pleasant if it didn't connect. Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 213

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894059

File: 1427676715459.gif (954.04 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n4usb6FDFO1r7ou8vo3_500…)


>Tet is sent plummeting towards the ground, landing hard, but he's able to roll right out of the way of the second hit.

>He then spins in place, bringing his foot up and around to the back of Genos' head. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 841
>If successful, he pushes himself to his feet, holding his stomach and breathing heavily.


>If failure, he leaps away to a distant platform instead, still holding his stomach and breathing heavily.

!Genosv7So6 894060

File: 1427677082284.jpg (81.06 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nlub5ee4tJ1u4xs4ro1_128…)

Smacking right into the ground, he's surprised Tet was able to dodge in the first place. It was lucky he did, because the platform itself cracked from his impact. He quickly looks at Tet, his eyes widening as he tries to retort with a kick of his own, Genos rolling away and then to his feet and standing ready, watching where Tet runs. He was in pain, it seemed, and finally he was showing it.

He contemplated on asking if he was done already, but realized he shouldn't underestimate him considering he was not only able to dodge, but retaliate afterwards. Rubbing his elbow, he launches himself towards the child and intends on finishing this, the platform actually crumbling from the impact of him jumping off of it and launching himself.

What was he going for, of course? What his Sensei always taught him; a punch, and while it wasn't a finished fight in one punch like his teacher, still he felt like trying. Right towards his chest, fearing that he'd smash his cranium if this connected. Evens. Roll 1d1000 = 350

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894061

File: 1427677713771.png (646.75 KB, 960x640, IMG_0506.PNG)

>Tet is smashed once again, flying through multiple platforms before breaking into the opening they stood in earlier.
>he now lay in the middle of the open area arena in the center, pushing himself to his feet.

..Jeez, you're tough..

>He looks up to Genos, his eyes starting to glow.

>He snaps his fingers, causing the sideways platform behind Genos to fly out, slamming against him and pushing him at high speeds into the open area. Evens, it actually hits Roll 1d1000 = 874
>If successful, Tet's right hand starts glowing brightly with energy as Genos comes flying towards him.

But your attacks are simple!

>He throws his fist full force at Genos' chest, having the same amount of force as Genos earlier punch. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 681

!Genosv7So6 894063

File: 1427678298538.jpg (23.97 KB, 265x164, Fully_Conected.jpg)

With his own hit connecting, he flicks his wrist and catches his ground, thinking for sure that would of ended it. Especially given all that he flew through, but once again he forces himself to his feet. Genos' scowl grows as unexpectedly the otherworldly child sends a platform charging towards him. It catches him off guard, the cyborg letting out a cry in surprise, but he see's through the Trickster's plan.

He would retort, but currently he's flying towards him. Genos actually sets a hand against the platform, prying himself off of the ground that smacked and formed a small crater around him. A red pupil of his own flares for a moment, as he grabs the fist coming towards him, and aims to slam him against the platform that's being sent towards the stage, afterwards jumping off towards a wall and actually hanging on by slamming his fist into it along with a foot. Odds for the grab connecting and slamming him against the platform, evens Tet breaks free. Roll 1d1000 = 815

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894064

File: 1427679593925.png (2.5 MB, 1872x1040, Screenshot_1.png)


>Is slammed against the platform as it continues to fly, and throws Tet across the stadium, him rolling and skidding across the ground.

>He looks back up, seeing Genos.


>Tet pushes himself yet again back to his feet.

Looks like I won't be able.. to hold back..

>Breathing heavily, he stands up straight, looking at Genos confidently.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R7sas8bWN4
>A mysterious wind picks up, and Tet's glow becomes brighter.
>His jacket and hair blow in the wind, it becoming stronger and more fierce.
>It never becomes unbearable though, just enough to add effect which is the only reason im adding the wind.
>A strange aura surrounds Tet.

Time to really pump things up!

>Two beams of light appear in his hands, simulating swords, and he dashes towards Genos, not yet attacking.

!Genosv7So6 894069

File: 1427680066015.jpg (183 KB, 1200x863, tumblr_nl0q531tDD1tgq8ogo5_128…)

Where from Genos was standing, he stares in bewilderment from Tet even being alive by now. Then again, he clearly wasn't from Earth. But what's this? It looked like he was powering up. Genos almost felt like waiting, but they had a deal. And from their fight, he was more then curious about this child's whereabouts, and he had to know.

With his feet firmly planted in the wall he was "standing", done by slamming them into the concrete below him, he puts both fists together, not waiting to see what this new form of his will bring. His sensors zoom in on the weaponry, and now it wouldn't be optimal to go fist against sword. Now he really meant on ending this, the wall beginning to crack from the pressure Genos was putting on it from merely charging his fists. Though this time it wasn't for a punch.

His fists begin to glow brighter and brighter, and he plans on scorching the Trickster where he stands. He'd be able to live it, he figured, if he's lived through everything thus far. But it was powerful enough to blast through any material it would meet, luckily enough the two in some world with floating platforms and walls. His fists begin to light up, and out comes a gigantic burst of energy that dwarfs Genos, not to mention the child as well in size, blasting him right where he stands. Roll 1d1000 = 329 For the planned clash. Higher roll wins.

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894073

File: 1427680497209.png (160.68 KB, 640x480, Ima Firing Mah Lazarz.png)

>Tet skids to a stop as he sees him power up his attack, and his swords swirl into energy balls in his hands.

This should be good!

>The blue energy in his hands continues to swirl and grow bigger and more powerful. The light it produces also becomes more intense and blinding.

>The air around Tet becomes intense and thin, the vortex of energy in his hands either sucking it in, or blowing it all away.
>He then launches his blast of energy, rivaling Genos' in size, and they clash together.
>Roll 1d1000 = 780

!Genosv7So6 894077

File: 1427680909302.jpg (34.63 KB, 264x264, Modern_Art.jpg)


Not only was Tet able to form a laser, but it even trampled over his own blast of energy, Genos' sensors widening as suddenly the blast forces over his and blasts right into him, firmly being planted into the wall because of it.

That sucked. It took a lot of his energy, and hurt a lot more due to him actually getting hit. It was a shift in battle, and for the moment he needed to recover from that exchange of blasts. He lets out a groan, signaling he'd need a bit to get up from that. Or... Out of the wall he was encased in, at least.

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894078

>Tet bends down to one knee, clearly also tired from the attack. His temporary boost in power was supposed to only be just that, but expending that much energy at once really took its toll on him.
>He looks up to Genos, seeing his face implanted into the wall, and nearly laughs out loud.
>He raises his hand in an attempt to conjure up more energy, but can't at the moment.

Damn, can't even do that right now, eh?

!Genosv7So6 894082

File: 1427681814195.png (650.02 KB, 540x482, tumblr_nln10gTRC71u9h65jo1_540…)

If he were just a human being, he'd probably find himself dead from that blast. That hurt, but he was down and not for the moment which was made clear once he pries himself out from the wall, that scowl still there there as... He falls. There's no ground beneath him. Genos was gone, just like that.

And it'd seem like he just feel in the infinite expanse of wherever they were, until Tet would hear something similar to rockets flaring. And just from underneath the main area, Genos appears from the side of it with his hands blasting energy to keep him afloat, again launching himself towards Tet and going for another punch, spinning around once before doing so for more momentum. Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 926

Regardless, after doing so, he still looks as serious as ever, but he lands on the main platform, glaring at him. "You want to get serious, kid? You better give in, before you get hurt."

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894091

>Once again he's punched right in the face, sending him for a loop and skidding across the floor.
>He pushes himself up, still face down.

We're reaching the end anyway.

>He smirks up at Genos.

Might as well go out with a bang!

>He jumps up and is surrounded by a bright light, with a similar effect to Paladin trans in mabi.

>He has his swords once again, and he grins at Genos.
>"All I have is 30 seconds. Better make this count!"
>He leaps forward at Genos going for a stab. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 542
>>If successful, whirls back and stabs with his other sword. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 620
>>>if also successful, Climhazzard! Evens Roll 1d1000 = 924

!Genosv7So6 894100

File: 1427683622009.jpg (504.47 KB, 1456x1096, j002.jpg)

How is this kid still kicking? His eyes narrow as he stands, Genos curling his fists, when once again he's surrounded in light. What was going on with him? He was caught by surprise by his agility, the stab having the tip of the sword seep into the metal, the other doing the same as Genos' eyes widen, before suddenly the trickster jumps and slashes across a protruding orb in his torso and upwards, the cyborg letting out a scream in pain as he stumbles back with his head taken aback.

Damn, did that hurt, but while it was reeled back, he really knew he had to get serious. His fists begin to light up, and as Tet begins to come back down, Genos makes use of his incredible speed, aiming Roll 1d25 = 6 punches at him in a mere few seconds in succession. Roll 1d10 = 3 odds for them to hit.

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894107

>Six punches was all it took.
>Despite his efforts with the climhazzard, the six punches were enough to down the kid.
>He plops onto the ground, as the arena around them then starts to return to its original state.
>A few moments pass before the kid starts to move again.

Ugh, jeez, that was good.

!Genosv7So6 894109

File: 1427686042169.png (100.38 KB, 540x320, tumblr_nlvnq7XbtJ1qlgf30o1_540…)

Once his string of blows connected, he falls to one knee and eyes the kid pass out before him. Finally, he won, and now he'd get to honor their deal. He'd groan and stand up straight and step over to him, once again getting on knee by his side and eyeing him, offering his hand and looking over the basketball court returned to its normal state.

"You survived more then any human ever being could. Plus, you look like you're 10 years old. Just what are you?" He asks, as always getting straight to his point. He figured he'd be fine, considering he was still moving. He went for nothing lethal. Well, save for the giant beam of energy.

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894111

File: 1427687211990.jpg (303.49 KB, 1280x720, mirlo-no-game-no-life-04-720p-…)

>As the arena regains its original form, it seems so does Tet. Genos also seem to lose all of his pain and fatigue, felling just as he did when he came to the arena.
>Tet sits up, looking up at Genos, and smiles.

Is that your question?

!Genosv7So6 894120

File: 1427688276794.jpg (33.58 KB, 303x465, tumblr_inline_nlwhtlcsCY1raagj…)

That was strange. After that testing battle, his parts were all repaired, the light swords that had ripped through him perfectly repaired. Was it simply an illusion, or what? Genos doesn't return the smile, but at least his scowl had faded, remaining as nonplussed as ever. "I guess I should word it better then..." He scratches at the back of his head, humming in thought.

This kid shot a huge beam of energy, created an immense arena, and gave him a run for his money all out of nowhere. Just what was he? Where was he from? He had to know it all, and know if there would be any threat like this child similar around the world. He was an S class hero, after all, he needed all the information he could get.

"Give me an explanation of who you are. That will be my inquiry, which should include where you're from, what species of origin you are, (even if you are humanoid)" The cyborg mentions under his breath, "Oh, and where did you get your powers and just what are they?"

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894126

File: 1427689221340.jpg (77.5 KB, 1280x720, 264j5s5.jpg)

>Tet starts floating again, bringing his hand to his chin in thought.


>He spins around, getting ready for his explanation.

As I said before, my name is Tet! I am a God who governs over the world of Disboard! Primarily, I am the God of Play, which would normally restrict my powers to creating games, and being able to do wondrous and spectacular things to in those games!

>As he explains, he slowly starts to float upside down.

But as you saw, my powers clearly aren't limited to just that! Aside from flying, teleporting, and the aforementioned creation of magical games, I'm blessed with immortality, and an unlimited amount of power. This unlimited power, however, is restricted to only anything that involves a game. For example, I can't just spawn a nuclear bomb out of thin air, but if we were playing a game that, in it's rules, stated that the use of nukes were allowed, I would become able to do so. If any of that makes sense.

!Genosv7So6 894134

File: 1427690934725.png (52.14 KB, 165x300, tumblr_nls472rtEL1r6q7tio1_250…)

Genos nods along in understanding as Tet tells him more about who he is, his brows narrowed as he hears his explanation. A god...? He almost wonders how even stood a chance in the first place, before hearing his restrictions. Did he hold back?

It made perfect sense to him, the cyborg's sensors watching his every move. "It does. You... You're a god?" He questions, and pauses, before looking in thought and remembering how he literally created an arena for the two. "That makes a lot of sense, actually. I would even question why you're here, but you're a god of games." Genos mulls over, figuring it all out.

"So... Another couple questions that's not really apart of our deal, do you own this arena? I know I defeated you, but were you holding back? I mean, our game didn't exactly have limits. Was it all for entertainment for you?" Full of questions, it seemed. Half of him wondered if Tet would even bother to answer.

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894137

File: 1427692876960.jpg (127.39 KB, 640x360, 14101719553_54cf8979da_z.jpg)

>Tet laughs.

Slow down! Slow down! One at a time!

>He looks around him at the arena.

For question one, no. i don't own this arena. The only reason i was able to transform it was because it was setup for a "game". It's why i worded it the way I did in the beginning!

>He then shrugs at his second question.

Even in a game, I make sure to put at least somewhat of a limit on my power. it wouldn't be that fair if a God went all out, would it? if it makes you feel better though, I was using about 60%.

>And for his last question, he shrugs again.

I guess so. I am the "God of Play" after all. All I wanna do is have fun!

!Genosv7So6 894139

File: 1427693385682.jpg (87 KB, 413x538, tumblr_mdk21yj2aM1rbxbyno1_500…)

He didn't even realize how hasty he had been with this question, the cyborg again nodding and looking ready for more. At the mention of using 60%, he's taken back a bit, though it's unclear if it's from him doubting his own prowess, or proud he even faced a god at that strength. He wanted a challenge, and he got one from a god. What more could he of wanted?

"I see. Thank you for answering my questions. That does make me feel a little better. I wonder if my teacher will ever believe I beat a god at 60%" He actually lets out a chuckle, shaking his head before standing. "You've provided me with what I was looking for. I hope I did just the same. We'll have to fight again sometime. Hopefully you'll be willing to up the ante." Geno rubs at his shoulder and cracks his neck, turning away but still looking back at the god. "I'm done here for now, then. Thank you for your time. If there's anything else you'd like to mention. Well... Now's the time." He offers.

Tet!tcSassyDEQ 894142

File: 1427695000620.png (2.31 MB, 1753x1028, Screenshot_2.png)

>He thinks for a moment.

Nope! Got nothing over here. Though i do hope we can have fun again sometime! I guess I'll see you around!

>With that, he stands up, though still floating mid air, and takes a bow.

>Then, he just disappears. Where to? One could only guess.

!Genosv7So6 894143

File: 1427695284162.png (129.6 KB, 368x316, tumblr_nlrtmymswl1scclxgo1_400…)

"Yeah, I guess." He tells him, before heading off. Strangely enough he came out of there unscathed, almost expecting to need at least some sort of repair when he returned home. Seeing him disappear, Genos merely turns away and walks off. So that website was true. He got his fight, and it was a little bit of fun. Now was to see if he could get that god to fight him at full strength.

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