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Anon Sounds Like A**l 662560[View]

"Those bullies stole my bow."

Gilda !XExalted2A 663362

File: 1389344433992.png (126.88 KB, 644x608, sEDUCTION.png)

Why the heck are you telling me, kid?
Quit your crying, man up, and go beat them with a rake like their stepfathers probably do.
Now if you'll excuse me…

Anonymous 762835

"Which bullies? Silver and Diamond again?"

Peacock!TwKE8jJhG2 762841

File: 1399352268295.jpg (214.05 KB, 500x526, tumblr_myz5fyaBic1rqdqi6o1_500…)

Kill 'em.

File: 1374856344173.png (175.39 KB, 480x480, pink.png)

(meta) How do? Anonymous 507890[View]

I think this is allowed, not completely sure but I'll go for it.

How does one go about a pony rp here? What are the general guidelines of pony rping? How frowned upon are OCs, and, what is 2+20? I must know.
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Anonymous 708843

what is bln?
from here it just looks like a circlejekr

Anonymous 709748

circlejerk is love
circlejerk is life

Anonymous 762833

There's some RP over on the /anon/ board as well.

The PPPP CYOA is fun and moderately active.

File: 1397787582344.gif (41.97 KB, 256x192, judge-normal(b).gif)

AA:FFA ~ A Shocking Turnabout - Day 1 [RETRIAL EDITION] Judge.!DKNRnktYJI 747492[View][Last 50 Posts]

*FAQ - READ BEFORE POSTING -> http://pastebin.com/9wzsS6Ba

Full Guide - https://docs.google.com/document/d/10u-nfOswEQwmdf2svNVZMhShW7WNwPQJhP2OniKYC6g/edit

Court Record - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KQwHrync3INDuMXqToTCXpm7Lv63-vKtv8paUN3GyH4/edit
*All Rise*

Court is now in session for the trial of Lyra Heartstrings v. Equestria.

The defendant is charged with murder in the first degree.

How does the defense plead?

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!vk2noctis. 762542

File: 1399328925766.gif (69.12 KB, 256x192, 2DSweat.gif)

!vk2noctis. 762543

File: 1399328936836.gif (156.92 KB, 256x192, 2DZoom.gif)

!vk2noctis. 762545

File: 1399329078023.png (6.25 KB, 474x324, PhoenixHeadache.png)

File: 1399140358566.gif (17.9 KB, 492x334, tumblr_n36n4lMKr61r2inbto1_500…)

Discount Adventure BIG  DAD™ 760401[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Closed #Wow #Whoa

Money makes the world go round, or so they say. And on the Island of Yoku, money is everything. Rich robber barons control city states with no central governments and bleed their citizens dry through taxes and shakedowns. Heavy handed mercenaries abuse commoners and merchants alike, taking cuts of their personal income for "protection". Tenements and slums are the norm in these Baron Cities, and sickness runs rampant.

Life outside of the city isn't much better. The wilderness teems with terrible beasts and wretched bandits, eager to prey upon any unwise enough to set foot outside of the oppressive and protective grasp of the barons. While there are small settlements and villages in the wilderness, they never grow to be much larger than a few hundred people, and are often full of rotten criminals.

Our story begins in the city simply known as the City Of Barons. By and large the most populace state in the entire land, this walled city is home to many different barons vying for complete economical control. People here are so used to hired thugs from the competing manors fighting in the streets that they've simply turned a blind eye to it. Life here is unpredictable and oftentimes dangerous.

Today, one of the most prominent Barons in the city, BARON HANS VON DOPPELQUER has hired some outside help to "retrieve" an artifact of great value for him. The individuals are expected to arrive at his lavish manor any time now…

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Nagato  Suzume™ 761967

File: 1399253524316.jpg (936.29 KB, 1584x1224, 991.jpg)



Hewitt 761971

File: 1399253632824.jpg (30.62 KB, 253x380, stock-photo-16784705-cowboy-da…)

>You dance

Malcolm HP:24/24 MP:7/11 761975

File: 1399253746463.png (212.82 KB, 409x425, 80.png)

>You get up off the floor.

"Focus me more fags huehue."

File: 1397266153770.jpg (280.97 KB, 800x500, shrine of Avia.jpg)

Equestria Adventures Guard_Pony!MuMU9Sb3i2 744554[View][Last 50 Posts]

!Sixth Edition!

Welcome to Equestria Adventures an open RPG styled Roleplaying group.

1. D&D Stats and Classes Encouraged
2. No Overpowered Shenanigans
3. Have Fun!

DM- Guard Pony
CO-DM - Paladin

> OOC https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/535497.html

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Dusty Scroll/Eden/Copper Melt 757347

I'll bind the gryphon with some rope from my backpack then knock on the door.

Guard_Pony!MuMU9Sb3i2 757349

File: 1398825583261.png (306.22 KB, 800x640, 471799__safe_solo_cute_sketch_…)


>Misha is struck side of her haunches with an arrow and she yelps as you both hit the wooden floor.

>A few gryphons fall near you as a hail of arrow fire flies through those windows.

>Golden Beak pulls out her magical harp and begins to play the most enchanting melody that sends power down your very spine.

>The circlet is of a moon priestess. It has lunar magicks that allow you to conjure night creatures from the Lunar Plane.


>He's bound firmly.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Emery 757352

>Pulls Misha close, trying to protect her from the hail of arrows

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