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File: 1417923463085.jpg (467.54 KB, 3100x1746, QcWSalJ.jpg)

LoE Legends Of Equestria Private RP Server 863662[View]

Welcome to the LoE Server guide of magic

Recently, Presentfactory has been working on creating a private server to support the new client

In order to play on the sever, there are multiple steps that need to be taken. For one, you must register an account on the following website : http://register.lemoncest.com/ . Don't worry, no private information is needed, just a username, and a password to go along with it.

Secondly, the LoE client must be told to connect to a login and game server other than the offical ones. To do this (if you already have the client), clear you LoE AppData folder located in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\LoE (assuming it exists). Next, download the custom DLLs package, and drag the 3 .dll files into the loe_Data\Managed folder (LoEWindows64_Data\Managed on the 64 bit client). If for any reason this breaks your game, 3 backup DLLs are also included.
If you do not already have the game, you should still clear the AppData folder mentioned previously (again assuming it exists), and then download one of the prepatched clients above based on your system type (32 bit one if you do not know)


http://www.mediafire.com/download/2ehopw80brofrhr/LoE-Windows_32_2014-08-06_rc2.rar (Prepatched for convenience)

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Anonymous 887440

Pony Tonite is killing the server...

Anonymous 887767

No its the roleplayers and their canon.

Anonymous 887895

Server is alive and well, nice almost quads.

File: 1402907080896.png (61.03 KB, 1191x670, NLR 2.png)

New Lunar Reserves: Navis Concordia NLR 787799[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Adventure #Chill #Ask/Invite #Canon: New Lunar Reserves #03

>Anyone who is interested in signing up, has questions or simply those who need a refresher or update can check the OOC thread here: https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/698576.html

Manehattan Ports Normalized!
Aurora–The unreported shipments have begun to fall dramatically in quantity in the past few months. Manehattan officials are placing credit on increased policing in the area since a warehouse fire earlier in May. Some civilians in the area claim that they have spotted a number of guards and cloaked ponies moving around before the drop in unreported shipments, however, no one else has claimed to have seen such an event.

Sweet Apple Assault?
Core–Locals in Ponyville have reported animals attacking Sweet Apple Acres earlier this month. Local investigation has proved inconclusive, and the Apple Family has refused to comment on both what, exactly, attacked them, and who helped them fend it off, only stating that "they can handle it."

Sea Beast Sightings In Seaddle
Bridle Shores–There has been a sudden spike of massive sea beast sightings in Seaddle. Claims of seeing dragons have been common for centuries, however, in recent days, the number of claims that there have been something even larger off shore have grown exponentially, some even saying that it appeared artificial. Authorities have passed it off as a sea serpent or simply mistaking a ship for one, however, each sighting has stated that it was far larger than anything else seen before.
Two years have passed since an unknown calamity rendered the Elements inert, leaving only a new organization called the New Lunar Reserves to fight off the evils who wish to attack Equestria. Formed from a group of unlikely, yet extraordinary people and given a base between the cities of Ponyville, Cloudsdale and Canterlot, the New Lunar Reserves have been in fierce combat with another organization known only to them and the Princesses: the Cult of Harmony, a group that not only claims to know what caused t
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░▒▓║Taiga║▓▒░ !TaigaVQX9Y!!JiW3iNTcDO 823169

File: 1410072846371.png (419.01 KB, 1680x1050, Tex in the fight-2.png)

>Tex tried for another good look at them, only moving up a little when she felt their gaze, however that even works, turn away.

Roll 1d20 + 4 = 21 to get a better look at the figures.
Roll 1d20 - 4 = 14 to initiative.

"What the hell....?"

Raspberry Black 823171

File: 1410073603580.jpg (171.28 KB, 500x333, Area2A.jpg)

>Turn Order!

>White Orbs

>pls no II: electric boogaloo

>Raspberry rolled over onto her back just as the hooves slam down nearby and pointed the BAR up at their faces with a short smirk.

"I might not be able to see, but I sure as hay can hear!"

>Below, however, the rest of the party not only found it somewhat difficult to see, but, the water that came up to their knees also made it fairly hard to dodge and move around, as well...

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Anonymousmkiii(stryke) 887475

File: 1423866396129.gif (Spoiler Image,1.99 MB, 451x300, giphy.gif)

File: 1423788400803.jpg (123.49 KB, 1200x947, times-square-1933.jpg)

Closed RP Linguine!10/eq19G6o 887364[View]

Gumshoe Tabletop RP

"The city of Broadwater is a town full of opportunity. The opportunity to make it big. The opportunity to start a family. The opportunity to get yourself pinched. The city needs men and woman are a willing to help others. And that's exactly what you're here to do. Today is your first day working for the Broadwater Police Department. Depending on how well you do on your first case, reflects your future and what lies beyond it."

>You're right now sitting in a room with your fellow colleagues, waiting for the head of the department to assign your first case. Now's the chance to get to know your fellow officers.

File: 1415584284703.jpg (602.67 KB, 1920x1080, Thread Title.jpg)

Scattered Shards #01 - Where Mysteries Gather Two Figured In The Distant Past, Once Beneath The Stars!pR.BaFF/uk 852237[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Canon - Type Moon#Invite Only#It Begins

Someone came to see me, once upon a hill. He arrived with the turning of the sky as though he were the moon, for though he stood naturally amidst the shining fields of white, I could not help but turn my gaze. An obtrusion of my vision, certainly, but not one that I minded. I was young, then, and my thoughts turned more to curiosity and wonder than I care to admit.

“A quiet night, is it not?” His voice rippled across the silence and, as though to maintain it, I gave no response. Despite my cold manner, a warm smile seemed to bring colour to the monotone scene around us. I could feel the grass become tinted green and the ever-present moon turn gentle shades of yellow as I realised that this stranger understood something fundamental. “You are right – no night is truly quiet after all.”

Responding to his warmth with my own, I finally allowed myself to relax. “That is because the stars sing,” I responded. Even as a child I was reserved, I remember it well – this was the first time I had what I believe I can call a ‘conversation’ with anyone, as simple as it was.

“Oho, do they now?” Though his words spoke doubt, he held none in his tone. Instead, his eyes cast upward, looking at the lights above with a certain fondness, yet also wariness. I joined him, listening for the gentle song of the starlight. He took a moment of silence, our attention now focused above. The bright moon shone brightest, yet had no voice – merely the reflection of a song that had already ended. “You must have quite the pair of ears, listening to what takes old men like me lifetimes to understand.”

I shook my head, confused by his words. “Can’t everyone hear them?”

My innocent question was met by a curious motion. It was neither a nod nor a shake of his head, but as though he were acknowledging my sentiments. “No…but that does not mean they are not listening.” The eyes that looked up above turned their attention to the elderly stranger. I didn't know how to answer, so I merely urged him on with my curious stare. What could he mean? How does one listen without hearing? “The whims of the stars are not something so easily read – they long for a wish to be granted of their own, and yet we, in our irony, turn to them to grant ours.”

I immediately felt enamoured with the thought, so much so that I forgot the
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Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 885768

File: 1423029331414.png (443.03 KB, 1354x973, scary_werewolf_head_grinning.p…)

>The werewolf choked out a pained noise as the blade sunk through him. He hesitated for the moment after he slammed into the playground pole--that was all the opening his opponent needed. She knew how to fight, unlike the previous magus and half-breed. He spits up a glob of blood and all his senses kick into overdrive. Time slows; he can feel the steel edging past sinew, organ, and bone, towards his heart. In a desperate attempt to disarm her, he snaps at her hands, but she's gone in an instant.

>The wolf stands, trembling, slobber mixing with blood as it falls from his lips, able to hear the heavy breathing and heartbeat of the girl in front of him. He lifts a paw to his maw, and licks the girl's blood off his dirty claws, before pulling his cracked lips into a disgusting grin at the fact that he was still going strong.

>The beast leaps forward, ducks to the side in anticipation of a retaliatory strike, and kicks at her side in an attempt to send her to the ground.

Miyuki Akamine !MrCarnage2 886739

File: 1423447475700.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 517.png)

>This fight was one that had no victory in sight for Miyuki, not unless she land a strike against the beast's heart or straight up decapitate it where it stood. Sad as it was, in her current state, Miyuki was in no condition to accomplish any of these things as she was barely managing to hold it off and her stamina would eventually run out whereas the beast could presumably go on fighting like this for the entire night. Using one of her trump cards was an option and it would very definitely even the playing field but what of the people watching the fight? She couldn't expose her family's secrets for her rivals to exploit!

>With these contradictory thoughts of her duty to protecting the people of Junction City and the desire to uphold her family's honor and secrets, she was almost caught off guard when the beast lept forward again as if to tackle her as it had before. But seeing through the motion, Miyuki stepped forward past its mad charge and slashed downward with her blade into Kai's already damaged side.

>Thinking the beast's attack over, it took all of Miyuki's strength and reflexes to merely block Kai's kick with the flat of her blade, the resulting force of the blow sending her rolling through the mud with nothing but her reflexes to thank for saving her from a crushed ribcage. Looking up from the ground, the Akamine warrior was still revving to fight, her spirit still burning strong despite the numerous blows she'd experienced at this fiendish foe's claws.

>Shit, but as she lay in the mud for even a second or less, she knew that it might be over, if the beast was fast enough in its reactions then it might already be on her, it might already be ready to tear her limb from limb, it might be...

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 887141

File: 1423621373909.jpg (163.72 KB, 951x840, Werewolf_by_Lintufriikki.jpg)

>The werewolf feels no pain--or, if he did, he showed no sign of it. The blade sliced across his side, still bleeding from an earlier strike, and ripped an even wider wound. Blood splattered onto the blade and muddy grass where it hissed and evaporated. Striking the flat of the blade sends a nasty vibration up his leg that he doesn't even notice til he steps forward and that leg buckles beneath him.

>The wounded werewolf scrambles upright, and falls the next time he takes a step, giving a fierce snarl of pain. That wicked blade had stolen too much of his essence. He was done flailing about like an imbecile. He was done playing games.

>Kai leaps forward and to the left. If Miyuki stayed in place, he would just miss her; if she rolled to the side, she would be a foot away from him, or right beneath him, depending on how well she predicted his movements. If he lands atop her, he immediately bites at the tender flesh of her thigh in an attempt to prevent her from running away, his own wound weeping grossly onto her legs.

File: 1420936425763.jpg (243.04 KB, 1920x1080, fantasy-wallpaper-castle-wallp…)

Equestria Adventures Tin_Plate!MuMU9Sb3i2 877618[View][Last 50 Posts]

!Edition Eight!

Welcome to Equestria Adventures an open RPG styled Roleplaying group.

1. D&D Stats and Classes Encouraged
2. No Overpowered Shenanigans
3. Have Fun!

DM- Guard Pony
CO-DM - Paladin

> OOC https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/535497.html

> Last Thread https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/783649.html

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Aquila [ÆtherKnight]!IZSpArkLeY 886811

[Fate]Roll 1d100 = 81

Crescent!KHBFGhZsVM 886812

Roll 1d100 = 62

Emery 886813

"Who said anything about blades and fighting? That's your guys' job. I just provide the music."
>Backs up behind party

Roll 1d100 = 49

File: 1419885253861.jpg (353.78 KB, 640x612, 1392322-68de174a2d7b51b3c008d5…)

Better Layton Never OOC #56: Are you ready for the Future Edition 872473[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Ask/Invite #OOC #Better Layton Never #Happy new Years!
It has been 14 years since we have entered the 21st century...Humanity is well into the interactive age and we've really come a long way...the 15th year looms just days away...but are you ready...for the future?

Introducing...The BLN OOC thread!

You think you're ready but no one has ever played this hard this fast, greeted so much, schemed so often...come peak into the world of The BLN OOC!

In all seriousness though, This is the place people from BLN talk and plot and do all sorts of stuff

Usually they're just chatting in here though. Sometimes they're being lazy bums though, like my player who hasn't done crap with me for awhile. Seriously if she keeps it up I'll just go over to that Judith person...

Anyway, they're never too lazy to introduce themselves and talk to people who want to join in on the fun. A Few things to keep in mind though is there's a week long trial period before you can post in the IC...speaking of here's a bunch of links to useful stuff for existing and new players

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Cameron 885632

File: 1423001461905.jpg (86.89 KB, 500x451, tumblr_n4tp9hkVNE1smkyzvo1_500…)

>32D-23-36 measurements
That sounds like some curves to me yo.
>Not liking girls with muscles or some shit
>Not realizing that the mafia is all the family she's known
>Not being impressed by the fact that despite her doing some bad stuff, she's still so super-pure of heart that she's the only girl in the game who could use the Skull Heart and not get turned into a murder machine

Beat!aaqQySKB5Q 885634

File: 1423001708987.jpg (18.22 KB, 464x348, one-cool-dog[1].jpg)

Nicolette the Floppy Diskette !SavedtIPN6 885886

File: 1423096925552.jpg (28.92 KB, 512x512, Nicolette.jpg)


şpo,ıoğpğ8-* 885539[View]


File: 1396451132018.jpg (90.36 KB, 605x412, sky-people.jpg)

3 votes for each option, you must vote for each option per post. You can't reel in this eel 738802[View]

#Open #First time RP #Horror/action/fantasy/sci-fy #CYOA

You are the commander of equestria defense, there are strange creatures calling themself humans, scout report they come from celestial objects falling on the ground within balls of flames. They are said to be extremely aggresive and are not reasonable. They are pillaging villages in great numbers. Diplomacy with them is not an option for now due to general panic.

Military option:
a) Engage these crash site at those downed UFO sites.
b) Lay the land and rescue/evacuate villager near these crash UFO sites.
c) Make ambush nearby road within these crashed UFO sites.
d) Rally/retreat to have a full army.
e) Create barricade to isolate the crashed UFO sites with your current forces.

Diplomacy options: You already sent a messanger to princess Celestia and Luna.
a) Send an embassador to tartarus
b) - to the griffon land
c) - to the buffaloos
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Awesome eel 885162

You finally receive information about the convoy, did the emissary reached destination without difficulty ? [1d100] 80% + Yes

Desperate for a better stealth approach, you re-examine the pony rank to find a Pegasus/earth pony who is good at traversing the hostile territory of the Everfree forest either airborne or on foot. You find an earth pony claiming she often traverse the forest. She is more talented with medical remedies tough and she is not the best at stealth either, about average. Still, you decided to engage the mission, if the stealth fail, the foe encounter will occur from the previous dice roll and both might die. His name is Valiant Durand, a foreign merchant pony who sell herbs in general, making him good at traversing the Everfree forest due to experience. He join with reluctance your forces. 1d100 % loyalty to you.

The engineers miraculously found damaged scope and they quickly repaired them, allowing distant scouting. You spotted what seems like a clear path to start the special mission with it.

The scientist made minor progress on their research due to the penalty of local archive being destroyed. At least, you have a sure source of research right now, relocate ? It might be more dangerous than what it's worth however, the research speed will increase slightly. High risk, medium immediate research time reward, long term efficiency.

[1d100+10] Under 75% will be a failure, the minus five danger reduction is due to the scope threat assessment and the fact they will traverse on foot. The aggro is canceled but the natural danger of the Everfree forest is still applied.

[1d100-20] Over 65% means they do encounter a local beast within it, however, thanks to the earth pony, it is lowered. Even if they encountered one, they can still avoid it given Valiant Durand is an experienced Everfree forest traveler.

By default, you assume the scientist will be better placed in Canterlot. Still waiting for the emissary...

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Awesome eel 885163

wat... ? Ok, I saw the first dice was 83%, so the emissary did accomplish his mission. For the rest, I'll reroll.

glitch edit... ?
Roll 1d100 = 74 % loyalty of Valiant Durand.
Roll 1d100 + 10 = 89 75% for mission success rate.
Roll 1d100 - 20 = 62 65% for local beast

Awesome eel 885164

Thanks to the wits of the earth pony, you avoid the aggro of potential sentient hostile being, which called themselves humans. They spotted a beast in the distance, knowing the threat of a cockatrice, the earth pony avoided it. They barely managed to stay out of it's line of sight but they managed to traverse and scout the Everfree forest. They spotted a huge mass of unknown creature made of metal, they were colossal, like the titans gods of the ancient manuscript. Scared of the sight, they retreated and reported the information back to you, in you HQ of Canterlot. It seems they might be some kind of blockade or moving forces, preventing for now logistic interaction/military reinforcement with >>791193 image to Las Pegasus. The foe encounter was indeed true, but thanks to the scouting, you know where that foe encounter is, you can choose to engage if you want. That will be suicide tough with your current military forces and technology.

Your emissary return. King Sombra is a secluded state government, did they feel like they were concerned by the threat ? Roll 1d100 = 87 85+ for rallying diplomatic check.

Foe check.
Roll 1d20 = 19 Potential type foe encounter
Roll 1d100 = 42 90%+ there is a foe encounter.

They spawn in arbitrary location of my choice.

Reuse the gryphon emissary Doaliton Vulgrade for another diplomatic ploy or keep him in the local ground to counter a possible panic check, due to his silver tongue skill ?

File: 1420842898097.jpg (1.39 MB, 2153x1080, 1401721220606.jpg)

Depth #Science Fiction #open Vausten 877230[View]

Well, you made it. After a year of travelling, cheating, and fighting you peer out the porthole of the war freighter you
'less than reputably' boarded.

Vaalstrom Station. The last gem of civilization before the Wild Void. It's immense multi-deck structure sits orbiting the cracked remains of a planet, a long dead world thought to have been annihilated in some war when the stars were young. Having been subjected to intensive mining and colonizing, the world's floating continents glitter with lights from the work stations and living structures on their surface.

Vaalstrom is even more impressive, it's disc shape extending for five more layers, each one looking sturdier than even the mightiest of dreadnoughts, and even more heavily armed. Gun batteries and missile turrets line all along it's perimeter and depth, this station acting also as the first and only line of defense of whatever may lie within the Void ahead.

There are many hangar openings as well along the station, it's centre open to allow ease of access for all levels of ships, as well as a sort of dry dock for larger vessels. You feel a pull and hear a groan shortly after, the stations artificial gravity taking hold of the ship you're on.

It seems like you're going to be docking soon.

What do you do?
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Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 879210

"And miss out on what could be the biggest highlight of my career? You must know me better than I anticipated, Stross. I'm not going to back down from this too easily."

She grinned, sitting straight in her chair now. A hint of tea would enter her nose. The more Wisp spent with the Legate the more entertaining she found it to be to talk about plans with him.

"Are the other agents you're sending in going to be under your command, or are they like me and come from their own branch?" she asked.

Vausten 879887

"It will be mostly a multi national operation. Either from military or private groups."

"Assisting in security will be select Imperial units, though much of the leg work will be conducted by people such as yourself." He continued, shifting his legs.

"Imperial logistical forces will provide noncombat and infrastructure support when needed for when you can establish a site."

Vausten 882611

I sure hope people are still around.

File: 1421538824102.png (9.25 KB, 256x196, The Spells of Truth Title.png)

AA:TSoT | The Repeated Turnabout [INVESTIGATION] Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880644[View]

The investigation into the Royal Guard will commence shortly.

Court Record

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Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880810

File: 1421547593801.gif (29 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(b).gif)

Nobody is exempt from murder cases, fool. Come with me.

Shining Armor 880812

File: 1421547702398.png (417.9 KB, 1280x2060, shining_armor___proud_by_hawk9…)

I... understand.

Cadence 880814

File: 1421547762388.jpg (59.04 KB, 501x575, 10.jpg)

>He's innocent I tells you!

File: 1417921833220.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

AA: TSoT Case 2 Day 4 Princess Celestia 863624[View][Last 50 Posts]

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!H44/JpR3nw 873639

File: 1420194235363.gif (116.06 KB, 500x289, Apollo-Sweating-Front.gif)

>I feel that feel

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 874070

File: 1420254952351.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

Holy shit its you, I thought you died... again.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 877878

File: 1377051426817.jpg (1.63 MB, 2700x2900, Equestria Map.jpg)

Equestria Adventures II > OOC Guard_Pony!MuMU9Sb3i2 535497[View][Last 50 Posts]

#OOC #Open #Adventure #Pony

Welcome to Equestria Adventures II an open RPG styled Roleplaying group.

1. Have Fun!
2. No Overpowered Shenanigans
3. D&D Stats and Classes Encouraged

The Moderator - Guard Pony will be our Dungeon Master.
Assistant Dungeon Master - Paladin

Greetings! This will be the official out of character discussion thread.

Current Roster
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Paladin!KHBFGhZsVM 877628

>To my knowledge, Crescent took the Mana Sapphire
This post was edited by its author on .

Emery 877633

I want to say I took that mask.

Also, should have a stat point into charisma now with the level up

Aquila [ÆtherKnight]!IZSpArkLeY 877650

I took the Frost Dirk.

File: 1402276288667.png (376.37 KB, 413x424, Wyrensong Inn.png)

Equestria Adventures Guard_Pony!MuMU9Sb3i2 783649[View][Last 50 Posts]

!Seventh Edition!

Welcome to Equestria Adventures an open RPG styled Roleplaying group.

1. D&D Stats and Classes Encouraged
2. No Overpowered Shenanigans
3. Have Fun!

DM- Guard Pony
CO-DM - Paladin

> OOC https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/535497.html

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Tin_Plate!MuMU9Sb3i2 875018

File: 1420427223499.png (13.96 KB, 178x178, super-cute-sheep-ram-animal--T…)

[To Be Continued]

Aquila [ÆtherKnight]!IZSpArkLeY 875020

>Ah Palasheep...

Tricky!DPandaGLnU 877627

File: 1420938666508.png (45.2 KB, 460x500, fc4_game-guide_characters-paga…)


File: 1416089658990.jpg (187.54 KB, 1095x730, sachiel_by_cyrilou15-d6osmnd.j…)

Better Layton Never #47: Angel of Waters Edition Cameron 855585[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Ask/Invite #BLN #IC Thread

I AM. By license of he who is called I AM, I did come. On a blessed quest, my feet did stomp across the base earth. I did come, only for the cursed Lilim to strike me down with their Abomination.
And yet, I have come once more, unto this new world.
Yet... The world is quieter here. I hear not the siren call of my father, I AM, nor subtle whispers of my foes' mother, I THINK.
The quest is gone, I am left... incomplete, devoid of my destiny to become one with I AM to bring about a new world, free of the scourge of the Lilim, with their weak souls and corrupting cities.
And yet I find myself content to walk here, to listen to the song of the world, the soft singing of distant stars.
This world is full of the Lilim, yet I cannot bring myself to destroy them. This world belongs to them, to other strange races of unknown mothers and fathers, seeming to possess the fruit of knowledge I THINK, yet not born of Her.
This world is strange, vaster than it should be, harboring life when it should not, growing more and more on a daily basis when all the laws of the universe say it should not.
And yet it does.
I walk here, deep beneath the oceans of this world, the light of my soul shining out to the beasts of the waters, numerous in their numbers and forms.
I was the Covering of God. I am the Angel of Waters. I am Sachiel.
And I? Have come again, to this strange world of Rigel Prima.
For this is Better Layton Never.
This look fun to you? Check out the OOC thread first and let us know you're interested.
This post was edited by its author on .
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Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877487

File: 1420878379201.jpg (27.34 KB, 235x226, problems.jpg)

>the mage blinked as he looked around, clearly amazed by the variety of items up for auction
>but he was quick to take a seat on the row of empty seats, only needing to focus on getting one of them
>he reached into his bag, taking out his wallet, and with a hum, began counting what he had as the auction took place
>he looked aside at the mercenary, pointing at the dragon ball
There it is! I have about seven hundred bits on me. Think that will be enough to buy it?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877489

File: 1420878862780.jpg (128.68 KB, 774x1032, deadpool_by_dorets-d4sa24z.jpg)

>After reaching their seat, Wade would look closely at the table covered in ancient artifacts. Likely some kind of superstitious legend was surrounding each and every one of them.


>it was not the dragon ball that initially caught Wade's attention, but the green wooden mask the lay next to it.


>Something about it...something in it's hollow empty eyes almost called out to him. Every fiber of his being was being called forward to it. What was this? Destiny? It had to have been. It was the only way that he would even be in the same room with such a beautiful artifact. He needed it. He had to have it. All he had to do was whip out his guns, shoot anyone who got in his way and-

Huh what?

>Rocks' voice would seem to snap him out of his trance. His eyes now focused on the orange ball on the table.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

???!pinkie78Os 877548

Looking for RPers! Nova 876021[View]

Hi there!
We are on the look out for fellow pony RPers! We have revamped our RP site to the setting of during the Era of the Two Sisters. We encourage OCs and are currently looking to fulfill historic, canon roles to the ideal RPer! So if you love ponies and RP click this little link :


Cheers guys!

Anon 876024


Anonnymous 876250

Joined. c:

File: 1419731158788.png (9.25 KB, 256x196, banner(1).png)

AA: TSoT | Turnabout Relic !vk2noctis. 871608[View][Last 50 Posts]

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Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871903

File: 1419744459189.gif (964.52 KB, 400x240, gs5-gavel_zps5bcc3e9d.gif)

I am inclined to agree with the Defense. My verdict has been called. Any more outbursts from either side will result in being held in contempt of court. Court is hereby adjourned!

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871904

File: 1419744524892.gif (20.43 KB, 256x192, godot-normal(b).gif)


That assumes, of course, that the colt was fired first and that both shooters shot from the same vantage point, little Birdie. It's entirely possible that the Defendant took the first crack at her and her and his accomplice only intervened after he was needed.

And I should think that the fact that his hoofprints were on a weapon that clearly shot the victim would be reason enough for suspicion, Your Honor. As many theories as the prosecution and defense can come up with for this mystery shooter, it pales in comparison to concrete evidence.


Well then, Trite. If the victim owned the gun, why were her prints not on it? Or anyone else's for that matter?

Miles Edgeworth 871905

File: 1419744532472.gif (8.21 KB, 256x192, Edgeworth_facepalm2.gif)

(No... No! This can't be! Sigh... who knows... maybe Doctor Whooves IS innocent... but that still leaves the real killer...)

[ANTHRO]Tails within Dusk~ Prancing Pony Bar 647368[View]

Welcome, within the Town of Ponyville in the Prancing Pony Bar!

Tavern where gathering of ponies within different habits of friendly, or… Challenging others in battles. Hoof in and slurp on Hard Cider/ Neigh with customers- or, workers.

Do not pull, any weapons~ upon any other ponies. Every pony folk, can be armed and dangerious… Prepare for yaking and becoming wasted in the local bar.
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KabelPod 765491



File: 1416881317996.png (23.52 KB, 256x299, K.png)

*kabel shows the unicorn mare how long, his train is*

Mordekaiser 871819

"YOUR STEAM ENGINE IS NO MATCH AGAINST THE [B] MASTER OF METAL[/B] AND HIS FIST OF STEEEELL" courageously thunders the towering pillar of mobile iron as he pivots to face the offending tiny horse. His arm raised in front of his face, his fingers clenched into a tight metallic fist.

File: 1414881746072.jpg (50.34 KB, 864x540, 2earths.jpg)

Better Layton Never: Reverse World 848318[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Ask/Invite#BLN#IC Event
One change in someone's life can make all the difference. Maybe you really would do better in someone else's shoes. Maybe a choice you made turned sour, maybe it turned out better. But who we are and what we do in the light of our choices is what defines us.

Which makes you have to ask yourself, what if I made a different choice? What would my life like be then, how different would I be?

Some people may never know, others get that chance to see in this crazy mismatched nexus of a world.

But it quite rarely happens that you and your other possible paths cross, or even swap.

Something in the air tonight, something strong, something unknown, makes that not only possible, but happen right under our noises.

A storm of cracks, of portals and lightning in the air shows something strange is happening...

Things are changing, chaos is sure to follow.

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RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867668

File: 1418620438602.jpg (6.12 KB, 130x189, Sebastian_NotTooCertainOfThat.…)


>At the mention of friends, curiously, the butler's expression shifts to a less confident expression, his gaze directed away from Hueco.

>He couldn't rightly call anyone at the Mansion a 'friend'. Mr. Lollipop was a friend, though one of the very few he could call without much hesitance. He worked at the estate because he felt indebted to it, yes, but not many residents who called the manor home truly attempted to befriend the butler.

>Some refrained because he seemed to busy. Some did not because he was a demon. It was a busy life, if somewhat lonely, broken in monotony by visiting those in Town whom he could speak freely with.

>In fact, it seemed he had more enemies than friends in that world, when he actually had the time to think of it. Mentioning Hueco Mundo visibly dampens Sebastian's already gloomy mood, a thought he'd have such a pleasure to return to that sticking in his mind.

...Yes, we should depart before someone comes around.

>He looks to the wall as well, expecting Hueco to create a portal they could use to escape this place, leaving it a ruddy mess for his counterpart to find when he returns. Such an idea does raise his spirits (slightly) to know as much.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867674

File: 1418621029065.jpg (365.11 KB, 889x1000, Neko Boy color.jpg)

>Hueco held his hand out, creating a portal on the wall. Oddly, this one looked more refined. Having a rectangular shape rather than the distorted appearance from before.
>was it because Wayne Manor was more familiar?

This should take us to the manor, no doubt.

>for the first time in ages, he felt accomplished.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867706

File: 1418632453690.png (183.64 KB, 365x310, Sebastian_HereWeGo.PNG)


>Sebastian smiles weakly back to Hueco, and with an inclination of his head, he walks into the portal Hueco created for them. The heat melts away into a coldness, the surroundings changing from the Demon Prince's study to that of the mansion foyer.

>He pulls his coat a little tighter around himself, and with a deep breath, the butler looks about the mansion with a strangely nostalgic expression.

>Even if this wasn't his mansion, this still was a Wayne Manor. It deserved as much of a break as his own world's did. It was a wonderful place that gave people homes when they had none, and that was as much why he liked his own home himself. Those at the manor had given him an existence, a home, and a purpose in life.

>That was what was so special about Wayne Manor. No matter the world,Sebastian suspected it was quite the wonderful place indeed.

File: 1413719366416.jpg (110.52 KB, 800x604, deffr.jpg)

Memories of Home Drake!DragonglqQ 842659[View]

The fringes of the forest were a charred graveyard. The charred stumps of trees serving as the headstones that littered the blackened soil. Just past this small wasteland was a destroyed fort. Wooden fortifications burnt and demolished. Several small huts and buildings lay in ruins, abandoned but not forgotten so soon. The squatters dare not set foot in this place, for what it once held.
A dirt path, forged from constant travel winded along the hills of the area. Skirting along the forest's edge.
One side dead and charred. The other green and lush with wild flowers.
It rode this limbo of life and death before going into the forest itself, past the charred remains was a path that had a low ceiling of branches and leaves from the trees that inter-weaved in their close proximity. A low ceiling for a human that is, but not to a pony.
This path was not used very often, but was the only path to the villages that lay on the other side of the forest, far away from the hustle of Manehattan or Canterlot.
The path through not being maintained, was easy to lose track off, leading travelers down animal trails or otherwise.
In the darker reaches of the forest, lay something deformed, discarded and forlorn. Roughly humanoid, yet nothing that is familiar to anything in Equestria. Its entire body seemed to have been engineered to cause a deep rooted fear in those that saw it.
It was because of this, that it had confined itself to the forest.
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Cassandra !Nzixts.png 864399

>Her ears started to pin as she realized the nature of the tale.
>It was, at this point, history, fortunately. No threat stood to her home anymore, thanks to this person's recklessness.
>The implication wasn't lost on her, either, that her delivery of a prophecy to the boy had resulted in the thwarting of the incursion.

"I'm sorry to hear you're doing so poorly."
>That was as much as she could muster; this wasn't her strong suit. Though she could think of someone who might do better, she couldn't pick her up and carry her here.
"If you can control your impulses, there's a town some ways from here... The physician's dealt with magical ailments before, maybe he can do something for you?"

Drake!DragonglqQ 864408

"This is by no means Equestrian magic... I do not think these ponies can help me... I believe I am past saving now." He said observing his greying arm.
He thought of Dracino. His dragon... Alagaesian dragons bonded so closely to their riders that if they were to die, the dragon itself would perish. Such immense sorrow and shock caused them to sink to a catatonic state, in which they starved and died, if they did not kill themselves by some other means.
This extreme distance and time meant that for all Dracino knew, he was dead. And in a way, Drake was.
"Show me this physician."

Cassandra !Nzixts.png 864410

>She was about to rebut that magic is magic; an altering of reality with arbitrary results, and it's left how it is once the magic is gone.
>He proved this unnecessary when he conceded anyways.
"Right, just a moment. I don't know the roads to this area."
>She turned and galloped, beating her wings furiously to climb through the rain, flying fairly low to be able to survey the geography without getting back into the painfully high winds of the storm above.
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File: 1412029695136.jpg (50.8 KB, 702x533, Bruce_Wayne_BTAS.jpg)

First Annual BLN Olympics Tournament Bruce Wayne!pinkie78Os 835043[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Better Layton Never #Side-Thread #Tournament #Closed #For Glory!


>on the continent of Belle'Ayn, in the country of Victin, in its shining jewel known as Silver City

>right outside of the utopian city's foremost sports arena, Comet Stadium, news reporters gathered around one man, eagerly thrusting microphones in his direction and excitedly jabbering all at once

Ladies! Gentlemen! Please, one at a time!

>Mr. Wayne would hold his hands up to try and calm the growing crowd, but it wouldn't last for long, as they continued to shout questions at him

Mr. Wayne! Can you please run through what exactly this event will be once more, just to get everyone at home up to speed?

>the billionaire playboy would give a gentle chuckle at the question, lowering his hands

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Referee!pinkie78Os 864631



>like many, the referee would stare in shock at the fallen Riftguard Captain, especially after the punishing blow that had been delivered

>a part of him wondered if it was at all possible that the Captain would protest the decision, but he appeared so battered that he clearly couldn't even if he wanted to


>still clearly stunned, and a bit afraid, the referee would very slowly raise his hand and stammer out the call


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1418091849044.jpg (4.44 KB, 300x168, images (5).jpg)

>Reno had thought he was exceptionally lucky in the fact that he'd decided to watch the fights following his rounds when this one started.

>The hair, the stupid sword that he's not even sure how the man unsheathes or resheathes it...

>That was definitely their top priority MIA. He might even get a bonus for this one.

>His first message was short, just letting Lazard know to turn on the TV and check out the tournament broadcast. Its easier to get the point across that way, and he'd look really stupid if someone from the SOLDIER 1st Class' fanclub beat him to it on their dumbass mailing list.

>This was followed by a few more emails filling in the details of what had happened in the moments the bossman had missed.

>Now however he's just sitting there with an almost disappointed look on his face.

"What the hell, man? I mean, sure you've been out in the boonies for a few years, but I didn't think you'd have gotten that soft. I mean, yeah sure, now I don't have to risk fighting you, but I'm still going to look like some sort of idiot back home for reporting your flop like that...."


File: 1418092291119.jpg (411.73 KB, 864x1152, e8c785a41638a4c05639515ecbed8d…)


>As the Match was called, Sophy walked towards the area of the ring where Masamune was embedded in the floor

>After pulling the blade out of the ground, the aura around her body faded away and she slowly walked over to where the EMTs were trying to care for Sephiroth

>She sets his blade down next to him, after all, it was obvious he was no hand to hand tactician after that.

>Afterward she turns around and waves as she heads towards the rest area

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