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What is Rarity the element of again? Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 481514

> you need to make ponies smile!
Cheese: "Thanks Pinkie I learned a lesson from you!"
> you need to be a good friend!
Discord: "Thanks Twilight I learned a lesson from you!"
> you need to stop treating people like shit!
Lightning Dust: "Fuck you I uh... oh, hello officer."
> you need to be nice if you want to be respected.
Seabreeze: "So that's why no one would listen to me!"
> you need to stop being so generous with your services
Coco: "Thanks Rarity. I won't let my desire to be generous blind me to evil."

Coco's selfless generosity toward Suri almost ruined Rarity reputation as a dressmaker, but at the last minute, good old exclusivism and greed saved the day!

Yeah I'm just messing around.

Anonymous 481515


Thunderanon 481516

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File: 1428003653081.png (93.1 KB, 288x307, sweetie78.png)

You're drunk. Let me tell you how wrong you are. First, the lesson behind Seabreeze is that sometimes you need to be strict and seem cruel to do what's best for someone. Seabreeze never learned to be nicer, Fluttershy learned to be stricter. You've also totally left Applejack off the list and Lightning Dust is in the wrong season.

As for Rarity, her gentle beauty and generosity serve as an inspiration to all those around her. Even after she is taken advantage of, she does not let that harm her generosity and sells herself into slavery to let her friends see a broadway show. This act of greatness forces Coco to return Rarity's first prize, and as Rarity was rewarded, so is Coco, who gets a new job through her new contact.

I am also messing around.

Anonymous 481518

I laughed so fucking hard at this hahaha

Anonymous 481521

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