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Anonymous 481393

I always wondered, like the mane 6 are the elements of harmony but nobody really seems to recognize or care about any of them, with the exception of "princess twilight" in S4. Like theyve saved the world together like 5 times and ponies hardly recognize or dignify twilight. The mane 6 also kinda downplay that same thing themselves, like if i helped saved the world more than once id expect someone to remember. Unless saving the world every other month is normal in equestia, which isnt that suprising considering every other month is seems something is hellbent on fucking up magical horse land for the lulz


File: 1423978367374.png (534.09 KB, 3970x4520, sweetie14.png)

Most of the other ponies actually hate them. Remember that time Celestia fired the entire cash of the Hearthswarming Eve play so Twilight and her friends could take over? Then there's the weekly celebration for the Sparkle family...

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 481404

File: 1424207115912.png (637.61 KB, 1061x753, my_little_pony__background_6_e…)

I want to have a comic where the mane 6 are sitting at a table complaining about lack of recognition for saving the world, and then it zooms out to all the other tables of background ponies glaring at them, labeled "Elements of Flowers," "Elements of Wubs," "Elements of Time" and stuff.

Anonymous 481421

Remember that time celestia found twilights pot stash and convinced her that jet fuel cant melt steel beams

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 481422

This is a good idea.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 481432

File: 1425028103451.png (10.29 KB, 324x333, 1349443791741.png)

Yup. Status quo is god or whatever. I tended to get somewhat assmad about it before, but to be fair the show really hasn't been that super consistent with its world for a while now. Heck, Sweet and Elite, the episode where Rarity got instant reputation for just knowing Celestia or whatever, is the one episode where the ponies around should have known about the Bearers of the Elements. It's not like there was a huge celebration after Discord was stoned or two stained glass windows in Canterlot Castle celebrating those six heroes of Equestria. Wait, there was? Or at the very least the protege of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, should have been recognized by the Canterlot elite in the garden party. But no. They are the ponies who should know better than anypony. But... no.

The mane 6 themselves I understand more easily. Twilight in particular doesn't seem like one to want all that attention, and had big trouble with being seen as showing off in Boast Busters (though to be fair it seemed to be mostly because of the reaction Trixie got from the others). AJ and Fluttershy I don't think would really go on about it, either, for their own reasons. Dash and Rarity... Maybe they would make a bit more noise, but there's also the fact that both of them seem to want to succeed thanks to their own talents and not because of them just happening to be the Bearers of the Elements. But that's a lot of handwaving and headcanoning going on there, so eh.

The one thing I actually really, really, REALLY liked about the S4 opener was the at the very start.
>"Princess Twilight will know!"
That, and how the other mane 5 treated her as a princess showed that hey, something actually stuck. Add to that the fact that we got some other episodes where her being a princess actually mattered that weren't the season opener or the finale, and despite feeling how I do about her princessification and how it was done I couldn't help that be glad. Now if only the Elements thing stuck, too.

To be completely honest, though, them being treated somehow differently would lead to some different situations, I'd think. Them just being a group of almost normal friends doing friend things was one of the biggest sources of joy for me, and them being these larger-than-life heroes could have taken away from that. Or it might have been better. At least it would have been quite a bit different...

considering the rambling I guess I still get a tiny bit assmad about it


File: 1425131676947.png (802.32 KB, 3861x5002, Elusive200.png)

This has always bothered me. Always. It happens in shows, anime, and cartoons constantly. First I ever remember getting annoyed by this was Ash Ketchem not getting the recognition he deserved. Is the Pokemon world so big that Not even the savior of it about a good 4 or 5 times over is unsung? Poppycock.
While I have come to accept that they aren't recognized for "Humor Purposes", ie.
"Omg, was fluttershy just in here?"
"Blah blah I am Rarity!"
These Buffoons live in town. Someone owns a large and obviously popular clothing shop in a small town like this, And no one has even heard of the owner? Bollocks.
Also too as much as I would like you agree with you about them doing everyday things, Rambling Rose, I have to say they no longer have that leisure. Those days of them doing those mundane tasks are over. Even her home was destroyed symbolizing the new era of things. We have episodes and comics of them goofing off; Now it is time for some actual continuity in this story. Now maybe the Crusaders will Receive their Cutie Marks and ASSIST OTHERS in obtaining Theirs' in each of their episodes. How awesome would that be?
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Rambling!Rose//pzOM 481435

File: 1425137356019.png (605.6 KB, 3330x3488, filly_alicorn_roseluck_by_vide…)

Oh, I do agree on both accounts. Them being recognized in their own home town should be a given. However, with Bon Bon there in GIYC I find that quite easily explained; Bon Bon was used as a random background pony #57 to represent a pony from out of town who came to Ponyville to see the new supermodel, Fluttershy. This was at a time when there were tons of clones in almost any crowd shot in the show, so I don't think that's too much of a stretch. Of course, one could argue Rarity could have been more known outside Ponyville, as well.

As for them doing everyday things, well, yes. I was referring to seasons one and two, and to some extent season three, with that. Now if Twilight was treated as a nobody I'd be rather upset, like I was with the Manehattan episode where a Princess of Equestria was told off in the taxi line or whatever. The nerve on some ponies!

I personally thought Twilight's alicornication was the end of an era, even if changes had been changing before that as well. [edit] Maybe "if things had been changing", perhaps...[/edit] Twilight learning about Friendship being over and so on and so on. The new tree just cements that even further, I think, and might finally give the rest of the M6 some recognition.

I am all for continuity, have been pretty much from the start, I just much prefer the more toned down episodes to Equestria-shaping adventures, you know? Slice of life and so on. In fact, I'd love an episode or two just be "A day in the life of Princess Twilight Sparkle" or any of the other ponies, showing their everyday mundane tasks alongside with whatever crazy there might be going on. Filler? You betcha, but if done well it could be so, so delicious!

CMC? I personally don't much care for them, but it is about time they got theirs. What with the supposed theme of season 5 being Cutie Mark Magic that would seem quite likely. As long as they don't go too heavy on the humour and grand adventure and all that and show the Bearers as just ponies as well I'll probably be happy enough.
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File: 1425291798848.png (36.62 KB, 256x256, elusiverarity-rule63.png)

Watching their everyday tasks would be neat no doubt, It would be a pleasant experience peering in on the everyday doings of the girls.. But as I previously stated, I do not think they could actually have an episode like this anymore. They probably have very important roles in this world now. With very little to no leisure. An episode in which they Woke up, did some things, ate, did some more things, Drank some water, then went back to sleep would be cute as all hell, sadly if that were to happen now, people would probably complain about how important they are to this society now and doing nothing would seem like a cop out to make a basic episode. =( I am 100% with you though.

Awesome eel 481442

Maybe rumors are extremely slow, do they have phone ?

Anonymous 481508

In the show it seems they use a mail system using pegasi, or magic in twilights case. But they have electricity surely someones got a telegraph in the works

Anonymous 481509

What if labor laws make it illegal to install machinery to do a job when you can hire someone with a fitting talent?

Anonymous 481511

Nah they just never show the factories. Then again everything is made in china anyways

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