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Anonymous 481354

So I was able to put my hands on the comics series (not really cause I illegally downloaded them from the internet) and I must say I am simply amazed. I'm only in the middle of the 2nd issue but I already love it.

The art style is so beautiful and full of cuteness, and the comedy aspect is quite decent too. It's rather nice to see the characters like Chrysalis (only her for now, 2nd issue) as she only appeared at the end of season 2.

I was really depressed lately, because I watched all the seasons and had nothing pony to do and those comics will keep me happy for a while until the 5th season is aired.

I wanted to ask you, guys, what do you think of the comics if you had a chance to read them? Is it good? Does it gets better? Also, can it be considered canon?

Also I am not really sure if this topic belongs to /pony/. Sorry about that.


File: 1422657443507.png (76.97 KB, 216x267, sweetie180.png)

I really enjoyed the second story arc concerning the return of the Nightmare force. Look forward to that treat.

I'm behind in my comic reading, though the ones I have read are great. The Spike/Celestia crossover was good too, possessing interesting ideas on why Celestia doesn't involve herself more.

Anonymous 481356

So I'm already in the 7th issue and I'm shaking with anticipation about what is going to happen next. It's really engaging. But now I am worried that I will finish them too quickly.

Also it looks like the writers made the comics series a little more mature than the TV show.


File: 1422665690986.png (1.22 MB, 665x749, maybelle.png)

Yeah, they listen to the fans more. Look at how much Derpy there is, and this was during the time when putting Derpy in the show was banned. So dark too. "One day my friends will replace me with someone more generous."

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 481358

File: 1422684605105.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 1262x1278, holy shit.png)

I love the art style of the comics. So expressive and full of detail, it's just awesome. If only the stories weren't so absolutely horrible it'd be pretty good. But the best artist in the world can't get assigned to draw an evil bull who's screwing everyone over because politics that's totally different from the last evil bull who's screwing everyone over because politics, and draw something that doesn't make me want to cringe. There's just no way to draw a comic about my totally not OC who has all the powers of Sombra but is good and Princess Celestia is in love with him, and have it not suck. You can't take a lesson about moderation and restraint and go so overboard in driving it home that your story becomes a horrifying spiral into unstoppable life destroying addiction, then expect a decent artist to draw it as cute and heartwarming that won't give people nightmares.

I hang out on fimfiction a lot these days. So I know just how bad a storyteller can be. But it's such a waste of artistic talent, and people are actually getting paid to think up these plots. "Discord meets the CMC and wait no let's have an ancient history lesson instead of fun" "The Everfree forest is taking over Ponyville with vines except it's totally original and not a ripoff." "Luna becomes a hero to the townspeople and wins their friendship and support, granting her a dark blue power up so she can save Rarity from the nightmare, whereupon the next time she visits the townspeople run from her screaming for some reason."

I just want to read the pretty pony comics but these plot lines...

Smokestack!L9hT7oDU1E 481359

File: 1422830187017.jpg (7.74 KB, 81x136, image.jpg)

Spike lookin goofy as hell

Anonymous 481364

The comics... When they're on, they're on.
When they're off... well, let's just say I no longer buy my own copies anymore.

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 481431

I think I've read the first issue, the start of the Chrysalis thing what with the "zombie" stuff at the start, and pretty much called it quits there. From what I've heard and seen about the storylines I'm really rather okay with that decision. However, one of the bigger turn-offs for me was the art style. I found it exaggerated the expressions way too much for my taste. Possibly because it reminds me of some of the more horrible faces the show proper has made at times.

The tone is also a problem for me. It just... doesn't quite feel the same to me. As some others mentioned like a month ago upthread it can be a bit darker, and it has a fuckton of references and nods. Like, way, way too much for me. Some here and there are cool, I guess, but... eeeeeeh.

If I want to read fanfiction I usually go to Fimfiction. Better stories, less hassle, up-front about the fact that it's fanfiction.

Whether or not you consider it canon is your own decision, but at least I think the tone is too different from the show, the team writing the comics isn't being watched over by the show team, and I find there to be too many inconsistencies to fit those worlds together.

All that said, if you enjoy the comics, I'm happy for you! Different people, different tastes.

Anonymous 481439

So they're pretty much on par with the TV show now

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