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Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 481142

Not yet waiting for enough pony shows to be released over the next few years? Equestria Girls 3 has just been confirmed to be in the works.

Though no more information has been given at this point, I speculate this installment will involve the true EqG Twilight and Spike, who were revealed during the credits of Rainbow Rocks. Her and the girls will likely have to dress up in new outfits for some reason, so Hasbro can sell some more toys. With two Twilights and a Sunset on stage, don't expect must time for any other ponies beyond the usual Yay Fancy Awesome Apple Snarf. What evils from Equestria will Celestia force upon an unsuspecting highschool this time?

Heavy Mole 481143

File: 1418515552025.png (40.59 KB, 109x203, lucy146.png)

I'm hoping Babs will appear

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 481146

File: 1418574287256.jpg (125.39 KB, 506x511, Babs smug.jpg)

"Can we see the new pony high school movie, mom?"
"Not this one, sweetie. It's rated R for language."

Heavy Mole 481147

File: 1418575975984.png (229.54 KB, 1095x730, sunset_shimmer_surprised_by_va…)

"Why don't you, uh... go shove a giant cucumber up your twat, you bleached-hair dike?

"Hey, I'm kidding. I'm Babs Seed, nice to meet you."

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 481184

File: 1419799042885.gif (348.46 KB, 400x300, 741553__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

"pony shows"

Rambler!ataraxialdpod 481187

File: 1419954869935.jpg (6.47 KB, 200x250, the nice guy.jpg)

This concept is hilarious. Well done, Mole, you've met your humor quota. Now you can play in the serious and drama threads.

Heavy Mole 481189

File: 1420042061687.gif (479.98 KB, 349x261, lucy261.gif)

Well it was Silver's idea, really. I just used the word 'twat' and 'cucumber' in a deviously clever combination.

Rambler!ataraxialdpod 481190

You're hired. We need more people with your kind of zest.

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