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Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 480898

Year - 1989. Show - Beetlejuice Cartoon

Prudence and Bertha, Lydia's friends. Voiced by a 16 year old Tara Strong and a 13 year old Tabitha St. Germain.

They practically did get their cutie marks together. Neat.

Anonymous 480899

In the just-aired Adventure Time episode "Everything's Jake"

Billy West, who has worked with John DiMaggio (Jake) in Futurama, guest starred in this episode reproducing three of his iconic voices from that show: Fry (Goose), Zapp Braninigan (Mayor) and Professor Farnsworth (Dr. Erik Adamkinson).

Voice actress Tress MacNeille, best known for her numerous voice acting roles in the 1990s, guest voiced as Dr. Erik Adamkinson's mother using her signature MOM voice and as Urchin in the style of "Tinny Tim', both from Futurama.

All the different stuff West has done has surely brought him into contact with Strong and St. Germain.
Strong and DiMaggio worked together on numerous DC comic-based cartoons such as Batman.

Heavy Mole 480900

File: 1417108993904.jpg (4.96 KB, 130x148, lucy356.jpg)

Did Ashleigh Ball cause a supersonic explosion which made them both decide to audition for the show?

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 480901

File: 1417109402738.png (189.31 KB, 666x711, sweetie220.png)

No, she was being lazy and 6

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 480923


> she was being lazy and 6

best excuse ever

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