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File: 1411935103821.png (14.49 KB, 127x50, Morse4.PNG)

Rainbow Rocks & Hidden Lore Anonymous 480533

Now, I know that this is the very HEIGHT of autism, and I am probably the king of autists for this, but it'd be pretty cool if the writers hid something here a'la valve's morse code.

Pic related: From Twi's attempted spellbook. Now, i'm a newfag at things like this, but this sorta reminds me of something (or it's just wishful thinking).

Radio Waves? Morse? SOMETHING?

Anonymous 480535

File: 1411935379014.png (116.84 KB, 342x414, sweetie81.png)

I saw it as a sign that Twilight doesn't know how to write. Spike always does it for her. She just kept squiggling in the book to pretend to be doing something.

Anonymous 480536

The arrow? She's trying to focus on something in-image.

Anonymous 480537

It's Urdu for "penis."

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