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File: 1410971871829.png (40.5 KB, 538x296, 1410924290199.png)

Rumor of the week Anonymous 480442

Warning: Major spoilers for Season 5 episode titles and synopsis for each episode.


It looks legit.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 480443

File: 1410976681656.png (148.91 KB, 800x452, Sunset Shimmer dramatic readin…)

>Sunset Shimmer

Anonymous 480444

File: 1410981985090.jpg (106.52 KB, 400x479, Waffen-SS-camoa.jpg)


Anonymous 480445

File: 1410997789138.png (86.65 KB, 659x672, Einsunsetzgruppen.png)

Anonymous 480446

File: 1411001766994.jpg (43.57 KB, 395x211, hans y u looking at butt of ma…)


File: 1411009349542.png (214.34 KB, 1285x1231, sweetie587.png)

I believe this to be fake.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 480448

> Twilight recants her

I hope people realize if they say that in the synopsis, there's no way the episode isn't going to have a "surprise" twist where it doesn't happen after all.

Anonymous 480449

There is always that possibility.

But if it were fake, I'd still like to shake the hand of the Anon who put it together. It's a work of art as it stands.

And this Anon has given us something we haven't had in too long a time. Something to talk about.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 480457

File: 1411089354761.jpg (17.95 KB, 600x750, mlfw3537-1331413973783[1].jpg)

major role for mayor mare
>Scootaloo realizes what she's best at doing.
Grand Galloping Gala
Twilight recants her wings and crown.


Celestia gets sunspots,


Willy the Shilly!B9iibSLlfI 480482

>a work of art as it stands

Making up 26 fake synopses is not a work of art. Especially after the same shit happened before S3 and S4 with people posting "leaked synopses" that were all fake, just about every other week.

Anonymous 480496

File: 1411612752297.gif (272.67 KB, 217x176, 1408336094174.gif)

>Twi recants the crown and wings

Lets fucking hope.

Anonymous 480498

File: 1411637974156.png (150.66 KB, 1191x670, sweetie610.png)

Maybe I'm just hard to please because I never wanted this, but now that she has the wings I think I'd be against trying to revert her.

Anonymous 480501

Twilight was one of my favorite characters in the beginning. The wedding never set well with me, and by the time of the coronation I was disgusted enough with the show as a whole--and by Tara as a person--that I've detested Twilicorn ever since. But I have to agree, I can't really think of any way the situation can be redeemed at this point that wouldn't be just as crappy. So whatever. I've lost a lot of the emotional attachment I used to have for the show, but I loved it enough in the beginning that I'm stuck on the ride.

Anonymous 480502

File: 1411724733634.png (809.35 KB, 938x740, sweetie567.png)

A shame you've lost your attachment. When try changed, I just learned to appreciate other ponies a whole lot more. Try the Pegasuses.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 480504

File: 1411761303291.jpg (198.87 KB, 1280x720, cadance doesn't even fit on th…)

It's interesting how A Canterlot Wedding ruined Twilight's coronation, delegitimizing her status as an alicorn princess. I'm surprised not more Twilicorn supporters absolutely hate Cadance for tarnishing the institution. It's just something people don't pay attention to for some reason. I didn't see nearly as much hate art or vitriol appear for the pink princess as for the purple one.

Twilight was portrayed as a very gifted pony, one primed for her role at a very young age, with actual hinting and foreshadowing in a show that don't give a flip about continuity normally. She even fit with the whole day/night cycle, and her ascension could have been tied in with the loneliness that caused the Nightmare incident in the first place, a missing piece as it were. Then Cadance comes in, a jury rigged, retconned princess who is actually pink, just stuffed in the show to play on the hype of some obscure British royalty. Even in the story Celestia didn't even know she existed until she popped into the Alicorn room for her "incredible" deed that Fluttershy has already performed many times over. Turned becoming a princess from a world changing feat to merely a high class achievement. Instead of being living embodiments of intrinsic aspects of the universe, they're just more powerful ponies who can get shot down by a bug.

I mean, I guess Cadance isn't horrible but, I can see why people would hate her, and her silly episode. Yet they don't. Are people just so well trained to support anything with the word "wedding" tacked onto it?

Twilight's coronation even had freaking Star Wars pandering all over it. Why would that be the princess people want to undo? It makes more sense to undo Luna's new hairdo!

Anonymous 480506

File: 1411764639009.png (487.28 KB, 924x982, sweetie614.png)

Here's my special little thought on that. I like the pony wedding and I'm glad we had one. If it wasn't Cadance, it might have been somepony important and ruined them. Cadance's only purpose in life was to get married, and maybe one day drop out a foal. She did her job well.

Prince Blueblood had alright showed that nobility existed outside Luna and Sunbutt, so I don't mind her sudden appearance (true that Blueblood is no alicorn though.) I was more irked by the sudden brother syndrome.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 480507

File: 1411772582382.gif (970.92 KB, 700x394, 694755__safe_solo_animated_swe…)


> sudden brother syndrome

Anonymous 480509

File: 1411785389010.jpg (57.92 KB, 429x600, BqeKN_NCIAE9UWN.jpg)

AJ took Twi's place for me. I still love what the show was, it's where it went from there that doesn't matter much anymore. Dashie still remains my other favorite mane6 pone, even after a rough S02 for her. I guess it was easier back then to ascribe things like that to writers forgetting there's more to her than that.

>It's interesting how A Canterlot Wedding ruined Twilight's coronation
Not really. I still wouldn't have liked it even if Cadence and SA never appeared. All the wedding (and other things about S03) did was strain my patience further. I've said a number of times that when I heard Lauren's original plans were to have Twi replace Tia, I still thought it was a fucking stupid move. So no, Twilicorn was a bad move independent of other bad moves. If you didn't hear as much griping about Cadence, I can only ascribe it to people still having hope for salvaging the show despite it. I can't comment on anything you said after the first paragraph onward because nothing said there makes any sense to me.

Cadence's only purpose in life was to replace Tia as the token pink alicorn princess toy, at least once Hasbro got their mitts on her. I can't say anything about what she was originally intended to be before being alicorned.

>Prince Blueblood had alright showed that nobility existed

That was something minorly troubling in hindsight, but easily overlooked as a one-shot disposable character. As you said, he's obviously not an alicorn, so there was also still a degree of separation between whatever these nobles were and what the two princess sisters were. That's enough ambiguity to leave room for all kinds of explanations for how there could be multiple tiers of royalty that, once again, made it easier to overlook.

And yes, the BBBFF Out Of Fucking Nowhere annoyed me as well. That was horribly sloppy and much, much harder to simply overlook. Pink Princess was still more damaging to the show as a whole, IMO.

Anonymous 480511

>people still having hope for salvaging the show despite it
Forgot to add that it also helped that if you ignored the BBBFF and Princess Pink, it was actually a really fun episode. MMC on the other hand...eh, it had some concepts which could've been used to flesh out a few episodes, but instead was a clusterfuck of an episode.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 480622

File: 1412962717297.jpg (214.03 KB, 1280x720, picnic.jpg)


Yeah, BBBFF, Princess Pink, that insipid song at the end, not to mention the song about her BBBFF, Celestia getting defeated, Love replacing Harmony, creatures of stealth mounting a full frontal attack... if you removed all the bad stuff from A Canterlot Wedding it would be an episode about a picnic.

Anonymous 480623

File: 1412974058349.gif (Spoiler Image,335.97 KB, 175x272, sw75344032.gif)

Actually, I thought Daniel did a good job on the closing number. That was like Disney quality there, which was exactly appropriate for an epic kids' show. I largely came away from that finale feeling like Hasbro had dropped a major shitburger on DHX, and the show staff had managed to pull out a really good show in spite of it. My major issues remain BBBFF out of fucking nowhere, a canon-trampling third princess (and them both being bland as fuck), and OMG EVERY LITTLE GIRL JUST DREAMS OF SNARING A HUBBY. I actually can't remember what I thought of the BBBFF song musically because I was too busy WTFing over how giddy Twi was over him after two years of not even mentioning him before.

>Celestia getting defeated,

That was a pretty major thing, showing that the supreme leader as fallible. This could've been some interesting character development. Pity that it was just paving the way for more princesses and, potentially, Twilicorn taking Tia's place eventually. But that wouldn't be fully realized for another year.

>Love replacing Harmony,

I think I mainly regarded that as a deus ex machina for the episode. Then again, I also thought Cadence and SA would be forgotten after their episode ended, kinda like Blueblood was. Harmony did come back eventually though.

>creatures of stealth mounting a full frontal attack

Knock out the major powers, then zerg rush. Nothing wrong with that strategy. And they'd have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for those meddling newlyweds and their power of love!


Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 480654

File: 1413392413631.jpg (14.98 KB, 309x320, pinkie pie yuck face.jpg)


They actually used the phrase "2 hearts becoming one" in the song. Plus it sounded like girly pop.

Anonymous 480655

That counters nothing I said.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 480659

File: 1413434895227.png (380.58 KB, 3008x3182, 631092__safe_solo_applejack_ve…)


You said he did a "good job" on the closing number. A song that literally calls them "a beautiful bride and a handsome groom" is objectively bad.

Anonymous 480663


lrn2english, junior.

Thunderanon 480668

File: 1413467197627.jpg (106.54 KB, 800x800, 19cc1b2187efe40566cbe9a583b63a…)

You wanna know whats objectively bad? That Christmas episode, when the main 6 had to do a play.


I wanna, marry~ Princess Platinum

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