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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

Anonymous ## Admim 480393

Recently on both /pony/ and /anon/ some of the community has raised a few questions and suggestions regarding the board structure, and possible changes that could be made to improve the site overall. In both cases, one particular idea has come up on more than one occasion; that of possible board mergers.

I and the staff are open to any ideas and suggestions that might work out for the best, and so I'd like to ask for more formalized feedback on the possibilities you think might work.

As a starting point for discussion, one possibility that came to mind was the following setup:
site-related boards:
/site/ - site issues (unchanged)
/arch/ - archive (unchanged)
discussion boards:
/plot/ (name up for suggestion)- an anonymous-centric board for show discussion (and anything else anons feel like) that is open to NSFW
/oat/ - the off-topic board more open to trips for general discussion and socialization; SFW
creative boards:
/rp/ - roleplay (unchanged)
/art/ - art and fanwork (unchanged)

six board total, four actual; a fairly simple and straightforward method.

One other idea brought up was an /all/-type board. I'll bring that back up with our SysAdmin. While it's something that we know other sites have, in general they're fairly shitty and broken, so we'd want ours to be more effective.

Suggestions/comments/concerns/questions/ideas/bitches/gripes/complaints/rude hand gestures, begin.

Anonymous 480394

File: 1409949712317.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

100% against the elimination of /pony/, which is what's suggested here. All you've done is delete it and rename /anon/ to /plot/. This is not a merger, it's a deletion.

Anonymous 480398

Okay, so that's one against. I'm not seeing any alternative in your post there.

Anonymous 480399

File: 1409951142036.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

The alternative is not forcing all pony traffic to /anon/. Sorry. I thought it was implied.

Do I need to say why? Because if this is a pony site, there should be a place where both everyone can post (not forced anon) and where everyone can participate (not porn).

My previous post also points out that the only thing this setup does is delete /pony/, moving what little traffic it receives to /anon/ not by choice, but by force. /anon/ is already there. If people wanted to use it, they would.

Anonymous 480400

>Because if this is a pony site, there should be a place where both everyone can post (not forced anon
There's no forced anon anywhere on the site.
>where everyone can participate (not porn).
People who don't want to see porn don't have to.
> this setup does is delete /pony/,
By that logic, any merger proposal of any boards anywhere ever is "deleting" one board (or both, actually.) That's just stupid logic. Actually it's not logic at all.

Anonymous 480401

File: 1409951956418.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

Calling it an anonymous-centric board will lead to anons forcing tripfags out. There's a sticky on anon explaining it, so please don't act like you don't understand what's being discussed. It clearly states you should be posting anon and is from a moderator.

A merger implies taking aspects of both boards and combining them. This setup removes /pony/ while not changing /anon/ at all in any more than name.

Also, please do not ask for opinions, then call people's logic stupid because it differs from yours. It's rather rude.
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Anonymous 480402

If a person's opinion is stupid, it should be called stupid. What you said implied factual inaccuracies - "forced anon", "everyone can't participate (porn)"
Don't make deliberately wrong and misleading statements and then get upset when someone says it was stupid.

Anonymous 480403

Wow. What a fucking asshole you are. Do whatever you want.

Anonymous 480404

>someone said my argument was dumb
>they didn't say I was dumb - just my argument/logic

>>>>Because if this is a pony site, there should be a place where both everyone can post (not forced anon

>There's no forced anon right now, let alone in the future
>>>>where everyone can participate (not porn).
>There's no forced porn either (as if there could even be such a thing)
>>>> this setup does is delete /pony/,
>You could make that argument for any merger of any boards, that one (or both) are just being 'deleted'

>>>>oh man you're a fucking asshole HARUMPH

Thanks for the constructive input, Sweetie, and your alternative suggestions for what we do with this board of yours.

Anonymous 480405

You pay the bills, you can shit it up however you like.

Anonymous ## Mod 480406

>jumping on your phone to make a post with a different IP to sockpuppet for yourself

I can see this is already turning out great.

anon from /anon/ 480407

>while not changing /anon/ at all in any more than name
We will get tool to change posts ;^)

Also /anon/s are still discussing about possibility of accepting trips - some /anon/s don't want any trips, some anons don't mind trips at all (but they're in minority), while others just don't want /plot/ to become another /oat/: full of circlejerking and threads that start with "Hi there" or "How ya doin?" or other forms of socialization.
>tl;dr: I think that we can find some compromise about having trips by mutual concessions.

!oDoctum.AQ 480408

File: 1409954337371.png (187.19 KB, 900x1000, Rararo.png)

>Compromising with tripfags
The fire will consume all, there will not be a single straw of content left.

Anonymous 480409

I have somewhere to be. Try it sometime.

Anonymous 480410

Having a place welcoming to both groups would be much more agreeable, if both groups could accept it. I have no problem with anons, but I don't like being told I have to post a certain way to stay.

Anonymous 480411

Permaban that barneyfag and maybe merging won't be a bad idea.

Malice 480412

No one wants to e forced to have to conform to anon culture, when anon culture never conforms to anyone else's culture. Theres no namefag/tripfag board on mlpchan/ponychan/4chan where they can get a break from anons. Why should pony or any other board be forced to go anon?

Anonymous 480413

File: 1409979967177.jpg (30.44 KB, 272x345, computer.jpg)


Anonymous 480416

I think that no changes on the boards are needed.
Currently, MLPchan has a board for every pony need: /pony/ for show related content, /rp/ for roleplay, /art/ for drawfags, and /oat/ for everything else. Tripfags populate these boards, and have al their needs covered.

Then there's /anon/, wich covers every need, but for the Anons.

Why merge a tripfag board with the anon board when the two sides already have their territory and are good in them?

Anonymous 480417

But... I want my idw story time threads and show discussions with non anons on /anon/

Anonymous 480418

File: 1410153206819.jpg (63.55 KB, 900x900, gas the kikes.jpg)

>non anons on /anon/
I feel triggered.

Anonymous 480426

As a person who browses (but doesn't post a whole lot) on all /pony/, /oat/ and /anon/ I think this is a bad idea. Even if /pony/ is insufferably slow, at least during the current break, and /anon/ too, there's not going to be an increase of traffic on merge very much.

My main problem though is I'd prefer to be able to come onto a board like /pony/ and pic out any thread related to mlp, instead of having it mixed with /anon/ culture which includes things like regular vidya game threads and what are you listening to type stuff.

This is kinda my problem, not the sites though. I'm probably the minority which finds /anon/s post quality insufferably low.

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