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Mature is good but immature is bad? 479936

I just wanted to say this to you all, For three long years in the brony community fandom, I have seen some changes that will disappoint you and many others and it is anti bronies an non bronies put together is Outkast bronies.

A Outkast Brony is a brony that would fight other bronies and bully them and rant them even though they are bronies themselves but these types of bronies judge on cloppers and adult males and mental or health problem bronies that like the show and most likely call them a pedophile or insulting words and lie to other bronies that so call pedophile "try to force me to take pictures of myself." note that everyone takes this kind of stuff serious but the most important thing that is very dangerous and more serious is lying about that.

which will lead to discuss to others and to disgusted/misunderstanding and judging that one innocent individual person brony male.

The only way for the outcasts bronies to spread more is by being their friend and listening to their lies to go against another brony for idiotic reasons.

not only this will affect some Pegasisters and bronies this will affect other different fandoms such as homestuck, furries and all kinds of anime ground base fandoms that will join in it and start harassing and trolling and cyber bullying that one person they think thats a pedo but really its a innocent person and i should think on my behalf. "Other fandoms better mind their own buiness within another fandom, it wont help out at all but only put up more fire into the heat."

#StopRadbrony on instagram is one of them, over 2,000 hash tag hates, rants, harassment and cyberbullying all because one outkast brony told lies about the teenage boy he was a pedo and shown fake pictures on kik of someone impersonating him, asking for nudes.

It did so much damage to the boy so he left instagram, leaving 8 to 9K fans/bulllies.

Beaware and a look out for these types of Outkast bronies, they're Usually little kids around 12 and up to 14, mostly little girls in big bodies that would look like 18 year olds and some immature boys.

If you see a older outkast brony do something about it before he or she does something bad and it would lead to suicide and cutting.

Outkast bronies would do anything to make that person look bad even self harming they're selves to put proof "this random person brony or clopper force me into depression and made me hurt myself." That would make others confused and start hating that one person that has nothing to do with anything.

They will swear alot, make hate arts meaning that outkast bronies will make or trick others to make a hate video or rant about the person or make a hate art picture of the person being killed or worse.

That is all.

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