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Rarity's character development Wahtevs!b3EjYtb8HA 479624

I would like to discuss it with ya'll.
Some say she has not developed (meaning changed as a person rather than having new things revealed about her).
I say she has. So let us see who is correct.

Relationships with others.

DQ and SoME showed a growing relationship with Spike. Not how he wants to be treated but still more than what he was in Season 1.

From Sisterhooves to Sweetie Toils we see she has become more patient with her sister and has made her a higher priority.

With Fluttershy in Filli Vanilli we see she still wants Fluttershy to come out of her shell but doesn't force her. Is also more in tune with what Fluttershy REALLY wants (versus Green)

With Applejack in Trade Ya (and even Simple Ways as she says the Apple Family is the core of Ponyville and some other lines which show a fondness for AJ) we see that they are both more understanding of one another. A change which has been long time in the works (epoisodes such as It's About Time paying lipservice to it)

And in general she is more affectionate and supportive of her friends: power ponies, Crystal Empire, Hearth's Warming Eve with helping Twilight get ready)

Other things.

She is less persnickety about getting dirty as she has been willing to do dirtying things to do the right thing (Sisterhooves, camping, helping Aj in IAT, the hippies in her micro)

She has seen greater success in fashion, whereas in S1 she was an oft underestimated up and comer.

And, if Fluttershy's micro is any guide she has also grown more astute to the problems with High Society.

So while she lacks a well defined arc she is indeed developed I say.
What say you?

Smokeydapon3(element of smokestack)!L9hT7oDU1E 479632

File: 1403948893952.gif (4.44 MB, 959x1000, rararass.gif)

rarity is sexiest

applejack is worst pony as always

Wahtevs!b3EjYtb8HA 479647


Anonymous 479658

She's just not a likeable character IMO. The few times she's shown any sort of positive attributes felt contrived. Maybe there were plans in the beginning and writers wound up not knowing what to do with her, dunno.

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 479712

File: 1404169563621.jpg (39.87 KB, 480x264, getvotes.jpg)

That OP pic makes me wanna post this

Wahtevs!b3EjYtb8HA 479724

patently untrue. Do you require a list?

Anonymous 479728

A list of my opinions?

Wahtevs!b3EjYtb8HA 479751

No. Times when she's generous that are not "big plot points."
It's funny how whenever they're brought up people say they're too small, but then when the bigger moments are brought up they are contrived.

Anonymous 479843

>I clearly state opinions
Uh, no. Stop being an overly defensive faggot. If you want to give a counterpoint, just give it. Going off like this is a debate of facts rather than interpretations paints you as a mental child, and I have no interest in dealing with that sort of shit.

Anonymous 480188

I didn't know characters other than Twilight even had character development. What's Pinkie's arc?

Also, dang this board is slow. This is the first post in like a month but the thread hasn't 404d.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 480198

I don't think Rarities ever suffered from lack of development, at least compared to the rest of the cast. Most of her recent development has been focused of her relationship with other characters and her career rather then her personalty, which was mostly established in the first two seasons.

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 480208

Not that this demonstrates a lack of character development exactly, but I think Rarity has benefitted the least overall from being part of the mane 6. With characters like Fluttershy or Dash, these friends are exactly what causes them to grow. With Rarity it kinda seems like you could replace her friends with random customers and she'd still have all the same character development.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 480209

File: 1407454956666.png (703.24 KB, 1024x1024, Rarity drunk.png)

Applejack in Look Before You Sleep, Fluttershy in Green Isn't Your Color. But beyond that it does seem like Rarity's focus episodes don't rely much on the other five as individuals.

Often it's important that she has friends, but not who specifically they are.

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