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Maretropolis Thread Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 479324

In this thread we discuss the double-fictional world of the Power Ponies comic book. Canon, headcanon, hero or villain OCs, absolutely anything to do with Maretropolis.

To start off, I formed an evil anti-Power Ponies team of villains with powers that specifically counter the abilities and strengths of the PPs, as well as being similarly based on the personalities of the Mane 6. They might be evil clones, I don't really know, but they look mostly like the Mane 6 like the PPs do. I'm really proud of them.

Fillisecond's super speed is rather easy to defeat. Stickywicket is practically made of sticky bubblegum, allowing her to immobilize anyone who tries to brawl with her or gets caught in one of her sticky gum traps. She's very giggly and pranksterish, and can also do comical maneuvers like inflating her own head and floating away (Like Pinkie did that one time).

Radiance's attack constructs are dependent on her focus, which is why her evil counterpart Mesmeralda uses her dazzling charm and blinding lightshows to distract and beguile her opponents. She can be seductive when it helps her get past security, and is difficult to chase down when laser lights and smoke aid in her escape. I can totally imagine her and Radiance getting caught up in simple banter, calling each other ugly and insulting each other's style.

There's no force in the world that can stop Saddlerager, which is why Yellowbelly uses the opposite of force. Her extreme meekness and timidity is phenomenally disarming, and when she bursts into tears it's near impossible to stand up against her. The other members of the team tend to bully her, and even use her as a distraction to escape, but make no mistake, she's just as evil as the rest.

Mistress Mare-velous has practically no powers above what any ordinary unicorn can do, and has a "capturing" motif with her lasso. As such, MissFortune is an expert at evading capture, despite her complete lack of powers. She's a ninja, but not the "magical ninja" common in fiction. She uses nothing more than stealth, misdirection, traps, a quick wit, and a highly trained body to trip up and snag down her foes. She's the most serious and level-headed of the group, and prefers not to bloody her hooves.

It took a while to figure out how one could possibly counter Zapp's weather control, but a somewhat recent phenomenon in Russia inspired the hyperspeed pegasus Meteoryte. The most recklessly destructive of the group, the shockwave from her hypersonic booms can crack concrete, shatter all glass over several city blocks, and blast away any air currents nearby. Thunderclouds, hail, and even tornadoes are completely wiped out by the blast, leaving nothing but a huge empty hole in the sky. Of course, it puts a strain on her body that keeps her from doing it too much too often, but she has a flippant disregard for safety in the first place.

Finally, the Masked Matterhorn may be able to shoot several types of power beams from her horn, but the Antimattercorn only needs one. A mad scientist pegasus who invented a head-mounted ray gun that fires beams of supremely destructive antimatter, she is the de-facto leader of the group. She's much more "standard" as a villain than the others, the simple "genius with a death ray" archetype, but I find it works very well for the leader of the bunch, like Lex Luthor or Mojo Jojo. For some reason I imagine her wearing those crazy goggles that mad scientists tend to wear.

But wait, there is more than six members to the Power Ponies. How does this group fill the gap? Well, though the Antimattercorn leads the group in their regular crimes, they are overseen by The Boss, an enigmatic figure that delivers them special missions and orders via transmission. They've never seen his face, but his plans are always perfect and they don't dare disobey him. He may have created the six, I'm not really sure. However, the terrible truth about The Boss is that rather than a counterpart, he is Humdrum, the very same sidekick to the Power Ponies. He plays the part of bumbling sidekick to learn about the Power Ponies' strengths and weaknesses, as well as be in prime position to affect the balance of power in Maretropolis. He may "fumble" an important task if it goes against his interests, or occasionally come through and help defeat a major villain in order to protect Maretropolis until he's prepared to take it for himself. Even when the two teams face off, the evil counterparts have no idea that their Boss is the little sidekick hiding behind the Power Ponies. On a side note, this also gets me out of having to take a stance on what Humdrum's race is ;)

So let's get this thread started and take a good long look at Maretropolis and its characters!

Anonymous 480119

File: 1406423405720.png (265.04 KB, 714x897, tumblr_n8bri84k521todd2vo1_128…)

Is the comic out already?

Anonymous 480120

I can't handle this.


File: 1406431565085.jpg (274.83 KB, 650x960, human Fleetfoot goddamn gurl u…)

>She uses nothing more than stealth, misdirection, traps, a quick wit, and a highly trained body to trip up and snag down her foes.
>a highly trained body
>highly trained body

Anonymous 480123

File: 1406482791309.jpg (56.13 KB, 468x311, article-1291006-0A45DEBE000005…)

>highly trained body

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 480139

Nope, not yet.
Also wow, I'd just about given up on this thread getting any responses.

Anonymous 480150

File: 1407015929075.jpg (35.43 KB, 298x387, image.jpg)

>humdrum is the boss

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 480587

File: 1412573417280.jpg (64.32 KB, 854x936, stickywicket__archnemisis_of_f…)

Someone drew Stickywicket!

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