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File: 1400856239716.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, The_Mane_6_in_their_Rainbow_Po…)

I can't be the only one Anonymous 477934

I really can't be the only one who thought these were shit.

They look even worse when they drop the glow, and move in to battle, I remember thinking rarities hair bounce animations looked terrible.

I get that people think that they're a 'homage' to dbz, but even if they were that wouldn't and shouldn't make me excuse these designs.

They're bad on their own and that shouldn't be excused.

Apart from agreeing and disegreeing, 1 question: if these came out before twilicorn(for whatever reason) would you react the same way as you did to twilicorn?

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 477940

More rainbows and hair spikes on Dash = awesome.
The rest look like rock candy or something.


File: 1400871468129.png (158.68 KB, 819x976, sweetie341.png)

No, I think everyone hates them. I've heard nothing but negative feedback from the people I know and the rumors from the creators. These were designs for toys that could be made cheaply using the same molds and they were placed in the show by Hasbro to sell those toys, which is actually what this show is all about.

I would react the same way I did to Twilicorn (negatively) because that is a permanent change, whereas we are unsure if we'll ever see rainbow pones again.

The creators of the show did an excellent job of minimizing the effect of this decision on the show.

Anonymous 477946

Yeah Harmony Forms are bullshit.

Harmony Form Rainbow Dash looks awesome anyway, though.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 477947

They were a ten second spot that was mandated by Hasbro.
All in all It was as good as can be expected from a two parter.

Smokeydapon3(Element of malicious buttfuckery)!L9hT7oDU1E 477950

File: 1400882310438.jpg (29.27 KB, 300x200, image.jpg)

I agree, that an twilicorn was completely bullshit, just changing appearances so they can remarket the same toy as better.
>twilight doll
>new twilight AS A ALICORN


File: 1400884799589.png (94.63 KB, 384x448, 40.png)


wrong field

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 477953

File: 1400886222155.jpg (197.82 KB, 1289x397, 1400858139922.jpg)


Anonymous 477954

They're shitty and stupid. I hope the toy sales are dismal. On the bright side, DHX seems to have made their appearance as minimal as they could get away with, so they're at least not as stupid as Everyone Wants To Be A Princess, BBBFF Out Of Fucking Nowhere, and Crystal Palace Of Friendzone, all of which are staying to continue their stupidity for the foreseeable future.


File: 1400991778203.png (227.7 KB, 1024x464, rainbow_power_pinkie_pie_by_be…)

I think Pinkie's is pretty cute.


File: 1401039890709.png (285.98 KB, 1199x1024, pinkie rainbow mane tiem.png)

Anonymous 478024

File: 1401052307936.png (36.19 KB, 134x174, 23112412.png)

Wot happen too my post

LyraTheFlirt!!Ah2q8cdspr 478046

I agree, pinkie's was the only one that had any appeal to me.

Anonymous 478136

It was bound to happen eventually. The Rainbow Power toys were around for a long time.
I'm not agreeing with it, but to quote Discord and Applejack: "You had to have seen this coming".

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 478142

It was deleted because everyone could see your tripcode and I can't edit subjects. This was the best solution I could think of.

LyraTheFlirt!!Ah2q8cdspr 478222

File: 1401210148628.png (97.96 KB, 404x408, 1357703921688.png)

Oh wow silly me.

pls dun hak me mikie


Anonymous 478240

File: 1401235470937.jpg (185.74 KB, 1280x828, cmc milkshakes.jpg)

Big sister Fluttershy is watching out for us!

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 478341

File: 1401455793708.png (139.48 KB, 600x600, wan_wan_assets__roseluck_by_wh…)

Nah, they were pretty bad. Somehow Fluttershy got even more hair and it just looks ridiculous. The colours on them look pretty odd as well. It doesn't even look that much like a "rainbow" form since the colours don't, you know, flow. The colours of a rainbow change somewhat gradually from red to purple, and it doesn't look that bad since it's from warm to cold and so on. These? These "designs" just have colours thrown in to make them look different with no thought put into what colours work better together.

I mean, they don't make my eyes burn or anything, but that doesn't mean they are good. At least they aren't permanent.

As for being an "homage"? Honestly, if they were meant to be something like that I'd be even more disappointed in them.

>if these came out before twilicorn(for whatever reason) would you react the same way as you did to twilicorn?

Yes. My reaction to Twilicorn wasn't based on her simply looking different. It was based on her being above the others and even more extra special than the rest. …especially if they had something as idiotic as MMC happen where Twilight's ascension was supposedly her own doing but it absolutely didn't look like that, instead making it seem like it was just her destiny. Twilight with wings on its own I don't object to; other than the oversized wings she doesn't look that bad at all, and there are all sorts of cute and interesting stories to be told about her getting used to her wings (which we won't be seeing in the show, I'm sure). It's the implication that she is so much better than her friends which pissed me off. The same would piss me off even if we'd seen these "rainbow" designs first.

This whole rainbow power thing doesn't put one of the ponies above the others, they are all shown as equal. Every one of them has a "rainbow" form they are in, all of them can do some freaky flying thing and rainbow magic. It might look bad, but that's all it is to me. Well, that, and them having superpowers, but you know.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 478342

Oh, on the destiny bit. I'd have been absolutely okay with it having been her "destiny" if it had been portrayed as such in the episode. But instead it was said to be because she achieved something which didn't even seem that special, and has learned about friendship. Had it simply been a "you were the one all along!" type of deal it would have felt way better, even if it would have put her above the others. At least they would have been up-front about it rather than trying to justify it with some accomplishments that don't seem that special in the first place.

…wow, I'm still surprisingly butthurt about MMC, it seems. Oh well.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 478343

File: 1401456536687.jpg (686.99 KB, 2000x1501, Fluttershy pond.jpg)

>Somehow Fluttershy got even more hair and it just looks ridiculous
Her extensions became part of her natural mane!

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 478345

File: 1401458472692.png (159.4 KB, 1010x790, 1349443650367.png)

But she doesn't have any extensions! The picture in said episode was edited, and the story was patently false!

Anonymous 478346

File: 1401462276146.gif (64.11 KB, 450x340, into-the-trash-with-false-prin…)

The question was if we liked it, not if we expected it.

I hadn't really thought about if I'd have minded had it happened prior to MMC–which also wasn't what OP asked, but it is relevant. Your point about it being more egalitarian is a good one, which makes me consider how the negative reactions to the rainbow shit could be confusing to the show staff should they run across it.

My objection to the rainbowification is that it's too obvious a marketing ploy and otherwise useless to the story. I might not have reacted to it quite as badly before MMC (or more critically, before the wedding) since it was a group powerup rather than making one of the six extra special, and I wasn't quite as jaded back then about gross marketing decisions coming before story and continuity. The overt marketing tie-ins have become overly hamfisted and I'm sick to death of them, so it doesn't take much to set me off now.

I suppose to someone in charge it might've seemed like a concession to us ranting about it being The TS Show, and the negative reactions would be confusing in that context. The rainbowification doesn't seem to have had any lasting effects on the show beyond underscoring that the Mane7 (Spike finally acknowledged!) are a team, so that aspect is negligible. It was just a crass toy sales pitch and not compelling enough to make me even slightly interested in buying anything.

One thing in particular this season that did disturb me was that tree of destiny with all the cutie marks. It seems to imply all which had happened was predicted over a thousand years ago. Though I guess it kind of explains how TS managed to ascend despite being incompetent; it was destiny. She probably could've spent her life watching reality tv and never studying, and still become princess.

MMC would still have pissed me off just as much either way though. That was crass marketing and fucked with continuity–though ACW was the original offender on both points.


File: 1401467486209.jpg (72.76 KB, 1280x720, too much rambling.jpg)

Hm, hadn't thought about the show staff's reactions. Though to be fair I have been rather absent from all sorts of pony discussion sites for a while, so I don't know what the opinions really are. I find it hard to believe the team wouldn't be capable of recognizing what people are actually objecting to. But what do I know, maybe people are just spewing nonsense as well. Wouldn't really surprise me.

Hmm, had the rainbow power designs been more, let's say reasonable, would you find it as objectionable? I personally would like them way more, though them simply gaining some superpowers without the use of magical trinkets is a bit much for me (one of my original objections to the power of love in ACW vs the Elements). One could argue the tree blessed them with said power or some such, but… meh. I'm not sure I would call them useless to the story, though. Well, the box could have simply contained the Rainbow of Light which would have proceeded to annihilate Tirek (and work as another nice reference). …that went nowhere.

I am rather peeved by Hasbro having these tasteless marketing ideas and toys they simply must have in the show without much consideration. It seems even more odd after the show took off on its own. If they told the show team (or someone else who actually thinks about these things) that they need designs for new toys I'm sure they'd be happy to deliver something that would be more in line with the show and was easier to tie in to it. Then again, maybe that's exactly what they've been doing for all I know, and it was their bright idea to have a crystal tree in Ponyville rather than the marketing department's. I can't imagine the little girls would object to better thought out colours and designs for their toys, and that would keep the whiny fanbase (that's us) somewhat happier, and more likely to actually buy the toys. Heck, give me brushables with the Gala, or reasonably similar dresses and I'd be all over those.

The effects of the rainbowification… Well, yeah. It might have an effect, it might not. I rambled on a bit about some possibilities here but with each one I realized they could simply say "eh, fuck it" like they did with Twi's princesshood in S4, so… yeah.

The tree, though. As you say, it makes it even clearer that what happened to Twi was "destiny" or "fate" or whatever you want to call it, and not something she simply earned. Which, as I mentioned above, I much prefer. But every time they imply something like that they make MMC look even worse than it was before. I highly doubt, assuming she was destined to become a princess, that Twilight would have spent her life watching tv and writing smut. If she was destined to become X clearly her life would have gone a certain path so she would become X at some point, no? Of course then we get into the area of free will and all that fun stuff, which is why I am not a huge fan of the destiny thing in general. But, assuming destiny, like the tree seems to imply, she wouldn't have become a princess doing nothing. That doesn't mean she would have necessarily earned her princesshood all on her own because of said destiny. …Hm, actually, does destiny remove the weight of both responsibilities and accomplishments? I mean, you were fated to do this, so was it that you did it on your own but it was simply foretold, or was it that you only followed the script like an actor? And does it matter for the person actually playing that part if they don't realize they are being lead around? …I shouldn't have taken such a long break. Too many things to ramble about and it seems I can't stop.

To get to the point, I liked the tree. It makes it clear what MMC implied, and flat-out said, was wrong, or at the very least not the whole truth. And Twilight having a destiny of some sort makes for a much more interesting story than her supposedly having earned her princesshood. (Well, that could lead to some nice stories as well, but I am fairly sure they wouldn't be explored in the show)

Anonymous 478352

File: 1401481174440.png (459.77 KB, 2656x2358, sunset_shimmer_by_musical_medi…)

>Hmm, had the rainbow power designs been more, let's say reasonable, would you find it as objectionable?
Dunno. I think it's partly lazy design and partly blatant toy tie-in. I get that recolors are cheap and easy to do, and that as MLP is one of the few franchises keeping Hasbro afloat they want to milk it as much as they can. But they're taking safe (low-cost) bets with the toys while taking bigger risks with the show. There's plenty of inspiration they could've taken from the show to make interesting toys, but that'd require more thinking on marketing's part and more work for toy designers.

Imagine toys based on the show, rather than toys created on their own and forced into the show. Playsets for things like Zecora's hut, Twilight's library, AJ's barn? How cool would that be? You could build your own Ponyville! Add in some other characters like the dragon from Dragonshy, Discord, all sized to fit in with regular brushables, and you've got tons of potential play time. But no, we got lazy recolored pony toys of the same characters over and over, same as they did in previous generations. And those fans complained and got bored with them too, but Hasbro just doesn't fucking learn. No wonder they'd be tanking without FiM to keep them afloat.

Then there are things like Pinkie's car. What. The. Fuck. They're willing to release that sort of idiocy, but the only playset they gave us for ages was that flimsy cardboard piece of shit with an inflated price because it contained a bunch of brushables most everyone already had?


You know, if that damn tree had all those cutie marks all along, Sunset Shimmer's background makes no sense. She doesn't have the booty mark of destiny, so why was Tia wasting time on her?

As for destiny making things better, I can't really agree. I mean, it sorta explains why TS got everything handed to her despite being such a fuckup, but that doesn't really improve the story any. It just adds more contradiction and plot holes to an already shitty story arc.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 478383

File: 1401502731101.png (32.95 KB, 566x557, so beautiful.png)


>> You could build your own Ponyville!

All of my fuck you Hasbro

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 478396

File: 1401555756757.jpg (90.33 KB, 1600x1000, Element of Party (Pinkie Pie).…)

I assumed the elements manifested as their bearer's cutiemark, not the other way around.

Although Twilight's always looked prophetic, what with the mane star representing her and the five stars representing her friends.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 478397

File: 1401564589346.png (443.52 KB, 2000x1208, Rose plot hole.png)

>I assumed the elements manifested as their bearer's cutiemark, not the other way around
Well, yeah, I would say that's a rather fair assumption. I do believe anon was talking about Twilight's cutie mark that was on the tree of harmony way back when Celestia and Luna got the Elements. Well, the symbol Twilight remarked was her cutie mark. Which the Element of Magic also looked a lot like. So her butt mark? Yeah, there was something going on there with that. Just would be kinda nice to know what that is, exactly.

The rest, though, yeah, the Elements seemed to have taken the forms of their marks.


Yeah, I hear you. And I absolutely agree on the toy front. It simply makes no sense.

>Pinkie's car

…yeah. At least that hasn't been in the show (so far).


Huh, I hadn't actually ever thought of that, but you are right. She might have had other reasons for taking her as a student, what with a sun cutie mark and all. And of course she does have that school for gifted unicorns so it could just be she was a particularly talented one. I can't quite remember Sunset's backstory since I've seen it just that once. Then again, one could argue about the canon-status of Equestria Girls as a whole, which would let us simply ignore Sunset altogether~


Eh, I suppose that's just preferences, then. I certainly can't argue it objectively makes the story better, it simply feels a bit better to me. Even with all the plot holes and other related problems that I might complain about.

…you know, thinking about this, I guess that's the reason I vastly prefer good fanfics to the show. They are internally consistent and make sense in their own little world. Even better if it's a shared universe or simply a part of a bigger series by a single author. Those people care about what they write enough to think things through. Yeah, yeah, I know the show staff gets mandates and all that, but still. The story the show's been trying to tell could really do with a complete rewrite…

Anonymous 478404

File: 1401589285231.gif (293.19 KB, 514x400, My_Little_Equestriagirls--Best…)

>And I absolutely agree on the toy front. It simply makes no sense.
Oh, there's a logic behind it alright. "You want this one prized offering you've been clamoring for and which we've been withholding all this while? Then you're gonna hafta shell out for this entire kit of recycled toys to get it. CHA-CHING!" And of course lazy recolors are much easier, which translates into more profits. Yeah, it makes sense. I just object to being continually taken for a chump and am calling them out on their BS. And to them dicking with the show to foist these shit offerings on us. How many of us would even care about the toys had the show not inspired us in the first place?

I have to assume the RC car was a previous-gen toy dusted off and re-released. It really makes little sense to have designed that from the ground up just for this generation and not even advertised in the show. Not that I want it in the show, mind you.

Yeah, EqG sits in this weird area where it could exist as canon–or not–without really having much effect on the main series. At least so far anyway, fans are free to view it either way. It does seem to rely on FiM existing though, so at least for the EqG universe the tree causes some issues. Maybe I just get a kick out of things that make EqG look dumber. :3 Pic also related.

The trouble I have with fanfics is it takes a bit of time investment to work out if the one you're reading is shitty or not. At least with art it just takes a few moments. I'm lazy like that. Though I do still overanalyze things from the show and occasionally come up with my own lame headcanon.

Anonymous 478419

If those designs came out before Twilicorn, I would still think they looked awful, but would breathe a sigh of relief learning they weren't permanent, and then treat it as a laugh from then on (much like I do now).

>homage to dbz

How exactly? I know Tirek vs. Twilight was a dbz ripoff, but I'm not really seeing it with the hairstyle

But being a stapler would mean they have to make a new toy mold and stuff

Anonymous 478620

File: 1401876302460.jpg (41 KB, 600x600, Dj-pon3-in-car-600x600.jpg)

Speaking of car toys:


Y'know…I really can't hate this. Yes, it's EqG. Sure, it's typical Hasbro gaudy. And the glasses-as-a-windshield fails. But if it's recycled from a previous gen, it suits Vinyl well and it's at least been modded enough to fit in with EqG. And cars for high school humans at least makes sense. While I'm not a big fan of EqG or Vinyl I have to admit I'm curious now how they'll be handling this fan-based character in the current post-Derpygate era.

I have no interest in buying this, but for as much as I bitch about Hasbro constantly doing stupid shit…this isn't bad.

>Hm, hadn't thought about the show staff's reactions.
Forgot to address that before. I remember running across a comment from one of the show's staff (Meghan, I think) saying that they do lurk a few places and read comments, and that it can be kind of disheartening to read the ones which trash or overanalyze an episode. There are times when a writer botches a character (eg, most Spike episodes), but there are also mandates from Hasbro that the creative staff have to include (eg, Twilicorn); I really can't fault DHX for the latter, and try to express that–for in case someone from the show sees my comment, as well as to try getting others to think in terms of whether DHX or Hasbro is to blame (or deserves credit) for any given talking point. I do honestly believe the show's crew want and try to do a good job.

Oh, and as for overanalyzing, in case anyone from the show does read this: I know I wouldn't bother picking minutia apart for a show I didn't like. It's a way of immersing myself into the show's universe and involving myself (from my vantage in the sidelines) in the creative process. Y'all captured my imagination right from season 1, and while some of the directions taken more recently have disappointed me…I still love the aspects which drew me in originally.

LyraTheFlirt!!Ah2q8cdspr 479124

God damn I think it looks like shit. God damn Hasbro really just does not give two shits about quality apparently.

Anonymous 479178

Yeah, it suits EqG pretty well.

Anonymous 479282

I see what you did thar

Anonymous 479535

Yes you're not the only one

What is the purpose of this thread? To point out that people have opinions?

Read this in lich voice. Awesome !EELxu4rwJY 479786

File: 1404470106201.jpg (92.78 KB, 800x718, Hasbro weird design.jpg)

You're strong pony fan, but I am beyond strength. I am HASBRO DESIGN and I have come for your headcanon.

Anonymous 479833


JadedPony 480204

File: 1407412783604.jpg (277.6 KB, 839x460, wtf_hasbro_by_plowplot-d7n98df…)

The day I saw the final episode, I made this image.

JadedPony 480205

File: 1407413136679.png (79.5 KB, 353x457, Harder_Ms_Cake.png)

>I think Pinkie's is pretty cute.

When I first saw Super-Pinkie my first thought was, "That designer must really be into erotic spanking."

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 480230

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