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File: 1398988306147.jpg (5.83 KB, 150x139, outrageous.jpg)

So far, I think... Heavy Mole 476197

Fluttershy's tambourine playing > Pinkie's drumming > Rainbow's guitar playing

Anonymous 476202

File: 1398996669869.jpg (19.01 KB, 400x366, shartner.jpg)


Anonymous 476203

rarity will play a piano

aj will play a banjo

twilight will become the principle and the vice principle

Anonymous 476212

Hey, um, Mister Tambourine Man?
…Mister Tambourine Man?
I forgot this was a song.

Anonymous 476219

And Shitner's performance of it was teh best evar!


File: 1399059221987.jpg (122.33 KB, 360x403, sweetie309.jpg)

You know, I really hope it takes some work to get Fluttershy on stage in that movie, considering this season had an episode dealing with Fluttershy's true pony counterpart not wanting to be on stage!

Heavy Mole 476222

File: 1399059880082.jpg (6.9 KB, 194x259, lucy32.jpg)

Maybe she's just a different person when she gets behind a tambourine?


File: 1399062409737.jpg (42.58 KB, 600x514, sweeite232.jpg)

Or maybe, and more likely, having rainbows shat all over them makes them lose part of their personality! Or maybe, she gave all her shyness to Twilight so she could be more Princess! The possibilities…

See this pic here? I accidently sent it to my accountant. He opened up an email and it had no words, just this pic, some tax receipts and a picture of a hissing cat.

Heavy Mole 476239

File: 1399064421984.jpg (4.85 KB, 207x155, lucy13.jpg)

Boy I tell ya, I try not to be a hater, but… I am not looking forward to that.

Just say you were holding onto it for someone else…

Anonymous 476246

File: 1399072888283.jpg (84.44 KB, 500x291, drugs.jpg)

'Rainbow Rocks' is pretty clearly a euphemism.

Heavy Mole 476247

File: 1399073705220.png (43.7 KB, 174x150, lucy7.png)


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