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Anonymous 474504

Hello. I want to get into the comic series of MLP. I heard it was pretty good from several sources. However, I can only keep up with physical copies.
Could anyone tell me what's the best place to get these comics?
I saw this deal:
But am not sure what exactly it includes.


File: 1396888295365.png (134.01 KB, 786x1016, dashie84.png)

That one is Issues 1 - 4. Those volumes typically cover one story arc in the comic. That one is the return of the Changlings. Volume 2 would be the New Nightmare set. Which I guess makes volume 3 Big Mac searching Ponyville for a nail.

Anonymous 474532

Is it recommended to buy them like this?
I think my nearby Barnes and Nobles has it.


File: 1396917983218.png (729.85 KB, 3621x4000, sweetie246.png)

Sure, it's an acceptable format. Consider it recommended. I like to get all mine individually, so I have three covers to pick from. I get to judge them and pick my favorite.

Anonymous 474538

Alrighty, I'll go look for them.
Thanks /pony/.

Heavy Mole 474545



File: 1397156419795.jpg (12.25 KB, 211x239, dashie33.jpg)

Equestria Daily says there's a sale today
Save some bits!

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