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Season 4 Episode 21 Streaming/Discussion Thread The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 474140

This week's episode is titled Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 and is written by Amy Keating Rogers The synopsis is:
Rainbow Dash is preparing to take her test on the history of the Wonderbolts; a test she must pass in order to become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves. Twilight offers to help her study, but soon realizes that her conventional methods do not work.

Airing, streaming information and YouTube links
The episode will air Saturday at 10:30AM Eastern 7:30AM Pacific

Stream and chat is available at http://www.bronystate.net/theater/applejack/

YouTube links will be added when available.
Please remember to tag spoilers properly
You can utilize the "hide" function (ctrl+h or [ h ][ /h ] (without space) to hide large sections of spoiler to avoid big blacked out sections.

Anonymous 474143

File: 1396565712716.png (122.12 KB, 1024x819, angry_rainbow_dash_by_alex4nde…)

"What? I thought I was already in!"

Anonymous 474144

File: 1396565729889.png (308.76 KB, 584x631, Spitfire_ID_S1E26.png)



File: 1396568451626.png (256.14 KB, 599x542, sweetie350.png)

Mine sounded better.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474164

File: 1396576964975.png (80.47 KB, 500x470, Twilight Princess happy.png)

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 474171

also this episode is supposed to feature wonderbolts history rap
yes really

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474172

File: 1396586884110.jpg (249 KB, 1500x1500, I WAS IN WORLD WAR TWO, THEY C…)

Oh, fuck yes.

Rainbow Dash has trouble remembering facts. Can Twilight make learning fun?
Find out, on a special episode of Nineties School.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 474175

File: 1396619233495.png (2.26 MB, 7767x10000, damn_fluttershy__why_you_so_ga…)

Not just that, but it's a rap by Pinkie Pie ft DJ PON3 if I'm not horribly mistaken. I'm scared.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474176

File: 1396623360752.jpeg (201.89 KB, 1024x965, rainbow pie swag.jpeg)

Did you find this out on April first, by any chance?

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 474179

File: 1396625918571.png (141.99 KB, 800x800, roselie_by_necromanteion-d4dfz…)

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 474276

File: 1396711033286.png (739.88 KB, 4370x5309, roseluck_by_thatsgrotesque-d5d…)

>tfw ponycountdown lied to me
Fine, I didn't want to watch it live anyways!

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 474292

File: 1396722346504.png (415.47 KB, 2000x1911, rose_stare_by_thatsgrotesque-d…)

Well. I suppose that was an episode of pony. It had some nice things here and there but overall I felt it dragged on a bit in some parts. No strong feelings one way or another at the moment, will have to see what happens as I let it sit. One thing's for sure, though. Fluttershy is best Celestia.

Surprise, it was true! And not particularly good, either.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474293

File: 1396722381525.png (1.28 MB, 1600x2451, humanoid Rainbow Dash wonderbo…)


>Rainbow Dash confirmed smart
>Rainbow Dash confirmed observant
>Rainbow Dash confirmed sweet multitasker

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474294

File: 1396723064249.jpg (34.82 KB, 280x315, humanoid Rainbow Dash sweaty.j…)

Definitely didn't have 22 minutes of content. Woulda liked a lot more detail about the Wonderbolts. But I love the conclusions drawn about Rainbow Dash, and just how much time is spent flying.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 474296

>Woulda liked a lot more detail about the Wonderbolts
I know, right? For an episode that dealt with the history of the Wonderblots it didn't have as much of it as I'd thought. Speaking of which, do you find it odd everypony else (of the M6) knew the history of the Bolts well enough to teach it? Like, is it basically common knowledge that Dash just lacked?

Yeah, I guess it's one of those episodes where I like what it introduced (Dash is a great multitasker and those other things) but don't particularly like the episode itself. Though I don't dislike it that much either, so it doesn't quite fit. As for flying, it doesn't really matter that much to me, though it was nice that they remember Twi actually has those flappy things.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474298

File: 1396723725710.png (1.91 MB, 2880x1620, Firefly and Faust.png)

General Firefly.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 474299

That was one of the little things I liked.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474300

File: 1396723910685.png (3.13 MB, 2500x2390, Firefly battle claws.png)

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 474305

File: 1396727617470.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.09 KB, 1000x1241, yay.jpg)


Heavy Mole 474317

File: 1396732851829.jpg (6.91 KB, 240x210, lucy17.jpg)

Finally, a good Twilight episode!

Anonymous 474318

Season 3 tier episode. And Pinkie, please die. That was fucking hideous.

The lesson at the end is actually something I'd consider worth discussion (more especially among adults, uncharacteristically), which puts that aspect higher than any other episode in the series I can think of offhand.

Saw some potentially good screencaps I'll likely have to go back and nab, if the EqD post-ep wrap up doesn't do it first. Also, you'll never have your whole town pull together to help you study or anything else.


File: 1396748795344.png (283.74 KB, 593x656, sweetie571.png)

So… Is she a Wonderbolt now, or does she yet have more contrived hoops to fly through?

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 474353

>season 8
>rainbow dash has one last last last last test to complete before she can become a wonderbolt
>she must bring spitfire a shrubbery

Heavy Mole 474356

File: 1396751326212.png (308.76 KB, 584x631, Spitfire_ID_S1E26.png)

"Okay, now put on this clown costume…"

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 474358

File: 1396752168797.png (366.69 KB, 1705x1131, Spitfire and Fleetfoot footbal…)

She can always use some bush.


File: 1396767095727.png (156.21 KB, 479x529, sweetie586.png)

The idea that they're just fucking with her at this point is kind of hilarious.

Heavy Mole 474425

File: 1396812866587.png (63.33 KB, 179x240, lucy183.png)

Reminds me of the good old days of season one Celestia…

Anonymous 474531

File: 1396906115381.png (240.83 KB, 600x980, humanoid Rarity officer.png)

So fabulous.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 475957

File: 1398674031114.png (216.48 KB, 1000x875, gangsta.png)

this episode was mad dope,
that rap tho
that black demographic

they call her 2 manez

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