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Umbra♂!1HeadpHOnE 473817

No seriously.. something that continues to annoy the piss out of me about MLP is the fact that the only thing Twilight is good for is magic.

But before I get to my major point, I want to point out that…

Her special talent is magic.
Her element is magic.
Even in the power-ponies episode her super power was "various blasts from her horn" MAGIC.

That all being said

Why did they not just make her freaking Element of Harmony "Friendship"


Magic doesn't even fit in with the others!
How hard would it have been to say her element was friendship. (WHAT SHE WAS SENT TO PONYVILLE TO FIND.)

Instead it's magic.
Magic magic magic.

Don't gotta explain shit because it's magic.

bobble 473819


Anonymous 473820

File: 1396102157431.gif (244.56 KB, 646x646, 1357015127576.gif)

Because she was good at magic before she had friends that's why duh

Anonymous 473821

She's an autistic savant. And her thing is magic.

Umbra♂!1HeadpHOnE 473822

It's like literally saying we need MAGIC to have harmony.

Not Friendship, no.


Friendship can fly out the window as long as we have MUTHAFUCKIN' MAGIC.

Just call it the element of friendship.. ohmagod

Anonymous 473823

File: 1396102797451.png (271.24 KB, 1280x1230, derpy_hooves__mariachi_by_kenn…)



Umbra♂!1HeadpHOnE 473824

File: 1396102893890.png (161.96 KB, 554x1440, 1388683792293.png)

I accept this as a viable answer.

Anonymous 473825

File: 1396102930197.png (607.17 KB, 2399x2658, derpy_is_a_happy_pony_by_noxwy…)

you literally cannot do that WITHOUT MAGIC

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 473847

File: 1396123985411.png (99.19 KB, 254x281, Twilight grump.png)

This is a fantasy setting.
In fantasy settings, nerds are either useless fat/old guys in some dusty corner of a library with an encyclopedic knowledge of nobody-gives-a-fuck, or they are wizards.

So Twilight is wizard.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 473849

File: 1396125339533.png (502.38 KB, 702x721, 1342855075919.png)

You know, friendship is a kind of magic when you think about it. Friendship, a bond between completely different people (ponies) is somewhat magical. As you pointed out, the name of the show is also Friendship is Magic.

if Friendship = Magic, then Magic = Friendship
Twilight's Element = Magic = Friendship
Twilight's Element = Friendship

The Elements of Harmony are the most powerful magic known to ponydom, and they are powered by, wait for it, friendship of different ponies. Here, quite literally, friendship is magic.
>when the five are present, a spark will cause the sixth Element to be revealed.
>The spark ignited inside me when I realized that you all… are my friends! You see, Nightmare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the… the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element: the element of… magic!

>the only thing Twilight is good for is magic
What is Winter Wrap Up?

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 473850

File: 1396126822741.jpeg (108.13 KB, 900x502, Twilight books.jpeg)

>What is Winter Wrap Up?
Winter Wrap-Up is an earth pony tradition, dating back hundreds of years.
History is so exciting!


File: 1396128449752.png (217.6 KB, 645x1238, sweetie583.png)

How do the Earth Ponies raise the sun during Winter Wrap Up? Unless… Does Celestia actually raise the sun, or is it all a trick? Would the sun continue to rise without her? Is she just putting on a well timed light show to deify herself? If Applejack found out, would she have to tell everypony? Would it get her another key?

So many questions…

Anonymous 473855

File: 1396130990717.jpeg (176.6 KB, 850x940, heresy.jpeg)

Anonymous 473873

>What is Winter Wrap Up?
And princess-lecturing. Her side-power is being a bossy cunt.

Anonymous 473892

File: 1396207375369.jpg (46.53 KB, 245x276, enjoying the view in dark soul…)

I have a theory that it once rose on its own until discord fucked it up permanently so Luna and Celest had to take control of the skies.

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