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File: 1391290098435.png (145.17 KB, 464x347, derpy.png)

Quick Poll Heavy Mole 464943

Raise your hand if season one was not the first season of MLP that you saw.

BMO 464945

File: 1391290434750.jpg (52.67 KB, 360x360, Lurk Lost.jpg)

I think the first episode I watched was Call of the Cutie.
Then Bridle Gossip.

But I'm pretty sure Season 2 had a few episodes by the time I watched.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 464958

File: 1391298665897.gif (28.66 KB, 125x125, Rarity poledance (auto).gif)

>not starting once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria
>watching things in the wrong order

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 465126

File: 1391360000335.png (514.52 KB, 3600x4000, rose_being_creeped_on__by_amid…)

>not starting once upon a time in the magi -
Oh. The start of that video is positively hilarious, though. Watching Twi smugly tell off Nightmare Moon just to turn around and see her friends walk away… I know what I'm going to amuse myself with for a little while!

Oh, and Mole, I started from the beginning even though S2 had just started when I started. Watching things in the right order and all, makes more sense that way.

Heavy Mole 465130

File: 1391367162015.png (246.97 KB, 500x376, lucy126.png)

Just wondering if there are people who retroactively watched season one.

Anonymous 465150

First started watching in spring 2011. Had no idea how long it'd been running so far, so started with S1E1. Soon discovered it was still in its first season at the time.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 465152

File: 1391372221151.gif (202.08 KB, 125x108, the Derper dances (auto) (2).g…)

Reversed episodes are brilliant – but they could be taken so much further. Imagine, watching ponies behaving in slightly-confusing ways with incomprehensible dialogue – with subtitles.

You could tell all sorts of stories!

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 465187

File: 1391375603826.png (159.54 KB, 1140x1750, 1342855025385.png)

Heh, that was actually what I thought of while watching that. What kind of subtitles I'd have there and what stories I could tell.

I loved the part where Twilight was lecturing NMM, the scenes with her friends representing the Elements went by. Finally, she looks all smug and such, and turns around. Her pupils are huge, there's the spark/blink and they shrink as she realizes her friends are walking away.

Or the part where Twi reads the reference guide to the Elements, puts it away and talks with the others with her eyes closed. Then she raises her head and looks at them as if she is expecting something… and they slowly back away with worried looks.

Thanks for that link, Silvy, it's awesome.

Yeah, I kind of figured. I'm not sure you'd really find that many people. At least I don't really understand finding a new show you know has at least one season out already and then just watching the current season and catching the first one only afterwards. I mean… it seems so backwards to me, why would anyone do that?

Anonymous 465620

File: 1391551296919.png (474.68 KB, 594x1056, ballet_dancer_derpy_by_raikoh_…)

Derpy is prettiest dancer. :3

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