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Season 4 Episode 12 Streaming/Discussion Thread The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 464106

This week's episode is titled Pinkie Pride and is written by Amy Keating Rogers The synopsis is:
Pinkie Pie finds her status as 'super-duper party pony' in jeopardy when the mysterious Cheese Sandwich comes to town and offers to plan an epic party for Rainbow Dash. Guest voiceover by Weird Al Yankovic."

Airing, streaming information and YouTube links
The episode will air Saturday at 10:30AM Eastern 7:30AM Pacific

Stream and chat is available at http://www.bronystate.net/theater/applejack/

YouTube links will be added when available.
Please remember to tag spoilers properly
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Anonymous 464132

File: 1391047012666.gif (436.4 KB, 600x450, my mind is full of rainbooms.g…)

Weird Al porn.

Heavy Mole 464138

File: 1391047581095.gif (1.32 MB, 400x307, lucy285.gif)

I think the Internet has better taste than that!

BMO 464139

And if it doesn't have better taste than that, then it's already happened.
So there was no stopping what already began.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 464219

File: 1391107322166.jpg (9.39 KB, 138x105, image.jpg)

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 464237

Anonymous 464250

File: 1391121944606.jpg (90.25 KB, 677x592, Pinkie excited.jpg)

weird_al_yankovic hits eleven images. But I'm sure Cheese_Sandwich will outstrip that by at least a factor of three.

BMO 464318

File: 1391134241892.png (179.42 KB, 600x576, cheesepie_by_softcoremirth-d74…)

It's only going to get worse from here, folks.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 464333

File: 1391142248867.gif (632.52 KB, 471x471, itsnotgonnacomeitself.gif)

Anonymous 464643

Right, gonna stay off porn sites for the next week or so.

In meantime, will listen to Weird Al songs to hype for episode. If it turns out to be a letdown, I'll just listen to more Weird Al.

The Polka-Man remains timeless in all outcomes.

Anonymous 464644

File: 1391230354906.png (408.61 KB, 602x417, f151b80556cf91e2d9805012a7ab76…)

Its been uploaded to PonyForums.

Anonymous 464821

Pepperoni on pizza.
Ponies confirmed omnivores.

Heavy Mole 464829

File: 1391281961420.png (71.37 KB, 152x208, lucy53.png)

Oh my god yes this fucking episode.

Heavy Mole 464835

File: 1391282411290.png (Spoiler Image,133.35 KB, 389x283, party.png)

"Hey everypony!!

"Actually I was talking to my mom a little while ago and she said that I didn't move to Ponyville on my birthday which I thought was totally weird because I think I would remember something like that, but then she said that I just got my presents early that year because I was moving and then I remembered she was right.

"But let's party anyway!!"

Heavy Mole 464838

File: 1391282563982.png (Spoiler Image,91.43 KB, 226x328, wonderyears.png)

"Also, time to get Rainbow Smashed!"
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Anonymous 464881

Can't tell if this season's actually mediocre or if I'm just so burnt out from the drama and bullshit that I can't enjoy pone as much anymore. It's not that I hate it. It's better than S03 on average so far. It's just ranged from kinda enjoyable in parts to just yeah whatever.

BMO 464915

Those were tomatoes.
Kinda like a margarita pizza.

BMO 464923

File: 1391287798487.jpg (856.91 KB, 1100x2730, pinkie_and_cheese_sandwich_by_…)

I love dem musicals.
And I love Weird Al stealing Pinkie's Smile song totally on purpose.

Heavy Mole 464942

File: 1391289910544.jpg (153.26 KB, 900x613, lucy233_furrysketch.jpg)

Funny thing is, Rarity is the one that seems to have the hots for Weird Al.

BMO 464944

She has the hots for everyone that comes into town.

BMO 464946

File: 1391290622415.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.14 KB, 1024x717, can_t_always_be_happy_by_waffl…)

Pinkie's temporary sadness and how she hid it from her friends gave me the feels.
I didn't ask for these feels.
But it's okay, then there was music and partying.

Contro, Element of FUCKING CALLING IT 464948

File: 1391293242212.png (88.55 KB, 623x444, 1382063786033.png)

Oh thats nothing compared to next weeks episode.


File: 1391311005769.png (62.52 KB, 348x348, desksweetie.png)

No doubt a reference to his Polkas that draw from current popular music. Quite enjoyable indeed.

Anonymous 465038

SIX FUCKING SONGS?? HOLY SHIT! And here I thought Season 3 finale was cramming, though it makes more sense here cuz, well, look who's singing. Also, live action chicken/alligator for the lulz!

Scorching Strength!TwiDasH7n2 465044

File: 1391319500757.png (222.92 KB, 854x480, pankaface(2).png)

Ain't no party like a Pinkie Pie party
'cause a Pinkie Pie party don't stop!

Scorching Strength!TwiDasH7n2 465045

File: 1391319561698.gif (7.35 KB, 125x125, lewd Spike (auto).gif)

Everyone has the hots for Weird Al.


Lavender!!llnUq8y2Ml 465067

I think it's the long hair. Ladies love the long hair.

Heavy Mole 465112

File: 1391327640775.png (59.58 KB, 205x224, lucy247.png)

That whole "goof-off" song was an homage to his polka medleys (he makes a new one for each album). I used to love those as a kid. If this episode is like my young childhood and my adult childhood having sex, then that moment where he parodies the "Smile" song is the climax.

Anyways, I probably like this episode even more than "Rarity Takes Manehattan", for several additional non-nostalgia related reasons.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 465127

File: 1391361165411.png (1.46 MB, 1861x1865, roseluck_by_pondisdant-d6r18vn…)

I hear you, anon, and I agree. It's a sad thing…

I'm very much undecided on this episode. It had some good parts, Pinkie actually had something to herself other than being random and there were super cute fillies in the flashback. Oh, and Rose was there, too. There were tons of faces I didn't like here, though, especially on Pinkie, which really made me enjoy it less. The rubber chicken as a key was… very heavy-handed. With Rares and RD it at least was fairly subtle that it was the key and it only rainbow'd afterwards when nopony was looking. This time it rainbow'd all over Pinkie's face. That's fairly rude unless the other pony is okay with it, but it's also way less subtle. I guess it is Pinkie and all, but I really found that distracting as it didn't fit in with the rest of the possible keys.

Also, in Rarity Takes Manehattan Rarity showed Coco what generosity can do, in essence teaching her about it, which earned her her key. Rainbow in Rainbow Falls had her loyalty tested and taught the Wonderbolts a lesson about it, too. Pinkie? Pinkie had taught Cheese laughter and happiness a long, long time ago, nothing new was taught in this episode as far as I saw. I suppose I'll have to rewatch the episode to see if Cheese actually learned something but all the others were clearly there after the first viewing. In all those the pony did something to show why they got to bear their Element by teaching another pony about it. Pinkie, as far as I saw, didn't. Neither the way she earned it and the way it was revealed fit in with the other two. Maybe I saw a pattern where there was none, which is highly possible with just two to go off of, but this still felt way off to me.

I guess I'll see if I have something more to say when I eventually rewatch the episode.

BMO 465128

It seems both Cheese and Pinkie let their reputations and pride over take them, and it was Pinkie who first backed away because the joy of her friends, Rainbow specifically, became more important than her pride. Cheese, seeing his "idol?" back away immediately saw that he did the same.

Anonymous 465148

File: 1391371240736.png (19.8 KB, 740x216, 229275.png)

>Pinkie had taught Cheese laughter and happiness a long, long time ago, nothing new was taught in this episode as far as I saw.
Maybe that was meant to be the lesson, one taught long ago and here's the current result? Kinda illustrating that how you treat others can have long-lasting effects. As opposed to Spitfire, who had to be taught a second time:

>>"Rainbow Dash, you are something. Saw it at the Academy, seeing it again here. We could learn a lot from a competitor like you."

Which was also one of the unexpected feels moments for me this season.

>I'm very much undecided on this episode. It had some good parts

This one felt really unfocused to me, like they only had the barest plot concept and threw all kinds of random shit in to fill out the 20 minutes. Same with Manehattan. Prior to S03 it more often felt like they had so much story to tell it was hard to cram it all into the time slot.

On the other hand, I think my lack of give-a-shit actually helped me enjoy Daring Don't more, since I've given up on caring about the mythology and continuity of the series. It's already trashed, what's the worst they can do with it now?

I foresee FiM becoming the next Simpsons, continuing to run long after it should've died with dignity.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 465168

File: 1391375061153.png (29.66 KB, 390x341, 1349443815314.png)

Yeah, that is indeed the case. However, I don't see that as something Pinkie should earn her key for, personally. More on that below.

They both ended up being caught up in being the better party pony or something. But the thing is, Cheese only got caught up in it because Pinkie felt she was being replaced and challenged him to that goof off. Indeed, he could have said it's not worth it, that Rainbow having a good time is more important, but… He had come to help Pinkie plan a party, Pinkie felt inferior as everypony got excited about Cheese and didn't even try to help him. After she got over that she decided she wanted to plan the party and challenged Cheese to the goof off.

Cheese's only fault was not telling Pinkie Rainbow being happy was more important than who is the best party pony, and, well, if you are doing your best, trying to make ponies happy and somepony else tells you to fuck off then I can't really blame him here.

In Rarity Takes Manehattan and Rainbow Falls the ponies being taught were both wrongdoers in some way, or didn't value the virtue. Less with Coco, she was more of a stranger to it and was going to be broken by the world. But still. Here Cheese did literally nothing wrong, it was all Pinkie. If they wanted to get across that Cheese was more focused on being the best party planner then they failed the delivery. The only thing that suggests that was the case was his "the cheese stands alone" reference and telling Pinkie he wanted to impress her.

If that was what they planned, there should have been a scene where Pinkie offers to help Cheese who ends up telling her off, saying he only works alone because he's the best party pony or something, or that he's got it all handled now and Pinkie doesn't need to worry about it. However, this wouldn't work with his backstory on how Pinkie made him become a party pony. He knew who Pinkie was, after all. Heck, him not even mentioning it to begin with seems a bit weird to me.

>Maybe that was meant to be the lesson, one taught long ago and here's the current result?
Possibly, but it doesn't fit in with the first two key episodes. The theme so far has been that the pony's virtue is tested, they triumph and end up teaching another pony about it, even if in a roundabout way. Don't get me wrong, that is a good lesson, but I don't see how it works with the other key episodes. (Assuming they are the keys, of course).

>This one felt really unfocused to me, like they only had the barest plot concept and threw all kinds of random shit in to fill out the 20 minutes. Same with Manehattan. Prior to S03 it more often felt like they had so much story to tell it was hard to cram it all into the time slot.

I wouldn't have phrased it quite like that, but I really agree. I've mentioned it to some people a few times, but I can't shake the "gimmick of the week" feeling I've gotten from some of the episodes this season. Flutterbat, Weird Al, superheroes. Anyways, one of the running themes with the show starting from S2 or so was having more story than you had time to tell it in. Here, there was no such problem. Personally I was a big fan of S1's slow pace where the ponies had time to just interact with each other and do whatever, but with this episode that wasn't quite the case. Like you said, bare concept and then all kinds of random shit. It was a fun episode and had some nice songs, sure, but that's about it.

>I've given up on caring about the mythology and continuity of the series.

Aww, I'm sorry to hear that… Those were some of my favourite things, I guess they still are. Not that I feel super invested in the show anymore, as my lack of presence here probably says but I still love my little ponies and I want to care, and on some level I still do.

>FiM becoming like Simpsons

That would be a bloody shame, though depending on who you ask that's already happened. I've said before I consider MMC the finale of the series and these episodes are a new show entirely. Not that I was happy with how they handled MMC, not at all, but it was the end of Twilight's lessons in friendship, and done better would have been the perfect way to end the series. …I would have been disappointed with the lack of new episodes, but ending with TBNE would have been pretty nice, too. Oh well.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 465255

Bit of a pacing issue, but that's par for the course on this show.

Anonymous 465262

This episode felt cheesy


File: 1391399339859.png (257.38 KB, 2200x2200, sweetie410.png)

Well I liked it.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 465299

File: 1391401043805.jpg (856.91 KB, 1100x2730, Pinkie Pie vs. Cheese Sandwich…)

As did I!

The episode sold Weird Al as a viable competitor-party-pony to Pinkie. He was suitably zany and funny. Pinkie's emotional progression really clicked for me, and I love the way her sad song transitions into realization that yes, she really is a party pony, via the pictures of past parties. I didn't expect it at all, but it worked.

The goof-off was great, as was its conclusion. Perhaps a deeper dive into what makes a party fun is in order – Cheese and Pinkie both focused heavily on big things and spectacle and performances, where to me a party is more about activities and company. (Apple Family Reunion already went down that road. But AFR focused on how AJ's idea for a reunion didn't work for old folks and kids, who couldn't match the pace she wanted to set. Dash's birthiversary is a party primarily for ponies in their prime!)

Lastly, a cringe point – the "wow Cheese u r so great !!" lines, particularly from AJ and Rarity. Seemed too empty-headed for the characters in question; give lines like that to background ponies, maybe, or leave them out. It's not as if AJ/Rarity, two very busy ponies, need to hang around the party prep.

Heavy Mole 465321

File: 1391447679235.png (52.16 KB, 500x194, lucy270.png)

Really? I thought it was a breath of fresh air compared to episodes like "Flight to the Finish" and "Rarity Takes Manehattan", which were both great but tragically suffered from pacing problems.


One thing I loved about this episode is simply that it is one of the funniest in the show. I don't think I've laughed non-ironically during an episode so much before. The whole thing feels fun, which is great, since it's centered around partying!

At the same time, they were able to bury a little bit of seriousness in the midst with Pinkie's self-doubt, which is totally convincing and yet doesn't bring down the tone of things. Season one-esque stuff.

Anonymous 465328

>"gimmick of the week"
Hmm. Yeah, that's another way of looking at it. Either way, very little meat padded with lots of fluff.

>S01 being slow-paced

I'd have to go back and watch again to refresh my memory. It wouldn't surprise me if it was at least partly because everything in the show was new, so anything that happened was fresh rather than fluff. But I'm just pulling that out of my ass. But I liked both the first seasons, assorted drama and perhaps a few specific episodes aside.


I loved it too, and had fun working out headcanon that tried to make sense of it. I also liked how it was sort of its own living, organic thing rather than a blatantly ponified human religion. It took some cues from existing mythos and went its own direction. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

>MMC; these episodes are a new show entirely

My guess is that at the time they wrote MMC it was still very uncertain if there'd be another season. Hence, a hasty series wrap-up in case it was the end, but potential plans for where to pick it up if contracts were renewed after all. If you've found a way to enjoy S04 as its own thing then that's cool for you, but I don't think I'd be able to do that. Too much investment in two seasons' worth to be able to divorce that from what came after.

I entered the season with low expectations, and it's managed the not-terribly-challenging task of surpassing them. Doesn't mean it's up to S01-02 IMO though. As I said before, Daring Don't entertained me, and Rainbow Falls pulled through too, though there were also meh aspects to both. The rest of S04 has been…decent, but failed to really grab me. OK for a once-through, mostly forgettable, not really worth the time of a second viewing. I miss the ponies I used to love.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 465364

File: 1391467515623.png (859.28 KB, 5000x6665, roseluck_dismayed_by_delectabl…)

>S1 slow-paced
I admit that might not have been the best way to put it, and also that it might just be nostalgia glasses and all that making it feel more like that. I've heard some say some S1 episodes were originally written to be 11 minutes long but were extended afterwards, giving them way more room to just have the ponies interact with each other and still have plenty time to wrap the stories up. I suppose that could be bullshit, but I do think I can feel it, and from what I remember, I don't remember getting the feeling we were rushed through the story at all. And, well, a lot of the episodes there were very slice-of-life-y, which I just absolutely adore, and which makes them feel slower to me than more action-oriented episodes.

But as you said, it could have been that everything was fresh, as well. I suppose I should rewatch those episodes.


Yeah, it really does feel like that. Really didn't help they decided to pump it full with three things which each could pretty much carry their own episode *grumble grumble*

And yeah, I know it's rather odd for me to separate them like that. Heh, it could very well be that I'm just telling myself I do that so I wouldn't feel too bad. It seems somewhat likely considering how much I disliked what they did with Daring Don't and other assorted stuff Flutterhulk, and how I still find myself rambling here or there about the show. I'm not sure I've really found the way to enjoy it on its own, since I find myself increasingly disappointed with a lot of these episodes even if I know I shouldn't expect anything. I'll take the little things I get, at least, and don't let these ruin my love for the old episodes or the ponies I love.

>I miss the ponies I used to love

I'm sorry, anon… Me too. At least I get my pony fix from fics and find myself more invested in a few series than the show itself, so I get to enjoy the ponies I love there, even if the show isn't up to par for me.

…I really do ramble, don't I? *sigh*

Anonymous 465622

File: 1391554213350.jpg (47.1 KB, 589x410, TV_Artax_bottom.jpg)

>I really do ramble, don't I?
You have a name to uphold.

>I know it's rather odd for me to separate them like that.

Eh, if it works for you, who am I to argue? I sort of unconsciously compartmentalized the Daring Do world away from Equestria, like it was as separate as the Maneiac world. Back when there were only two alicorns, I probably would've seriously WTFed at it happening in Equestria like it did. But hey, continuity's fucked already, so what's one more chunk of story that doesn't fit in with canon? I guess it's gone from being an organized, fairly rational world to something more like Bugs Bunny, which can be in the old west one day and on the moon the next.

I think MMC was the final straw that killed my already fading give-a-damn. Never mind the quality of the episode (especially considering most of S03 sucked already), the whole ascension thing really shouldn't have happened IMO. But there are plenty of fans who are happy about it, and Hasbro's happy for the extra toy sales, so…c'est la vie.

BMO 465777

I find it rather weird when people say the world of equestria couldn't have worked the way it currently is.
The only difference between what passed for canon in S1 and S4 is that S1 was first.
S1 was also a little more laid back and had a simpler approach to things, but in a world of magical monsters and colorful ponies, anything can happen.
Why is it weird that Daring Do exists?
Why is it weird that, given a world that started with no Alicorns, that some can ascend to that state?

Am I saying it's perfect and we should always love everything? No, but the show was never perfect and that's okay.
Take it as a series of stories.
But, I guess this attitude comes with my casual approach to the show, enjoying every episode as I go in because it's more of the thing I like, never expecting it to do anything spectacular for me to enjoy it.

I suppose there is some merit to story mining and determining where everything does and doesn't fit and noticing those blatant holes could lead one to enjoy it less. But I don't understand this apathy to the show. Those I see who haven't watched the show since S2 and yet remain seem to punish the show for it's mere existence. If you stopped liking the show, that's human and okay. But this apathy to me seems strange.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 465809

File: 1391629509879.png (1.2 MB, 1200x835, Twilight Princess spaghetti.pn…)

>Why is it weird that Daring Do exists?
Her interaction with villains was portrayed as campy and silly, and the problems she resolves are so high-profile you'd think if they were real they would've drawn more attention. Daring Don't put the ponies in a Daring Do adventure; it didn't work to adapt a Daring Do adventure to fit the world of ponies. Power Ponies did the same, but it explicitly invoked an alternate world to do it.

>Why is it weird that, given a world that started with no Alicorns, that some can ascend to that state?

Not weird at all! And Cutie Mark Chronicles surely telegraphed some sort of ascension for Twilight, albeit not necessarily to alicorn. And Princess Celestia has been grooming her for leadership since the show began.

Perhaps the backlash is inherited from A Canterlot Wedding and The Crystal Empire treating the mane six as "Twilight and sidekicks" rather than anything resembling equals. That seemed to sour quite a few people to the show's treatment of Twilight compared to other characters.

And Equestria Girls did not favors. This time, Twilight's the lead, Spike's the sidekick, and the other five stay home? Well I hope they at least cleaned the house and cooked some dinner and put on something pretty and dressed up the kids for when Big Daddy Sparkle comes back from work.

>But I don't understand this apathy to the show. Those I see who haven't watched the show since S2 and yet remain seem to punish the show for it's mere existence. If you stopped liking the show, that's human and okay. But this apathy to me seems strange.
Apathy means lack of caring. I think you're looking for animosity.

>Those I see who haven't watched the show since S2 and yet remain seem to punish the show for it's mere existence.

Agreed; that's super annoying.

BMO 465811

>Her interaction with villains was portrayed as campy and silly, and the problems she resolves are so high-profile you'd think if they were real they would've drawn more attention.
Just as more ponies would know Mane 6 have saved the world time and again. But they don't, so apparently that's just the kind of world they live in, so it didn't jump out to me as strange.
Heck, I'd argue it wouldn't be too weird for beings such as the power poines to exist because that just seems to be the normality of that world.

I can agree that I always found it weird when it was Twilight and Friends, not the Mane 6 who happen to see Twilight more often as a leader figure. But it was never too off putting, and that writing style subsided or at least put others in focus. Besides, it's a given that any character who takes a psuedo leadership position tends to take story priority, the same reason that Applejack used to show up all the time (near every episode).

I've noticed an equal wave of not caring and animosity, but strangely a decent amount of animosity from those who claim to no longer care. As if it's their right to hate because they don't care, which would seem as if they do care because of their capacity for said hate.
I don't claim people don't have a right to dislike things, but that claiming to no longer care and also detest seems backwards to me.

Anonymous 465921

>The only difference between what passed for canon in S1 and S4 is that S1 was first.
The fact that someone could even come up with a statement like this and seriously think it passes as a valid argument is boggling.


File: 1391654703370.png (1.25 MB, 1265x1888, rosecraft_by_choopyes-d6x8drr.…)

Silvy already pointed out what the problem with Daring Don't and the world was but I'll reiterate: Twilight is supposedly a huge a fan of the series, going so far as to know where and when Yearling was born and so on, and is able to get her address just like that. How hasn't she at any point heard of any of these troubles? Why hasn't anypony else? Why haven't the villains searched for "Yearling's" address and ambushed her there earlier? Yes, you are right that most ponies don't remember the six as the Bearers of the Elements, that much is true. Most of the time it isn't really relevant, anyways but in the episodes it is, ponies remember it. This is an episode where it would have been relevant for ponies to know Daring Do existed but nopony knew it. Though to be fair, I'm not a huge fan of them being the heroes of Equestria in one episode and noponies in the eyes of others in the next, either. But as said, most of the time it isn't relevant but when it is, I dont' like it, either. That's just such an old thing that I don't bother bringing it up anymore or I would have to mention it with every episode. The new (and worse) version of that is Twilight's princesshood which is simply forgotten about even though she has two big reminders with her all the time (see: Rarity Takes Manehattan).

>in a world of magical monsters and colorful ponies, anything can happen

Only on the Hub!
Erm, I mean… Things that break from the norm and that introduce competely new things to the world need to be explained. As an example, wouldn't you find it reasonable that there is a griffon settlement just next to Ponyville? Probably not, because if there was one we would have seen way more griffons in the show and them just suddenly appearing would be jarring. In a vacuum such a thing would be just okay, since in a world like this there isn't really anything saying there couldn't be griffons living next to ponies. But in the context of the series as a whole it doesn't work as a place next to Ponyville because it would have made itself known earlier.

As you said, it is very likely a difference in approach. You just sit back and watch ponies and take whatever they give you. I sit back and expect a somewhat cohesive world that has a history and which stays the same throughout the episodes. If in one episode we are shown Scootaloo's parents (or were told she was an orphan. Either way) I would find it just natural because it doesn't go against anything established previously and isn't that big a deal, even if it could be weird it was never brought up before, But if it wasn't relevant, fine. If Rarity or Applejack was told to have another sister who they love as much as they do the ones we have seen and their appearance was treated as if they had always been there, it would be jarring. …Just like Mare-Do-Well and suicide road or the loner Twilight who never had a friend or knew the value of friendship before coming to Ponyville actually having a BBBFF and a foalsitter who she considered a friend and with whom she had fun.

>world started with no alicorns

[citation needed]
Also, if ponies could ascend, shouldn't there have been some fairytales about other ponies ascending as well? Cadence might or might not have ascended, the show doesn't say (I don't consider the books canon unless confirmed in-show) but the biggest thing with her appearance, at least for me, was another alicorn just suddenly appearing out of nowhere and it never being addressed at all. It still hasn't been, and for a show that from the very beginning promoted two regal sisters who ruled the day and night having a third one come out of nowhere is jarring. Had it been explained I would have been way more than okay with it. Cadence is such a cute pony, even if her character can be a bit flat.

So, to answer your question, the thing that makes it weird is the lack of explanation and treating it as if it was nothing. Yes, yes, I know ACW had a lot on its plate as it was and having them explain alicorns would have made it even worse. Same with MMC. BUT, that is a big mistake in and of itself, and the main reason I don't like MMC isn't Twilight becoming an alicorn, but the way it was done and the episode just being the clusterfuck it was.

Ascension to alicornhood was treated as a reward of some kind for showing she represented all the elements of princesshood and having created new magic but all she did was fuck up Starswirl's spell, mindrape her friends and the whole world, make Fluttershy help RD and realize who she was, and then just let her friends do the work. …and then suddenly just finish the spell with an epiphany out of nowhere, related to nothing in particular and BAM, wings. Making new magic? Starswirl created tons. Using the magic of friendship? Not relevant in this episode, her friends fixed themselves pretty much on their own and the only spell she cast made her go poof. So why is it Twilight that ascends, are her friends less worthy for whatever reason even though they have done just as much as Twilight, if not even more.

The episode had way too little time to do the things it wanted. It wanted to be a musical, it wanted to have a storyline about swapping cutie marks which by the way seems really, really wrong to me, considering cutie marks had been established as being somewhat magic proof in Call of the Cutie, not to mention the whole "mindraping the universe" business and it wanted to add in Twilight's ascension to alicornhood to the mix. Ignoring the problems with swapping cutie marks, any one of those could have been at least a single episode, if not a two-parter or longer in the case of alicornication. Them not having enough time made the whole episode seem like a mess with Twilight's huge revelation and reward just seemingly tacked in there and her being rewarded for nothing in particular. They had achieved bigger things before already, so why was this so notable?

To me it seems clear they either had no idea what they were doing, or, as anon said before, were just quickly trying to wrap things up in case the show went away and it shows. I'll be frank, I would have no problems with Twilight being the only one of the six who ascends IF it was explained and the episode gives a good reason for it. Had they simply gone with "Twilight, your destiny is to become a princess!" I would have been happier than her being "rewarded" for doing nothing at all. The execution was all kinds of flawed, and these questions never having been addressed realy grinds my gears, and is the reason I don't like MMC at all. …and of course, as Silvy said, "Twilight and sidekicks" was and is a big problem, too. Especially in a show that seemed to promote friendship and everypony being equal and needed. Twilight ascending is something I sometimes thought could happen at the very end of the show, since Twilight has been somewhat of a main character, and her learning about magic, friendship and life has been a theme. Her growing into a position of leadership could have been interesting to watch, but not like this, and not yet.


Ink Spots intro if I didn't care more than words can say
if I didn't care would I feel this way?
This way being all pained by how the show isn't as good in my eyes anymore and missing my little ponies I love. There are some things I don't care about and the show being what it is makes me feel meh about a lot of the episodes but I wouldn't be here, rambling like a maniac if I didn't care at all.

I love my little ponies, even if the show doesn't show them like I wanted them to, and seeing cute ponies do cute things is just lovely either way, it's just not quite the same. But, you know, if something you watch disappoints you it's easier to point out the thigns you consider were wrong and talk about those than gush about the little things you liked, which can create the impression of hating everything. I absolutely loved how Twi was treated as a princess in the opener and was excited to see if they were actually going to follow it up and not just forget her wings. And then they forgot her wings. I was ready to embrace her princesshood in this new Twilight Sparkle Show and then they let me down. I might not like the show like I did before but there are still things in it that I do like, I just have to try and take your stance of just taking whatever they give and try and enjoy that which is not really me.

>Those I see who haven't watched the show since S2 and yet remain seem to punish the show for it's mere existence.

Agreed, if you complain you should at least know what you are complainin about.

To keep it somewhat relevant, in this episode Pinkie caring about her parties that much seemed rather odd. I mean, she is the smile patrol, not just a party pony, and getting super jealous and hurting Dash unknowingly because of her pride because somepony else can make a better party seems weird. Then again, I guess it does make her more equine and not some sort of avatar of laughter, which makes sense.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 465934

File: 1391656749761.jpeg (227.05 KB, 900x900, Twilight Princess fluffy.jpeg)

>Why haven't the villains searched for "Yearling's" address and ambushed her there earlier?
They did. They beat her up and stole an artifact.

>fuck up Starswirl's spell, mindrape her friends and the whole world

Starswirl's spell was already fucked up and mindrapey when she received it.

>make Fluttershy help RD and realize who she was, and then just let her friends do the work

She figured out how to undo the spell's effects, then put her solution into effect. I don't see how getting her friends to resolve each others difficulties is a mark against her. Do you consider leaders and organizers useless people because they don't do the work themselves?

>and then suddenly just finish the spell with an epiphany out of nowhere, related to nothing in particular

She reversed the old spell via friendship insight and then realized "oh shit I can friendship insight this bitch" and wrote down a friendshipped version of Starswirl's thingamajig.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 465935

File: 1391656831529.png (111.45 KB, 1139x814, Pinkamena pajamas.png)

>To keep it somewhat relevant, in this episode Pinkie caring about her parties that much seemed rather odd.
Party of One.

BMO 465995

File: 1391662680295.png (71.71 KB, 403x222, 1621905_10151968946397423_9412…)

It's okay, you can take of those rose colored glasses now.

I suppose I don't like the /pony/ style of atmosphere, but I've said that before about this fandom in general.
I see so much nitpicking, and criticism is key because with out it we continually make the same mistakes, but when I look at it from the outside, I see a swirling torrent of hate.
I understand it takes love to deconstruct, but I just so seldom see one take both sides. I seldom see one find what they dislike and pull it out and then find what they like and pull it out, and maybe it's because people don't want to repeat themselves or others, but it tends to end up that while people will call out what they like, they end up pouring out all their hate into a hate box, bouncing it around an echo chamber until it deafens anything good.

I won't debate your points, because they're all valid, but I guess, and this is just my opinion, there is just too much criticism and not enough joy. And this is coming from a guy who enjoyies the antics of Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw and Jim Sterling. But I enjoy them because while they crush out every bit of bad, they also salvage everything fun, they search for it and display it for all to see, beside the barren ash of shit along with it.

Anyway, I've had my say. I'll let the /pony/ return to status quo.

Anonymous 466181

>It's okay, you can take of those rose colored glasses now.
Yup, confirmed for troll. Here's your "got a reaction" gold star.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 466246

File: 1391788248610.jpg (534.21 KB, 2500x1770, c_mon_everypony_sing_along_wit…)

>Don't like the /pony/ style of atmosphere
And that's fair enough. People are different, and I think I can respect that.

I won't disagree with you on the negativity, though. I've been trying to be better about it because I know the good things tend to get forgotten, but the sad fact is there isn't that much discussion to be had about things people like or agree on, and I still have a lot to improve in that area. It is just sometimes hard to focus on the things you like if things you didn't like are shown in the same place, at least for me. I'll try to be better about that.

>not enough joy

Believe me, I wish I could somehow get back that joy I once got from ponies and all this. But I suppose the novelty's worn off, the discussions and arguments and decisions by the show staff have caused me to just grow rather tired, and very likely more negative than I should be. I apologize for that.

>They did.
Keyword here is earlier. I was also thinking more about Ahuizotl, not Caballeron who happened to have been a an ally of Daring and possibly knew her place from that. And of course can't forget about Yearling having a family who could be threatened, unless everything about Yearling is fake (even though her address wasn't).

>already fucked up and mindrapey

Is this confirmed? I remember hearing it was unfinished, not fucked up. Even if it was, then she fucked up by casting Starswirl's spell, not fucked up the casting itself. Either way, it's not exactly the most important point. Also, the reason I keep repeating mindrape is because it feels so wrong to me, especially on a scale like that. Want It, Need It is in a gray area, since it "just" makes them feel some emotion towards the target, just like the love potion/poison. What happened here was changing the memories of multiple ponies, changing their cutie marks which essentially are who they are inside! Though as a note RD didn't become particularly good at handling animals and so on, but I believe that could in part be because they miunderstood the talents or something. A unicorn managing weather seemed way out there, though, since that far it had been just a pegasus pony job, and ability. Something unique to them. Of course, Flutters has a talent that is probably more often seen with earth ponies but it doesn't require the innate magicks of an earth pony to do, it seems.

>figured out and put it to effect

>mark against her
I don't think I said it's a mark against her per se. However, I don't consider that sufficient for such praise and promotion she got when she couldn't have done it without the others. But it was treated as if she herself was the reason she succeeded. Twilight above all and all that, you know? Why was this more impressive than what she and her friends had done previously?

Had it been credited to her leadership abilities or some such and she'd have more time to show her stuff it would have been way better, but because there was no time and everything just went by so fast her "accomplishments" didn't feel as impressive as I believe they should be for such a "reward".


Eh, I dunno. I could possibly give you that, but without rewatching it I can't remember the exact wording. Even then, how is this more impressive than what had been done before?

>Party of One
Party of One did cross my mind, but I figured the conflicts weren't related at all, and didn't even mention it because it was obvious to me. I suppose I should have.

So, as far as I saw it, the reason Pinkie was so upset in that episode wasn't that she wasn't the best party planner and that some ponies didn't want to come to her party. The reason she was so upset was because HER FRIENDS didn't like her parties and DIDN'T WANT TO BE HER FRIENDS ANYMORE. So she made new friends who came to her party and didn't leave her behind. Afterwards when talking to the rest she was angry because they didn't like her and were throwing her out of the group. It was never about her party in Party on One, it was about being abandoned and kicked out of the group. The party was simply a storytelling vehicle.

In Pinkie Pride the reason Pinkie was upset with Cheese Sandwhich was because everypony was focusing on him and him talking about being the best party pony. You could see some shades of Pinkie thinking the others were replacing her, what with the others assuring her nopony could replace Pinkie Pie, but that was never presented as one of Pinkie's motives. Indeed, she herself said she was sorry her pride caused her to do what she did, not her fear of being replaced.

Party of One = "My friends don't like my parties and don't wanna be my friends anymore!"
Pinkie Pride = (AJ: "Well, they don't call him the super duper party planner for nothin'.")
"That's it! This pony has gotta get her title back! And I know just what to do."

Do note that I'm not saying her being prideful or jealous is necessarily bad, but I don't think she cared about her being the one making parties so much before. And of course, I don't think her special talent is parties but rather making ponies happy with whatever it takes. It just so happens parties tend to make ponies happy, but it certainly isn't everything there is to Pinkie like it was implied in Pinkie's sadness song. Well, at least the Pinkie I see in my head has more to her, anyways.

Protocat 466804

I think the main thing to remember here is that everyone looks for certain things in each episode. I prefer the darker, more serious episodes like Castle Mane-ia, Bats and Power ponies, and the discord ones are good too especially e11. I don't really like the excessively lighthearted ones because I find that then the whole thing starts veering dangerously close to 'generic girls show'. There needs to be a good balance between serious and sensible, and I felt that e12 was just a bit too silly, and not particularly progressive in its story.

Protocat 466805

Also the very fact that Weird Al was in it seems to give it credibility, which doesn't really work on people like me who don't follow him.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 466963

File: 1392005405164.png (10.29 KB, 324x333, 1349443791741.png)

Figured I'd mention it here, since it's kinda relevant. In my earlier post I mentioned why I think Party of One doesn't in the least imply Pinkie cares about her parties super much and takes great pride in being the best party pony. However, there is one episode from season one which you could use as the basis for such an argument. That episode is The Best Night Ever. Pinkie's part in At The Gala could be taken as such.
I am here at the Grand Gala
For it is the best party
But the one thing it was missing was a pony named Pinkie
For I am the best at parties, all the ponies will agree
Ponies playing
Ponies dancing
With me at the Grand Gala!

I won't completely reverse my stance that I found it rather odd she didn't even try to work together with Cheese, instead choosing to just challenge her out of nowhere but I admit there is some precedence to Pinkie taking great pride in her parties, even if that didn't include such jealousy and is mostly implied.

>Power Ponies
>darker, more serious
Umm. What? Also I would argue Three's A Crowd doesn't quite fit that description either. I'd be interested in hearing why you think it does.

Out of curiosity, could you specify some of those excessively lighthearted episodes? Also, what do you mean by "progressive"?

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 467034

File: 1392009969730.png (1.09 MB, 1068x956, Pinkie and Cheese.png)

>darkness and seriousness
The premiere!

>she didn't even try to work together with Cheese
Didn't she? Pinkie tried to join in Cheese's super duper party pony song.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 467064

File: 1392012106751.png (129.14 KB, 548x540, 1349443445742.png)

Trying to join in on a song =/= trying to help with party planning. She made no effort to work together even though they'd spoken about it just before the song. Cheese kept going on about how super duper he was and Pinkie felt inferior and got sad since everypony was so excited about it, and she withdrew completely. Twilight even asked Pinkie why she wasn't doing the planning with Cheese, bringing attention to this. Pinkie might have had some reason for not even trying, but I do find it odd she didn't.

Protocat 467122

Well the episodes that I haven't enjoyed so far are Flight to the Finish, Pinkie Apple Pie and Pinkie Pride. All the rest have been great! I guess a possible link is that these are slightly more 'girly' than the rest, but large amounts of hype tends to ruin an episode as well, because it just raises the bar.

Dashbrown 467123

File: 1392057629819.png (133.27 KB, 900x835, dashie66.png)

Her observations showed her that everypony wanted a party prepared by Cheese, and she felt irreverent. Her reason for not wanting to help was a feeling of inferiority to Cheese.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 467124

Hmm, right, right. I'm not certain I see what you mean by girly here, but I suppose that's fine considering I don't pay attention to that kind of thing unless it's absurdly blatant.

How about older episodes like Green Isn't Your Colour, Suited for Success, Look Before You Sleep, Sisterhood Social or A Friend in Deed? I'm assuming those would fall into that category as well. …I realize this might sound like I'm trying to pick a fight but I don't really mean it like that. I just like to know what people's preferences are and all.

Me, I prefer those more down to earth, slice of life style episodes with focus on the characters and in general am not a huge fan of action and dark stuff.

I assume you meant irrelevant. And indeedy. She might have had a reason for not wanting to help, in this case feeling worthless, but I just don't see Pinkie Pie giving up without even trying, which is why I find I would have liked the episode more if there had been a short scene where Pinkie tried to help but got told off or was reassured Cheese had it all covered. It just escalated way too quickly for me.

Protocat 467211

They were alight, but I think my expectations of the show have changed after the amazing s2 finale and becoming more interested in the fandom. I think if I rewatched them they might seem a bit worse, but I still think I would prefer them to Pinkie Pride e.t.c because they are more simple and less hyped.

Anonymous 467219

The S2 finale was like a gold-plated turd. It was awesome when viewed on its own, but sucked hugely within the context of the series up 'til then.

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