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Season 4 Episode 7 445347

Season 4 Episode 7: Bats!
Air Date: December 28, 2013
Vampire Fruit Bats take over Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack and her friends’ efforts to get rid of them take an unexpected and frightening turn.


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Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 445403

I ain't reading no spoilers if I can avoid it but I approve of batponies. To think, NMM nearly got nixed entirely from the series by the suits for being "too dark" for the show, and now we've had Nightmare Night, Goth Pinkie, and even a talking NMM doll (though I totally called the cheesy mane-related lines Way Back When). Is it possible there are actual, living, employed, non-fictional corporate managers capable of admitting they were wrong? And here I'd come to believe Dunning-Kruger was a critical prerequisite to Six Sigma.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 445425


Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 445499

File: 1385424242654.jpg (71.05 KB, 492x566, Discord_neat.jpg)

Lavender!!llnUq8y2Ml 445775

Seems like they're just throwing random ideas into the show, like they're spinning a plot wheel.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 445811

File: 1385479597423.png (424.64 KB, 600x711, 1352007731959.png)

This does sound rather random to me, as well, and the name of the episode seems rather… uninspired.

I guess they'll explain why this hasn't been a problem before in the episode. Sure hope they would, at least. And I do kind of hope those vampire bats don't turn ponies into batponies or vampires. Well, unless they bite Twilight, and she becomes the vampire princess Twilight Sparkle who sparkles in sunlight. That could be acceptable.

But yeah, I will be reserving judgement until I see what happens.

Anonymous 447098

File: 1385645521986.gif (169.69 KB, 615x563, you are mine now.gif)


Anonymous 448343

I believe it's a circular formation of a nearly extinct mammal from Asia.

Colshy!x04iLINER6 448348

File: 1385910606119.png (230.9 KB, 900x1161, 40985__safe_rarity_vector_bend…)

I look forward to this episode. I wanted to see more of them after they first appeared in Apple Family Reunion though I don't think this will mean that they'll introduce bat ponies..

Anonymous 455591

That ending… what does it mean? What the fuck does it mean?!

Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 455720

File: 1388311472869.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.19 KB, 173x150, canines_long_150.jpg)

And that's what I get for hiding from spoilers. Didn't even get close to the right sort of bats in >>445403

Pic related.

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