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File: 1385357263504.png (141.44 KB, 500x417, keysofniggatry.png)

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 444960

What do you think is in there?

Anonymous 445279

A dick

Anonymous 445287

A dragon dildo

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 445288

File: 1385393082266.jpg (143.87 KB, 1024x500, fetch.php.jpg)

The GTVA Colossus
Optionally Discord's porn stash.

I sure do hope it's not a 7th element of harmony that will ruin the whole franchise forever, especially now when the new episodes were good enough to forgive hasbro for that twilicorn incident.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 445293

File: 1385395444517.png (254.9 KB, 2175x2495, roseluck___sitting_by_cptofthe…)

Another box.

And another one. And another one. In the end the last one turns out to be empty and they all realize them going through the trouble of finding the keys and opening them all they've grown even closer together and then they hug and d'aww. The end.

Eudae!K0I3bDrQc6 445307

They had to give up their powers in order to receive it, so I can't imagine them all becoming alicorns or something like that since it wouldn't make sense.

It will either contain nothing, ala >>445293 , or it may contain some greater power than the one they sacrificed since by doing so they proved their worth. Maybe it will contain something that doesn't exactly benefit the mane 6, but helps all of Equestria?

Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 445399

File: 1385410935695.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.72 KB, 800x300, admit it, you were expecting a…)

>What's in the box?

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 445415

File: 1385414685500.jpg (12.78 KB, 250x250, mane 7.jpg)

>I sure do hope it's not a 7th element of harmony

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 445424

File: 1385415250401.png (92.19 KB, 424x425, lyra_vectorized_by_crusierpl-d…)

Anonymous 445511

File: 1385424932881.png (648.79 KB, 1600x900, Sunset Shimmer cane.png)

Sunset Shimmer.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 445663

File: 1385434570774.jpg (6.94 KB, 130x149, image.jpg)

We can only hope
>7th element of harmony: money
>dammit hasbro
The only gun in equestria
>live harmonous or die hard

Lavender!!llnUq8y2Ml 445774

What the hay would they do with a 7th element, bring Derpy back as Leeloo?

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 445776

File: 1385456755629.png (699.24 KB, 1074x409, Sunset Shimmer restricted libr…)

The Element of Ambition.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 445777

File: 1385464528733.jpg (31.68 KB, 326x326, image.jpg)

The 7th element of harmony: assrape

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 445803

File: 1385478947277.png (10.29 KB, 324x333, 1349443791741.png)

Yeah, them all becoming alicorns doesn't seem that likely. I wouldn't mind a Princess of Kindness at all, but it would seem rather silly.

That greater power that benefits all of Equestria sounds likely to me, it's just really hard to figure out what it could be.

Well that would be a twist!

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 445842

File: 1385483649475.gif (4.37 KB, 300x400, Nitrogen.gif)

Anonymous 445938

Awesome eel 446237

A worn out book, the last hand written mark of a human who gave all his most sincere wishes to a new born world from nuclear wastes, the elements of harmony.

Colshy!x04iLINER6 446324

File: 1385517721421.png (Spoiler Image,47.74 KB, 416x198, 1385437563317.png)

A pair of crowns, capes and pic related

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 446712

File: 1385541513709.jpg (29.48 KB, 254x500, image.jpg)

I think that would be very interesting… Like in the box is the last human child alive and twilight has to raise it to repopulate the workd with anthros…

Or maybe just more back story

You get a cane! You get a cane!

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 448392

File: 1385929026556.gif (1.3 MB, 640x360, 432648__safe_animated_lyra_bon…)

I know! I know!
It's Sunset Shimmer suspended in nitrogen who is now the 7th element of assrape, wearing a crown and a cape with a Trixie-head cane next to her that's actually a disguised gun.

Requesting a draw fag to make this happen!

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 448396

File: 1385929940325.jpg (195.76 KB, 603x1024, youthinkdisisagame.jpg)

it begins………

Anonymous 448404

File: 1385932113566.jpg (69.46 KB, 800x800, Silver Says.jpg)

Crowns for the rest of them.

>I sure hope it's not a 7th element of harmony

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 448412

File: 1385933136555.jpg (69.15 KB, 640x489, dump008.jpg)

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 448434

File: 1385944379709.jpg (65.75 KB, 500x369, tchs.jpg)

fuck it… everyponys a princess

why cant i hold all these princesses

Anonymous 448442

File: 1385947905872.jpg (1.09 MB, 1327x1500, Rarity and Applejack are princ…)

Fuck yes, darling.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 448443

File: 1385948408956.png (795.93 KB, 1170x1024, raraqeen.png)


File: 1386101070152.jpg (102.58 KB, 463x521, sweetie257.jpg)

Princess Skyla.
This is how baby ponies are born.

Anonymous 449219

So that's how babby's formed

!Reaver.GYI!!bJX8UCqUsC 449308




File: 1386147180247.png (76.5 KB, 329x288, sweetie165.png)

There'll be six keys, but Twilight's will open every lock.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 449440

File: 1386152777221.jpg (56.81 KB, 500x392, image.jpg)

Lol dammit reaver this is a srs discussion

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 449464

File: 1386170403564.jpg (94.31 KB, 718x800, 81075916559ae34f8faf04554253e1…)

Maybe it's king sombra's horn, twilight will use as a dildo to resurrect him reformed?

Anonymous 449465

File: 1386174374815.png (102.5 KB, 945x945, Rainbow Dash disgust.png)


Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 449467

File: 1386174697045.png (722.71 KB, 1366x740, gay ogre of the chinese wall.p…)

Anonymous 449468

File: 1386176808478.jpeg (370.16 KB, 1280x747, Sombra Ice Age.jpeg)

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 449530

File: 1386197124235.jpg (24.4 KB, 250x140, image.jpg)

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 449886

bumping for shrek

>inb4 this thread is ogre

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 450322

File: 1386309414082.png (396.93 KB, 2054x1775, what_s_in_the_box__by_thetofus…)

Only one way to find out!

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 450493

File: 1386368257755.jpg (26.41 KB, 500x285, image.jpg)

No like dis

Anonymous 452586

The one piece is in there

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 452589

File: 1386858831864.jpg (193.8 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

Seems too small of a comtainer
>box could be infinite

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 452908

File: 1386951903759.png (256.2 KB, 2174x1855, roseluck_by_luckysmores-d5hm6d…)

What if the box contains NANOMACHINES

Anonymous 452909

The triforce

Anonymous 452918

File: 1386963825246.gif (2.05 MB, 650x366, Fluttershy keeps her friends s…)

>gray goo scenario
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CnOysetlQw
>nothing can stop it
>only flutterponies

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 452920

File: 1386965773334.gif (877.05 KB, 680x494, nopenope.gif)

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