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Season Four Wish List Heavy Mole 442709

I'm sure many of us have been speculating on just what will happen in season four, after a long interstice which has featured many staff changes. Some even say that this season will "make or break" continued interest in the show.

I have my own ideas about what I'd like to see this season. Below I've listed some hypothetical episodes which I feel we would do well to see (feel free to share your own!):

"My Little Candidate" - After being picked on by some bullies at school, Scootaloo decides to prove herself by running for mayor of Ponyville–but does a cutie mark lie in her future, or a jaded conscience?

"The Manehattan Project" - Shining Armor is kicked out of the Crystal Empire after he waffles an answer about his time spent with the disguised Queen Chrysalis. He goes to Manehattan to stay with his parents, and rubs elbows with Babs Seed, who offers to help him with his failing marriage…

"Baby Snakes" - The Cakes wind up with a gigantic stockpile of Big Beefaroni when Pinkie Pie protests that the Chef has altered the recipe from ordinary Beefaroni (besides just making them "big"); meanwhile, Sweetie Belle doesn't know what to do when she finds a dead snake in her room.

"Elements of Harmony Unlimited" - With Twilight having recently ascended to alicorn status, Rainbow Dash motions to expand the Elements of Harmony to make them "more powerful than ever". Each of the Elements have their own suggestions for who to induct (including Babs Seed, Gilda and Discord), but the girls soon learn that six heads are better than twenty-two…

"Everybody Dupes" - When Rarity swallows her house key at a picnic at Sweet Apple Acres, she inadvertently offends Applejack by refusing to use her outhouses. She must reconcile quickly, however, when the shade of King Sombra returns to menace the unfortunate citizens of the Crystal Empire. Can Rarity swallow her pride and admit the truth in front of her friends and terrified dignitaries, in time to save the crystal ponies?

"One Froggy Evening" - Spike and Shining Armor stumble across a tap-dancing frog when traipsing through Froggy Bottom Bog, and become certain that such a curiosity is what is needed to restore Shining to Cadence's good graces. The frog's stop-and-go antics make him more trouble than he's worth, however, and land Spike in the 'frog' house with Twilight…

"Osmosis Pones" - Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have a fight, and the former is left without companionship–until she realizes that Scootaloo has become too busy with mayoral obligations to hang around with Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. Her importunity turns to accusations of discrimination, however, when the CMC are forced to disqualify her from their escapades, because of her cutie mark…

"Soy la Fluttershy Lady" - Fluttershy gets roped into a pyramid scheme which is financially deleterious, but sticks with it for its social benefits. She becomes resentful when her friends refuse to join the scheme, but comes to rely on their help when the bubble bursts and she is in danger of losing her cottage.

"No Dice" - Twilight begins LARPing full-time with Celestia and Luna. As her character becomes more powerful, she becomes more obsessed with the game, and begins to withdraw from her real life friends (despite assurances otherwise). The other girls worry that her new-found imaginary power has gone to her head, and decide to bring her back down to Earth the only way they can think of–by creating and building up their own characters to match her…

"Arabian Tights" - When a sarcastic store clerk tells Applejack that only the richest sultans of Saddle Arabia can afford the exotic item she thinks she wishes to purchase for Granny Smith's birthday, she decides to join Twilight as part of a diplomatic entourage to that region…

"Moonshine and Not-So-Bright" - Celestia and Luna decide to swap roles for a week after getting into a dispute. The spiteful sisters exaggerate the each others' foibles and wind up causing problems for the townspeople in the process…

"A Street Sign Named Scootaloo" - While exploring Ponyville one afternoon, Scootaloo discovers a "Scootaloo Road". But when she approaches the people who live there, none of them believe that she is really named "Scootaloo", thinking that she is only trying to get attention. Scootaloo gets angry and causes a scene, and winds up getting put in a juvenile detention center. Meanwhile, Twilight returns to Ponyville with the Saddle Arabians, just as Diamond Tiara's discrimination charge against the CMC comes to a boiling point.

Anonymous 442713

File: 1385077405021.png (780.66 KB, 783x920, grading is fucking terrible fu…)

Holy Jeebus, if one of these is a two-parter you've got a whole half-season.

"No Child Left Behind"- Following low test scores and rumors of delayed cutie marks, Cheerilee's supervisor investigates her class. Can the Cutie Mark Crusaders whip the student body into shape in time to save their favorite teacher?

Anonymous 442829

"Recyling is Cool" - Rarity's Hippogrith friend Hilda comes to stay, but proves to be a bully and a thief! Can Applejack expose her for what she really is?

Anonymous 442892

File: 1385104616732.png (1 MB, 2000x2200, guard x griffon otp.png)

>proof that ponies can knock up griffons

Yes, please.

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