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File: 1384115021191.jpg (94.79 KB, 800x784, 1359356974178.jpg)

!BETAMAXaN6 434929

>mfw i'm more scared than excited about the upcoming season

These are the things I'm most worried about.
>Vinyl Scratch
>Doctor Hooves
>Pinkie Pie sucking
>Fluttershy sucking
>Rarity sucking
>Non-stop Twilight
>Celestia sucking
>Luna existing
>Rainbow Dash existing
>Applejack episodes existing
>Spike sucking
>Braeburn not being a cross-dresser
>Trixie episode
>Trixie episode sucking
>Equestria Girls

Things I am excited for that will not happen.
>Fleur de Lis
>Fleur de Lis episode
>Twilight dies
>Applejack becomes a cyborg
>Celestia fuzes with Pinkie Pie
>Luna and Rainbow Dash run away together and die
>Fluttershy becomes an amputee
>Big Mac comes out gay

!BETAMAXaN6 434936

File: 1384115913161.png (262.48 KB, 1600x1347, 1360118014693.png)

You know…
whenever you get done with /p/ad I guess…

Nuxersopus 434949

File: 1384116279312.gif (729.34 KB, 500x281, 132154954876.gif)

>Applejack becomes a cyborg
>Celestia fuzes with Pinkie Pie
>Luna and Rainbow Dash run away together and die
>Fluttershy becomes an amputee
>Big Mac comes out gay

I fear no thread, but that…"thing"… it scares me.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 434989

File: 1384117582279.jpg (7.96 KB, 165x115, image.jpg)

It doesnt have to be amazing it just has to be better than season 3 (setting the bar pretty low)

They need to:
>kill the applejack
>give sweetie bell more singing parts
>more rarity
>less fluttershy
>dashie at the academy
>get spile some pussy
kill the applejack

!BETAMAXaN6 435031

File: 1384122567889.jpg (88.38 KB, 831x650, sexual innuendo spike rarity.j…)

>>kill the applejack
>>give sweetie bell more singing parts
>>more rarity
Hell yeah!

>>less fluttershy

I'd rather her just get better
>>dashie at the academy
Yeah! So it can leave!
>>get spile some pussy
Or, you know…
The opposite.

Anonymous 435036

File: 1384122928106.jpeg (117.54 KB, 773x1023, Pony Magi Octavia Melodica.jpe…)

>being afraid of Vinyl Scratch
>being afraid of Doctor Hooves
>being afraid of Luna
>being afraid of Ranbo
>being afraid of Applepone
>being afraid of Braeburn in sexy masculine cowboy attire

!BETAMAXaN6 435048

I forgot Octavia.
I hope Octavia doesn't exist.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 435088

ITT Bizzarro World opinions

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 435104

File: 1384130973897.jpeg (234.66 KB, 3188x1480, 278238__UNOPT__safe_fluttershy…)


Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 435157

File: 1384135537000.jpg (13.34 KB, 262x192, image.jpg)

Yeah its not that i dont like fluttershy, i love her episodes but its the same episode everytime its so predictable, i wanna see her go insane and lock rainbow dash in her shed and sing fun songs

>In all seriousness i wanna hear another fluttershy/rainbow dash duet again

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 435197

File: 1384138937945.png (514.52 KB, 3600x4000, rose_being_creeped_on__by_amid…)

Wait, so the first list is things you are worried will happen? You are worried about background ponies existing or something? And the second list is things you'd want to happen, or things you are happy won't happen? I don't quite follow.

Personally I'm worried about Twi marginalizing the rest of the cast, Flutters getting the same episode again and again and focus on her so called "anger issues", Merriwether, McCarthy.

I'm excited for new pony, the potential for great stories they have, new songs, Pinkie episode, world building and cute ponies doing cute things.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 435233

File: 1384141508063.png (653.53 KB, 700x700, Sunset Pinkie!.png)

I'm excited for Pinkie to merge with a villain!

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 435234

File: 1384141550785.jpg (686.32 KB, 850x2000, Sombra Pie abilities.jpg)


What's not to like?

LyraTheFlirt!!Ah2q8cdspr 435745

File: 1384220741011.png (1.15 MB, 1000x1000, 99a0cd4f70bb7549c114ea4c430f3a…)

I liked season 3 episodes, just not S3 as a whole.

I hope Lyra goes super saiyan and does a spirit bomb for 10 episodes before finally stopping discords plan to make everybody an alicorn by turning Celestia into a shovel and digging out the caves and harnessing the power of the rainbow colored gem of goat herding.

Angelpony!Poe/7V/.kE 436015

I just want solid, well-written characters. Twilight and Pinkie Pie especially I'd like to see good things from.


File: 1384262356955.png (285.44 KB, 656x663, Babs129.png)


File: 1384262441074.png (301.54 KB, 674x740, Babs110.png)

one, Babs needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever Babs' not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Babs"? Three–

Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 436036

File: 1384269646565.jpg (85.84 KB, 680x480, bobthewino.jpg)

I don care what they do s'long as there's titties.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 436047

File: 1384272149232.png (362.9 KB, 627x1280, 18.png)

Crotch titties?

Oh yes, this is a pretty good one.

Heavy Mole 436131

File: 1384283993218.png (92.15 KB, 315x261, lucy28.png)

That's actually a good episode to watch with regard to fan expectations of an aging show~

Anonymous 436213

File: 1384290719906.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.11 KB, 960x461, ded.jpg)

Celestia dies in S4

Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 436596

File: 1384338590004.gif (198.84 KB, 770x770, ThisPleasesNightmareMoon.gif)

!iJerk1bUeo 436863

File: 1384386968546.gif (507.39 KB, 600x491, celestia[musicgoeshere].gif)

I know.
You see,
Princess Twilight will soar into the past to trap Nightmare Moon in the moon because Celestia was too weak, therefore showing that Celestia had been stealing Twilight's glory all along.
Celestia will commit suicide by bursting into flames.
Her deed is done.
The true ruler has passed the final test.
Performing history exactly as it had already.

"Twilight, I never actually did anything and have been stealing your glory for over a thousand years. I'm sorry."
*unzips katana*

!iJerk1bUeo 436864

File: 1384387172829.jpg (29.32 KB, 694x575, 0:10 if lol 10:troll if copypa…)

>Twi marginalizing the rest of the cast,
>Flutters getting the same episode again and again

Wow geez.

>You are worried about background ponies existing


>second list

Things I am excited for that will not happen.

what does this even mean
are you implying i am a bastion of free will and you are a combination plate with beans and rice try the taquitos they are very nice

!iJerk1bUeo 436866

File: 1384387288666.png (197.79 KB, 820x974, 1359417763199.png)

>I hope Lyra exists and does things
why would you post that?

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 437142

File: 1384409274341.jpg (21.59 KB, 403x403, t.jpg)

the fuck is I readin
definitely more crotch titties

also to add my headcannon to this shitpile:
>celestia becomes molestia
>twilight uses magic to turn molestia into incestia

also we still need to
kill the applejack

LyraTheFlirt!!Ah2q8cdspr 437158

File: 1384410492255.png (118.7 KB, 742x640, 2dfb0ae1e9b8bac5853a05ab87468b…)

If I had any sort of animation/film editing experience I would modify a bunch of episodes and remove every single background pony.

As we speak I would be removing every crowd person from boast busters making it a completely barren wasteland. Every episode, completely void of every form of life. Just out of pure satire.

Would that make you happy?! WOULD IT?!

But really what does it matter about background ponies? Please don't tell me your one of the "they put dis pony there AHHH PANDERING" people persons.

LyraTheFlirt!!Ah2q8cdspr 437168

File: 1384410929528.jpg (164.6 KB, 1025x1280, 46fb5da2d947216a7c6e449d04e0b1…)

If I had the power…

>I would also make King Sombra replace applejack as the new mane 6 member. >Applejack dies of apple cancer.

>Rainbow dash gets drafted to the pony equivalent to the navy and dies in some random ass battle.
>Milky the MilkMare will become cannon
>every other episode to pander to braeburn fans by shipping him bigmac
>The pony universe will now be the same universe as soonic teh hedghug
>twilight and friends(sombra too) will turn into seaponies to help spangebob bake more crabby fatties.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 437230

File: 1384419542384.jpg (59.08 KB, 300x569, 006.JPG)

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 437231

File: 1384419630001.jpg (19.69 KB, 215x121, 003.JPG)

or…. or we could just
kill the applesnack

!iJerk1bUeo 437595

File: 1384479998169.png (259.46 KB, 455x533, whoa milk.png)

Background ponies stay in the background.

Anyway, according to this you should squirt everywhere in a lil

Milky is already canon. Did you not see her in S1, 2 and 3?

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