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S4 soon! !!Fluttershy ## Mod 433456


What are your thoughts on S4 guys?
This was asked a lot back when S3 ended, but now that things have cooled off a bit, I wonder what people are expecting of it...

Anonymous 433505

Looks pretty good so far.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 433523

I agree, and I certainly didn't feel this way coming off the S3 finale.


File: 1383978657706.jpg (99.76 KB, 1025x665, as nintendocaprisun would say …)

I'll be waiting for brad to show up and everyone will cry to megan and her usual lying ways.

Is there really much to expect after S3?

Anonymous 433571

All I can say is that the concepts seem more interesting than those in S3.

Anonymous 433603

File: 1384007199292.jpg (88.31 KB, 618x883, a Brad is fine too.jpg)

I'm waiting with Braded breath.

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 433604

File: 1384007237102.png (550.17 KB, 900x900, 1342855212347.png)

I'm still not happy with how S3 ended or how the show turned out, but that's not something I can do anything about, so I'll let that be. I'm trying to treat S4 as a new show to keep myself from expecting things that just aren't going to happen. With that in mind, there is potential there for some solid world-building and just nice episodes. I've been getting hype these last few days despite everything. One spoilery song has been stuck in my head for a few days now, so I guess that says something.

But yeah, I'm expecting Twilight being the most important character, the hero who saves everything while the rest of the M6 do unimportant things or help a little bit. And there might be a nice Pinkie episode coming up, which I'd like. We'll see.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 433675

File: 1384014165904.png (216.61 KB, 726x597, I don't get it.png)

>But yeah, I'm expecting Twilight being the most important character, the hero who saves everything while the rest of the M6 do unimportant things or help a little bit.
There has to be one episode where twilight screws up royally and the other ponies save her ass.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 433677

It's be a nice role reversal if this ended up being the finale. I sincerely doubt it though.

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 433684

File: 1384017302995.png (107.43 KB, 912x876, 1342855245025.png)

Oh yeah, this would be a brilliant finale. Have Twi go in over her head thinking she can handle it herself but turns out she can't, and the rest have to save her. But like Puffy, I doubt it as well.

Anonymous 433727

File: 1384019842795.png (126 KB, 322x450, 1360913966971.png)

Ready for it!

Heavy Mole 433918

File: 1384028556888.png (29.91 KB, 115x149, lucy27.png)

I can't wait 39 minutes!

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 433920

File: 1384028711496.png (53.53 KB, 250x222, am i wearing my glasses right.…)

You think that's bad? I have to wait 2.241001e+49 plank times!

Anonymous 433952

File: 1384033025895.jpg (118.88 KB, 480x360, you tink dats bayd.jpg)


File: 1384075105102.jpg (301.33 KB, 630x870, Pinkie Pie Party.jpg)

I am most eager for the show's return, and from what little visual material and synopses we've gotten so far, this season is shaping up to be a decent one. I was one of the few fans that wasn't completely disappointed by S3, so I have little to no reason to worry or despair apart from one or two small details.

TL;DR: These two weeks can't end fast enough.

Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 434815

File: 1384091072651.jpg (104.73 KB, 335x285, dog_meh.jpg)

Neutral. I know the team at DHX have been pretty openly optimistic about S04, but they're expected to promote it positively, just as they're expected to lavish Hasbro with praise since slagging either would be career suicide. And S03 left me feeling pessimistic. I'll give it a try to see how it goes, I just don't have the enthusiasm for it that I used to.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 434832

File: 1384094497907.png (395.21 KB, 1749x1307, Rainbow Dash sad wonderbolt.pn…)

>tfw liked S3 very much
>tfw not a representative sample


File: 1384136471280.png (487.77 KB, 1245x630, IAMFROMTHEFUTURETHISISYOURDEST…)

Colshy!x04iLINER6 437319

File: 1384448805775.png (159.54 KB, 359x428, 21102.png)

I'm skeptic about it.

The previews gave e a tiny bit of hope but overall
I'm taking this season with a pinch of salt


File: 1384450557818.png (360.44 KB, 2825x2982, Pinkie Pie Vector Oooh, Look a…)

Sneak peek of the first episode from TV Guide:


Doesn't really tell us much we didn't already know.

Rambling!Rose//pzOM 437350

File: 1384451459055.png (Spoiler Image,828.41 KB, 1000x1000, antipodes_cover_by_csimadmax-d…)

Yeah, seriously. But I guess that's just good, would have sucked to have a sneak peek that told us a lot. This just keeps us hungry for more. The first second or so reminded me of something… also looked rather pretty. And hey, BG ponies! We have the winning pony and Raindrops there right away~ And some other familiar faces on the ground as well.

Anonymous 438387

> Antipodes
I got to chat with the author, amazing guy

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