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A question from Anonthony Tom' the /♥/ bringer 426392

In his most recent letter to me, 'thony told me he had a question for you guys.

If each pony had a personal issue and could only ask for counsel to one other from the mane 6, who would she go to? Who'd be her confident?

I feel like Pinkie would actually make a great confident for about everyone, but then I think AJ and RD might have a better time being honest to each other… Maybe?
What do you guys think?


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pinkie would make an excellent counsel. she likes to help other ponies.

Anonymous 426639

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>letter from Thony
Hope all is well !

As far as the confidants are concerned I think:

Fluttershy and Rarity would often confide to each other. Especially for more personal matters. They'd probably do such during their spa visits.

Depending on the issues at hand, I could also see Applejack and Rainbow Dash confiding to one another. Brutal honesty perhaps, but that's just what the other would want to hear.

Pinkie Pie knows everyone and often speaks her mind. She wouldn't be one to need a confidant much. As long as shes friends with the other 5 and talking to them on a regular basis she openly shares enough about herself as is.

Twilight Sparkle would probably go to each of the other 5 with specialized concerns, tailoring the issue at hand toward the friend best suited to help. I could definitely see her compartmentalizing her concerns and thoughts in each friend.

Thanks for the update Tom!


Twilight would just write a letter to Princess Celestia.
Rarity would seek out whichever of her friends seemed the most sensible for the situation, which 9/10 would be Twilight.
Rainbow Dash, would seek out Twilight like she always does, crashing through the roof, which has to have been repaired countless times.
Fluttershy would seek out Pinkie, oddly enough, or Twilight, but Pinkie always seems so confident, and listens much easier than Twilight does.
Pinkie Pie would seek out whichever pony seemed most relevant to her cause, and does not appear to show any trend.
Applejack would see Twilight as the most sensible pony, and seek her out.

So it looks like Twilight has the most votes of confidence. Go figure.


File: 1383104800751.jpg (15.4 KB, 320x263, sweetie394.jpg)

AJ - Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy. It depends on the topic. AJ respects their knowledge. None of the ponies are really a good choice to give AJ life advice. AJ is sensible enough without them. Maybe she could talk to Rainbow, then do the opposite of whatever Rainbow says.

Rainbow Dash - I don't know if Rainbow would be okay turning to AJ. Rainbow sees her as a competitor in some aspects. This might make it difficult. She might talk to Fluttershy, because Rainbow has a personality where she probably wants less advice and more somepony to just tell her what she wants to hear, and she can bully Fluttershy into doing that. Rainbow learns by screwing up, not from her friends.

Fluttershy - I know Rarity seems like the obvious choice here, but I'm feeling Pinkie for some reason. Pinkie can help Fluttershy with a lot of her problems; she's outgoing and fearless. Pinkie has proven to be able to keep things on the downlow as well, and Flutters might be smart enough to see how good a choice she'd be.

Rarity - Rarity will confide in whoever is near enough to listen to her. She isn't exactly quiet with her issues. She is clearly comfortable with Fluttershy and Twilight, and has a healthy respect for Applejack ("Why do you always have to be so good?")

Pinkie - Pinkie goes to Twilight. We've seen it before, in the Griffin Brush-Off and Baby Cakes. However, Pinkie doesn't like her flaws pointed at. In both cases, she didn't take the advice too well.

Twilight Sparkle - Someone just posted above me mentioning the Princess, but I disagree. Twilight does not turn to Celestia, it took Spike to do that. Twilight would just talk to everyone. She isn't picky and wants all the viewpoints.

Basically, don't go to Rainbow.


File: 1383105031468.jpg (3.14 KB, 126x125, sweetie73.jpg)

You're seeing Fluttershy/Pinkie too, huh? Neat.

Anonymous 426885

>Fluttershy - I know Rarity seems like the obvious choice here, but I'm feeling Pinkie for some reason
Perhaps you're feeling…
Pinkie Keen


File: 1383153498737.jpg (178.36 KB, 1280x960, 1383114722042.jpg)

I could see Twilight going to any one of the other Mane 5 for help depending on the nature of the problem. I could also see her asking Spike or one of the Princesses.

For Pinkie, I'd say it would be about the same as with Twilight, but without Spike or the princesses.

Rarity would definitely go to Fluttershy first, not just because they share similar interests, but because she and Fluttershy seem to hang out more often than with the others. Spa visits and whatnot.

Dash would go to either Fluttershy (since they're childhood friends and all), Applejack (because she meshes well with Dash's tomboyish personality), or Twilight (because as the "egghead" of the group, she would probably be able to help her the most. Also reading buddies).

Fluttershy would go to Rarity first, and, failing that, would probably go to Pinkie next.

Applejack would probably seek out Twilight first, then try Dash if that didn't work out.

Heavy Mole 427032

File: 1383162222228.jpg (7.88 KB, 213x237, lucy5.jpg)


Pinkie would get "lonely comedian" syndrome, and would turn to the quiet and reserved Fluttershy for normal conversation.

Rarity would feel isolated spending so much time in a line of work that not many others around her can be expected to know, and would turn to Twilight as someone who can relate.

Applejack, though a hard and useful worker, would sometimes feel guilty for being a "fish out of water" when it comes to topical or worldly matters, and would turn to Pinkie as an "in-the-loop" person who would not judge her.

Fluttershy would struggle with the demands of making it in the working world-at-large, and would lean on Applejack's reliable ethic and received wisdom.

Twilight would be stressed out by the high demands of her position and turn to Rainbow Dash as a confident, rough-and-ready antidote to her typical company.

Rainbow Dash would accrue many difficulties in her personal relationships due to her one-track focus and bilious temperament, and would turn to Rarity for advice on social matters.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 427151

File: 1383175299258.png (274.21 KB, 811x534, UAhBY.png)

Probably depends on the issue at hand, In general it comes down to who they respect enough to listen to their advise and trust enough to ask for help. Of course those with specialist knowledge get an advantage for advice in that area, see Sisterhooves Social, I can't see Rarity asking AJ for advice in any other circumstance.

Fluttershy -> Rarity or Rainbow Dash: she'd go to those she knows the best.

Rarity -> Fluttershy : They have this thing going at the spa, and Fluttershy is a very good listener, not to mention very kind

AJ -> Granny Smith or Twilight, depending on the advice she needed. Granny Smith provides wisdom; Twilight, knowledge

Pinkie -> Twilight: she acts as the rational problem solver

Twilight -> Panic, though Spike acts as her counsel she wouldn't actually seek him out. He just gives it on his own

Rainbow Dash -> wouldn't ask for counsel; that would admit weakness, he'd hide it or try to solve it herself

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