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Episode Countdown: S2 Ep3: Lesson Zero Colshy!x04iLINER6 417386

It's 38 days until the next season of MLP

Today in the countdown we're featuring Lesson Zero written by Megan McCarthy.


In this episode, Twilight discovers that she hasn't sent her weekly friendship report. Fearing to be sent back to magic kindergarden she tries to find any friendship problems; unfortunately, everything's is good between her friends, she snaps and tries to create a friendship problem eventually driving all of Ponyville into mayhem

This episode is well known for having many funny moments like Rainbow's nuclear rainboom, Harry's ill-fated encounter with Fluttershy and Twilight's breakdown and serving as the point where Twilight's friends can now write friendship reports to Celestia.

As always, feel free to discuss the episode!
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File: 1382082509612.png (279.03 KB, 692x740, Babs11.png)

.. Larry?

Colshy!x04iLINER6 417402

File: 1382084671173.png (244.65 KB, 560x588, 10113.png)


He was the bear whom Fluttershy kicked butt gave a massage. Officially unnamed but the fandom gave him that name in reference to the unreal bear whose house she and RD were going to take care back in Party One.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 417423

….Harry, not Larry.

Colshy!x04iLINER6 417492


Fug. You're right. Always get that name wrong..

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