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File: 1381646015992.png (551.41 KB, 1280x720, A_big_group_hug_S1E23.png)

Episode Countdown: S1 Ep23 Colshy!x04iLINER6 413641

43 days until the new season of MLP.

Today's episode is The Cutie Mark Chronicles written by MA Larson


In this episode, the CMC learn how each of the Mane6 got their cutie marks. From AJ's revelation to Fluttershy's near death experience to Rarity's pilmigrage to Twilight's "surge" to Pinkie's inspiration to RD's victory, they learn that their fate was interconnected way before they met.

As always, feel free to discuss the episode!

Heavy Mole 413921

File: 1381698836942.jpg (48.92 KB, 619x400, lucy120.jpg)

Another one of my favorites!

One thing I like better about season one of this show compared to the other seasons is that it has a good formal quality as a whole–it doesn't feel like a bunch of Saturday morning cartoons between two fence posts. In season one, there is a fine thread of continuity that runs through several important episodes; we don't get the first big musical number until episode eleven; and we don't get the backstory of the cast until this one, episode twenty-three, close to the end of the season. The Cutie Mark Chronicles draws those strings together, completing the CMC storyline as a thought, and leaving us with a now-developed main cast.

What's most strange about this episode is that it's Rainbow Dash who turns out to be the linchpin of the group, not the main character Twilight Sparkle. Ultimately, this adds to a distinctive sense of equal treatment of characters in the cast; it's hard to pick a best pone beyond this point.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 414019

File: 1381714385260.jpg (92.46 KB, 892x896, image.jpg)

A shame such parity was not to last…

Colshy!x04iLINER6 414119

File: 1381718613992.png (82.12 KB, 338x373, 12287.png)


We can hope that S4 will bring a little bit of that back.
It was that simplistic character development and
world building that made the show popular. This
will be the decisive moments.

The cutie mark choroniles 454384

The photo is hard to see.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 454413

File: 1387824788372.png (270.74 KB, 1600x1046, fluttershy_fell__oh_no_by_litt…)

contradictions: the episode

Anonymous 454645

Didn't like it. The events were boring and uninteresting, they also felt very fake, very convoluted because they left no room for errors, otherwise if the mane6 failed at getting their cutie marks then the show would have went all dark and bitter like the fanfictions which this episode spawned.
The execution of telling the stories: make the cutie mark crusaders go ask the main characters] is a bad idea for structure and time management. Weird that they didn't just break the wall and made a special episode where the mane6 fillies interact with one another.
It made me ask for a 2parter and it raised more questions than it answered.
And the ending with Rainbow Dash fixing everything felt like Scootaloo's fanfiction.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 455732

File: 1388349539631.jpg (106.67 KB, 900x900, image.jpg)

An amazing episode, a top tier episode at that. Gives each of the mane six a decent background story as to why they are who they are today, though i think the information is useless to the cmc and obviously nothing was accomplished internally, the information makes the main characters more realistic, each with their own past instead of a "thats just how it is" mentality that most kids shows have.

All in all 8/10, great writing and character developement, liked how they tied it all together at the end, was rly cute

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