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Episode Countdown: S1 Ep19: A Dog and Pony Show Anonymous 411252

45 days until the season of MLP.

Today's episode is A Dog and Pony Show written by Amy Keating Rogers


Rarity, along with Spike, look for jewels to make costumes for the diva pop sensation, Sapphire Shores; but Rarity gets…ponynnaped by the Diamond Dogs who want to use her magic powers as a jewel slave. Spike gets the other of the Mane6 to rescue her but soon find that it is the Diamond Dogs who need saving from the marshmallow pony's whining complaints..


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I missed this post (in all the /p/ADs). I was waiting for it. This is my favorite episode and made me love Rarity. She is a classy lady and best pony.

This episode teaches little girls to control men with their tears, a lesson they will use for life.

Colshy!x04iLINER6 414114

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I gained respect for Rarity in this episode.
She proves that while she's the most feminine,she's not defenseless; she's confident of her capabilities and knows what's in her arsenal
(and not afraid to use it).

Boy, did I underestimated her!

I'm going to try to make this threads around 12am Eastern Time but I'll also leave a link post on /p/AD when they're up so you don't miss it next time.

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