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Episode Countdown: S1 Ep18: The Show Stoppers Anonymous 410591

46 days until the fourth season of MLP!

As we countdown the days towards the new season, we'll re-watch previous episodes in consecutive order until the premier on November 23rd.

Today, let's re-watch The Show Stoppers written by Cindy Morrow.


In this episode, the CMC enter a talent show as a musical band hopping that in their performance, they can discover their true talents thus earn their cutie marks.

Heavy Mole 410817

File: 1381288264650.png (69.28 KB, 236x248, lucy154.png)

One of my favorites!

There's so much focus on specialization in this show–even in the design aesthetic–that to have an episode about how we grow when we put ourselves sincerely in front of a challenge to our individual skill sets and proclivities (what I believe to be the real message of the episode) is a stroke of brilliance, and a perfect counterpoint to the unfolding presentation of the main cast (which culminates in The Cutie Mark Chronicles). The CMC's exploration of activities around Ponyville, and their DIY approach to preparing their act for the talent show, give a sense of an expansive and interesting world, and an appreciation for more nascent levels of mastery of an art.

The 80's glam rock performance is silly and charming, and one of the most obvious nods to the adult part of the fandom before the show knew it had an adult following.

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