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Episode Countdown Thread: S1 Ep10: Swarm of the Century Anonymous 406427

It's 54 days until the new season of MLP airs!

Following the countdown, today's episode is Swarm of the Century written by MA Larson


Fluttershy and her friends discover a cute creature known as a Parasprite with a voracious appetite and the ability to reproduce asexually! Pinkie Pie begins to act strangely, looking for musical instruments and they all thinks she's just being crazy. The next day, Fluttershy and her friends have discovered that the Parasprites they took home have multiplied tenfold and unable to contain them, and ignoring to help Pinkie Pie, the parasprites eventually find their way into Ponyville where the eat anything that isn't organic. To makes matters worse, Princess Celestia will soon arrive which drives Twilight crazy. But just when everything's hopeless, Pinkie arrives as a one-pony band and drives the buggers away from the town to save the day! Twilight and her friends learn that they should always listen to their friend, no matter how silly or random it sounds.

Feel free to discuss anything from the episode!
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Heavy Mole 406616

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The end of this episode, where Twilight and Celestia talk over the parasprite parade, has got to be one of the crowning moments of Troll-estia. Even now, the Larry David-esque level of tense dissembling by both parties is surreal.

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