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File: 1374004901442.png (495.6 KB, 3863x3000, Inkie, Pinkie and Blinkie.png)

Pie sister episode 354974

so now that the pie sisters have official names that means i might be seeing the episode i been waiting for since forever.

a pinkie episode with her sisters. YES!

hopefully ill get an ep about that

and a possibility it will have a background about pinkie too


File: 1374005228591.png (76.97 KB, 216x267, sweetie180.png)

Whoa there buddy. To clarify, Pinkie's sisters got named in the Pinkie novel. No word on if they'll be in another episode or not. Feel free to hope though.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 354982

File: 1374005277119.gif (1.09 MB, 876x1100, 132177731841.gif)

inb4 they are nothing like anyone imagined and have weird voices.
Luna eclipsed 2 electric boogaloo

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 355010

File: 1374006565294.jpg (27.34 KB, 330x320, image.jpg)

Does anyone even really have any "expectations" about these two though?


File: 1374006734248.png (286.5 KB, 2571x1644, Pinkie Pie Vector Go On! Spank…)


Nope, not me.

Anyway, a Pie sisters episode could be fun. Contrasting Pinkie's "Pinkie"-ness with her sister's nomalness and whatnot.


File: 1374006741411.png (521.72 KB, 739x809, Screenshot271.png)

im gonna hope


Heavy Mole 355077

File: 1374011002809.png (43.7 KB, 174x150, lucy7.png)

I think we're a little overdue for some Pinkie Pie backstory, regardless. I'd say that's a wish of mine for season four.

Anonymous 355083

That novel isn't canon so I'm pretty sure those aren't their actual names. And in any case, they could have made an episode about her sisters at any point and just named them at that point. I don't see why the novel would make her sisters more likely to show up in the show.


File: 1374011853749.png (140.06 KB, 446x515, 1356568558974.png)

me too, man. me too

didn't hasbro make this novel?

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 355094

File: 1374014027478.png (21.67 KB, 115x115, toy canon.png)

Hasbro just licenses stuff and pays for production; just because it's licensed doesn't mean its canon. The stuff is made by various studio teams, some of whom give a fuck about the show, some of whom don't.
Think of it as "paid fanon".
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File: 1374020083398.png (71.5 KB, 208x249, sweetie16.png)

Well, it's canon enough for me, until a toy or episode comes along. Better than Inkie and Blinkie.


File: 1374020459007.png (125.33 KB, 389x479, sweetie179.png)

Also, I found a PDF of the novel, if anyone wants to look at it but doesn't want to buy it. Anonthony said it's ok to post. Pirating is wrong though, so buy merch.


Anonymous 355212

Are there any download links to the harmony book?

Anonymous 355382

The fact that Hasbro made it doesn't mean that it is part of show canon.
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File: 1374035555887.png (283.69 KB, 786x1239, sweetie565.png)

Makes it more canon than anything else.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 355474

Depends on how much interaction there was between them and the writers. If they didn't communicate about it then its no more canon then fanon

Anonymous 355509

Not really? If Hasbro hires DHX to make the show, but also hires Berrow to make the Pinkie novel, and DHX and Berrow never collaborate a single time, then I don't see how that makes it canon within the show.

It makes it official Hasbro merch, sure, but wouldn't be part of the continuity in the show.

Anonymous 355525

File: 1374069545592.jpg (46.64 KB, 1024x576, ZvFGs.jpg)


File: 1374117142718.png (248.44 KB, 431x411, screenshot77.png)

Anonymous 356181

I sometimes wonder if you people would abandon your friends if they lost a leg.

Anonymous 356183

File: 1374156213694.jpg (23.8 KB, 430x430, TwilightSmugRt.jpg)

>I sometimes wonder if you people would abandon your friends if they lost a leg.
I sure would. A person's entire personality is determined by the way they look, and losing a leg would mess that up. I don't even like Twilight now that she has wings. As far as I'm concerned, she might as well have grown two hideous tumors. She's a completely different character now.

Winged Twilight… gross! Just look at that smug bitch! They ruined her, absolutely ruined her! I will never like Twilight again.


File: 1374164918434.png (64.04 KB, 210x256, 137261219149.png)


Anonymous 356313

File: 1374178108035.png (81.11 KB, 600x412, PuteePinkie.png)

Well, here's Amputee Pinkie, and she wants to be your friend. Wanna party with her? Of course not! She's hideous and depressing, and just looking at her makes you sad. She doesn't bounce along like Pepé Le Pew anymore. She has to drag her ass around in a cart. All she wants to talk about is her operation. The Ponyville Hospital almost killed her with improper sterilization. They might've even been able to save her leg! Her medical bills come to almost 250 thousand dollars! How is she supposed to pay that on a baker's wage? It's going to wreck her credit rating! She'll never be out of the red! The Cakes are looking at her funny because she can't move fast anymore! Her deliveries are always late! Customers are complaining! She might lose her job! No stallion wants to touch her! Her life is over before it even began!

Face it, nopony wants her around. Better to pretend she doesn't exist, and that Equestria is the happiest, freest country on Earth! Everypony there is doin' just fine!

Morning in Ponyville shimmers
Morning in Ponyville shines….


File: 1374178403678.png (89.7 KB, 278x270, sweetie230.png)

I do not understand the turn this thread has taken.

Was it because of her diabetes?


File: 1374178651945.png (328.54 KB, 850x1100, 67884.png)

id still like to be around to her

she's perfect to me no matter what.

Anonymous 356321

File: 1374178953711.jpg (45.14 KB, 720x480, HappyTimeHarry.jpg)

No, it was just a benign cyst, but then infection set in, and… you know. The Ponyville Hospital's elite law firm say it wasn't improper sterilization, though. They say her sugar intake basically turned her into a big, pink Petri dish. They'll undoubtedly win, because Pinkie can't afford an attorney. She's tried calling the Bar Association, but they say their attorneys don't do pro bono work. They gave her another number. All she gets there is a recording. Nobody returns her calls.

But hey, there's good news! She did find one guy who'll hang out with her! Meet Happy Time Harry, Pinkie's new best friend!

Anonymous 356326

File: 1374179718960.png (129.63 KB, 248x351, MerriwetherWilliams.png)

Merriwether Williams wrote this episode, didn't she?

I can tell, because all of a sudden, they have phones.

Anonymous 356328

File: 1374180316818.gif (358.32 KB, 634x500, FluttershyCheated.gif)

Yep, when Ponyville turns mean and suddenly has unexpected technology, that's Merriwether all right!


File: 1374200610023.png (22.97 KB, 135x150, sweetie453.png)

The phone thing caught my eye too.

Anonymous 358175

I'd think it would be really cool if all of the Mane 6 got full background episodes.

Anonymous 358287

>I'd think it would be really cool if all of the Mane 6 got full background episodes.
It might have been if they'd done it in the first half of the second season, but I'm afraid that they've put off answering so many questions for so long, leaving a vacuum that has been filled with so much concretized headcanon, that anything the writers did now would piss off ninety percent of the fans.

At this point, the characters' pasts are better left a mystery. How'd you like to see a flashback episode for Applejack in which we learn that her parents went off into space in a rocket ship shaped like an apple, that they built all by themselves. Then we could have a spin-off! Space Apples! Are you terrified yet?
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The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 358439

File: 1374529742905.png (77.95 KB, 894x894, i__m_ok_with_this___fluttershy…)

>piss off ninety percent of the fans.

>flashback episode for Applejack in which we learn that her parents went off into space in a rocket ship shaped like an apple, that they built all by themselves. Then we could have a spin-off! Space Apples!

S1 Luna 358460

File: 1374532713698.png (103.13 KB, 371x393, mtr_1370726035402.png)

Exactly what I am afraid of…
But at this point, I am just apathetic to change.

Fanon doesn't mean crap if people change it on a whimsy. I often wonder why we even have a fanon in the first place? What's the point if it is immediately discarded and forgotten, as if it never existed at all?

For that matter, why have we even bother creating such fanon? Given time, Hasbro "might" include some of the fandom background ponies as main characters.

(Just a notice anon: I have an unfortunate tendency to ramble a lot. As in veering off course of the topic completely. If that appears to be the case, then do prompt me on it. It will probably occur within the next two paragraphs. Upon further observation, you would be indeed correct on the assumption that this little comment has devolved into a ranting rave. If you have any question on how to deactivate "S1 Luna Mark I", please contact Forlorn Enterprises.)

(InB4 mocking anons.)

How they are portrayed however…
Well, I would be lying if I said they wouldn't gut the way the characters are perceived for PR purposes. A couple like OctaScratch would probably be broken up quietly in the event someone complains of it.

Then what is the fandom to do?
The majority rules that deviance from show canon is to be treated as if the person who went off course just shot not only Bambi's mother, but also his wife, three children, all the woodland creatures, burned down the whole forest, THEN proceed to trample over it by planting a toxin waste plant in its place.

At least, that is my experience that I have had with the fandom itself in general.

As for Season 4 itself… Considering what has been done thus far with the franchise, I am rather apprehensive of the outcome of its performance. Color me paranoid, but I simply cannot shake the feeling something bad is going to happen. As in that it will make Twilicorn look like a regular old hissy fit. And if canon is any indication…

Well, I suggest any fanfiction writers out here who have a rigid adherence to canon might as well put their fanon to sleep.

Permanently. And while you're at it, perhaps it would be wise to put any world building on hold till Season 4 gets here. It probably goes without saying that you will inevitably have to give a complete retrofit on your fanon as soon as it is ousted.

Annnnd done! Now I just have to wait for the fuel to burn.

Anonymous 358487

File: 1374534501646.jpg (47.48 KB, 270x200, flutterfab.jpg)

>I often wonder why we even have a fanon in the first place?
Search me. I don't pay any attention to it. I think it's stupid. I even think individual headcanon is stupid, but I'm prone to inadvertently developing it myself. In my case, it happens when I try to fill in the blanks in the characters' pasts, to explain their behavior, to fill in plot holes with pure fanwank, and that sometimes hardens into headcanon over time. I try not to stay married to it, though. Too much love for one's own headcanon turns watching the series into a minefield.

Getting pissed when MUH HEADCANON is overturned is childish.

>I suggest any fanfiction writers out here who have a rigid adherence to canon might as well put their fanon to sleep.

I've only written one piece of fanfic, but I worked around show canon. I posited that Equestria's version of Earth is in a parallel universe, and the cartoon is just a cartoon. The creative people here are simply tapping into information that seeps between realities, possibly as part of a quasi-gravitational phenomenon. Therefore, I'm not bound by show canon.

Fluttershy — the real, flesh-and-blood Fluttershy, on whom the cartoon character is based — said the Elements of Harmony were pure fantasy. She thought the "saved by butterflies" scene was dumb. The way she really got her cutie mark was a lot sadder, and they don't call them "cutie marks," either. They just call it a brand. She's essentially the same gentle character she is in the series, but more adult and self-loathing, as one would expect from a character with her problems.

I didn't get rid of the magic, but I made it more realistic, and it doesn't matter what the show does. The universe I created is not the one in the show.

S1 Luna 358494


>Getting pissed when MUH HEADCANON is overturned is childish.

… Why didn't anyone tell me this BEFORE I came into the fandom? Bloody me on this route.

Bleh… I cannot help but be an utter killjoy on this thread. I wish to express discontent, yet all my words come off as trolling.
I suppose that comes with being a sardonic sense of humor and sarcasm.

Quite frankly, I am at a loss at what to do at this point.

Anonymous 358511

>…all my words come off as trolling.
I didn't think you were trolling. I answered as if you were earnest. Many people do flip out when their headcanon is violated… or if they're just pretending, they deserve a Pulitzer for creating entirely believable, but deeply messed-up, characters.

S1 Luna 358619

Charmed. At least I was able to make sense to one person on this site.

Pity I had to sabotage my own name here before I even started. Now I come off as a brutish troll.

I wouldn't have such a problem with canon if writers simply were able to make room for their fanon as well. But for reasons beyond mean, apparently fanon HAS to die and disappear wherever and whenever it is superceded by canon.

Hell, I actually liked the S2 version of Luna. Another fine interpretation to add to the pool of diversity…

Then every version of Luna before that point simply just vanished.
There is no trace of them these days. It is either ROYAL CANTERLOT BOMBASTIC LUNA or squat.

Then again, I suppose the majority of the people on this site wouldn't even know who that Luna pre Luna Eclipsed was if they came in during the S2 era.

It just feels like there is a hole where the original diverse interpretations were. Just missing.
Gone. Replaced by one monotonous entity that spares no flexibility for added diversity.

Anonymous 359546

The SDCC panel revealed that Pinkie's sisters will be coming to visit in s4. Unless Pinkie calls them "sis" all episode, we'll learn the names then.


File: 1374693101096.png (225.62 KB, 653x603, 1340390785002.png)

pretty badass tho, huh? im excited

Toxic!C0MQjFBApM 359928

File: 1374720957906.png (227.33 KB, 600x573, trophies_pacman__s_3___ghosts_…)

They will always be Inkie and Blinkie to me, because naming them after the Pac-Man ghosts is much more clever than naming them after types of cake.

Anonymous 457852

What episode is it


File: 1389119222698.png (143.41 KB, 235x672, 289.png)

this thread is months old…

and idk, i guess the next one coming up

at the time, i thought it was gonna be an episode entirely about visiting her family

guess i might be wrong… idk


File: 1389158436824.jpg (16.25 KB, 317x362, rainbowduck.jpg)

what the fuck happened here

Anonymous 459612

my headcannon is pinkie gave them nicknames so they'd rhyme with the nickname she gave herself

inkie wrote stories all the time with one of those ink pens, blinkie blinks alot

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 459613

File: 1389605287069.jpeg (33.37 KB, 745x610, Pinkie right side up.jpeg)

Oooh… clever!
That way the names don't have to make proper sense as pony names, and the closer-fitting canon names still stick.


File: 1389638579302.png (136.39 KB, 226x446, 170.png)

i like the way you think


File: 1392580447294.png (Spoiler Image,5.57 KB, 1138x73, I TOLD YOU.png)

Anonymous 468209

Finally, we'll learn how she got those scars!

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 468404

File: 1392717465039.jpg (18.87 KB, 370x404, 631.jpg)


as a child pinkie was beaten with party streamers and other random party acssesories, at the age of 14 she was molested almost constantly to the sound of party music. only through partying can she express the shame and guilt that she felt that night. the night of her first party……..

sounds like a very promising sode


File: 1393022605953.png (136.39 KB, 226x446, 170.png)

the fuck?

uhhh, ok then

Lavender!!llnUq8y2Ml 470049

That was delightfully screwed up!

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