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This face.
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Vanessa aka Heidi Romanova Sweet Punishment featuring Beata and Vanessa http://www.sextube.ninja/?p=176
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Suzie Moss Gorgeous Feet featuring Suzie Moss video http://www.sextube.ninja/?p=211
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Do I really have to be the first one to do this? Fine.
Rainbow Dash NSFW thread. Go.
51 replies
Something crazy Show me whatcha got pic, Im looking to add to my folder.
18 replies
aaaand R34 vore thread is a go! preferbly stuffs like this :3
84 replies
Daring Do/ wonderbolts NSFW thread #Mature

First: I hope it was properly taged, if not I am going to spoiler. and mods please delete if done wrong

I decided that someone needed to do this soon.
25 replies
Braeburn thread because sexiest pony
62 replies
The Mature MILF Thread #Mature
The Mature NSFW continuation of the MILF thread…

So yah, I'm just gonna dump all my Mrs Cake nsfw. get pumped
16 replies
Ponies wearing socks This is my fave thing to see ponies in
26 replies
Ponies w/ IRL backgrounds and stuf.
99 replies
Nightmare Moon #Mature
It's been 3 seasons, where's our Nightmare Moon thread?

>Mature content allowed
37 replies
Ponies being ponies, not people. Cute style, gently drawn, and just because ponies sometimes like to screw, too.

Please spoiler sex where parts are visible or any kink other than pony parts.
166 replies
Futa thread #Mature
Best fetish deserves it's own thread.
225 replies
Anime mature picture dump #Mature
Most of these are really high resolution and some are 5000x4800 size. So feel free to swipe them for whatever.
28 replies
TF2 Pony General Because there is no better crossover.
(No image)
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Rainbowdash with big muscles I like rainbowdash with big muscles.
404 replies
45 replies
um, under Other can we have a wet mane thread?
169 replies
Seems to be a Pinkie Pie thread already made. That's my specialty there!

So, i'll make a Surprise Pony thread!
103 replies

Is exactly what is missing.
Anthro/Humanized IF YOU PLEASE.
28 replies
We need a shipping thread for Soarin' And Rainbow Dash
28 replies
Christmas Christmas time is here, and that can only mean one thing. Time for pony pics centered on Christmas!
63 replies
WG - Awesome edition So here's the rules
It must be either "incognito" so that only "bronys" will recognise it
OR so cool "normal people" wont care
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Price Blueblood is crazy
11 replies
Ponified Memes Going to dump some meme/macro pictures that have been turned into ponies.
0 replies
Does anyone have more of these?
27 replies
Thread Directory Please post new entries in the directory in this thread so it can be updated. Remember to properly tag all Mature content threads:
• To enable Mature content, check the box next to "Show mature content threads" in the settings menu on the top right of the page.
• To tag a thread you wish to make, check the Mature box, or put #Mature in brackets at the start of the thread. Thank you.

Mane 6
• Applejack - >>5
♥ Fluttershy - >>436
• Pinkie Pie - >>34 // Pinkamena - >>5265
• Rainbow Dash - >>45
♦ Rarity - >>670
• Twilight Sparkle - >>27

• Princess Celestia - >>705
• Princess Luna - >>1360

Cutie Mark Crusaders
• Applebloom - >>885
• Scootaloo - >>797
• Sweetie Belle - >>338

• Chrysalis - >>21
• Discord - >>2069
• Diamond Dogs - >>6803
• King Sombra - >>5633
• Nightmare Moon - >>7585

Side Characters
• Angel - >>4401
• Braeburn - 5311
• Cheerilee - >>1025
• Big Mac - >>3169
• Crystal Ponies - >>5739
• Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon - >>691
• Daring Do - >>4021
• Gilda - >>2750
• Lightning Dust - >>7158
• Little Strongheart - >>2962
• Shining Armor - >>5689
• Snails - >>9568
• Spike - >>5826
• Spitfire - >>2631
• Trixie - >>1762 // Alicorn Amulet - >>6629
• Zecora - >>7142

Background ponies
• Colgate - >>158
• Derpy - >>1220
• Dr. Whooves - >>5728
• Lightning Bolt - >>6659
• Lyra - >>201
• Noi - >>2788
• Octavia - >>3064
• Roseluck - >>860
• Royal Guards - >>408
• Surprise - >>10598

• One Bad Apple - >>6191

• Anthro/Humanized - >>522
• Christmas - >>6516
• Different Hair Styles - >>2094
• Fluffy - >>5337
• G3 ponies G4 style - >>5199
• IRL Backgrounds - >>6757
• MILF - >>2908
• Miscellaneous ponies / Browser ponies - >>7128
• Rule 63 - >>380
• Sleepy Ponies - >>2964
• Team Fortress 2 - >>6273
• Violence - >>310
• Wallpapers - >>140
• Wet Mane - >>2142

• Request thread >>7672
• We can only talk with pictures: >>1269

• Flutterpeanut's folders - >>309
• TGAAT/Aeris' Trixie Collection (All caps from s3e5) - >>6758

Miscellaneous links
• My Little Face When - quick pony reaction images: http://mylittlefacewhen.com/
• Pony Mind Bleach - palette cleanings pony pics: http://ponymindbleach.com/
• Bronibooru - searchable pony picture database http://bronibooru.mlponies.com/
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23 replies
Can we get a Shining Armor Thread up on his board?
1 reply
Feels I need feels pictures,greentext,comics.

anything that can make me cry or feel depressed
112 replies
Celestia is bestia Her Royal Highness in all her glory
787 replies
/d/ & friends #Mature

or /d/read if you'd prefer…

Let's start off slow…
16 replies
Le rainbow dash R34 Gimme dat pone.
192 replies
Dash I'll dump my dash folder.
(No image)
822 replies
Wallpapers! Post wallpapers of your favorite pony, or your collection of pony-themed wallpapers. Here is my (not up-to-date) collection of Rainbow Dash wallpapers totaling 1,817 files; no duplicates.


Be aware that, if you do choose to download the .rar, it is 1.82GB in size, so it will take a while.

Happy posting! ^^
2 replies
Let's have a pixel art thread.
4 replies
Luna Thread Apparently there's no Luna thread here so let's get a thread going for best pone.
68 replies
Bat Pony Thread Praise the Moon!

A thread for Luna's Bat Ponies.
10 replies
i just want pictures of ponies quietly enjoying a cigarette but other boards aren't delivering.
7 replies
Request Thread We all know of a picture or two we want, but can't find. Why create an entire thread just for one picture? I say we all just say our requests here, and then the people/ponies of /pic can do what they do best.
31 replies
This pose. Scrunches.
89 replies
Volume Filly Pinkie it starts
1 reply
1 reply
Caramel(le) Thread Really? No Caramel thread yet? This must be rectified.

Quads on /mlp/ decided that Caramel and his female counterpart (seen in "Over a Barrel") are actually the same pony, struck by some manner of random genderflipping curse.
2 replies
Pokey Pierce Thread Could we get some love for Pokey? He's shipped a lot with Pinkie for some reason, but nobody seems to care about that badass horn of his.
29 replies
♥♥♥♥♥ Chrysalis needs your love to survive.

Post loving ponies for your lovely queen.
2 replies
Davenport Thread Davenport's Quills and Sofas
"We only sell two things!"

This guy actually has a speaking line or two, and yet he's mostly overlooked.
You've got to admire a stallion who manages to discover such an oddly specific special talent.

Can we get a Davenport thread?
132 replies
Scootaloo Thread Because, why not?
2 replies
desktop background does anybody have the original desktop background of this picture?
151 replies
Vinyl Scratch is best pony who agrees?
50 replies
Gore Gore thread
9 replies
Nightmare Moon! the night will last forever!!!
359 replies
Twilight Sparkle Thread She is best pony after all.
116 replies
Can we get an Octavia thread?
She is best musically-inclined pony.
173 replies
Roseluck thread, I'll start with a dump of some of my favorites.
1 reply
Recolours Thread #Mature
If anyone wants a recolour, just name it and I'll do it, SFW or NSFW. I got some time on my hands.
12 replies
G3's styled as 64's! There's not enough love for G3 ponies in the G4 style, lets show some love guys <3
18 replies
Apple Fritter #Mature
As thanks for our warm welcome, I'll be dumping my Apple Fritter folder.


29 replies
Spike Thread Ahoy What the flipping fuck, no Spike thread?
After all this time?
We're correcting this. Right now.
76 replies

Earth ponies! Mature edition.

No magic. No flight. No tricks. Just good old-fashioned horse sense. The ponies in this thread do everything with their mouths.

And they do it well.
132 replies

The fuck is this?

No Derpy thread?
34 replies
Daring Do Thread She may be a fictional character within a fictional cartoon (http://inception.davepedu.com/), but that doesn't make her any less awesome.
47 replies
Something Crazy -- Mature Edition #Mature

Inspired by >>4925

Bizarre and hilarious pictures that require 'Mature' tags.
242 replies
Carrot Top Because every saga has a beginning.
681 replies
Yellowquiet thread > First post on /pic/ was a Fluttershy thread
> Got cleared, and no Fluttershy thread
I'm disappoint, mlpchan

Yellow pone thread, will dump part of my folder
111 replies
Colgate/Romana/Minuette Didn't see one, so I made it.
0 replies
Wet mane lol
117 replies
King Sombra thread Time for the first ever King Sombra thread on any chan (I think)!
83 replies
RULE 63 THREAD Rule 63.
33 replies
Lightning Dust There doesn't seem to be one so let's get an LD thread going
31 replies
Miscellaneous ponies - especially ones who represent something else. Like so:
(No image)
4 replies
I want a picture of an overrly muscular Appplejack asking "Do y'all even lift?"
Don't ask why
287 replies
Volume Applejack Apple poni is best poni.
9 replies
Does this Chan have a Volume Thread?
1106 replies
/d/ and friends general - nsfw #Mature

Welcome to /d/ and friends, every/d/eviant loved, every/d/eviant tolerated*

* love and tolerance not actually included
* you may or may not be laughed at for what you're in to
39 replies
Twilight Sparkle #Mature
so, we haven't had a twilight sparkle R34 thread it seems

lets change that
31 replies
Gilda thread WEEELL Gilda's a bitch!
She's a big fat bitch!
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world!
She's a stupid bitch if there ever was a bitch!
She's a bitch to all of the little foals!

Now let's fill up a thread with her!
129 replies
We are missing Applebloom.

3 replies
I have to ask. Does anyone know if Cat from Red Dwarf, or in fact any of the characters were ponified by the community and does anyone have pictures?
5 replies
SpIt FiRe tHrEad On top of pics, Your opinions:

Is she too mean? Hard to clop too?
Cause you know she be can be a bitch,
would probably make you:
run a few laps,
clean your house up,
walk the dog,
and take out and the trash,
before you just start-a-clop'n?!

Do you think Spitfire Tulpa, could potential aid ponies such yourselves to get your lives more or less where you want them? You, me, or any pony?

This show isn't this popular for no reason. This was no accident. Like your lives, this show has a purpose.
23 replies
Bridles Anyone got any pictures of ponies with bridles?
0 replies
Post your best
3 replies
You know the drill. My name is Dashie Crash. Pick a folder.
4 replies
Sweetie Belle please? I need faceshots and SFW anthro of Sweetie Belle for a roleplay I'm doing. Is there anyway I could get some help?
223 replies
Trixie The great and powerful Trixie demands a thread!
9 replies
Tail wraps I want pictures of ponies with tail wraps like this one.

They dont have to be suggestive this is just all i have.
77 replies
Holo Dump thread (SFW and NSFW) #Mature
This thread is mostly for Cato, but I spent a few hours finding some really high quality pictures for whoever likes Holo enough.
15 replies
No whooves? Let's get a Whooves thread going?
79 replies
Fleur De Lis Show this fancy/saucy pony some love.
68 replies
Cloudchaser and Flitter thread! #Mature
Post best side-pegasi (other than the Wonderbolts)!
10 replies
Mature Shipping Thread #Mature
Really? There isn't one of these?

I would love to see all the pics people have of the main 6 and background ponies….

Like ApplePie (Oh please have some mature pinkieXapple jack)
156 replies
I see no snails thread
243 replies
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon thread Post bitchiest fillies here.
68 replies
I'll take a Big Mac with a side of Fries. It's rather alarming that you fucks don't have a Big Mac thread yet and it's been like that since you've launched.

The fuck is wrong with you blokes? Am I going to have to fix that or what?

Now post best Earth Stallion Equestia has seen.
16 replies
Stupid Sexy Royals #Mature

Princesses, princes, queens, and anypony else who can credibly claim a title. Powerful ponies need lovin', too!
42 replies
MILF Thread It's embarrassing for MILFchan to lack a MILF thread, so here is one.

All pictures should be of either a canon mother, or a character who is implied by the image to be a mother.
33 replies
Guard Pony Thread We work long and hard to serve Equestria.

Show some love.
97 replies
Post ALL the Lyra.
1173 replies
MOVED - /d/ Friends General #Mature
Due to slight complications, the /d/ thread on /chat/ couldn't be successfully transplanted to /pic/ (and may have accidentally got deleted in the process) so, yeah. New thread.

Same rules as before: Discussion and topics about /d/ related content, presumably pony related but not strictly enforced. Moved to /pic/ due to /chat/ not having a mature tag option.

Enjoy, all you /d/eviants!
33 replies
Let's get horny.

Sexy unicorn thread.
403 replies
Chrysalis thread Dump ALL the Chrysalis!
224 replies
I need pictures of Spitfire!
My reasons are my own!

High res, out of costume and with hair down are a big plus.

Posting what I have
6 replies
My Little Dinosaur All Dinosaurs equal all dinosaurs loved.

Post all that you got /pic/.
66 replies
Sweetie Belle Thread Because she is best thread
6 replies
#Unshorn Fetlocks

I need some riotous lust.
69 replies
Discord General I don't have a ton of best villain, so help me out.
90 replies
Anthro/Humanized Thread It begins.
0 replies
New flockdraw room http://py-bot.com/apps/flockmod-morphine.swf

Room name: Trixielulamoon

Moderation and art needed :D
1 reply
Winter winter Flutty) —→ DA http://fearyzy.deviantart.com/
56 replies
Altered HairStyle Ponies -→Ponies with different hairstyles←-
6 replies
Incendia http://www.mediafire.com/?67ivelic4u6q0

About an hour ago, I finished a project to screencap almost every usable frame containing Trixie in the "Magic Duel" episode, for the purposes of reaction images and resources for artists (for creating vectors, or as references). Since people have asked me if I mind that they use it (usually for reaction images), I will state the obvious here: I don't mind if people use it, and in fact, I would be glad to see people using it.

The archive contains 1416 files in 1920x1080 resolution, with average file size of 1.1MB per image. The entire archive is 1.51GB in size, separated into 9 parts. Each part contains the readme that goes into great detail about the archive. I will copy/paste the readme here as well:

>This collection of screencaps from the 5th episode ("Magic Duel") of the 3rd Season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic includes 1416 files in .png format, screencapped from a colour corrected 1080p CC iTunes rip version of the episode in .mp4 format, with no logo.

>Most of the screencaps are of Trixie, but some notable moments and characters have been capped as well, such as Twilight Sparkle, Zecora and Fluttershy in her danger costume.

>All files are in uncropped 1920x1080 resolution. Average file size is 1.1MB. The complete collection is just over 1.5GB in size. There is no fragmentation in the files, as far as I am aware.

>The project took a couple of hours, and was done using VLC Player, and then uploaded to Mediafire. Screencaps are mostly in order, but not always. For example, the beginning scene is at the very end of the collection.

>Done by Aeris/The Great and Powerful Trixie/The Great and Apologetic Trixie/Odin/Incendia/Darth Lyra/todiwan.

31 replies
Ponies rocking out Or more specifically, ponies doing this. General rocking out works too.
41 replies
Changelings I don't think one of these threads exists, at least I couldn't find it.

But, yeah, Changeling thread. Minions need love too.
50 replies
Sleepy ponies Pictures of ponies that are asleep, curled up in bed, just plain tired .ect

They go here.

posting what I have.
9 replies
Miscellaneous random characters from the fandom general.
110 replies
We don't have a Rarity thread Let's fix this.
134 replies
60 replies
I have like, no Zecora.

12 replies
48 replies
Pinkamena All dedicated to the darker side of Pinkie. Take or leave.
(No image)
54 replies
Help a Coyote out.
Bring me all of your Diamond Dog pics.
I-… I've got cookies.
225 replies
The Angel Bunny thread Getting it up here since there's not much love for him. I have a pretty decent folder to dump.

Starting from older to newer here.
53 replies
Noi… all of it, if you find a Noi pic, this is where it goes
26 replies
Alicorn Amulet Trixie Gonna dump caps from this app.
Looking for images of Trixie with the amulet specifically.
45 replies
Lightning Bolt thread Go.
0 replies
Animated Scootaloo Porn Thread #Mature
Don't worry, I'm pretty sure she's an adult in this pic…
74 replies
Anthroshy... #Mature
By request, an Anthroshy thread. I may throw a few humanized pics in, too.
Mature content enable to let folks add those too.
141 replies
Mrs. Cake thread Post ALL the Mrs. Cake!
53 replies
No Cheerilee thread? Heresy, let's fix this.
4 replies
Random MLP pic thread cuz I can
23 replies
'One Bad Apple' Screencapture thread. So I really really need some Scootaloo from that episode. But any other CMC is fine, too.

Dumping what I have.
18 replies
Good day /pic/! I had an idea today, i'd like to know if you would like us to do it: Would you like us to disable duplicate files in a single thread?

By that I mean, just not make it possible for someone to dump a picture that's already been posted in that thread. It wouldn't count for the rest of the board, just on the thread, and that's just to make it easier on people who are going to go through the thread and save everything.

So, what do you guys think? I can't see a down side, but I want to know if that'd be cool for you guys.
Have a nice day! ♥
- Tom' / !!'shy
51 replies
These Crystal Ponies —hah, no more having to hold back as spoilers— look flippin' sweet. Can we get more in here?
0 replies
I'm looking for screencaps and pictures of just rainbows from the background.

Not the pony, just an actual phenomenon of light striking water.
7 replies
#Daring Do
Adventurous pony is adventurous~
11 replies
we want to see a blank flank thread….
8 replies
Fwuffy wan pway!
75 replies
Little Strongheart Best buffalo needs thread
(No image)
1 reply
Help me settle a bet! My friend doesn't believe in the expansive-ness of pony crossovers. So I have come to you for help! I need an image of
Tsunayoshi Sawada from the anime REBORN, and I need him in pony form. Specifically, I need him in his Hyper Dying Will mode. Help me prove my friend wrong!
2 replies
Hello /pic/.
My friend made this and I personally like it, but my word doesn't mean that much to him.
SO, I was hoping someone here could critique/praise his art.

So, what do y'all think?
10 replies
New here Would this be considered r34? (spoil for safety)
18 replies
I'm going to dump some images and hoping anyone can return with it in 1920p, I'll put the episode and time in greentext, I would be grateful thanks.

>s1e1 16:39
3 replies
There needs to be a Your Face When thread!


Here's one to get you started:

YFW you're sad because you lost your Pony music folder because your MP3 player broke when you tried to fix it, and then you find out you had a backup on your hard drive and didn't know about it
8 replies
Request Hi everyone, I dunno how inactive this board is but I'm requesting Rule 63 pictures of Twilight and Trixie.
Thanks all!
9 replies

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