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File: 1353007077053.png (622.4 KB, 1252x946, 1352828804141.png)

Spike Thread Ahoy Glitter !bnAXXOHUNE 5826[View]

What the flipping fuck, no Spike thread?
After all this time?
We're correcting this. Right now.
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Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 12402

File: 1369329763738.png (939.93 KB, 778x1100, Spike giving Rarity a lovely h…)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 12403

File: 1369329783081.gif (935.15 KB, 400x340, Spike is a master ruseman.gif)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 12404

File: 1369329796256.png (273.11 KB, 1000x503, Spike afraid.png)

File: 1343229410454.png (435.2 KB, 754x643, derpy_id_by_suirobo-d4jwud8.pn…)

DERPY HOOVES IS BEST PONY Derpfag!!lY8GuWihjw 1220[View][Last 50 Posts]

The fuck is that?

The fuck is this?

No Derpy thread?
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Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 12366

File: 1368986898399.png (852.05 KB, 1800x800, Derpy play money.png)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 12367

File: 1368986920912.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1440, Derpy on her back.jpg)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 12368

File: 1368986981891.png (3.6 MB, 3680x2322, Derpy is a muffin.png)

File: 1347809852555.png (192.42 KB, 863x489, Daring_Do_Hat_Tip_S2E16.png)

Daring Do Thread Aura!lWQNX5VM6s 4021[View]

She may be a fictional character within a fictional cartoon (http://inception.davepedu.com/), but that doesn't make her any less awesome.
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Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 10396

File: 1361802025688.png (2.86 MB, 1920x1080, Daring Do Zeppelin.png)


Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 10397

File: 1361802049924.png (948.71 KB, 877x1190, Daring Do precarious waterfall…)

Sounds dangerous.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 12363

File: 1368986620105.png (1.13 MB, 1124x950, human Daring Do in action.png)

File: 1367788977402.jpg (678.57 KB, 1319x3072, Carrot Cake story book.jpg)

Carrot Top Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11960[View][Last 50 Posts]

Because every saga has a beginning.
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File: 1367979275436.jpg (61.87 KB, 1024x731, 291803__UNOPT__safe_golden-har…)


File: 1367979288273.png (612.24 KB, 900x844, 284433__UNOPT__safe_artist-inu…)


File: 1367979303891.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1080, 283721__UNOPT__safe_solo_carro…)

File: 1342626522599.png (85.73 KB, 558x544, JUST HOW AWESOME HAS FLUTTERSH…)

Yellowquiet thread Tom' the /♥/ bringer !tHOMASuvlQ 436[View][Last 50 Posts]

> First post on /pic/ was a Fluttershy thread
> Got cleared, and no Fluttershy thread
I'm disappoint, mlpchan

Yellow pone thread, will dump part of my folder
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Shy 12142

File: 1367945580867.gif (269.88 KB, 310x303, mfksadfjks moustache.gif)

Shy 12143

File: 1367945593629.gif (517.29 KB, 983x751, mfksadfjks.gif)

Shy 12144

File: 1367945652791.png (390.39 KB, 1600x1600, -p.png)


File: 1342303552763.png (104.66 KB, 665x665, that+s+all+i+have+_ca64511d60f…)

Colgate/Romana/Minuette Chef Clyde Stale 158[View][Last 50 Posts]

Didn't see one, so I made it.
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JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 12101

File: 1367797065056.png (93.14 KB, 957x1029, Colgate SM_Creations.png)

JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 12102

File: 1367797080058.png (828.64 KB, 5460x6000, colgate_would_love_some_brushi…)

JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 12103

File: 1367797097318.png (876.02 KB, 4999x6181, colgate__dat_plot__by_wolfsman…)

File: 1367776818942.jpg (2.13 MB, 3000x1875, WetRarity.jpg)

Wet mane 11958[View]


File: 1352601618457.png (1.27 MB, 3417x5000, 147918__UNOPT__.png)

King Sombra thread Shuckle!XJDubleDp. 5633[View][Last 50 Posts]

Time for the first ever King Sombra thread on any chan (I think)!
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Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11955

File: 1367728009220.gif (1.68 MB, 400x400, sombra doo.gif)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11956

File: 1367731964606.png (408.84 KB, 998x777, Sombra crystals.png)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11957

File: 1367731977849.png (150.85 KB, 600x600, Sombra eat crystals.png)

File: 1342458960091.png (169.22 KB, 900x643, awww_shucks____by_wicklesmack-…)

RULE 63 THREAD Amar!hEbITNyzxg 380[View]

Rule 63.
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Alexstrazsa!!n19CN7dBSb 11925

File: 1367385124374.jpeg (118.03 KB, 842x900, 263051__UNOPT__safe_twilight-s…)


Alexstrazsa!!2GgTwJwF1D 11926

File: 1367386149368.jpg (366.96 KB, 1024x1334, distant_prince_by_whitefangkak…)

Oh god I just found this. Hrng.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11927

File: 1367471412332.png (14.57 KB, 544x496, Prince Cadence.png)

File: 1356028728369.png (239.19 KB, 637x347, ld1.png)

Lightning Dust cheery 7158[View]

There doesn't seem to be one so let's get an LD thread going
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Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11750

File: 1366164032047.png (887.9 KB, 1600x900, Rainbow Dash vs. Lightning Dus…)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11751

File: 1366164063027.png (2.14 MB, 2732x1536, Lightning Dust goes fast.png)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11752

File: 1366164084535.png (648.15 KB, 800x800, Lightning Dust in a wonderbolt…)

File: 1355848435557.png (209.92 KB, 900x752, 1349197673482.png)

Anonymous 7128[View]

Miscellaneous ponies - especially ones who represent something else. Like so:
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File: 1365348722702.png (125.59 KB, 829x964, gummy_ponified_by_ambassad0r-d…)


File: 1365348736843.png (151.34 KB, 894x893, opalescence_ponified_by_ambass…)

Awesome eel 11745

File: 1366161513607.png (191.22 KB, 831x961, screwloose shipping.png)

Anonymous 11733[View]

I want a picture of an overrly muscular Appplejack asking "Do y'all even lift?"
Don't ask why
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Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 11737

File: 1366012739367.png (243.8 KB, 447x448, DO YOU EVEN LIFT - commission …)

Made for me by a friend.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11739

File: 1366044770983.jpg (693.7 KB, 1014x1400, Rainbow STRONG.jpg)


Get on my level~

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11743

File: 1366074950941.png (4.91 MB, 3000x3000, Applejack versus Rainbow Dash …)

Gotta be STRONG!

File: 1342097071064.png (710.06 KB, 4512x4182, 156916 - absurd_res applejack …)

Volume Applejack Anonymous 5[View][Last 50 Posts]

Apple poni is best poni.
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Shuckle!XJDubleDp. 6255

File: 1353884636202.png (382.58 KB, 720x720, 133816221475.png)

♠spitfire! 10829

File: 1363898426474.jpg (67.21 KB, 479x831, 1317266040.kturtle_applejackso…)

Apple jack is my best pony.

She's down town to earth, honest and one of the hardest working ponies you'll ever meet.

I'm from the south, so for me she's the pony that hits closest to home. I keep her around to remind me of the value of hard work, and the value of family.

I can always count on apple jack to give it to me straight.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 11738

File: 1366012825815.png (614.32 KB, 652x666, aj is best pony.png)

File: 1355551314995.png (162.28 KB, 787x770, 133149317523.png)

DeepShadowSky!6isUePBwZE 6999[View]

Does this Chan have a Volume Thread?
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♠spitfire! 10838

File: 1364020153377.png (338.41 KB, 750x720, 132649173463.png)


File: 1365027971351.jpg (29.11 KB, 209x241, image.jpg)


File: 1365459537936.png (168.23 KB, 891x897, contemplative_pony_by_dewlshoc…)

>talk only with picture thread
>seems legit

File: 1345748168341.png (143.08 KB, 1280x825, Hello my baby hello my honey.p…)

Gilda thread Anonymous 2750[View]

WEEELL Gilda's a bitch!
She's a big fat bitch!
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world!
She's a stupid bitch if there ever was a bitch!
She's a bitch to all of the little foals!

Now let's fill up a thread with her!
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Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 10873

File: 1364779720277.png (1.21 MB, 900x923, sad Rainbow out with Gilda.png)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 10874

File: 1364779733935.png (286.08 KB, 921x700, Gilda changeling.png)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 10875

File: 1364779748643.jpg (204.66 KB, 659x800, Gilda WAAAAAAAH.jpg)

File: 1342923887268.png (126.27 KB, 806x992, applebloom__in_a_bunneh_suit_b…)

Anonymous 885[View][Last 50 Posts]

We are missing Applebloom.

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Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 6732

File: 1354822150122.png (162.31 KB, 486x524, Applebloom frump face lel.png)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 6733

File: 1354822178574.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, Applejack Applebloom starlit n…)

Lisbon 10854

File: 1364133975158.png (91.54 KB, 900x563, fim__apple_bloom_wallpaper_by_…)


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