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File: 1429585094228.png (155.03 KB, 727x1100, mlp_thunderlane_by_sweettextar…)

Thunder 3266009

What game is /oat/ currently playing?

I just decided to to play some deadspace 2

Red Star 3266013

How are you enjoying it compared to the first one?

Thunder 3266024


So far it seems alright, though the second one feels more like an action game than scary.

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3266031

File: 1429585992006.jpg (328.21 KB, 717x1014, xj9_mythology_modes_01_by_zack…)


Rome Total War.


Rome a best, but Greeks best intro and motivation.

Red Star 3266032

Yeah, it's kind of like the difference between Alien and Aliens. They're both amazing movies, but they're also very different in tone.

Thunder 3266044

Shoot that looks kick ass.

I need to check it out.
You took the words right out of my mouth.

I wanted to know. Is deadspace 3 worth getting or is it a waste of money?

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3266048


It's like $5

Thunder 3266059

File: 1429587495386.png (219.18 KB, 744x1073, crystal_thunderlane_by_meteor_…)


Nice, all i need is the card and I'm good to go.

Tarra.exe The 8bit operator !3NiGhtwiNg 3266069

Mario Kat 8 and Smash Bros

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3266072

File: 1429587786650.jpg (73.65 KB, 551x701, u wut.jpg)


Whatever you do

Don't listen to the Senate
And fuck Carthage

Zeke Roa!i.FCTHULHU 3266082

Toribash and H1Z1

Thunder 3266084


noted. Thanks for the heads up.

Red Star 3266087

>Is deadspace 3 worth getting or is it a waste of money?
I'd say just stop at the end of 2.

Level 5 virus!Sillysg/lA 3266092

File: 1429588346761.jpg (208.34 KB, 943x931, 142286214679.jpg)

Was playing some GTA V

Also, thunder, what the fuck did you change your steam name to? I wanted to say hi, but couldn't find your name.

Zeke Roa!i.FCTHULHU 3266096

Oh yeah, and Skate 3. Good fun.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3266105

File: 1429588787224.jpg (441.29 KB, 1046x1440, 5bc777eb83536fb1d660b1f3a391b7…)

rumble. He changed it to rumble.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 3266119

File: 1429589447956.jpg (456.46 KB, 1600x900, 2015-04-18_00001.jpg)

Lots and lots of War Thunder. I have an addiction to metal boxes.

Thunder 3266136

File: 1429590156667.png (81.39 KB, 586x754, 1425.png)

Rumble, my bad.

>Toribash and H1Z1

Whats that?

I thought so.

Finally they make a game named after me.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 3266138

File: 1429590287698.jpg (440.97 KB, 1600x900, 2015-04-19_00001.jpg)

I might have a fetish for tanks.

Zeke Roa!i.FCTHULHU 3266142

A turn based ridiculously bloody fighting game
A zombie survival game, similar to Day Z but more casual.

Evanesca 3266145

File: 1429590644310.jpg (100.67 KB, 894x894, discord (1).jpeg)

I just suffered through some heists with Anonthony and friends on PAYDAY 2.

How the fuck we managed to do better fucking up stealth runs is really beyond me.

If only I didn't fucking lose connection to host on the second day of the Hotline Miami heist. I want to goat a fuck's innards and choke him with it, or just drink myself to sleep.

HolyGhost!Grimes./iQ 3266164

that was me man, net dropped out :(

couldn't get thony back in after either. that blew

Thunder 3266167

File: 1429593183448.png (112.02 KB, 900x747, thunderlane_say_what_by_presst…)


looks like its time to check out another 3 new games on my list.


Damn bro, that sucks. I'm sorry this all happen man. Reminds me of my match in killing floor.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 3266169

File: 1429593497225.png (436.57 KB, 850x941, hands_up_by_arrkhal-d6i6ni3[1]…)

I couldn't even join.

Eliza!zIANOLEeck 3266175

File: 1429593909571.png (58.1 KB, 196x184, 1423984972169-1.png)

>play league
>go into game as sion jungle
>clear camps, go to gank
>ok mid now I'm com-
>mid has to back, hold lane
>ok bot im comi-
>almost get tristana but urgot fucking farms instead of helping
>ok top im com-
>top dies
>get down 15-2

BMO 3266192

Guild Wars 2

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3268147

File: 1429664246884.png (150.82 KB, 367x339, 8.png)

Actually, the barbarian factions have pretty good motivation too. They're just dirtier than the Greeks. They really made the Romans seem like assholes.


Sirry!Hooves3h/g 3268887

Agiri 3268986

File: 1429707100562.png (558.37 KB, 1280x960, gun.png)

I just got really into CS:GO

Also some DotA 2


how is it different from World of Tanks?

Anonymous 3269000

Batman Arkham Origins

Anonymous 3269443

Minecraft for the xb
Built a working slaughterhouse that only uses 4 switches and no food (besides for breeding)

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3269476

7 days to die alpha 11 may be the most boring game I have played all month. The stone axe was nerfed into the ground. Zombie horde are now very rare. You start out with strongly cut hp and stamina so doing any tasks with the greatly nerfed stone axe fells awful.

I walked into a bathroom with its door opened. I closed the doors in case zombies might be near. The door was locked shut. So I decided to go through the wood roof. I went through three in game hours with no visible progress on a single wood roof block.
I went back to the door and started hitting the lock with the stone axe. What happened was the door made itself go through four or five stages before breaking. Each stage used 3 or more stone axes.
Now stone axes are near useless against digging dirt. And stone shovels dig about 5 blocks of dirt before breaking.
And using a stone axe against a tree or ore surface rock.....I know I'm playing at 200% but it shouldn't be this crazy. Zombies are still breaking dirt and trees fine.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3269493

I forgot to mention in half my 7 days to die games today before the second day was over my character had a broken leg.

Anonymous 3269695

File: 1429737511544.png (77.23 KB, 596x132, Diablo III 2015-04-23 07-08-45…)

Solo D3 grinding.

As someone who's only spent around 10 minutes doing co-op, it's about as fun as it sounds.
Yet I still can't quit it...

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3269845

File: 1429740504673.jpg (103.87 KB, 1366x768, 11062347_863421383717966_12091…)


Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3269860

File: 1429740864921.png (634.57 KB, 3000x4468, inkie_pie_by_scourge707-d6pox5…)

Don't starve ROG.

I forgot how wicked this is compared to multiplayer version. Spring it loves to rain and hit you with lightening.
Summer even with a straw hat and standing under trees it can kill you alive with heat while also withering all your crops and berry bushes each day. Even at night heatstroke kills during summer.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3269912

File: 1429741930905.jpg (258.41 KB, 1280x777, 2015-04-22_00002.jpg)

Day two.

ThunderStruckTheBackgroundEdge 3270096

File: 1429746978159.png (368.9 KB, 900x716, a_single_heartbeat_by_dawnmist…)

Went to the store today. Felt completely invisible because the fucking lady decided to take her brake, when me and my 10 year old little brother was ready to pay and leave. 30mins of our life we will never get back and that's my story.

I stop playing league because I got ban and I hated the community.
Hmm, i always thought about getting guild wars but never did. Is it worth the money?

Also I never played the second one

Eh, I still don't care for the barbarians.

Get with the time's old man and play a real game like gear of halo theft auto 5.
You know I've had Dota 2 for 3years and I still haven't played it yet.
What is the xbox version like? Also kick ass anon.
Why'd they Nerf the axe?
I'm no doctor, but i think your addicted.
Pff I've seen better.
Whoa brutal. Did ya finally get all the machine pieces to advance to the next level?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3270106

Payday 2

Ivynn 3270193

File: 1429749862852.png (864.43 KB, 800x786, 1428959244.grau_2yummmm.png)

Putting Alien Isolation on hold whilst I mess around with shiny new Grand Theft Auto V.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3270250

File: 1429751376630.png (1.36 MB, 1366x768, 2015-04-11_00.25.12.png)

Anonymous 3270264

the graphics are nice and the controller gives it a nicer feel, i heard the maps are bigger but i dont see why it would be any bigger than on the computer

i kinda wish i had it for the computer im sure theres ways to add mods n such to make it better.

BMO 3270295

File: 1429752283654.png (405.11 KB, 1280x1707, mr__spike_by_etonyoc-d4xi04a.p…)

I WISH I was playing Killing Floor 2 ;~;

I've never played Guild Wars. But it is different than 2.

I would have suggested people pick up GW2 when it was $10, but I only convinced one friend to pick it up, so I didn't bother afterwards.

It's fun, and with the expansion on the way, it'll be cool.

There's a lot of stuff to just do, but some people kinda find it samey. I wouldn't say they're super wrong for saying that. But, I enjoy it. They made PVP more fun, and they're going to add stuff to do after level 80 in the expansion. Plus, the customization for looks is pretty fun.

It all gets down to having friends who play. But, it thankfully avoids locking off players from playing with each other who have chosen different servers. The only thing servers really limit you is from World vs World content. But, I'm not a fan of that stuff anyway, and it's pretty to the side to the rest of the content.

So, I'd say it's worth it, but that's specifically Guild Wars 2 I'm talking about.

ThunderStruckTheBackgroundEdge 3270305

File: 1429752514299.png (281.73 KB, 800x690, bianca_goodra_by_clovercoin-d6…)

ok not bad.

I'm pretty sure you would need to use a thumb drive for that... I think.
Thanks bmo, might check it out.

BMO 3270315

It's unfortunately full price again, but it's certainly worth checking out. Plus, it's nice that the game doesn't make me feel bad for not playing it since it's not a monthly pay game. At most, they update every other week with something special, so I check once every two weeks if they say something cool is happening.

Anonymous 3270346

File: 1429753264753.png (44.46 KB, 250x250, anthro8.png)

heres a video of what built so far


Anonymous 3270376

just bought Star Wars Battlefront II on Steam because I saw some gameplay footage and it looked really fun

if it's good I might get that new one that's coming out soon

Agiri 3270378

File: 1429754092539.png (956.22 KB, 878x1024, Twivoker.png)


>You know I've had Dota 2 for 3years and I still haven't played it yet.

It's not the type of game you can get into on your own

Roseluck anon and I play all the time, you should join us. He's the one who taught me.

ThunderStruck 3270407

File: 1429754882783.jpg (7.41 KB, 236x257, 173238e727b9144123c801618e9c7a…)

How do you sleep at night, knowing you slaughtered a bunch of baby cafes and filmed it all while doing it?
Thanks for the invite, but Might try it tomorrow. Right now i gonna relive some gloy days of minecraft and then go back to hatting it.

Agiri 3270428


You mean in TF2? People still care about hats in that game?

ThunderStruck 3270431

Whops mistype meant
>hating it

Agiri 3270440

File: 1429756087118.png (40.78 KB, 297x297, laugh 3.png)


oh lol

Evanesca 3270450

File: 1429756380845.png (903.58 KB, 1200x1440, 808893__safe_rarity_crossover_…)

...Honestly I don't care about the hats as I do the actual game these days.

It's pretty much the biggest time-sink in my life so far. I just wish people I used to play with still played...

Anonymous 3270499

i named the slaughterhouse Dachau for a reason

Agiri 3270504

File: 1429757702481.png (1.1 MB, 717x1024, ticket.png)


I would play more if Valve would release some new weapons or something

Wanna add me on steam? I may hop on at some point. Supernova141

Evanesca 3270544

File: 1429759030559.jpg (194.21 KB, 949x674, 877449__safe_pinkie+pie_tradit…)

The thing with that is that they say it's the meta they don't want to fuck with yet when they released the steak item you had Heavies running around faster than Scouts while it lasted.


Agiri 3270615

File: 1429760632805.png (36.8 KB, 290x200, photo 3.PNG)


yeah i always hear the meta argument

but the competitive scene can just ban the IMBA stuff anyway, so really who gives a shit

plus it's fucking TF2 who even takes it that seriously lol

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 3270646

File: 1429761539337.jpg (104.94 KB, 689x512, 0db551fa097db2da4152c80ebbfc44…)

War of the Roses

Strangely the best way to advance in this game seems not to be skill at arms, but a near fanatical obsession with healing your allies.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3270688

The robot gets really strong. Not fully upgraded and already 340 hp. Winters past. Spring is awful. Things keep catching on fire as if it was summer.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3271229

Maxes at 200 hunger, 400 health, and 300 sanity.

ThunderStruck 3271316

reminds me of warband, but is it better?

Does he run and chop faster too?

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3271324

Completing the challenge worlds is hard as the robot. Each world he starts back at his weak 100 hp, low sanity, low max hunger. Pre-gears he is one of the weakest characters.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3271392

No fair...One world rains every day except for one hour. The robot is killed by rain. that was my first world this go. I had a large camp fire under a tree with pretty parasol and it didn't stop the death.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3271664

No. The only advantages are higher stats after eating gears and not being killed if hit by lighting. But before eating gears very low stats and can be killed by rain.

ThunderStruck 3272147

File: 1429831452539.png (770.89 KB, 1024x768, 47780_2015-04-23_00010.png)

The being constantly kill all monsters to unlock the room doors is starting to really bore me and I kind of wishe the monster Ai were a more smarter.
I mean in the fast one the Ai's would do things like hide in dead piles of bodies and pretend there dead when shoot there limb off and fall to the ground along with running away to hide sneak atk you.
Now it just feels like they only have one mindset.
Don't get me wrong its still a good and fun game, but I kind of miss that stuff in the first one.
Whelp, I don't like the robot anymore, but at least he was useful fo a few worlds.
Untill you lose the upgrades and the worlds decide to mess with you.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272371

When the robot gets hit by lighting he is speed boosted at running for a whole day and healed for a lot of hp.But he loses a lot of sanity. At night he gives off light. Nearby pigs without a home refer to him as a fire and follow him around near night time.

ThunderStruck 3272771

File: 1429847613762.png (36.81 KB, 854x480, 14656435327648923648_2015-04-2…)

>Build mansion
>Forget to put spawn point for some reason
>teleport in middle of nowhere

At least I get to look at the stars.
I'm bored And dead inside.

Should I play dragon age, fallout 3 or 1954 Alcatraz next?

I can't decide

Le bump...I guess

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272811

Its gotten very boring, I've explored most of my character's world. And the terrible thing is I haven't found a location in this world with comets that regenerate stone, flint and gold ore.
I can create more gold ore by trading with the pig king but its expensive trading him.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272814

File: 1429848368154.png (332 KB, 606x621, Inkie Pie.png)

Back to your pirating ways?

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 3272816

I know your pain.

ThunderStruck 3272822

File: 1429848844387.png (98.08 KB, 883x552, shoot.png)

Its the nights that get me.

pic related

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272827

You just aren't using mods. Vanilla minecraft is horrible. Vanilla was rewarding once but not since the update that added hunger, strong penalties for jumping, void fog, renewable everything from mobs.

ThunderStruck 3272840

File: 1429850052554.png (417.32 KB, 645x797, 1429435834100.png)

Yeah I thought so. Some reason I thought it would be somewhat ok with out them.

Eh, I'll search for some in the morning.

Level 5 virus!Sillysg/lA 3272845

File: 1429850291812.png (574.16 KB, 1440x900, sjrsjrjssjrjsrsjr.png)

You are playing solo minecraft.
Of course you are bored.

You either get a mind set to build stuff like this, or play with friends.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272846

If we want to talk unfun. Summer in don't starve was a time to gather supplies and hurry to get ready for winter.
Summer in ROG is spend the entire month in your base next to a thermal fire. Because even with a straw hat and cooled thermal stone you can't go very far before heat fries your character.
Watching your buildings before they catch on fire while taking burning damage for putting the ones that have not started yet.
Then you get waves of fire hounds. When killed they burst into fire so your stuff near them can burn. If you have pigs protecting you parts of your base are going to burn down. If your buildings are close together your entire base may burn down.
No crops will grow, they just wilt.

My character only survives because I have two bee farms and one frog pond. So everything is taffy and honey meat. But other than that this is the most boring month ever and I just want it over so the only month where you are free to roam around happens

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272855

There....This is the texture pack I use and it is one of the best without hurting fps much.


ThunderStruck 3272859

File: 1429851090544.jpg (46.82 KB, 552x476, 588498__safe_solo_oc_solo+fema…)

Oh... Thanks...
hmm... I might as well join that mlpchan server.while I'm at it.
I would go with the word torture for that stuff. What world challenge are you on anyway?

Level 5 virus!Sillysg/lA 3272861

File: 1429851177183.jpg (235.92 KB, 820x861, Zacharie.full.1484699.jpg)

That would be at least something.
I more of meant getting a group in a skype call and making plans to do and just go on adventures.

I know some of my groups in the past spent a whole day doing nothing and it was a blast

ThunderStruck 3272864

File: 1429851327415.png (178.78 KB, 691x734, 00ee955b3cd44c238345f72869c5b3…)


Sadly I hate skype. Which is why I refuse to make one no matter what my friends tell me.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272874

I'm not on any challenge, ROG is just a pain in the butt. Without the right items autumn is the only month you can roam around freely.

So you get that person that dlc they wanted?

ThunderStruck 3272881

Yeah, I told her the gift was sent.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3272883

ThunderStruck 3272885

Yeah, queenie.

Level 5 virus!Sillysg/lA 3272893

File: 1429853067091.jpg (320.03 KB, 948x1146, 7431969eab4563a2f4e4caf4d32580…)

Do you do any sort of voice calls? Steam calls?

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3273014

I've had enough. Every week now is fire hound waves. I'm tired of replacing parts of the base because pigs kill them and they explode. And my map doesn't respawn stone much so I can't make the stone walls.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3273035

File: 1429858727961.jpg (421.12 KB, 850x1020, sample_9dc56e7da20fc9134979268…)

I'm still playing GTA5 these days.

BMO 3273036

File: 1429858861551.png (42.69 KB, 1300x1000, my_little_killing_floor_8_bit_…)

Pokemon Shuffle.


My friends around me keep getting it out of nowhere. ;~;

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