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File: 1429568803773.png (137.59 KB, 955x776, ilovekimpossiblealot_by_bast13…)

ilovekimpossiblealot 3265645

You guys are losers. lol

Heavy Mole 3265647

File: 1429569009939.png (48.06 KB, 123x221, lucy187.png)

>tfw you can't even merge competently...


File: 1429569169797.png (321.96 KB, 945x629, 35.png)

im going to tell John de Lancie that you been misbehaving

Thunder 3265655

File: 1429569288475.jpg (92.84 KB, 1189x1014, you think this a mother fuckin…)


No one likes you you discord/tia shipping slut!

Anonymous 3265659


n-no you...

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3265666

File: 1429569771321.png (205.28 KB, 1072x746, inkie_pie_by_windbird404-d6cb7…)

I know totally like right? But I'm not! I'm an airplane.



File: 1429571547145.jpg (11.88 KB, 237x200, 1428691460582.jpg)

This is why I don't buy wireless shit. I always lose.

Thunder 3265692

File: 1429571889833.jpg (100.06 KB, 869x920, __thunderlane___by_musicglare-…)

Hey, im gonna hang out here for a bit.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3265695

File: 1429572173068.png (651.57 KB, 2200x1600, cc44cbf5356c9259ddb5050c6d4bb2…)

You can run but you can't hide. you know you have responsibilities.

Thunder 3265698

File: 1429572257371.png (276.76 KB, 442x406, Craves you.png)

Oh yeah? Watch me.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3265714

File: 1429572726420.png (828.18 KB, 1920x1080, blackjack_wallpaper_by_brisine…)

Well you can hide alone until you've got some money. Three weeks of excuses is enough for me. Now is the best time to get a summer job and your squandering it.


Thunder 3265754

File: 1429573517149.jpg (6.53 KB, 240x143, 10168173_245080659029639_44869…)

Its still spring.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3265798

File: 1429575017375.jpg (14.09 KB, 351x351, Nein_du.jpg)

Queenie!eBritIShVA 3265813

File: 1429576065895.png (21.22 KB, 236x286, to find peace.jpg)

>tfw you will never talk to the real KP

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