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Heavy Mole 3265629

You know who I really respect? The Scots. And also their island neighbors to the southwest, the Irish. What a fine, non-objectionable group of guys with an innocuous relationship to the region which they inhabit...

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 3265900

Let's not forget about the welsh. Everyone does and it's just not fair.

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3265957

File: 1429582758766.png (380.89 KB, 1240x4632, france understands responsibil…)


You know who I respect?

Agiri 3265987


France: Bros since 1778

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3265999


I want to respect modern Italy too, but they make it so hard.

Agiri 3266008


I can't even remember the last time they were globally relevant

aren't they in really high debt or something?

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3266019

File: 1429585399197.png (55.47 KB, 387x524, doubts.png)


All the PIIGS are

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