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Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3263924

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Agiri 3263934


Have you guys gotten Google Fiber recently by any chance?

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3264248


Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3264257

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Who provides your internet?

Anonymous 3264621

File: 1429495805036.jpg (55.97 KB, 624x424, comcastic1_large.jpg)

I'd move before using Comcast for anything. Their reputation as being one of the worst companies in the United States is well earned and equally well documented. They hate their customers and relish in making people's lives pure hell. And God help you if you want to cancel your service with them.

Friends don't let friends use Time Warner and Comcast.




I can go on posting links like this for hours.


File: 1429500533745.png (302.67 KB, 2400x1920, 7.png)

They're a shitbad company but they have a good product.

That's business for you.

I hate Verison as well but I have a Verison phone because they have the best mobile network.

It is what it is.

Zeke Roa!i.FCTHULHU 3264895

File: 1429506386196.jpg (92.38 KB, 786x1017, Dear Strong Bad, how do you ty…)

This. In both cases.

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