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Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3261517

What have you been disappointed with this year?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3261524


Anonymous 3261535


my anxiety is a lot worse than it was last year for some reason

my uncle is having a ton of problems including drinking constantly, his business going bankrupt, and his wife is probably gonna leave him (which IMO is entirely justified, everyone has tried to help him and he won't even acknowledge there's a problem).

my laptop broke (again)

a couple of video games I bought turned out to be not that good

my mom is gonna start college soon which is technically a good thing but it is gonna mean she'll have less time to spend with me and my brother, and stress could be higher

there is a silver lining though, I have been able to overcome almost all of the challenges I've faced so far, even if it's small steps over long periods of time

Evanesca 3268631

File: 1429676242700.png (71.68 KB, 874x582, 175415__safe_solo_discord_on+b…)

I got fat.

Level 5 virus!Sillysg/lA 3268633

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Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3268786

File: 1429685068935.jpg (157.34 KB, 850x704, 102.jpg)

Connecting with people that aren't easy to find or start things up with.
Doing things that are anything beyond easy.

Haven't been able to do those.

ThunderStruck 3268933

File: 1429698347718.png (701.41 KB, 1366x768, meqw.png)

the basics of drawing.

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