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File: 1429227991190.jpg (166.8 KB, 850x668, 392868__safe_pinkie%252Bpie_ba…)

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258318


>Go into men's room.

>Urinal is smashed.
>Stroll into lady's room.
>Rip loud and long bean fart while pissing.
>Grunt a few times.
>Leave the seat up.

Problem feminists?

Thunderanon 3258329

... This better not end with me paying for this shit.


File: 1429228803482.png (35.6 KB, 180x200, 1428532421406.png)

This is the dumbest shit ever. If these women thought the lines for the bathroom were long before....

Plus, like Snowbell said, I don't think they've thought their cunning plan all the way through.

Also, what exactly do they plan to do for large areas where each gender's bathrooms has an occupancy of like 5?

10 individual bathrooms? Who is funding this? The whole thing is ridiculous, unless they want to have men and women using the bathroom at the same time, which seems counter productive since THAT will go over smashingly, I'm sure.

On the bright side though I guess I would wouldn't have to stress over which bathroom to use anymore...

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258344

File: 1429229411707.png (91.68 KB, 500x710, tumblr_n3u9ciUFAE1rrtnato6_500…)


>10 individual bathrooms.

>10 gray water pipes.
>10 soil pipes.
>20 total pipe joints.
>all connecting to the same waste pipe.

One epic chipoltle shit later it's all backed up and somebody has to get in there to clear it out.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 3258420

What a joke, they're just doing pure vandalism. I hope they get found and charged for this shit.

Anonymous 3258524

>someone does something stupid
>waste time and energy exacting ambiguos revenge on people who dont know you for internet points

Oh we are all so impressed by your rebelliousness, im sure those rebellious young cunts you hate would admire your sadism

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258534

File: 1429236544308.png (1.74 MB, 854x1151, 848636__safe_solo_roseluck_cau…)


Umm, I'm not saying I did that, I'm saying that's what would happen. I don't live in the vicinity of any commie feminazis.

Also your sarcastic grumping is uninspired. Needs work.


File: 1429236704170.png (285.51 KB, 448x640, =3.png)

lmao this nigga

quit being a sperg

Anonymous 3258541

Why say anything

Sounds like someones mad

Fight the power snowbell the women are coming to get you

Anonymous 3258545

>claims to troll ppl
>gets trolled by feminists

Lol you guys are pathetic

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258549

File: 1429236991315.jpg (65.92 KB, 428x610, 732820__meme_questionable_expl…)


Stupid people doing stupid things amuses me. No reason to be mad, shit like this actually harms mainstream feminism. Which is good cuz is a dead-end philosophy.


File: 1429237028667.png (146.13 KB, 225x509, i am smiling on the outside, b…)

who trolling who again?

what are you going on about, cucklord?

Anonymous 3258556

It sounds like it bothers you because its a topic you frequent

Snowbell is calling for social justice because some kids smashed a toilet


File: 1429237328543.png (106.52 KB, 316x320, things are better when youre b…)

how so? he posted a link of people completely immature and stupid

it's amusing

is that an issue?

the thing is you're behaving like a major SJW right now

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258566

File: 1429237510793.png (198.06 KB, 600x750, 769435__safe_solo_equestria+gi…)


There's a lot of stupid feminists doing stupid things. Makes for lots of content to post. Harder to find moderate people with no particularly strong convictions doing stupid things.

Anonymous 3258567

Lol im the sjw?

Snowbell think that ppl should exact social justice in revenge to dumbass feminists


File: 1429237665403.png (76.28 KB, 195x303, what the hell are you doing.pn…)

i dont see how he is doing that. he's just posting a stupid silly link

why are you getting defensive over this? c'mon now

Anonymous 3258573

Mikie this isnt even your post

Whos being defensive


you are

you seem bothered over this from the first post you made here >>3258524

and you're honestly being a huge babby about it

Anonymous 3258576

File: 1429238074731.jpg (96.83 KB, 1198x1200, image.jpg)

Lol mikie what are you doin youre better than this

You have better things to do than take bait intended for snowbell


File: 1429238156701.png (160.38 KB, 568x1023, i was just pretending.png)

Anonymous 3258581

>still replying

Well ive had my fun

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258589

File: 1429238593474.jpg (24.22 KB, 537x554, 138393189630.jpg)


File: 1429238790652.jpg (108.43 KB, 1024x578, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

If you imagine the dude with the beard she's lecturing to doesn't understand english, it makes the video twice as hilarious.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258596

File: 1429239008834.png (84.43 KB, 500x600, 725608__oc_meme_suggestive_bat…)


File: 1429239109610.jpg (61.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

I want to slap this woman.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258602

File: 1429239209105.jpg (90.32 KB, 821x1205, 369752__safe_human_smile_belly…)


She's apparently pretty internet-famous.



File: 1429239210286.jpg (84.24 KB, 1024x574, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

Oh wait. Slapping a woman is part of the patriarchy.

My bad. I need to punch her in the face like a man, because of equality.


File: 1429239491754.png (84.38 KB, 240x240, 940c96f7243cfa7ad20b692650415c…)

Oh this is fantastic!

It's like a Hitler and a Vlad the Impaler having a debate over ethics!


File: 1429240028417.jpg (52.11 KB, 1280x720, NBJl9T9.jpg)

I get irritated watching these videos in the same way you get irritated at watching someone trying to type with two fingers. You just want to get in there and do it for them but you can't.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3258628

File: 1429241005177.png (215.11 KB, 556x700, 663096__safe_solo_vinyl+scratc…)


Who ever wins, we lose.


File: 1429242436371.jpg (11.88 KB, 237x200, 1428691460582.jpg)

Well, unless a small meteorite lands on them.

!oDoctum.AQ 3258780

Crazy people shouldn't be allowed to lead.

Anonymous 3258781

File: 1429250886738.gif (73.97 KB, 125x125, crazy pie (auto).gif)

I mean I guess we could post right-wing wackos doing stupid things, for balance or whatever.

lead, follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 3259061

File: 1429271103945.gif (4.9 MB, 960x540, tgbhV6w.gif)

I come home after 8 month of work without day off, just to see you guys post shit like this?

Agiri 3259394

File: 1429288122210.png (144.75 KB, 330x330, the hell.png)

>spray-painted "End Sadomasochism NOW" on the walls.


What do they have against fetishes?

Anonymous 3259412

File: 1429288577145.jpg (261 KB, 835x1024, Spitfire is an outrageously se…)

It's not happening to them.

Toybox (Mom's phone) 3259453

File: 1429290012303.png (84.31 KB, 297x295, zoe_5014.png)

Did you hear about the guy with a jurisprudence fetish? He got off on a technicality

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3259464




File: 1429291506726.jpg (52.11 KB, 1280x720, NBJl9T9.jpg)

Goddamnit Mole.

Agiri 3259559


I actually thought that was you until I saw this post lol

Heavy Mole 3259594

Hmm? What?

Oh, hey Toybox. What's going on?

HeavyPod 3259603

i wanna, marry- kabel


File: 1429293610660.jpg (72.59 KB, 1024x576, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

No, my jokes don't require a dictionary.

I also never post here unless it's from one of my own devices, and I will almost always have my trip.

He did this yesterday in it's own thread which was cute enough but I hope this doesn't become a "thing".

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3259939

File: 1429306678103.jpg (80.89 KB, 894x768, Welcome to k now get out.jpg)

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