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Is There a Point to Creating Fanon/Head Canon? Anonymous 3257243

Posting from Ponychan here. http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/132172.html
I hope this thread isn't too... Pretentious. That being said, I apologies if this thread comes off as needless whining. In that case, I will delete the thread if it reaches an unreceptive level.

The following thread is a composition of my ramblings and thoughts on the title subject matter. Subject may drift and deviate from off course into incoherent ramblings, in which case feel free to disregard and mock with no restraint. Thread itself is an exercise of burning off steam in a temporary manner in hopes of earning sympathetic commentary, if there is indeed any to be had.

Pretentious dialogue is inevitable, as such it is advise to the sane readers here to avoid this thread outright entirely if they are not looking forward to perpetuate what will probably end up as a flame thread of little to no value. Expect OP angst in some major form or another. (In this case, prepare your best forum weapons to mock as such accordingly.)

Logical fallacies probably present in some form. Proceed to destroy such items accordingly as you see fit.

Anonymous 3257249

As an individual who has been invested with the show and fandom itself since roughly around the Season 1 mid-late game of March-April, I have bore witness to countless fanfiction produced by fan-writers. Within many of the fics were countless worlds and the possibilities, each author having their own mythos woven into the basic fabric that left much open to interpretation. For a person such as myself, the world for this fandom was wondrous and most tantalizing. Never had I seen such a crushing force of creativity given form from a fandom that was so young yet vibrant. I suppose you could say I was enthralled by the sheer scale of possibilities the show's lore allowed for back then.

Perhaps even giddy to some degree.

The devotion that went into some of such work was alluring, a bait that could not be ignored, even if I were to know what was to come afterwards. By Sturgeon's Law, there was certainly an abundance of badfics to be had, but they were compensated by the various branching paths that writers took with their own thoughts and imaginations. Fanon and head canon alike seem to grow into their own niches, or in some cases, became something familiar fandom wide. Background characters and support characters took the spotlight here for me simply because their status meant that one could fill in a varied matter of backstories, histories, and personalities, with each iteration mixing and meshing with the creations from other fan writers to create new molds to work off from. Lore of unexpected origins for Equestria itself was abundant back then.

Anonymous 3257250


This along with other fan content is one of the main reasons why I have stuck around with the fandom for so long. Or at least, was one of them.

As time would have it however, most if not all of the original fan created content from way back when has either faded into obscurity or was altered to conform to the show's expanding canon content. These days I find myself repulsed to any attempts to even bother trying to come up with some new fangled interpretation or what not, simply for the sheer fact that it won't last against the canon status of the show, inevitably being buried or conforming to whatever changes the show throws out, regardless of whatever a fan creator's original plan and divergence from there would have been.

Over the years, seasons have come and gone, leaving me feeling like a bitter hag who has been rendered obsolete with time, unable to accept things as they are and move on from the past, away from the now irrelevant material that was once held in regard in one way or another. My enthusiasm for customized content from fan creators has waned to where I sometimes find myself actively discouraging such efforts in hope that others could avoid a similar fate, wasting precious time building something that will face obsolescence within a year's time.

Anonymous 3257251

What's the point? If one's fan lore (Plus character interpretations, maps, personalities, plot items and interest, past histories and so forth.) is always having to adjust to canon so as to be deemed as acceptable material that isn't considered outright disrespecting the show itself, then there is little point in putting effort into such projects until the end of the show itself. Hell, even with the excuse of the AU tag, you are still expected to conform to some degree regardless, at least that is my personal perception of how it feels on an individual level. (Your mileage will vary.)

Yet even still, I cannot find it in myself to withdraw from these elements of the fandom. Still I stick around in the vain hope of rekindling forgotten past histories and creations. Or rather, out of nostalgia and memory for such things. One would not be at fault to think such behavior and mulling as both pathetic and reprehensible. Is that not the norm to think as such? How is such behavior any different from the Twilicorn incident? It isn't, naught but a fool's stupidity to lull themselves into becoming attached to such elements of the fandom before thinking about the consequence of such actions.

To this end it has occurred to me that the creation of such material is nothing but damaging in the long run, or at least that appears to be one such possibility, much as it may depress me to even comprehend as such.

Anonymous 3257253

It is readily agreed upon that anyone who tries to preserve past obsolete fanon/head canon elements or use them is nothing short of arrogant. (Or at least, that is what I have been able to glean over my time in this fandom with my experiences.) Some regulars of the fandom regard even the concept with nothing but utter contempt, as in their eyes such content defiles the very show and fandom itself as something akin to fandom heresy. (Again, personal perception here.)

Even fan creators I have seen will readily retrofit, renovate, and/or alter their own content more often than not to suit the current show as it is. Assuming they do not alter their past content, then their future ones will most certainly will incorporate canon elements of the current present, regardless of what the original projection of such creations could have been, all conforming to one single canonized timeline in some form or another. (May be another personal perception, if only some of it.) Rarely do I see fan creators ever stick to their own guns as it were in direct defiance/deviance from the show itself to branch off and do their own thing. Even then, it isn't done full heartedly.

Even small things such as names and eye color can irk me, perplexing as the notion will be to some. I.E: Sweetie Drops instead of Bon Bon, Octavia "Melody" instead of Van Clef, Philiharmonica, Sonata, Harmonious, and what have you, gone the varied interpretations and past that could have come with them.

Anonymous 3257254

A common magenta eyed Vinyl instead of the exotic fanon red or even other obscure colors, the symbolism held with such things no longer relevant and now worthless.

(The following will make use of extreme hyperboles, metaphors, exaggerations, and the like to get a point, if there is any, across. Simply put, a personification of my experiences and subjective perceptions. Will likely fail in any case.)

Past histories and personalities? Ha! As if background characters have any canon ones to display. You are not being original if you use fanon elements, you are naught but a pretentious fool that willing partakes in falsehoods and tales where none such things exist. I presume that the 100th episode will rectify this once and for all, and once that happens I do expect at least a small purge of obsolete elements. (Bitterness here much? Indeed.)

D'aaaaw, the little crier wails in wangst because Twilight now has a canon love interest. He is most upset that his "waifu" now belongs to a proper canon character. (Or rather, cannot be shipped with other characters and the like without taking a considerable hit to one's reputation as a writer. This paragraph is personifying small elements to display personal perception and what not. Feel free to mock this section in particular.)

You idiot! Twilight Sparkle already HAS a brother in canon. Get your bloody facts straight and correct this grave error at once! (If not using AU tag.)

Anonymous 3257255

The Princesses are not "goddesses" you damned fool. There is no such thing as the silly "New Lunar Republic, Solar Empire, Celestial Tyrants, rebel freedom fighters" and what not as canon has not shown as such. Such elements are these days considered blatant disregard for show canon, their users if any deemed less than reputable among some individuals in the fandom. (That or indifference.)

Either include the Hearth Warming Eve as an element of Equestria's past, or be stoned by the projectiles of a thousand boulders!

Anonymous 3257256


After this I assume you have an idea of my personal perceptions and experiences that have been had throughout my time in this fandom. Or failing that, have demonstrated in a spectacular manner of just how crazed and dumb that I am as a person. In any case, I needed to vent as a way to deal with personal anxieties and worries, as the background character episode will no doubt create, much to the delight for the rest of the fandom in that they are finally getting something solid for all to use with no room for argument, and to bludgeon those fools (Me included.) who insist on making wasteful use of fallible fanon content.

And with that ends this waste of thought matter and use of brains.

If nothing else, it shall at least provide an exercise to demonstrate how to deal with fools of the fandom in the follow up comments to this "article".

This thread was brought to you by the senile Anon who does not happen to know any better.


File: 1429205048719.jpg (108.43 KB, 1024x578, 1428532591881.jpg)

I just don't read fanfiction.

Anonymous 3257345

... Then why did you even reply to the thread?


File: 1429209728677.jpg (11.88 KB, 237x200, 1428691460582.jpg)

Because it seems to be the best way to fix all the problems you're having.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3257674

File: 1429215296109.jpg (243.19 KB, 580x681, 49d1894703783d9089fbbac95db267…)

That is way too much text, but yes there is a point to fanon/headcanon for the same reason there is a point to creating a story. The difference here being that you're filling in the gaps of the story instead of creating an entirely new one.

Who the fuck cares. It's fun to come up with how things might be happening in the background, or the potential history of a character. It's amusing to think about the unrevealed motives of a character. Indulging in a story isn't just about taking the story in, it's about exploring its details and crafting your own edges around it.

Autistic_Anon 3257709

File: 1429215892555.png (413.64 KB, 1280x720, Sunset_Shimmer_talking_about_t…)

There's a point to everything, whether the point is significant or trivial. The point of fanon or head canon is to fill in the gaps of what hasn't been explained by the series, either because they haven't gotten that far in the story, left it ambiguous on purpose, or in a lot of cases, error on their part in the form of plot holes or other inconsistencies.

I myself have flexible headcanon. Sure, I'll come up with an interesting idea to explain a plot hole, but I'll never talk to someone else as if it's a known fact that they need to accept. I'll have a number of ideas about how one character might respond to a situation, such as Spike being feminine or masculine in his methods. But through past experience, I've found the more I try to set in stone, the more frustrated I get when others don't see it my way, or the writers come up with something that contradicts it because those damn fools are too ignorant to recognize my genius for what it is.

One of my favorite fan ideas is that Starswilrl the Bearded is a great ancestor of the Great and Powerful Trixie, and that she's the disappointment of the lineage. There's no real evidence to prove that, but there's also nothing to throw it out either. It's fun to think about, and it creates some interesting scenarios for art or stories to delve into that idea. If an episode comes along to ruin that, I'll be annoyed for the afternoon, and then I'll move past it. No biggie.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 3257768

File: 1429217025751.png (137.5 KB, 900x683, inkie_pie_vector_re_do_by_dizz…)

The world of fan fiction is a starting point for artists and writers as game modding is to video game creators.
You can pick and decide to ignore the official lore as it is added. Companies themselves can decide to ignore past lore and call it non-cannon.
Creating fanfiction is a way to improve your skills and get feedback when your original works don't get enough attention. Then when you are better prepared with more fans launch your own material.


File: 1429217200339.png (84.38 KB, 240x240, 940c96f7243cfa7ad20b692650415c…)

And that's how you get 50 Shades of Grey.

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