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Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3255712

Equestria Girls is shit.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3255738



File: 1429138211823.jpg (237.49 KB, 917x720, a14.jpg)

Anonymous 3255812

well yeah but it spawned some pretty good porn

Red Star 3255935

how is saying something is bad edgy?

Autistic_Anon 3255936

File: 1429143201253.png (416.47 KB, 2250x5000, 730745__solo_suggestive_blushi…)

Yeah, I'm not willing to defend those movies. The most I can offer is that the 2nd one was less shit, but still pretty shit.



File: 1429145607260.png (84.31 KB, 297x295, zoe_5014.png)

It depends on the context.

If someone made a thread about Equestria Girls and Lis responds with Equestria Girls is shit, that is an opinion based on the current topic at hand, which is reasonable.

Making a brand new thread with "Equestria Girls is shit" as the opener is not stating an opinion about a current topic but instead making a proclamation in which you are blatantly attempting to provoke response.

In other words, if someone asks for your opinion and you state it, that is one thing. Presenting an obviously biased opinion outright when no one asked for it is kinda just asking for attention.

BMO 3256015

File: 1429146975348.png (129.06 KB, 350x500, 829189__safe_solo_equestria+gi…)

It has Sunset Shimmer. Clearly cannot be shit.

But, nice opinion, there.

Anonymous 3256047

File: 1429147759609.gif (1.31 MB, 363x411, SSG_23.gif)


I like you.

BMO 3256056

File: 1429147883678.jpg (305.54 KB, 700x1000, sunset_shimmer_by_joycall3-d8h…)

No Equestria Girls, no Sunset Shimmer, nor Rainbow Rocks.

No Rainbow Rocks, no GOOD Sunset Shimmer.

Even if Equestria Girls was kinda meh, it was still nice and gave us Sunset Shimmer.


File: 1429147920672.png (297.76 KB, 500x628, you dont like something. well …)

Autistic_Anon 3256067

File: 1429148124132.png (169.08 KB, 1024x678, sunset_shimmer_by_jackspade201…)

I absolutely hated Sunset in the first movie. But I am still glad it happened and gave her to us (even if it could and should have been done in a much better way).

BMO 3256071

File: 1429148177822.jpg (147.75 KB, 1000x1417, DWsBfMj.jpg)

Anonymous 3256074

File: 1429148321480.png (1.28 MB, 1050x886, SSC_327.png)

I liked them. They may not have been masterpieces of filmography, but I still liked them.

I'm just confused as to why, this long after the fact, people still feel the need to call it shit, as if anyone still even gives a fuck.

BMO 3256078

I liked them. The second one was better, but I still liked both of them.

Anonymous 3256084

File: 1429148632458.gif (489.13 KB, 298x300, SSG_15.gif)

I never really got what everyone's problem with the first movie was. But then, it was obvious from the beginning to me that SS wasn't a baddie and the "fast" transformation to being good made total sense to me. I'm kind of excite to see what they do with the third movie.

Autistic_Anon 3256093

File: 1429149329281.png (254.15 KB, 1024x1001, vector__worried_sunset_shimmer…)

I think people want to believe that if a bunch of people like something they don't like, they're going to have to see more of it in the future (The Twilight Saga, Michael Bay, Hunger Games). So, if they can convince more people to denounce it, they might be a little bit closer to not having to see more of it.
I'm not saying I support that idea anymore, just offering an idea of where they're coming from.

I know my problem with it was that it was just asking the fans to swallow too much at once, and some of us weren't ready for it. I mean, we JUST had to accept Twilight was gonna be a princess from now on, right after a very lackluster season, and then they throw us a story saying there was another apprentice before her (which wasn't really explained how that fit into the continuity, until the IDW comic came out). Then they forced us to accept that Twilight was getting a one-dimensional boyfriend. And the story itself boiled down to the plot of Return of Harmony, minus Discord's charm. And Sunset herself wasn't really that good of a villain, she was kind of a bitch who spit on everything she didn't like.
To me, all of that was just kind of disappointing to what we had in seasons prior. And I know a number of people are gonna tell me I'm holding the first season on too high of a pedestal, and maybe I am. But I feel like it earned that pedestal. I've never been convinced by anyone's arguments thus far, and I don't believe I ever will be.

Anonymous 3256111

File: 1429150313442.png (830.65 KB, 589x847, SSC_119.png)

I think you're thinking about it way more than they do. This is the internet. You can just call someone a dipshit cuntfart and not even get a disapproving look from anyone around you. I think they just feel that the rest of the world is obligated to give them attention and validation for their opinion, so they give it as often as they can. Still bewildering.

>just asking the fans to swallow too much at once,

Kid's show. This isn't an excuse for 'lackluster writing', but the children of the target audience generally have more imagination and fewer prejudices than we do about entertainment. Much as Hasbro may think it's great that a bunch of older dudes like their show, they're still writing it for little girls, and those little girls like it just fine. Kids wouldn't understand complex interpersonal issues and over-intricate character writing, product sales would fall, GG MLP. For what it is, the writing's pretty good.

>Sunset herself wasn't really that good of a villain

As I said, she wasn't really a villain at all. She was good at heart, but bitter about feeling betrayed at a relatively young age and finding it hard to make friends in a new universe, for butts' sake. She really had no idea what she was getting into with the crown's magic, and I think people are trying too hard to compare her to the likes of NMM. The intent was never for her to be a good villain, but a scared, lonely, bitter little girl who was hurting people because she just didn't know any other way. This happens often enough in real life, I don't understand why it's so hard to accept in screenplay.

You believe what you want to believe, but I hope you'll excuse me in saying your judgements are doing you no favors. I can certainly see where you're coming from with that S1 was the "best" season, but that's because they had the most ideas for that one and it was still new so everyone on the team was working well together. I try not to think about it too critically and enjoy it for what it is because trying to compare writing and characters and plot cohesion for a show about little magical horses just seems pointless for the most part.

Autistic_Anon 3256134

File: 1429150920910.png (209.11 KB, 744x1073, sunset_shimmer__rd_pose_2__by_…)

"Kids show" doesn't work on me anymore. There's a ton of "kids shows" that are really damn impressive to a lot of older fans, like Gravity Falls, Gumball, Steven Universe. No, it's not a sin that Hasbro wants to take the "safe" route and make something mediocre that appeals to kids and makes money. But I don't think I and others should be crucified for expressing our disappointment in them (as long as we aren't trying to shame others for liking it).
Yes Hasbro, I understand you: doesn't mean I have to like you

>she was never intended to be a villain

Okay, fair enough: I just didn't enjoy her as a character then, good, evil, or misguided. She didn't entertain me.

>your judgements are doing you no favors

Yeah, I'm not gonna excuse that. I see this happen a lot, where one side starts trying to shame the other for not agreeing with them. My opinions may not be doing me any favors, but they're also not doing me any harm either. I have my views, but they aren't obstructing anything in my life, and I'm not using them to obstruct anyone else's views: I'm just offering them for discussion. That's not a bad thing. If you don't look at it critically, good for you. I do. And others do. And it gives us something to talk about, so we enjoy it.

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3256198


Actually Autistic_Anon's theory about popular shit breeding more popular shit goes with my line of thinking.

Anonymous 3256222

File: 1429152523233.png (190.97 KB, 616x777, SS_454.png)

Subjectivity is a hell of a drug. People say South Park is brilliantly written, too, and yet I can't seem to hear past the guttermouth plaguing the show from beginning to end. They can't all be golden prize-winners, so it's still top-tier in my books.

Well, we all knew you were a special snowflake anyway, I was being more general.

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3256229

I love how you can't say something is bad anymore without everyone going OMG NO ITS NOT OPINIONS OPINIONS GUYS PEOPLE HAVE OPINIONS WOW
Yeah. People have opinions. They can vary. You're blowing my mind here. Jesus.

BMO 3256233

File: 1429152710182.png (265.27 KB, 988x416, 834098__twilight+sparkle_blush…)






File: 1429152723467.jpg (108.43 KB, 1024x578, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

You can shittalk all you want, just have a little class when you do it.

Autistic_Anon 3256249

File: 1429152910261.png (60.65 KB, 500x300, sunset_shimmer__fluttershy_big…)

Sorry, that went over my head. I'm not understanding if you're a fan of South Park or not, and also not understanding what that has to do with anything we've said so far.
Not trying to insult you, I just sometimes miss stuff like that.

Yeah, pretty much. The way I see it, it's more like "It's okay to have opinions, as long as they aren't pessimistic". I know there's a lot of shitheads who like to say "OMG thing sucks, and you're all idiots for liking it!" But I think it's just as bad to say "OMG thing is awesome, you're so wrong for not liking it!"

Do I have class Toybox-senpai?


File: 1429153045646.jpg (11.88 KB, 237x200, 1428691460582.jpg)

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3256258


Speak for yourself, harlot.


File: 1429153343010.png (84.38 KB, 240x240, 940c96f7243cfa7ad20b692650415c…)

I have plenty of class.

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3256275


You want to fuck dogs.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3256276

File: 1429153427848.png (452.31 KB, 793x918, 6efff4ea9b5b5b82b71f1fba446e9b…)

>Being on horse chin website
>voicing opinion on horse cartoon as "shit"
>being surprised when others don't agree with you
Golly. I kinda wonder what you EXPECTED would happen.

Red Star 3256282

File: 1429153540741.jpg (124.67 KB, 835x650, 1372280087539.jpg)


File: 1429153581850.jpg (84.24 KB, 1024x574, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

It's about presentation.

Autistic_Anon 3256301

File: 1429153721396.png (43.45 KB, 207x200, sunset-shimmer-73536.png)

Who's actually surprised that people disagree with them? Reading Lisbon's posts, I don't think they're expressing any shock or confusion over people's disagreements.
Also, I don't think it's part of the website rules that you have to say only nice things about MLP.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3256306

File: 1429153821614.jpg (130.08 KB, 850x1097, sample_259670c3beeefde13671ab2…)

This makes me wonder if I should be worried on a theoretical scenario where Toybox visits my place and I have a pet great dane.
Thankfully, I don't have one, and I doubt she'd attempt intercourse with a cat.

I'm just really trying to understand what about this thread made her type that one particular post about OMG NO ITS NOT OPINIONS.


hey Thauma, can i use your cat as a 1 pound wieght & carry it behind my head+ do some leg exercises of going up and down?

Anonymous 3256324

File: 1429154120204.jpg (178.25 KB, 496x1780, 764ac7ecb45bcfca4a5c871db52e62…)

>Hey guys lets make an off-shoot still utilizing our flat-as-fuck art style for humanized versions of ponies.

I'd rather watch an Anime with an obvious lack of a production budget instead.

I could see it being used for consistency but damn.

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3256326


You want to know what I expected? I expected once, just once, that once again a human being could say something is bad without the audience erupting into discussing the intricacies of opinions and subjectivity, just like I expected that maybe two people of different races (Oh, who am I kidding, a white person and anybody who isn't white) could get along as fellow human beings without a bunch of sensitivity training and social stigma telling them over and over again that people who aren't white are people too, just like I expected straights to get along with gays without having pride parades and social justice funneled down their throats like they're uncooperative toddlers, just like I expected people to get you can't plan and organize and enforce something that people do and learn on their own and doing that just makes them more likely to do exactly the opposite of what you want along with hating you for being such an insufferable twat.

So fine. I'll never say anything with the slightest hint of subjectivity again in fear that I'll have the opinion philosophers fly down, kick me aside and spend ten hours discussing shit everybody already knows. The sky is blue. Grass is green. People fucking suck.

Autistic_Anon 3256335

File: 1429154331096.jpg (44.5 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_static__6…)

You mean this one >>3256229?

I think that's her saying that it's a disappointing rebuttal.
>someone makes a thread saying "EQG is awesome!
>a bunch of people reply "that's just your opinion"
Don't you think OP would be disappointed by that?

I'm not trying to say there's a good/bad way to go about this, I'm just wondering if she wanted some more discussion. Saying "it's just your opinion" is kind of a brush off response. Whether you make a thread saying "EQG is awesome" or "EQG is shit" the topic is EQG, not "am I expressing an opinion?".

And I for one think someone saying "that's just your opinion" is kind of insulting. I know it's my opinion, I'm not an idiot.

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3256338


File: 1429154426628.jpg (84.24 KB, 1024x574, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

I'm sorry for saying something negative in response to your post.

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3256346


That is post number 3256339.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3256348

File: 1429154579393.jpg (230.09 KB, 850x600, sample_ed628077d2506f5b7d1d3f0…)


Like, I'm looking at the thread, and apart from maybe that one comment Toybox made, there isn't really much specifically against anybody voicing their opinions as far as I've seen... I'm actually seeing civil discussion between two Sunset Shimmer posters, talking about why they consider the Equestria Girls stuff the way they consider it.
Am I looking at the same thing you're looking at here? Why is acknowledging the existence of subjectivity a bad thing?

I can understand that, but I think the only kinda negative response in this thread that I see that was made against Lisbon was caused not because Lisbon expressed she didn't like Equestria Girls, but because she said "Equestria Girls is shit".
You have to admit that's gonna invoke a bad response sooner or later. It's not the best way of telling people you didn't like something. It sounds more like... you claim that Equestria Girl is OBJECTIVELY shit, in some way.
That's the way I see it. There are ways to express the same thing, and some sound more toxic and unlikeable than others.


File: 1429154677499.jpg (45.21 KB, 570x420, sad_zoe_trent____by_monsterhig…)

Thuma, one day there will be a day when we can say all the negative things we want without other people saying negative things about it.

We have not reached that point yet, unfortunately.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3256355

File: 1429154769809.jpg (353.78 KB, 1012x1214, 36da196919a501d4ce405af97e880d…)

You can't stop me from trying!

Autistic_Anon 3256361

File: 1429154910364.png (114.81 KB, 584x1024, hoods.png)

Oh, definitely not. Calling something shit is definitely gonna rile people up. A better way to go about this would be to say something like "I'm having trouble seeing redeeming qualities of this movie" or "I really thought X part of this movie was stupid" or something to invoke some discussion. Lots of stuff in this thread could have been done better.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3256364

File: 1429155062754.png (120.77 KB, 779x874, 0ee369a3abef3a4bb41c22ef740545…)

I'd just say "Let's talk about Equestria Girls" or something neutral like that in the OP post, and save my opinion to a post inside the thread with pros and cons and stuff myself, if I really want to talk about why I don't like the show.
I mean, in that first post I made? The "No" one? I was actually gonna say that I didn't really like the first EG much and only enjoyed it because I saw it with other bronies at a moie theatre, and liked the second movie more, but I felt like the thread didn't deserve that serious of a reply.
So I guess that's what happens.


File: 1429155439801.png (35.6 KB, 180x200, 1428532421406.png)

On a completely unrelated note, but your name reminded me of this:

There is a show called Scorpion which is actually really good but it dawned on me that the main plot of the series basically revolves around 4 autistic superheroes.


Autistic_Anon 3256379

File: 1429155449106.png (237.79 KB, 740x959, sunset_shimmer_equestria_girls…)

I don't think it's so wrong to include "I don't like thing" in your OP. Sure, no one's obligated to agree with you, or even reply to the thread at all. And if they don't get anyone on their side in the process, well that's their problem, right? Doesn't mean they should be chastised for posting a differing opinion at all (which does happen a lot).

And yeah honestly, the thread didn't deserve that serious of a reply. Despite me agreeing with the sentiment, there wasn't a lot of thought that went into it just like there wasn't a lot of thought going into EQG get rekt scrub.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 3256385

File: 1429155639390.jpg (243.19 KB, 580x681, 49d1894703783d9089fbbac95db267…)

It's not wrong, but keeping OP neutral would help in showing intent of the thread better I think, the intent being discussing the show, and not it being just hating/loving with no opposition.


Autistic_Anon 3256405

File: 1429156181923.png (1.07 MB, 4635x5000, _shimmering__sunset_by_ambassa…)

Wow, really? That actually sounds kind of cool.


File: 1429156987476.jpg (84.24 KB, 1024x574, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

Basically it's about these four people, the main character is a genius hacker, another one is a mathematical prodigy, the third is able to basically tell amost everything about a person by just observing how they act or look and the fourth one is a tomboy who is basically a mechanical wizard.

The problem is that they are all highly anti-social and don't work well in normal social interaction so when the military tried to get them to work for them as a special ops group, they had problems because they work fantastically together but have issues dealing with "normal people". In the pilot episode a waitress helps work with them as an intermediary between the military and their group because it turns out her child is also an autistic supergenious and she wasn't aware of it. So basically the team tackles crazy missions while trying to help the waitress (who joins their team as a consultant), help cope with her autistic child by giving her an adult perspective of being autistic themselves, and in return she intermediates for the military to them so they can do their job.

It's a very well done show. Autism isn't specifically mentioned in it, but it's obvious that's what's going on, but it's subtle and not preachy, which is nice.


File: 1429157344586.jpg (108.43 KB, 1024x578, Zoe-Trent-image-zoe-trent-3656…)

To give you an example of one of the issues they ran across, the military occipied their work area and one of the soldiers knocked over a cup of pencils on the desk of the mathematician. He stopped what he was doing to put the pencils back and organize them by length. The military commander barked at him about what he was doing and he timidly tried to explain that he couldn't focus unless all the pencils were in the proper order.

Of course, this just pissed off the commander who started telling the director how useless they were if they can't even work without organized pencils.

Things like that.

Autistic_Anon 3256502

File: 1429157600827.png (413.64 KB, 1280x720, Sunset_Shimmer_talking_about_t…)

I like that a lot. And I can relate super hard, because I really don't understand the motive behind a lot of stuff that "normal" people do. Or sometimes I do see it, but in my mind I think it's unethical, or whatever. Bottom line is I think to myself that a lot of normal people do things that either aren't right or don't make sense and that frustrates me. And on top of missing social cues that everyone else can pick up on, sometimes I say or do things that are very straightforward, or in very simple and blunt terms. And because of that, I almost can't post anything online without someone throwing the word "autist" my way.
Which is why I made the trip. If I'm gonna be thought of as an autist for doing literally anything, I might as well save the other guy from wasting a post simply for calling me out on it.


File: 1429157758935.png (221.29 KB, 451x659, 226.png)

i still cant stop giggling a bit when i read this doods name !!!


File: 1429157767072.png (35.6 KB, 180x200, 1428532421406.png)

On the flip side, the mathematician can calculate, in his head, not only trajectory and point of inpact, but can give an amost exact estimate of time before impact of a missle simply by knowing what angle it was fired from and how much fuel it was carrying.


File: 1429158025681.png (84.38 KB, 240x240, 940c96f7243cfa7ad20b692650415c…)

Oh and the guy who played the T-1000 in Terminator 2 is the guy who plays the FBI Agent in charge of their team!

Autistic_Anon 3256536

File: 1429158071228.png (167.69 KB, 363x369, 383729__safe_rainbow+dash_pink…)

That's the other reason I made it; I was hoping it might get some laughs out of people, myself included.

I wish I was one of those genius autists. Sadly, I'm just the overanalytical type that thinks too hard about fictional stuff and feels like one wrong comment against me is a splinter in my head for the rest of the day.
I've been told I can write really well, but for all I know it might be because the people telling me that don't know anything about writing themselves. I'll take it as something uplifting either way.

Oh my god, I love him!


File: 1429158559909.png (121.33 KB, 304x472, what time is it.png)

well it works

are you actually autistic, or are just using the name for shits and giggles?


File: 1429158685465.jpg (11.88 KB, 237x200, 1428691460582.jpg)

Interestingly, the all react to interaction differently. For example the mathematician is a fat teddybear kind of guy who is incredibly timid and shy and hates confrontation. The hacker feels he is always being questioned and second-guessed by anyone who even has an ounce of disapproval for one of his ideas so he goes into a fit trying to prove himself and gets overly confrontational with anyone who questions him. The mechanic gets irrationally angry if anyone tries to help her with something or tell her how to do something and can become instantly violent if provoked and the profiler just assumes everyone that questions him is objectively wrong and has to have someone sit him down and explain in exact detail why he is wrong before he is willing to accept it.

Autistic_Anon 3256607

File: 1429159039769.png (524.17 KB, 2688x3414, sunset_shimmer_by_shesky-d76t8…)

I've never been officially diagnosed, but my mother was convinced since I was a toddler I have aspergers. And she only told me this last year when she was in town visiting.
Whether I actually have it or not, if my natural tendencies match up with that of an autist, then to me, the end result is the same.

That last one is pretty close. My knee-jerk reaction to someone disagreeing with me is them disrespecting me. Another tick of mine is that if someone doesn't know something that I think is common knowledge, I'll immediately think "oh my god, how can someone this stupid exist?". I know it's wrong, but I've been learning to take some time to think it over and settle down before I go off on someone for either of those issues. My ex and a few other people I know say I've gotten a lot better in the past year. And I think I agree with them.


File: 1429159149740.png (287.59 KB, 602x451, where the fuck did i learn abo…)

ah, okies then


File: 1429159251894.png (84.31 KB, 297x295, zoe_5014.png)

I'm personally most like the profiler. I have a very good sense of being able to tell what other people are thinking, and even go so far as explaining what they are thinking to others. I just can't explain what I am thinking very well and I tend to get overly literal at times I shouldn't without overtly realizing it, which people take as me being cynical and assholish, even though that is not the intent.

So I most likely have some sort of Autism as well, but I know how to fake being normal well enough to function in normal society.

Autistic_Anon 3256659

File: 1429159754336.png (451 KB, 595x743, 249432.png)

I can fake it pretty well too in most situations, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because people see me as a normal guy for the most part, when I'm talking casually with professors or other people as a matter of business or schoolwork. But when it comes to socializing with my peers, I kind of feel like "Uh... okay, what do I say here? I don't know anything about them". So, I think they take my hesitance personally, and think I don't like them.

I only recently told my manager for my workstudy about it. And she kind of gave me that knowing nod and said "That makes sense". Didn't really know how to take that, so I just kind of smiled politely.


File: 1429160197790.jpg (45.21 KB, 570x420, sad_zoe_trent____by_monsterhig…)

I have a hard time explaining myself and as such I tend to repeat myself in various ways in hopes one makes sense to somebody.

This causes me to ramble. Being transexual doesn't help matters because that just ramps my social awkwardness to new heights.

I also take a bit of offense to being called 'special' or any implication that I am acting like I want to be special because nothing is further from the truth. I enjoy attention and fame as much as anyone else would, but I want those things based on my merits, not because of a handicap.

Unfortunately it seems wanting to be treated normally when you aren't normal is and of itself considered 'special treatment' by some.

Autistic_Anon 3256705

File: 1429160962311.png (1.07 MB, 4635x5000, _shimmering__sunset_by_ambassa…)

Can I please add you on skype?


File: 1429161188458.png (183.82 KB, 900x888, 133991038655.png)


Awwww, im sorry :c


File: 1429161528853.png (302.67 KB, 2400x1920, zoe_trent_lps_vector_by_kotano…)

Once I get home and remember what it is, yes, though I don't use it much. I'm generally more accessible on steam, but even that isn't saying too much due to the fact that I'm rarely ever home.

Autistic_Anon 3256732

File: 1429161766472.png (641.43 KB, 1019x1025, 745368__safe_solo_equestria+gi…)

oh wow, there's a LOT of Toybox's on skype. /sadface


File: 1429163414309.png (129.82 KB, 900x800, 5.png)

I'm home now.

Autistic_Anon 3256823

File: 1429163949832.png (469.04 KB, 1280x714, post-30326-0-36737200-14205902…)

cool. Which name am I looking for?


File: 1429164201126.png (33.67 KB, 190x154, 05.png)

The one with this picture.

Autistic_Anon 3256851

File: 1429164824382.png (186.76 KB, 670x1192, mlp___equestria_girls___sunset…)

Awesome, thank you!


File: 1429165316925.png (302.67 KB, 2400x1920, 7.png)

What name am I looking for?


File: 1429165356207.jpg (108.43 KB, 1024x578, 1428532591881.jpg)

Oh, nevermind. You pointed it out in the message. Hah. I'm tired.

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