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A long jouney AnonyMan 3254079

Salutations to the common users here of MLPChan, it has been a couple of months sense I have posted or even lurked in these parts, but I felt that with recent events, gratitude was in order.

I have been an on and off user of /Oat/ for a little over Three years now (if my math is correct), and in this time regardless of the fandom/show (Seeing as this board is for Off Topic posts), I made many friends, Memories, and Realizations.

One of these realizations I made a year and a half back, was that I was Bisexual and was falling in love with another man.

Seeing as this was a Anonymous postboard, I felt this was the only place I could really talk about the problems I was having like the fears of it just being a faze, the fear of rejection from friends and family, and so on, freely and without judgment.

I was given a lot of advice, met some interesting people and learned many things I could use to keep calm and collective.

It is now April 14 2015, and at this point, I have told most of my friends and family about my sexuality, got into a relationship with someone I really like (although me and him are having a mild bump in our relationship) and ultimately like myself more now then ever before in my life.

>So what's the point of this word wall?

Simple /Oat/: Thank you.

You people were a big chunk of my support and knowledge, I really couldn't have gotten this far this fast without your help, and I don't feel I can repay that to you guys in the scale if things.

But my life is Changing for the better, and while I am not going to let it all get ahead of me so that it can all turn bad quickly (pessimistic I know), I haven't felt this free and happy since I was a small lad.

So thank you MLPChan, Thank you /Oat/ and /Anon/, thank you Mikie Pie, ToyBox, Z and all the other users with names that my mind can't click onto right now. (Jeez I hope they didn't all leave while I was gone)

I love you all.

~Your faithful and eternal user:

AnonyMan 3254081



Learn Grammar Faggot.

Anonymous 3254210

I would also like to thank /oat/ as an anonymous user for letting me funpost and blog and argue about nonsense here.

AnonyMan 3254216

File: 1429052563022.jpg (64.97 KB, 386x500, 1d6.jpg)


That does seem to be a theme here huh?

Heavy Mole 3254602

File: 1429067819631.png (34.54 KB, 124x201, lucy198.png)

Well, it was a tough job...

HolyGhost!Grimes./iQ 3254851

youre welcome :)

AnonyMan 3255010

File: 1429099525291.png (345.4 KB, 973x856, 96cc24db99b7743a7bedd0d2724867…)

Telling people about myself? certainly Tough. Very scary. Hell, I haven't told everyone I wanted to, but at least most of the ones I thought would be bad were good.

I seem to be unfamiliar with you, not that I discredit you for that reason.

Thunderanon 3255200

File: 1429112452770.png (167.45 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_n7wyniqcBL1sgolg…)

No problem.

Now you get out there and make me proud anony.

AnonyMan 3255510

File: 1429125806854.gif (1.62 MB, 320x180, WTF are you doing here wade.gi…)


Yes, forgot to include you, but yes, thank you sir!

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