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File: 1428866806638.jpg (34.27 KB, 350x336, 1428852227476.jpg)

HolyGhost!Grimes./iQ 3248885

>lying in bed meditating upon the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
>mum walks in and tells me to stop sleeping, I'm late for school
>patiently remind her that I don't sleep, I just dream
>she abruptly opens the curtains and walks out
>light up a cigarette and walk slowly to my R.E. lesson
>slide into my seat at the back of the class
>they are discussing the afterlife
>I loudly announce that they're all racing to a red light
>teacher asks if I can understand how the belief in an afterlife is a solace to some people
>I tell him that fairytales aren't good for anybody
>he asks why I begrudge people the right to their own personal beliefs
>"they gotta get together and tell each other stories that violate every law of the universe just to get through the goddamned day?"
>"what's that say about their reality?" I ask
>"you haven't answered the question, Anon"
>"then start asking the right fucking questions"
>tired of his low IQ, I take a beer out of my bag and crack it open
>"what are you doing!" he demands
>"it's Thursday and it's past noon. On Thursdays I start drinking at noon. You don't get to interrupt that"
>he tries to confiscate my beer but I capture him in an arm lock
>he becomes vexed and slaps me around the back of my head
>I look him straight in the eye and tell him that prison is very very hard on people who hurt kids
>"if you get the opportunity, you should kill yourself"
>silently walk out of class, pausing briefly at the door to give God the finger

Nohorse !8AbeAPw8Wo 3248929

File: 1428867906462.png (451.5 KB, 1280x884, 1387138668190.png)

oh god somebody fetch me the bandages
jesus christ
blood everywhere
call an ambulance

Anonymous 3249120

epic strawman


File: 1428876020907.png (239.08 KB, 672x628, 11.png)

tfw in my state i can buy all the AK drums i want!

Anonymous 3249357

drums are for noobs
learn the fucking guitar


File: 1428876337711.jpg (27.99 KB, 740x300, 1a47drum-033634_5.jpg)

no, not those drums


also, drums are for noobs?


neil peart says otherwise

Anonymous 3249663

you know it's not very Christian to tell someone to kill themselves over a difference in beliefs...

oh, wait, yes it is.

Nohorse !8AbeAPw8Wo 3249815

File: 1428882542392.gif (545.18 KB, 256x199, thumbs up (the ass).gif)

>Now I have to remove my magazine to unfold the stock! These drums sure are handy!

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3249833

File: 1428882808758.jpg (26.44 KB, 329x313, 1402391638471.jpg)


I ran into this problem with my M70AB2. Only it was a 40 round mag.


File: 1428882936820.png (440.03 KB, 556x673, 473.png)

yeah... thats a bit of an issue

same sort of shit with side-folders and optics

atleast... depends on which side your stock folds

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3249852

File: 1428883046352.jpg (71.87 KB, 1641x420, wm_5894064[1].jpg)

>One of these right up the street for $675
>Never owned an RPK
>Want one

Dare I, /k/omrades?

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3249862


It looks nice. I don't know anything about pricing but I say go for it.


File: 1428883463143.png (62.67 KB, 251x289, 203.png)

go for it!

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3249865

File: 1428883464015.png (7.15 KB, 299x276, 69___fsjal_jenny_wakeman___xj9…)


Online the going price has been in the mid to high $700 range.

This one is lightly used.

My want levels are rising but my car needs new brakes...

Nohorse !8AbeAPw8Wo 3249874

File: 1428883573688.jpg (55.71 KB, 1035x339, AAAAH MOTHERLAND.jpg)

Is there a point to owning an RPK, if it's more of the same no-full-autism stuff?
More accuracy you get from the longer barrel is achieved by owning an SKS.
Furniture is replaceable.
Bipod's neat, but it's extra weight that you could just install on your usual AK, should you feel such a great need for it.
Now the sentiment of actually owning an RPK is not lost on me. But I can honestly say I'd rather an SKS.

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3249888

File: 1428883712170.jpg (17.11 KB, 445x337, double boner.jpg)


>Mfw that shiny finished wood

>Mfw that bipod
>Mfw dat heavy as fuck barrel
>Mfw Century makes an unfucked RPK instead of the AESb10


>Is there a point to owning an RPK, if it's more of the same no-full-autism stuff?


>More accuracy you get from the longer barrel is achieved by owning an SKS.

Already have one of those.

Nohorse !8AbeAPw8Wo 3249897

File: 1428883788720.jpg (56.52 KB, 680x510, tumblr_nhwhrfDARV1s73s0lo3_128…)

Buy more SKS, then you have TWO SKS'vses.


File: 1428883803617.jpg (189.15 KB, 1000x666, east german AK.jpg)

actually get some east-german furniture for your WASR since you have a wire-folder

that would look kinda cool

it would look still kinda off since the romy has no dimples in the receiver

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3249912

File: 1428883953045.jpg (35.59 KB, 300x320, adorable 2.jpg)


I've had two before. My ruskie is the only one I need.


I did find a place for a full set


But my folder is a Romanian one, I'd need an east german folder for it to be correct.


File: 1428884047164.png (115.12 KB, 508x299, 271.png)

ah, well shit

Nohorse !8AbeAPw8Wo 3249929

File: 1428884118485.jpg (71.38 KB, 512x384, ohtsu04_01.jpg)

Well then buy it ya thundercunt!
It's a great weapon for removing many kebab.


File: 1428884437822.jpg (111.31 KB, 1000x667, soviet AKMS 3.jpg)

i wish i could buy a actually soviet AKMS

but thats why i want a polish one

looks close enough

The Reverend Hands!Slavshit.Y 3249997


East German folders are a little different, and harder to get.


But muh brakes...

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 3250307

File: 1428894836862.jpg (2.13 MB, 2160x1620, IMG_0424.JPG)


Do eet faggot.

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