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Thunderanon 3242895

Red Star 3242938

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>rainbow has a Spitfire amiibo
>quietyellow bringing like 10 animals that are definitely gonna piss and shit everywhere
>will also probably just be noisy like animals are wont to do
>being room mates with Rarity, the prissy bitch that she is
>Ponkle just being prinkie poy

Yeah, there's no way I'd want to live in the same place as them, plus why the hell is AJ moving in? She kinda has a family already. And what about the rest of the animals in Fluttershy's cottage?

I'm guessing they'll realize that even if they're friends they just can't live together.

Anonymous 3243003

File: 1428642722072.png (55.03 KB, 764x760, 757454__safe_rainbow+dash_happ…)

Gotta love the way it opens in song with Rainbow holding down on that note.

Anonymous 3243023

File: 1428643183648.png (422.12 KB, 720x544, 1360282696200.png)

Although as an afterthought, I must point out how much I agree with Red Star here. >>3242938

Even in Season 4 the plot lines were predictable, given that you watch the preview ahead of time. That's why I more than often avoid watching them.

Also, why does Rainbow even care about a castle away from home anyways? Her home is not far different from a castle to begin with.

Anonymous 3243090

I think they're helping Twilight's castle feel like home for Twilight. I don't think they're actually moving in.

So Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie are going to dump weird shit in her house while Rainbow Dash and Rarity spruce it up with glitz and awesomeness. And the eventual moral is that interior decorating should be done by ponies with a sense of style.


File: 1428646236583.jpg (11.88 KB, 237x200, 1.jpg)

Oh. It's Trading Spaces.

This never ends well.

Plot: Twilight gets called away on duty. The other 5 decide to make hour house more homey. They start fighting over how to decorate it, make it a huge mess, Twilight comes home to a ruined house, they all apologize saying they just wanted to make her happy, she says she's happy just having them as friends and everyone laughs and spike gets to clean up the mess while everyone goes and has cake.

Calling it now.

Red Star 3243207

Not to mention it's IN THE FUCKING SKY


I know skittleponi is ADD BUT COME OOOOON

Her poor voice actress.

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