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Fallen members of /oat/: tribute to Queenie Heavy Mole 3242335

As the sun sets on MLPchan, we stand like Norsemen on the banks of a great river at gloaming, shunting our dead on their final voyage down its course; shall we not, like those heroic explorers, let fly our burning arrows of desire upon those vessels, and aid our countrymen on their return home to Valhalla?

Queenie, your melodic blending of Motown, Cuban jazz, and Afro-punk was a revelation to bass players across the board. No doubt more than a few ounces of penis milk were sneezed at your contributions to albums like "Parallel Horizontals" and "Quantumsexual"; as well as your extraordinary bass solo, "Flaming Lips", which launched from tasty R&B tub-thumping into a distorted, acid-laced backwoods stomp. Your touch, which seemed to evoke equal parts Larry Graham and Charles Mingus, beguiled would-be electric bassists whilst redefining gender norms.

It is a tragedy that you had to perish in that bum fight. You could play a Latin cha-cha to make the most elderly of Estonian women dance on their feet, yet you had a fool's sense--perhaps the backward thrust of your mad passion--to get between a man and his circus peanuts. We may never understand genius: you were a mystery wrapped in an enigma, with a giant cock up the tailpipe. May you have many more giant cocks where you are.

I often visit your grave site and wonder what it would be like if you had stuck around and kept innovating. But then I always realize, your greatest influence wasn't in your bass playing but in your melodic friendship style.


Thunderanon 3242362

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File: 1428646883192.jpg (16.19 KB, 455x344, twilight-sad.jpg)


I miss body pillow

Anonymous 3243169

File: 1428647227395.jpg (347.83 KB, 950x950, brave warrior Seabreeze.jpeg)



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